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 Knowing one day I wanted to bring this about I had set my bed to be facing the door too and went straight to it and laid down with the door open and looked down the hall - nobody there, strange I thought at first but I thought 'oh-well' I'll just get stuck in all the same and as I lay my head down and to the side I saw here peek around the corner from MY kitchen !!!! She had sneaked around more than me the cheeky cow!
 I could see her watching and then I gave her the show of a lifetime, being an uncut guy  I made sure I worked my dick up very slowly cupping my balls and made an extra effort to REALLY take it easy so getting myself hard was at least 5 - 10 minutes and then I was set to show off, and got to work pulling my lovely foreskin back over my now very purple helmet while I held it straight upright for her.
 What a sight she must have had - I weigh in at just over 8 inches and have quite a meaty girth too, my balls are pretty big as I've always jacked off and a lot too I don;t mid saying so this must have been brilliant to watch for her and heaven for me, I had to control every thrust down on my dick but after around 15 minutes I was so worked up there was no going slower as we all know - the spunk just works up in your balls and they were rock-hard-tight and I had no need to cup them anymore and let here see them swing and worked myself to the final orgasm I needed and needed her to see too, after a bit more hard yanking and wham - I pulled down on my dick so hard and popped my helmet right out for here to see and held it for 2 seconds and let out a loud groan and a "AH YES!" as I loosed my spunk for her to see flying up onto my chest and onto the bed.
 This has been to date my best JackOff session ever, I've always wanted a woman to watch me and this was so fulfilling and it was much better than normal I really have to say, that being my first time I vividly remember thinking along the lines of " Here you go - have some lovely cum-juice, just wahat you need to see from my penis". Say I'm strange or whatever but theres my addition to things, have fun wanking everyone - and let the women know !!

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