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 Masturbation is considered the most widespread yet yearned of all sexual practices, as far as the human sexuality concerns.  Letís look further into masturbation  in every single stage of life.
 In childhood, around the age three to six, masturbation becomes a way of unveiling the anatomical discrepancies between boys and girls. Itís such pleasurable way of reaching out for oneself, be it individually or shared by two children.
 In adolescence, masturbation brings about the biological input as of the organic call upon hormonal response by the boys and girls towards masturbation. Aimed to release sexual tension, much like, furthering sensations and its affective-biological nuances.
 In adulthood, masturbation stands for an alternative within the possibilities for sexual acrobatics. In which point thought to be done individually or along with peers even within marriage. Presents in itself a pattern of safer sex as well release valve for sexual tension from the rat race.
 In elderly, thereíd work as rebound from the lack of partner-aided sex, primarily for those who mistakenly believe that sexuality ceases past the fertile age ( menopause in case of women or loss of virility by the men). Not only but also as sexual-aid in rapport.
 Thereís more within masturbation than the simple act of self-stimulation by the hands or else. Currently deemed, by the experts in the sexuality field, as such ordinary deed, as usual, on top of feeling good as part of the growth process.
 Pleasure ridden and along with it there can be learnt more about our own limitations, to do so by sorting out sensations from  physical attributes, all of which likely to become touch sensitive.
 A great many people out there viewed masturbation as such lonesome activity, as though the act of touching oneself when seeking pleasure would mean a response, as to what should be done in quest for some meneal replacement to sex itself.
 It does come across as misconceived idea, once it might and would be made part of the regular sexual rapport. Dodging the well-known beaten track that at times keeps on straining the couples themsleves. Masturbation should not be regarded as bad move, given that it could be enjoyed along with someone else. Together maybe. The name of the game still mutual masturbation, which could be well-relished if werenít for the misconception that sex itself must end up in penetration. All the way round, it too has a  brighter side.
 A woman and her man, by masturbating together, get to touch each other at the same time, learning each otherís emotions bound to please themselves most. Watching over one another brings about togetherness. It all takes part in such a delightful apprentice,  which comes to turn sex even more tastier if shared with someone we prized.
 Weaken bonds in this case could lead into fallouts, mistrust and disarray in which the other might rather prefer to touch to penetration and vice-versa. From then on, further questioning might creep up, so that, masturbation must be held as another card up the sleeve, other than failsafe from sex itself.
 Also ensured acrobatics in bed, in that trading places and inversion by boldness. Wherein the woman gives head to the man while he reaches out for her.
 Go about it as pleased, as ever so good. Knowing we touch who we liked and desired, giving pleasure and if getting the same response, then, the thrill from pleasure and intimacy would surge two folded, meantime, such a satisfactory sentiment would engulf them and taken over their moves.

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