Vol. 8 Chapter XI

Change in style in writing this narrative. • Reckless amours. • Nelly L**l*e and Sophy S***h. • Neophyte harlots. • A first night out. • Madame S***k*n*us. • Cuntal contrasts. • A lascivious evening. • Their antecedents and future. • Nelly's face, form, and quim. • Voluptuous complacency. • Her after life. • My tastes for being gamahuched. • Externals of sodomites. • Fantastic male lascivieties. • Champagne and sperm. • Dildo and arse-hole. • Birching tried on me. • Policemen's forbearance. • One in plain clothes. • Nelly's illness and my aid. • Sophy's face, figure, and colour. • Her sliggery pudenda. • Vulgarity and voice. • Married, mother, and widowed. • Harlotting resumed. • Drunken and degraded. • Love in her armpits.

[It is evident now, altho it did not occur to me at the time when week by week, or day by day, I wrote these narratives, that of late years I had a growing habit of giving opinions on, and reasons for my amorous, erotic exploits. — This certainly was not the case in the early part of this history. — I suppose the change was the result of experience, and reflexion on that experience, which made me write those opinions. They were doubtless involuntary, they came in the natural course of the incidents, and writing them at the time pleased me as much as describing the events. These opinions and reflexions are an index to my mental state at that time, and it would be well to retain them all. The need for excision and abbreviation is however inexorable, and few can be kept. The desires which sprang up, the thoughts or experiences which led to them, if preludes to my amorous deeds, will however be retained, where not of too great length.

[Not having been found out in my promiscuous amusements with women, and the ailments of Venus not having attacked me, I became bold, and did openly hazardous things, which a few years ago I should never attempted. I longed for women who had never sold their charms, and made advances to some who seemed open to them, some who were as critically placed as I was, and more so, for to them it might have been utter ruin. — With two or three, I had brief amours which we both enjoyed intensely. The pleasure of eating stolen honey is great, and hazardous, illicit fucking, is the finest of honey. Danger and risks no doubt give its charms to such liaisons, but fucking with eyes and ears open at my time of life, was after all not so pleasurable as fucking with a tranquil mind.

[Altho strong sexually, I thought that at my time of life that the strength could not last long, and seemed to desire to lose no opportunity in indulging with the sex, fearing that indifference which sometimes comes with the abatement of virile force. So when I got the chance I had many charming transient amours. Circumstances indeed a little later on favoured me in these, and gave me opportunities of indulging with less risk than before, but what led to those facilities must not be disclosed. Many of my fugitive amours did not exceed the acquaintance of a night or two — nor did I wish them to last — nor perhaps did my female friends. Mostly they were commonplace, and I only tell of those in which was some unusual incident, tho with my habit then, as now inveterate, I duly recorded in my manuscript each amorous adventure.

The next twenty or thirty pages relate to two young harlots named Nelly L**l*e and Sophy S**h —. I occasionally visited Nelly for many years, the other rarely, tho for as long a time or nearly so. My libidinous amusement with them were all of the ordinary kind, which I have practised with hundreds of the frail sisterhood, and with many who were not frail in a financial sense. They were as usual, described by me at length in my original manuscript, but the repetition of salacious tricks seems tedious now, so I have carefully weeded out, arranged in some order, condensed, abbreviated this part of my narrative, to about one fifth of its original length; leaving only certain episodes worth retaining for their variety, which I shall put in their chronological order nearly.]

Going along L*c**tr Square one evening I saw a shortish female in front of me. She had short petticoats (worn then), Balmoral boots, a small foot, and shapely calf. — The movement of haunches and legs told me she had the class of form I loved; I can tell by the pose of the foot, and the swing of the bum, what sort of thighs and rump are moving underneath petticoats — I passed and looked at her. She had a quite young, modest face, white and pink complexion, dark eyes, and looked healthy, fresh and enticing. I stopped, turned, and she passed me. She is modest I thought. — Bah! what does modesty do here by itself at eight o'clock p.m.? —So I accosted her, wondering at her steady bum swing which looked twenty-one at least, whilst her face looked but seventeen or thereabouts. "May I go home with you?" "Yes if you like," and she looked back. "Where do you live?" — "I live at — oh I forget, but it's just over there." "Go on and I'll follow." — She hesitated, but turned back. — Up came another female, taller, with flaxen hair, and a nearly white face. — "The gentleman wants to know where we live, what's the name of the street?" "Tibble, Tickle, Tish, or something like it I forget, but I know the way." —Then both laughed heartily. — "Well go on," I said (for we had stopped), "I only want this lady and not you." — I never like talking long to gay women in the streets. "It's Pickle Street," said my selected one, laughing. "Cross over." — Both crossed, I following, when a short, sallow, Jewish looking woman there stopped them. — "What is it my dear," said she. "The gentleman wants to know the name of the street." "Oh, it's T***f***d Street, sair — I will shows the vay," and off she walked rapidly with the girls, I following at a little distance behind them. It was the baud who was giving them their first lesson in street walking, and following them in view.

She opened the door with a latch key — "I only want this dark haired girl," said I, "and I'm only going to give her a sovereign." "Vel, vel, go in, sair." — I went in and upstairs to two handsomely furnished rooms — a lamp was already lighted, and she lit two candles, the girls stood still, silent, and staring at me, I stood thinking — I hate making these arrangements with second or third parties — a baud, and a couple of whores are a match for the Devil.

"I only want this lady," I repeated, "and can only give her a sovereign." "Oh you must give her two sovereigns — it's her first night in London, she's never been out before. Oh she must have two sovereigns." "No." "Vel dare is no harm done, sair, you see vat nice young ladies they be, and these handsome rooms but if you won't, you won't — vel go out again my dears." — It was all very civilly said. — No bullying. — She blew out the two candles, not a word had either girl spoken and she opened the door. Said the woman as I moved towards the door, "I can't let her for luck's sake start like that, I brought em both to London the day before yesterday, they've never seen London streets till an hour ago." I paused — I had noticed in the street the girl Nelly staring about in a strange way, instead of cock hunting with the steady glances of a regular strumpet — besides the girl looked so very fresh and so modest, that my prick was standing, and I felt a violent lust for her. — "Well let her stay, I'll give it her, but if I have her another night I can only give a sovereign." — "All right, sair." "But I shall stop a long time." "You may stop as long as you likes, mayn't he Nelly?" "I don't care," said the girl.

The old woman relighted the candles. — "Have Sophy too," said she. I never liked fair haired women. — "No." "Do — it's her first night as well — don't make them jealous of each other, they're friends now. — Do, and I needn't go out again tonight." — That struck me as so funny that I laughed. "When you see em both quite naked together, you vil say you never see sich fine gals." "I won't be naked," said one, I don't recollect which. — "Now my dearee, you must please gentle-mens if you vants to make friends — Didn't I tell ye now — didn't I tell ye — I'm not a going to keep yer — you've got to sleep yourself." Then turning to me, "They will be all right when she knows you, sair; have Sophy, do — she's as white as snow, her thighs and body is, and she is formed beautiful, and her hair's the same color there, one's black and the other yaller," and the old woman winked at me again with a leer. The contrast was extreme — "black cunt, flaxen cunt" — thought I. "Well, let her stay too — but I'm not going to pay you." — "Oh! all rights, all rights, sair, you can stop all night vith dem. I knows a gentlemans vhen I speak vid him, all rights, sair, my name is S***k*n*us, and I've been here five years, I'm a dress-maker, sair." (I had some idea that I was going to be bilked.) "Now my dearees mind vot I as tell you, and I'm sure he'll be a friend to you both," and nodding her head at the girls she went out. I bolted the door. She was a German woman I found, perhaps Jewish, but who had been some time in England, actually worked with a sister at dressmaking, and let her upper floors to quiet gay women, and had now by some chance got these two young women, to introduce to the pavé of London.

"Take off your things, my darlings." — The girls giggling and whispering to each other began slowly to do so; it was perfectly clear that they'd not yet un-dressed as Paphians before a man for pay. Gradually two pairs of splendid calves and lovely white breasts appeared. "Of with your chemises." "I shan't," said one, and the other did not obey. — I pulled them both to me, putting my hands on to their fat backsides, and kissed their large white breasts alternately. I hitched up the chemises of both at the same time whilst they struggled a bit, and saw fine round thighs on both; nearly black hair on one cunt, almost invisible hair on the other. "My prick's so stiff," said I, and getting up I stripped to my shirt, pulled it up to my waist, and showed a red headed magnificent erection.

Both burst into laughter, which astonished me. I pulled dark haired Nelly on to one thigh as I sat down, and began feeling her cunt. Flaxen haired Sophy sat down on a low stool opposite us, holding her cheeks and her chin with her hands, whilst her elbows rested on her thighs, like an old Irish woman sitting on a door step. A vulgar, low look the girl had, yet she was of a most uncommon peculiar style of face, certainly handsome, yet of a class I didn't like. Then I noticed that she had white eye lashes, and very light eyebrows, and for the moment she reminded me of an albino, who to me is very ugly.

Now I talked baudy. "Show me your cunt," to Nelly, who had been feeling my prick. — "Ho! ain't he rude," said she giggling and looking at Sophy. — "Do." "Shan't." — I lifted her chemise to her armpits suddenly. She struggled and cried out, "No, no." — I got vexed and swore, for I hate a struggle with a sham modest whore, and hadn't quite arrived at the belief that it was her first night's harlotry. — "Isn't she a fool Sophy?" "She knows best," was the reply made in a coarse, raw, nasty voice. — I had not heard her speak before. I let Nell go. — "Let's feel your cunt," said I dragging up Sophy from the stool. — She offered no resistance. Her cunt was reeking wet as my fingers went between the lips, and she opened her thighs to let my fingers up. I pulled up her chemise, her cunt seemed nearly hairless, there was hair, but the color was so light, and it was so small in quantity, that it scarcely showed. Her thighs and belly were as white as milk, her form exquisite. — Nelly rearranged her tumbled hair, for in a small struggle with her it had fallen, came close up to us and said to Sophy, "You seem to like it." "I don't mind much, he's a nice chap," croaked Sophy. [Nelly, I found in after years, was jealous of any woman being noticed before her — even when she had brought the woman herself to me for fucking.] Nelly was jealous now of Sophy's pleasing me by her willingness.

Darkish haired quims were always my delight, so I took hold of Nelly again. Sophy dropping again on the stool not much higher than a chamber pot, looking on stupidly and pulling down her short chemise over her knees as if to hide them. I titillated Nelly's clitoris, made her feel my balls and prick, and lavished obscenity and kisses, till she wriggled her rump voluptuously. I had stirred her lust. She wanted fucking, it was time for emptying my testicles, so I threw her on the side of the bed. — "No, no, let me get on to the bed properly." — I wouldn't, opened her thighs violently, leant over her, and drove my prick up her fat little cunt, till my balls banged against her arse. Feeling the prick up her, she laid still, for pleasure told on her at the first thrust of my pego. I began to look at her quim as I pushed my tool in and out. Then she kept pushing her chemise down. — "I'll slit your chemise up if you do that," said I irritated. — Sophy came up and looked on, for Nelly then ceased hiding her charms, and, I saw, soon had voluptuous sensations; and from the involuntary motion of her belly, the opening of her mouth, the staring look of her eyes, saw that they were getting strong. Soon she gave a voluptuous sigh and I fetched her juices out, as I squirted a shower of sperm up her. I was in full blood, my prick stood well up her after I had spent, and I bent over her quiet for a time, then rose, gradually pulling my prick partly out of its mucous bath. — "When were you last fucked?" said I. — For a second she lay quiet as if in her pleasure still, at last, "Two months ago," said she. Sophie chuckled, "Ave yer done it Nell with him, ave yer?" said she. — No reply. — "Have yer now? — now I knows yer have, and yer said, yer wouldn't with the chaps." — Nell never replied, seeming to be still enjoying the last sensations of the fuck. "She's spent a cup full," said I drawing my prick quite out. — "Look — it's not all mine." Briskly Nell closed her thighs and pulled her chemise over her reeking cunt, from which a rivulet of thick pearly sperm began to run, and she sat up.

"Do you like seeing your friend fucked?" "Never seed it afore," said Sophy, sitting down again on the stool and tugging down her short chemise. "Well, you've been fucked." "Why of coorse." "You've seen yourself fucked in a looking glass." "That I ain't, there warn't never a glass in the room at all —I never war in a place afore with a man and woman a doin it. — Never with none but my own chap."

"Wash Nell," said I, whilst I was doing so. "When you're gone." "Gone my dear? I'm going to stop hours." — Nellie washed. —I turned to Sophy and grasped her sliggery cunt. — "Shall we fuck?" "If yer like." Her cunt was on fire and reeking, as I laid her on the side of the bed. — What a treat the light flaxen haired motte was by contrast, I had not expected such enjoyment from it. I got my prick in her, but the fucking was much longer, and I fetched her before I came myself. Nelly now looked on curiously, it was her turn. — "You've done it with him Sophy." "And so did you." Then both laughed. Getting off the bed, down went Sophy on to the stool again. "You'll wet your chemise Sophy." "Don't care." — But up she got, wiped her cunt outside with a towel, and threw it down on the floor in a low manner.

There was a freshness in manner, and modesty in both of them, and they had manifestly an enjoyment in fucking, which made me think now that the old woman had spoken the truth. I had thought it all sham. — Neither had ever tasted champagne I found, so ordered some, telling the woman to get it at * * * * * a well known place for food and wine [then]. Madame S***k*n**s fetched it and I gave her a glass. — Was I pleased with the young ladies? Yes and had fucked both. — "They won't wash their cunts properly," said I joking. "I have," said Nelly — "Sophy has wiped hers." "Oh Miss Sophy, you knows what I have tell you." — We had gone into the . sitting room which opened with folding doors to the bed room, and the flaxen motte one now washed her cunt properly. We drank champagne, the old woman left, I ordered another bottle, and soon both girls were quite groggy.

Then they let out their histories. Many times after I heard both, and they never varied. — Certainly it was their first harlotting night, and most likely neither had been fucked for weeks as they said. I warmed them well up with lewed talk, one held my prick, the other the pot when I pissed. It delights me to make fresh women do those little services. I laid them side by side lengthwise on the bed, and then one on the top of the other. The liquor and talk had made them randy. We all stripped quite, and putting the cheval glass to see in it, I fucked one whilst I fingered the other. Then we had more wine, and the girls began to quarrel, which I have often found to occur when I have had two women together and they got lushy.

It really was because I had fucked flaxen motte twice, and Nelly was jealous. I'd fucked Sophy I can't tell why, for I always liked a dark haired cunt, and Nelly's was dark. — I fancy it was that I found Sophy's the nicest of the two cunts, and have since thought so [I sometimes think now that her cunt was the most delicious my prick ever went into] but I never could bear the girl, tho scores of times I have thought of nothing but her cunt, when I have been stroking Nelly and others. I recollect all this clearly because the evening was a memorable one. They now both blabbed and told me all about themselves but the name of the village they came from. — No, they wouldn't tell that. "Don't you recollect that some one fetched me that night, Nelly?" "Yes." "Father said he'd throw him bloody soon into the canal if he came home again with me." "Poor Bet, he never kept her child." "Yes and he made me sleep with him that night." — So that sort of talk ran on, telling me bits of their history as I questioned them, and interrupting and correcting, and helping each other in their tales, both talking sometimes at once. Then we all three turned on to the bed again. I treated the dark haired cunt, and fucked each girl quite twice before the evening was out. When we parted I promised to see them the next day.

[This was their history. Nelly mainly made me her confidant after I helped to keep her during an illness at a future day. Both had been caught fucking without a license. — Sophy by a man of her own class caught in a field by her father, who stuck a scythe into her swain's rump. — Nelly was surprized in bed with a gentleman who had promised to marry her, and her father turned her out of doors. — The swains neglected the girls — both had family way sensations in their bellies, and were helped out of the difficulty by a local dressmaker. — Madame S***k*n*us, a German Jewess and dressmaker, knew the village one, who advised the girls to go to London with Madame S***k*n*us. They knew they were going to be gay, tho it was not said so. Uncomfortable at their village, off they ran, and that was their first night in their career of harlotry when I had them. — Both afterwards liked gay life, but neither rose to eminence. — Nell for some years led a comfortable life of indolence, as long as she kept to S***k*n*us. Sophy sank to the lowest depths, was always drunk, nearly naked, and would take men home for a glass of gin.]

Nelly was short, beautifully formed and plump, had good legs, small feet, thick ankles, and large bum. — Her skin was a very dark cream color, her hair nearly black, her eyes a very dark hazel, with a heavy expression in them much like that of a cow's. It was a half sulky look. She had thick eye-brows and large mouth but was really handsome. In after years she was often taken for a French woman by men. The hair on her motte was about the thickest I ever saw on an English woman's, tho at first there was not much of it. The flesh of the motte could not be seen thro it, and just over the clitoris it formed a thick little clump al-most hard, it curled so. Her armpits were thick with hair even at that age. (She was barely seventeen.) She had hair on her cunt, she said, at twelve. Ten years afterwards when I saw her, it was half up to her navel, but it never grew round her buttocks or arsehole. Her cunt was large at seventeen, and some years after-wards was very large. — I could then put a large dildo and two fingers up it at the same time easily, yet she had even then a wonderfully fine cuntal grip on the prick, it was such a fat cunt inside. She had a beautifully steady walk, like a Spanish woman's, looked quiet, and was proud of walking out dressed simply in good black silk, and being taken for a modest woman. — She was relatively modest, when first I had her. In a week I'd taught her much, and modesty was lost. She said she had had more poking in the first fortnight she had come to town than she had had altogether from her young man, who had never tailed her more than about a dozen times in all. Her cunt then had all the signs of recent rupture. — In after years she was the most complacent creature, and did with me everything excepting bum fucking. Once when I pressed her to let me do that she nearly yielded, but it was out of kindness. — I was only joking, and but asked as a test. She got me three young virgins, two of whom I poked, a dozen other women, and two men to frig or bugger if I liked — I did not like the latter work. She gradually got poor and ill, and disappeared. Her last stay was in one room. An old gentleman up whose arse she used to put a dildo whilst she sucked his cock, she said, then nearly kept her; he was seventy-six years old, yet could spend under that fundamental and labial irritation.

She early made friends among a good class of married men, and was always at home in the afternoon, dressed usually in a blue satin dressing gown, and nice stockings and boots. Her foot was beautiful. She for years rarely went out at night or to public amusements, but passed her time in idling, feeding, dressing, reading newspapers and novels. She said she lost money when she went out at night before ten, so if she went out it was usually very late. She was a very safe woman. Once during what I think was a bad clap, tho she would not say so, and once thro a long illness, I paid her lodgings and some other friend paid for her food. She was on both occasions in the same house (Madame S***k*n*us). She never let me poke her if she had the slightest taint of her poorliness. She was a wonderful frigger. — Her masturbation was most delicate and fetching (some women never can frig), and afterwards she gamahuched equal to any French woman — I have gone to her with my prick as limp as a rag, yet never went away without a spending. She had a wonderful way of pushing my machine if limp into her roomy cunt, and saying "lay still." — Without movement on my part, and no perceptible movement to her buttocks, she stiffened me by the compression of her cunt — her gripping cunt seemed to suck my prick up into it. When about thirty years old she began to paint. At rare intervals then I used to talk to her only, and to tip her when I met her, and for years sent her a sovereign at Christmas.

Before I lost sight of her, she used to say that when first out, scarcely any man wanted more than to poke her, but then that half the men wanted to be gamahuched, and some wanted to bugger. She did not al-low that, but got them ladies who did. She looked on at the operation at times, and halved the fee paid for their complaisance. She explained to me the habits of the male sodomites (she had studied and hated them), the way to know them, and how to treat them. It was curious, but I never learned to know them by sight, and never wanted. — To the last of her career so far as I know it, and when she barely had a gown to cover her, she managed to get silk stockings, and tho flabby in her breasts, and with a smaller and flabby bum, never lost the shapely legs. Her heart went wrong, she got dirty, and then I saw her no more.

She rarely drank, tho I have made her tight several times by sipping warm brandy and water with her. With a good fire in the room, her clothes up to her navel, legs so placed that I could see her cunt, we talked and she told me strange baudy fads she had known men to have. One young man, after laying her down with thighs distended and open cunt, used to frig himself into a tumbler of champagne and then drink it, swallowing his own sperm. Another made her run a pin into his balls. One brought small peas, and pushed them down his urethra. — He came with his bladder full — and then pissed out the peas against her cunt, or her arsehole, or her breasts. She flogged some men till they spent, and other erotic whimsies. Many men she said liked a dildo up their arseholes whilst they fucked, or were frigged, or gamahuched. One man only fucked a woman when she had a dildo up her bum; a lady friend she fetched for that purpose. He greased the dildo and put it up the lady's arsehole. It was used for no one else and she showed it me. "That dildo's my old friend's," said she showing another and larger.

"I don't like it, but do everything excepting bugger, it pleases them and amuses me. If I did not some other would — I should lose friends." Camille has said the same. — She only once let me see her on the sly with a male friend. I looked thro a key hole at them copulating. Once she got a man to fuck her whilst I looked on, and I frigged him afterwards. He was a big man, and said he was a carpenter. Once she began to birch me, the only time I ever tried it, but the pain was too great and I made her desist. Twice she played at flat cocks with a female before me, and on one occasion a baudy tipsy night we had, with a second woman.

She used to fuck and spend in a quiet way, never swore, nor raised her voice, nor seemed angry, nor used baudy language unless asked, and chuckled it out then in a quiet voice. She never got into police rows. How she squared the police I don't know. I asked her if she let the constables tail her — "No" — but an Inspector used to have her. He was a married man and came in plain clothes. She never was "run in" that I heard of, when they ran in fifty women a night from the Haymarket and its vicinity.

During one illness I helped to keep her, and meeting then Sophy by chance, went home with her. She was at enmity with Nelly and said Nelly had had a miscarriage, and the father of the child was a labourer. — Nelly afterwards admitted a miscarriage. When she had been launched a few months she got cautious as whores do, and told me nothing; then came her illness, and after as said, she became as communicative as at first. When I was in love with Jessie C**t*s I did not see Nelly for a year or more. I shan't forget her joy when she saw me again. Sophy, with the exception of the young lass Kitty with the yellow hair and motte, whom I had in my early manhood, was the only light haired Paphian I ever had more than a few times, rarely more than once. She was full grown tho only seventeen, her hair was like light flax, her eyelashes white. — She was exquisitely made, had the loveliest breasts, and from the nape of her neck to the sole of her feet was as white as snow. Her features were good, her eyes blue and yet she looked like a fool and when she laughed was like an idiot. — Her laugh was a vulgar, idiotic, coarse, offensive chuckle, she opened her mouth quite wide (it was large with splendid teeth), and she rolled her head about from side to side. — Her hands were coarse. She had slight hollows in her bum cheeks at first, in a few months they were dimples, and she must have put on a stone in weight in the time. — Never was there a woman who handled better all over than she, she was delicious to touch, an exquisite piece of flesh.

She had, when first I had her, scarcely any hair on her cunt; as I threw up her chemise I thought she had none. — But it lay close, and made the lips of the cunt look a little darker than the surrounding flesh, nothing more. The clitoris and nymphae were a delicate pink like a girl's of twelve. The prick hole was small, and also had the look of recent breakage. I've broken thro a good lot of hymens, and know the look pretty well.

Of all the women I ever had, none had so soft, so voluptuous a cunt. — It was quite tight and small, but nothing ever equalled its smoothness. Satin, polished steel, ivory, oiled marble, never equalled its delicious softness to the feel of fingers or prick. It was always moist like any other cunt, tho not sticky or sloppy, but had an exquisite lubriciousness, indescribably as if it was full of spunk just fucked into it. I have made her syringe it out before me, and a minute afterwards it felt just the same. She was a splendid fuckee. Nelly was nice but one of the quietest, and always when fucking seemed suppressing herself; Sophy shivered, quivered but not noisly, and heaved gently, her cunt went clip, clip, suck, suck, in a wonderful way towards her crisis, and then with a gentle heave of her belly and arse, she seemed as if she wished to get my whole body up her, and with a "Ahaa — my dear man — aha, aha," she subsided. She was full of juice, would often spend twice to my once, and we made a fine display on the towel under her bum when my prick left her. Before the first week of our acquaintance was out, she gave way to her passions with me. She liked me, and used to patter out in her ugly, hoarse, vulgar voice, baudy words, and coarse but loving expressions. — Nelly watching us used then to say, "Sophy — what are you at?" — but it did not stop her. Never have I had more completely voluptuous fucking as far as mere cunt was concerned, but that was all; I was sick of the sight of her directly our bodies unjoined.

I saw both girls daily for nearly a fortnight, and Sophy had my seminal libations more frequently than Nelly — but I could not talk to her, her language was indescribably common and coarse, and whether eating, drinking, speaking, washing or even pissing, her vulgarity and idiocy were intolerable. — She was a cunt of superlative voluptuousness, a magnificent bit of fucking flesh, but nothing more. Tho straight as an arrow, her walk was between a totter and a roll. I could, at a later day, see her flashy, vulgar bonnet bobbing about in the distance wherever she was. She looked, even with good clothes on, the lowest Moll. Sometimes for all that I had a letch for her when I caught sight of her, and for a quarter of an hour to handle her fine flesh, to finger and plunge my prick up her indescribably smooth, luscious cunt, laying on her start naked before putting into her even, was exquisite. — But my liking went the instant my sperm was in her, and I got away as rapidly as I could, resisting usually her seductions of fingers and mouth to reanimate my tool, for she'd never let me go till I had tailed her twice if she could prevent it. She was very fond of fucking by me.

For a year or two (and in after years she returned), she was in the same house with Nelly and Madame S***k*n*us, who dressed and looked after her. There she did well. Then she went to live by herself having quarrelled with Nelly, and I saw nothing of her for a few years. — Nelly then told me one day that she had married an artisan, who was then dying, had two children by him, that they'd lived respectably and she quietly, but that now having pawned everything to keep them, she was going on to the streets again to live. They literally had nothing in their room but a bed, chair, table and pisspot, and would have starved, if Nelly had not sent them food for some time. She could afford that no longer, but she was keeping one child whom she brought upstairs to show me. — It was flaxen haired, like Sophy.

I sent for Sophy, who came. She had nothing on but a cloak and a gown, I pulled up her clothes to see. It was cold weather, there was a fire in the room, she went out, and in half an hour came in washed with a chemise and stockings on lent by Nelly. She'd still her lovely firm and white flesh, but was thinner. She told me her troubles, we had gin which soon got well into her head, then I got on to my knee, felt her all over and titillated her cunt. When she had had a drink and her sobbing was over, and so soon as she felt pleasure, she rapidly undid my trowsers and grabbed my balls. — "Oh! I ain't been fucked for these three months, the last time my man did it, it nearly killed him and he don't want it now." I questioned her. — "Aye, I do frig myself — he liked me to, and he did use to frig me him-self until he got too ill, poor man — let's do it."

I told Nelly to go out, being unable occasionally some-where about that time (a peculiarity I don't think have mentioned), to poke with another woman in the room, and was taken suddenly so now. Nelly always liked to be present when I shagged a woman she had brought me, perhaps to see what money passed — perhaps because she liked to see the fucking just as Sarah F**z*r did, and to frig herself whilst looking on. Women have baudy fancies and letches like men. — Nelly went out looking sulky.

Never did a woman enjoy a poking more. "Oh! I ain't had a fuck for three months — not one damned fuck; frigging ain't fucking my dear — is it? — shove harder — I'm coming." She'd lost of course all modesty, if she ever had any, but she must have been reared like a pig. The first fortnight after she came to town, Nell used to say, "Do it — put it in, — up my thing," — and so on. Sophy would say "fuck — cunt — prick," to express herself, within a few days of their coming to London. When we were all three together, she would sit looking at the fire quietly, and suddenly mixed it with spittle. She put down her fat white arm, and I fucked between it and her breast from the back. She began to frig herself whilst I did it. — In a glass in front of us, I could see my prick tip appearing and disappearing as I thrust. "Fuck, fuck," she cried as her thighs began to move, and she spent frigging, as out spouted my sperm, and some of it, past her armpit fell on one of her thighs. I then stood with prick in the arm-pit leaning over her, she with her head back against me in silent ecstasy, eyes shut, and fingers on her clitoris.

"You haven't spent,"said I. "Haven't I? feel my cunt, look at it," — I did. — "Do it again." I tried, worked away willingly, shoving whilst she helped me by squeezing my prick to her, but it was no go — for me. — She however recommended frigging herself, my spunk still lay on one thigh, and in the middle of her frig, she put her finger and thumb to it, took the sperm up, put it on to her clitoris and completed her frig with delight when she had got my sperm there. — Oh, how imagination helps sexual pleasure.

"Don't tell Nelly." "Why you fool, you will be the first to tell her or any one else." When with Nelly, and she'd had a little liquor, she invariably began to tell what this man did, how that man fucked, — how much she got — whom she had had — "I didn't have a cove last night, so had a bloody good frig before I went to sleep." — Nelly could not stop her. Flaxen head would tell of the men she had last, and what they did, and whether she'd spent with them or not, and so on. — "He fucked nice he did, I didn't mean to do it — but I gave up." —That was her style of talk, those her very words on one occasion, when she narrated what she'd done the previous night.