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Good for Start Male Masturbation Technique: Quick Warm Up

With penis as shown at video, both arms crossed, the wrists of the hands they press up and down.

The Story: Erotic Party

 It had been about six weeks since I saw Julie, the cute young lady who lived next door to me. It was a Sunday and I was washing my father’s car when Julie came up to me and said “Oh, its you – I didn’t recognize you with your clothes on”. I replied “Very funny”. However, it was true – the last two times that I babysat her, I was naked for more time than I was clothed in front of her. She asked me, “When was the last time that you jerked-off?” I answered, “None of your damn business!” Her reply – “There’s that attitude again”. 
 Her reply – “ I'll have to punish you. Answer me”. I told her “last night”. She then informed me that I was not to masturbate again until I got her permission. She wanted me to save my sperm until she could watch me do it. As it turned out, it was two weeks before I babysat for her again. I obeyed her order, but seemed like I was constantly in a horny state of mind that got more so with each passing day. When it came the night to babysit, I was horny as hell but was determined that her blackmail game had gone on long enough. Besides, she still refused to take off her clothes for me. That evening, she returned from a girlfriend’s party and was looking very sexy in her leather miniskirt, silk blouse and boots. After our parents left for their evening on the town & not to return until the early morning hours, Julie & I were dancing to records. After several minutes, she stopped dancing & sat down. 

 I looked at her and she announced, “It’s showtime”. I said “What does that mean?” She replied “You’re going to do a slow sexy strip dance for me right now”. I said, “Come on, you had your fun, enough is enough – besides I haven’t seen you take off any clothes since three years ago” Her firm response was “Start dancing and do a slow sexy strip right this minute or you’ll be sorry”. Even though I was horny as hell at that moment, I stood firm and said, “I have to be firm and say NO WAY”. She laughed and said that that’s not the only thing that is firm, referring to the large bulge in my pants. She then said that I better do as she said or she would tell our parents about the first two payments and she said that she would say that I made her watch me. And she added, “You know that they’ll believe me and you’ll be in BIG TROUBLE.” She was right and after all I was horny and some guys would kill to be in my shoes at this time. 

 She then shouted out a loud command to STRIP, STRIP UNTIL YOU ARE NAKED. Needless to say, I started dancing for her and slowly unbuttoning my shirt. I was looking at Julie sitting on the couch looking soooo sexy and my hormones kicked into overdrive & my dick started to throb like anything. I removed my shirt & now started to tease her with my t-shirt. That came off slowly & started to work on taking off my pants. I could see that Julie was really enjoying my performance just as much as I was in performing for her. She shouted “TAKE IT OFF, TAKE IT OFF, TAKE IT ALL OFF FOR ME!!” I was getting hornier by the minute with her encouragement and my performance got better & better. Julie knew that she had one super horny teenage boy under her spell. 

 I had a feeling that I never experienced with the other two “payments”. The only way to describe it was to say that I was on a sexual high and at that time would have done anything that Julie commanded me to do without hesitating. At this point, I had danced & strip my way down to my white cotton briefs with Julie cheering me on.

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