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 Well, this all started back when I was living in a bungalow which had been split down the middle, but was still quite large on both sides and at the end of a hallway was my bedroom door, all the other rooms off of the hallway the people who owned the place used daily at intervals to do their washing, shower etc, you get the idea. Now all my liffe I've been a great lover of masturbation and started way back when young , i've had some wonderful experiences over the years with my favourite pastime and this was going to prove to be of them.
 Well I had come home from work and ws totally aggravated ( as we all are most days ) at all the crap I'd put up with that day and was in dire need of some satisfaction, so I looked out the window to see who was home in the other part of the bungalow, luckily is was only the mans wife so I knew I could get away with whatever I liked.
Now at the other end of the hallway from my bedroom was the washing room and sink etc, but just before it to the right was a turning which went straight to their front room where I knew she always was and after just one quick peek around the corner ( three was a slightly clouded-glass door dividing ) I saw her sitting there watching TV as usual. So I decided to see where chance would take me and went back to my room, stripped off and made sure I was rock hard to show her all I had to offer then went to the end of the hallway and went past the turning ( slowly I made sure )and looked to see if she was watching and sure enough she turned to see and saw she must have because as I saw her slightly blurred through the door she sort of put here head to one side a little as if to see mroe as I past the turning, then I casually walked back past and noticed she was standing up about 3ft closer to the door but still about 13 ft away yet STILL looking, I was so damn nervous !
 Now she being a woman around her early 40's I knew she had seen enough of the world and was smart enough not to miss anything, so as I carried on walking back I went to my kitchen which was just before my bedroom on the way back down the hallway, grabbed a drink and heard the door open so I quickly went back to my bedroom but kjnew she had seen me from behind for sure this time.

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