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Male Masturbation Technique with Accessories: The Wood of the Broom

Both hands move alternatively up and down, whereas a wood of broom, supported in the wall, serves to stimulate the prostate. Video clip shows all details.

The Story: A Life Masturbating

Now, I'm 68, I got married at age 29. For a few months after marriage, I hardly ever masturbated. Then I found out my wife didn't mind if I did it and even liked to watch, but she didn't want me to ejaculate by masturbating because she was trying to get pregnant. So, when I would masturbate, I learned to stop when I felt close to coming. I eventually learned to delay orgasm as long as I wanted. I later learned to have an orgasm without ejaculating.

When I was 38, my wife lost interest in sex. She told me I could either find a discreet sexual partner or masturbate as much as I wanted, so I chose the easy way - self masturbation. I was often frustrated, so I masturbated more and more - sometimes for hours. I thought the best way to get satisfaction was to jerk off. The problem with that is when I jerked off, I felt compelled to do it again and again. Eventually I got so that I was masturbating many times a day; and my penis was swollen and sore, both inside and out.

I tried jerking off less and masturbating in a more gentle way, and stopped getting a sore and swollen penis. I discovered I could go a couple of days without ejaculating at all. I practiced and learned how to ejaculate without an orgasm, or have an orgasm without ejaculating.

By the time I was in my late forties I was masturbating during all my spare time. I thought it was too much, but I always found excuses of why I should do it. So, I continued, but felt guilty about it a lot of the time. About that time my wife's sexy feeling came back, probably because our two sons grew up and left home. We resumed our regular sex life. But she said she liked when I masturbated because my mood was so much better, and she also liked to watch me do it. She encouraged me to do it as much as I could. She has even unzipped my fly, taken out my penis and masturbated me herself.

Oddly enough, she does not masturbate herself, but likes to get oral sex. From about that time I found it didn't matter if we had other sex or not, or how many times I came, I would still masturbate about the same amount.

When I reached my late fifties, I masturbated about two or three times a day maximum. The amount dropped to one to three times a day when I retired three years ago as we were busy traveling and doing other things.

Earlier this year, I lost a lot of my sexual feeling for about three months when I quit smoking and also had to have an eye operation. Now my feeling came back stronger than ever, and I literally have my penis out almost all day unless we go out or somebody comes over. I am very grateful to my wife for supporting and encouraging my masturbation, and I am glad to have a penis that is always at least semi-erect. I am surprised I can masturbate so much and enjoy it so much at my age. I think others can learn to enjoy it if they get over the stigma.

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