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Masturbation Techs and Stories for Start : The Beginning Video Clip.

Masturbation Techniques for Start :Cone's Hat Video Clip and Stories.

Masturbation Techniques Movies for Start :Swinging the Palms Video Clip and Stories.

Masturbation Techniques Clips for Start :Quick Warm Video Movie.

Usual Masturbation

 I usually masturbate in my bed now. I also do it in the shower sometimes, and sometimes when I can't be bothered to clean up any mess, I go into the bathroom, lock the door, drop my trousers and pump my hard dick and just come while standing by the bath, so it just spurts across it against the wall and everywhere and then I can just rinse it.

 Since I began masturbating, I've done it in every room in the house, including the kitchen many times at night (when I was in my younger teen years and horny I used to stay downstairs after everyone went to bed every night.

 Sometimes I'd experiment with food, masturbating with yoghurt on my hand and rubbing my cock with it, that sort of thing). I also had an urge to go outside late at night while I was downstairs, for the sheer thrill of it - I did it round the side of my house, at the back, etc. I've done it in a public toilet, in the woods a couple of times (if you go somewhere secluded and random, it's a very big turn on doing it out where anyone could catch you). I live near lots of countryside, so me and my friends would go for long walks to rivers and stuff to fish, etc.

There was a disused farm that we'd sometimes go to or walk past and a couple of times I found some porn pages scattered around in a little shed there and I had a wank over them there, where I could've been caught by people walking through the farm or walking their dogs. I've also done it a couple of times at a school nearby, where we'd always go down to and hang out round the back of the playground if we were drunk. I did it together with my friend - but that's a differrent story...

The Beginning Cone's Hat Swinging the Palms Quick Warm   

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