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2 Hands Male Masturbation Technique: Old Pipe

One hand makes preasure at bottom of penis and the other moves up and down as in the classic way. Preasure at bottom helps increasing pleasure.

The Story: Living in NY

Living in N.Y. a lerned so many things about sex, I consider myself a very discrete man. coming from a latin country I have a very conservative home education, no sex questions, no even dirty words were alowed at home.

The most amazzing thing about mastrubation was seen a couple of italian guys masturbating using pizza mix, ( they were mixing flour and water) on a table then they added a little bit of olive oil and placed their hard tools in beetwen a nice formed fold in the mix. That was so hot to see them f----ing that hole. that was long time ago but I still wondering about it, and wishing do the same myself.

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