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2 Hands Male Masturbation Technique: Delicatessen

One hand is fixed at bottom and the other,using only the border of 2 fingers, caresses the penis up and down. Is a good technique after starters and before heavy ways.

The Story: Early Days

I was in a sex education class a few years ago. We began talking about sex, of course, and suddenly I shifted positions and noticed that my penis was erect. I hid the fact for the rest of it's duration, but that evening, I began exploring my body and, more specifically, my genitals.

Through a period of experimentation, I found that I was turned on by drawing nude pictures of me stroking myself, which I hid under my bed for future viewing. During one of these artistic ventures, I felt a strange sensation in my pelvic region, and before I knew it, I had cum. for a few months following this, I was obsessed with mastrubation, doing it everywhere, including several places at school. Since then, I have lessened the pace, but I still masturbate on a regular basis.

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