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2 Hands Male Masturbation Technique: Tightening 2

A variation of the previous one, video shows how both hands moves up and down pressing the penis.

The Story: Personal Story

 I started to play with my penis and it felt just great to start to massage it in its rock hard state. She said that it was all right as long as it was part of my dance but she warned me, “Don’t come while you are dancing.” I started to slowly lower my briefs.  She was giving me her naughty grin.

 I wanted to just pull my briefs down and jerk off as quickly as possible but I also wanted to extend the pleasure that I was experiencing as long as I could. I continued to dance until I had taken my briefs completely off and I was dancing in front of She completely naked, horny as all hell and rock solid hard. Man, I was having the time of my life, turned on being naked in front of this cute girl. She then told me to take a break and sit down and relax. RELAX, being naked in front of her, horny, with a rock hard penis & she wanted me to relax!!! 

 We sat for about half-hour making small talk. She then said to me, “You’re embarrassed to spend all this time before me naked aren’t you.” I answered, “Yes.” But then she said, “It also really turns you on, doesn’t it? Again, I answered, “Yes”. I then asked her, “She, please take off your clothes for me.” She responded by ordering me to go upstairs with her. I went to gather my clothes, but she ordered me to “get upstairs in my birthday suit.” As we were walking upstairs, I remember thinking if our parents came home right now, what a sight it would be. She walking upstairs followed by the babysitter who was totally naked with his penis sticking straight out hard as a rock, dripping pre-ejaculation. That would definitely be a tough one to explain. She directed me into her bedroom and pushed be down so I fell on her bed. She then told me to just lay there. She started to dance while I watched. She laughed & said, “Look your penis is dancing with me.” Sure enough, it was throbbing & bobbing to the music.  She saw that I was going to stroke it but shouted out, “Don’t you dare touch it.” I started to plead with her, “She, I can’t take it anymore, please I have to ejaculate”. Her response, “Suffer, don’t you even think about touching your penis.” 

 Then, I responded, “If you wouldn’t let me touch it, then please take off your blouse, I want to see you in your bra.” She repeated, “Suffer.” And I was suffering you can bet on that. She announced that she was proud of her ability to send me into such a state of sexual frenzy. She said, “I bet that your girlfriend doesn’t get you as excited as I have these past three times”. I have to admit that she was right & definitely possess a rare talent to turn me on and get me to obey her every command, even at her young age. I started to moan because my whole groin area was on fire. “She, please I have to ejaculation, my penis is going to explode. She just smiled her naughty grin and said, “See I can get a man to beg for it.” With that, I felt my penis start to burn and it felt like a cannon being loaded. I shouted out, “She, I am going to ejaculation.” With that, the cannon started to shoot. Needless to say, I shot a tremendous load of ejaculation without even touching my penis. She applauded my performance and laughed, “Look at you, you are a mess.” I had sperm all over me. My chest and legs were covered in the white cream. She leaned over and gave me a passionate kiss on the lips and said, “Now, I’m going to watch you take a bath.” We went into the bathroom and She prepared my bath, ordering me to get in the tub. She said, “ I want you to give yourself a good long bath and especially wash your penis a lot.” At this point, I wasn’t going to fight her (Hell, I was really enjoying her bossing me around).
 I got in the tub and started to take my bath with She watching me. She repeated, “I want you to really scrub and wash that penis of yours. I joked and said that the water was fine and why don’t we both take our baths together. She laughed and said, “What kind of girl do you think I am!!” My reply, “One that makes a guy strip naked, stay naked and jerk-off repeatedly in front of her.” As I washed my penis, it began to get hard again and She remarked, “I see that you are ready for round two, already.” She then commanded me to jerk-off as quickly as possible, this was a speed test, she said.  I started to jerk-off fast & furious. She kept coaching me, “Go faster, faster, faster, FASTER, FASTER, I want you to ejaculate again, just for me.” 
In about two minutes, I shot another load straight up into the air and back into the tub water. She again applauded my efforts and lean over and kissed me passionately on the lips and said,

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