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2 Hands Male Masturbation Technique: Grip tech

One hand is making the typical up and down and the other massages the scrotum.

The Story: Special Ocasions

 For some reason, as with all occasions when I was left on my own, I felt the need to play with myself. I was so busily engaged in my self-pleasuring that I didn't hear the door open. My parents had come back unexpectedly and caught me at it. I stopped my activity immediately...right on the point of climax...and I can still remember the intense feeling of frustration and discomfort in my genitals to this day. I got into a lot of trouble for doing something so "dirty" and the general idea was that they'd better not catch me doing it again. That little incident didn't stop me masturbating, of course. 
 I was far too addicted to the pleasure of it to stop. But I tried to make sure that no one ever caught me at it again. Could we hear from others who were uncircumcised and began masturbating very early on? It would be nice to know that I wasn't the only early starter. As to what started me off in the first place...seduction by a childminder when I was a toddler, or excited self experimentation when I was left to my own devises...well, we'll never know, as it's just too far back. Perhaps both things were going on at around the same time. 
 I was certainly very sexually aware. And does anyone think that being cut is responsible for the late masturbatory start in some boys and being left uncut is responsible for an early masturbatory start in others?

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