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2 Hands Male Masturbation Technique: The Piston

At this tech, one hand moves up and dowm with the usual motion and the other preasures the top of your penis, as shown at video.

The Story: Camping

I learned how to masturbate one summer when I was camping out with a neighbor about my age. He knew a lot more about sex than me. We were in my pup tent and it was very hot, so we took off our clothes. I was laying on my back in the dark and one thing led to another and he began massaging my balls and penis, which of course got me very excited and erect very quickly. This began to feel better and better and he began stroking my penis in a different way. I was experiencing feelings that I had never felt before. I had no clue as to what was really happening.

Eventually, I had a totally spectacular orgasm. I don't think I have had one that intense since. I truly felt like I was in outer space or something. Semen was ejaculated all over my chest. That was an incredible, mind-bending step in my life. Later, that summer, he taught me how to masturbate myself. Since that summer, I have masturbated regularly and often. I have used all different types of masturbation methods. As a teenager, one of my favorite methods was to lie on my back while in the shower and let the water stimulate me to orgasm.

One day, I was doing that and my father came home early and barged in. There I was laying on my back with my legs spread and my very erect penis and balls exposed to the water pressure. He started yelling at me, treating me like a pervert. It was very embarrassing and humiliating. A loving parent could have used such an opportunity to discuss sex, but not him. However, I still enjoy water pressure as a means of masturbating.

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