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1 Hand Male Masturbation Technique: Back Hand

Same as the classic and basic way, but with using hand in the back side.

The Story: Using a Toy

 I was out of town for a week and made a point not to have any masturbation sessions. Before I left I was jerking off about 2-3 times a day. I just started to use internet to get off. There are ssssoooooooo many things to get off to, it seems as soon as I came I wanted to start again.  
 It got to a point that when I would cum it would just dribble out. But when I got home from my trip I was so horny and ready to play with myself. I'm shaved so I love putting a bunch of astroglide down there and playing with myself when i'm still soft. It feels sssooo good to do this when your shaved. Net came trying to figure out what to masturbate to. First I went and got my toys out of the closet.  
 I never thought I would ever use one but I started and got hooked. I have different types of fake Viginas. I always put them away a certain way because I know my roommate sneaks in and uses them (that alone turns me on). Well this was the first time that he has left his cum in one of them.  
 I started to use that one first and came right away knowing that the lube I was using was his cum. My girlfriend had given me a new masturbation toy (another fake vigina cyberskin) which I had not taken out off the box. I used it next, the cyberskin is incredible, and had another orgasm about 45 min later. I came in the new toy and went and put it in the bathroom I share with my roommate. 
 I was in my room when he came home. I heard him go into the bathroom and after a min. he shut the door and locked it. 15 min later he opened the door and went into his room. I went into the bathroom and the toy was gone. I went to bed and got up and the toy was back in the bathroom with allot of cum in it. 
 I decided to have a little fun. I knew when my roomate got home at night so I was sitting on couch watching porno playing with the new toy in my room. I heard my roomate walk in apt and head towards my room because my door was open and my light and t.v. on. I could not believe it when he said "Hi" and next to him was his girlfriend. He said don't stop because his girlfriend wanted to see a guy use a toy.  
 Well I got off right away............and need to right now after thinking about that masturbation story and the many that happened after that

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