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 Frotteurism is the urge for sexual gratification obtained by rubbing on someone or object without consent. It usually involves self-masturbation by the frotteur (the person who seeks sexual gratification by rubbing, fretting against).
 Frotteurism is a paraphylia and paraphylias are considered, as any given concurrent behavior, compulsive. In most cases, paraphylic urges are staple for the arousal threshold and most of the time would envelope the sexual gratification itself.
 Its focus lies on the act of rubbing on nonconsensual individual. This demeanor usually takes place in public areas of thong. In which point would be easy to get away from finning. In doig so, the fretteur would masturbate while reaching for the victim without consent.
 During a period of six months or so thereíd be sexually recurrent urges or sexual impulses comprising touch or rub against someone or object without consent. Urges, sexual impulses are causes for significant clinical suffering. As with all paraphylias, being detriemental to the social functioning of an individual. Itís thought to strike both hetero and homosexual men. Its occurrance in women is quite rare.
 It could be mild, wherein someone could have regular sex or even grow emotionally attached. Accute, in which sexual congress rarely takes place, rather just rubbing or flashing to get aroused so-masturbate. It could become a deterrant to social aspects in general.
 Lastly it could be severe, wherein every single sexual urge gets channelled towards it. Itís known to have serious repercussions on both the social and affective scope.
 This sexual disorder stems from childhood. Be it some situation spawned from sexual abuse yet backwards upbringing in terms of sexuality.
 In order to seek treatment the person should first be made aware of it.
 These are extremely stount people when it comes to quitting a habit. Thatís the reason why is so difficult to treat them, who in turn require special medication for the relief of anxiety and psychotherapy, based on cognitive approach, which aims to re-establish some healthy sexual pattern thatís unlikely to promote further sufferance.


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