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Feeling Tired

 Feeling tired, I started to bed.  My forearm tickled my nipple as I brushed my teeth, and I sensed an erection.  Parting my robe, I allowed myself to grow fully erect, admiring myself in the mirror. 
 Raising o­ne leg to the counter while pinching my nipple, pre-***** oozed out the tip.   The sight of stroking myself off reflected in the mirror added to my arousal.  Surprised at the strength of my erection, the pressure built.  Caressing the underside of my sack helped, as well. 
 Soon my ***** swelled to the point it was ready to burst, shooting forth a thick load, spurting for several moments while I moaned loudly. Was ever so good, especially considering I had not felt up to this session minutes earlier.

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The Wood of the Broom      

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