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2 Hands Male Masturbation Technique: Stretching

As video shows, one hand secures the penis, scrotum level, and the other stretch the top up and down.

The Story: Camping

When I began nocturnal emissions (wet dreams) I would wake up in the morning with semen all over me. I remember in particular, one wet dream I had. I dreamed Marilyn Monroe just walked by my house and I saw her out the window. I shot my ejaculation all over my pajamas while I was still sleeping. I didn't understand what was happening though.

When jerking off by hand, I have always used some lubricant like hand lotion. I generally masturbate with lubrication while looking at some pornography. I especially like to masturbate by hand while looking at pictures of women with their legs spread wide open, fully exposing their vaginas. One of my favorite ways to masturbate years ago involved the use of a child's toy. It was a vinyl, blow up toy which was supposed to be a boxing glove. I suppose it was intended for the child could to put their entire hand up inside of it and use it for pretend boxing. My penis fit inside it perfectly. I would put a little lubricant on my penis, slide it into the plastic glove and hump away. In my whole life, that was the closest feeling to a real vagina that I ever have been able to simulate. I lost that thing years ago… I wish I still had it.

Nowadays, I have problems getting erections sometimes, although the sex drive is still very strong. The most reliable way I masturbate now is by using a large vibrator. This thing has a large head on it and it is shaped like a mushroom I pull my legs up high and spread them so that my balls and penis are fully accessible. I will then rotate the vibrator all over the entire area until I explode into a climatic orgasm.

Masturbating provides me with a necessary sexual outlet. Although I am married, my sex life with my wife has never been adequate to satisfy my needs. Honestly, if I could get what I need from her, I probably would not masturbate. Actually, sex with her now is not nearly as satisfying as masturbation. I know I will masturbate for the rest of my life even if my sex life with my wife improves. I also think it would be a lot more satisfying if I had someone to do it with.

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