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2 Hands Male Masturbation Technique: Ending

This tech is good for finishing as well as starter. The movement, as shown in video, preasures the basis of the penis and helps to get more pleasure when orgasm arrives.

The Story: Masturbating on the Road

I usually try to hit the gym once in a while. One time as I was on my way to the gym, I got a big hard-on while I was driving. I was wearing a t-shirt and my swim shorts. At a red light, I looked down and the big bulge between my legs but didn't do much about it because I was driving. At the gym I went to put my bag in the locker room and as I was passing the steam room I heard two guys groaning like they both climaxed at the same time. My hard-on came right back. I waiting while before going out to swim and two muscular guys walked out of the steam room completely naked with bulging muscles and their cocks slowly getting softer. I then went into the pool completely turn on trying to hurry past a girl so she wouldn't see I was hard. When got in the pool I swam to the deep end and began to touch my cock. I was waiting for this the whole time. But I think a worker saw my expressions so I quickly got out of their before I cummed in the pool. I went back in to the locker room and in the in the shower. The showers here each had a plastic foggy cover to cover yourself. But I could tell the guy next to me was going at it. he was wanking so hard, that my cock got so hard I thought it was going to explode. so I opened his curtain and then went to my shower at the opposite side and starting wanking. we both cummed so much that we moaned so loud, people looked at us from the locker

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