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1 Hand Male Masturbation Technique: The Classic Way

The classic way for beginners on masturbation practices.

The Story: Masturbation Beginner

Many years ago I discovered masturbation. I did it lots of times in my bedroom over the next few years. But then I noticed the amount of semen started to come out in larger quantities. Sometimes it would shoot out of my penis and onto my desk. Other times when I ejaculated, it would just dribble for a long time causing a puddle of sperm on my carpet.

I decided it might be a better idea to start masturbating in the bathroom so I could easily clean the semen off any of the surfaces. I pulled down my pants and boxers as usual. But this time I sat on the toilet seat, and my butt cheeks spread apart in a way that caused the underside of my scrotum to become very stimulated.

I started masturbating, as I was thinking about both hot girls and one of my male friends who had a beautiful girlfriend with deep green hazel eyes. For some reason, I got really passionate about stroking myself vigorously and rhythmically - much more than usual. I felt that familiar tingle and braced myself for an excellent orgasmic feeling. But I was surprised when I felt my rear end tighten up on the toilet seat as my butt cheeks spasmodically quivered before I even started to ejaculate. I could feel it coming on so powerfully that my heart started racing out of control. Finally, the ejaculation came so strong that it was too much for me. I fainted and fell on the floor.

I still lived with my parents at the time, and my mother heard me fall off the toilet. I guess she was trying to talk to me through the door, and I couldn't reply because I was only semi-conscious. So, she ran downstairs and told my father something was wrong. My father tried to get my attention by yelling through the door in a panic. The latch was locked; and he didn't know what else to do, so he kicked the door with his foot to break in.

When he finally got inside the bathroom, he saw the situation. Before my mother could see, he ushered her to the living room and told her not to worry. As I was starting to regain my senses, my father came back and turned on the cold water. He splashed it on my face, and I regained full consciousness. I was a little dazed, and my dad explained to me what happened. He let me clean myself up, and told me how what I was doing was normal. I was embarrassed at first because I knew it was normal. I had been doing it for years, and I knew several of my friends mentioned masturbation. But I felt a little better when he admitted that he himself did it every now and then. After that, we went into the living room and my father told my mother I was OK. Now we are all a little closer, and I feel more comfortable talking about things like sex and relationships.

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