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p align="center">Starter Male Masturbation Technique: Cone's Hat

At this two hands masturbation tech one hand is at top making circular movements and the other still at bottom, fixing the penis. This technique is good for pre heating and later start.

The Story: Teaching a Friend

A thousand years ago would do odd jobs for my farm neighbor Mr. M. He was 34, divorced and lived with his 18 yr old son. He told me it was about time his boy Ryan learned about sex and especially masturbation. He wanted me to tell him 'cause he was embarassed to do so.

I said ok but we might jack off together, or even each other,because it is an erotic topic. He said that was OK. We were young and young guys jerk off all the time. Ryan and me got together and I didn't have to tell him anything! A couple of days later Mr. M asked me if everything went alright and I said it sure did and he thanked me.

I turned 21 a couple of weeks later and Mr.M offered me a drink to celebrate. So we both had some drinks and another and another. We got to talking bout sex and how he missed being married and all.

I asked him if he jacked off to releive sexual tension and he said he did. I told him I jerk off every day.

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