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Starter Male Masturbation Technique: The Beginning

This tech is for warm up, at the very beginning. Upper the slip and using the hans as video shows, you stimulates from scrotum to penis, moving up and down, later, you can start other techniques.

The Story: Masturbating on the Road

 On the way back from a business trip, the drive was long, but not too tiring. When I get tired, I tend to get more horny than otherwise. So when I started feeling the tingling in my balls, it really didn't surprise me. Luckily, I had on a fairly loose pair of fitting pants.

 As the sensation got stronger, I decided to rub the growing erection over the top of my pants. I couldn't help but get more excited. As I looked down, I could see the wet spot that was now showing through as the precum began to flow more often. Unfortunately, they were tan khakis and if I kept stimulating myself, the spot would get bigger and more noticeable if I had to stop and get out for any reason. Well, I thought that I better solve the problem once and for all. I found a nice pull off of the interstate and decided to relieve the now growing pain in my balls. I moved the seat back and unzipped my pants. I pulled myself out and began to slowly rub.

 The precum was so plentiful I figured I better get something to wipe off with, so I reached in the glove box and pulled out some napkins I kept just for such an emergency. I wiped my erection off and continued to pump myself.

 As I was getting closer, I figured I better be ready to shoot so I got another napkin, placed it on the head and continued to stroke. Just a minute or so longer, I let out the biggest explosion of cum. It was so much that it wnt through the napkin and started to run down my pants. I kept cumming until I was drained.

 Time to clean up and get back on the road. It only added an extra 10 minutes to the trip, but sure made the rest of the trip much more relaxing!

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