Vol. 8 Chapter XIII

The Great Eastern. • Our first meeting. • Her form, size, and history. • Bottled ale. • A lightweight on the top. • The landlady's daughter Betsy. • Virginity inspected. • Maternal cant. • Two back-sides to the front. • Da capo. • A treat for Betsy. • A spend on a bum. • A bid for a virginity. • The G E disappears, • Nelly L**l*e's help. • Friend Martha. • Her skinny, bare-cunted niece. • A vigorous evening. • Virginity taken. • A trap escaped. • The bare-cunted one again. • A shindy at a brothel.

I didn't of course keep to Nelly L**l*e, and some years after I knew her, on one afternoon about five p.m. in daylight, saw an enormously tall fat woman in C*v**t*y Street. She half stopped and smiled, as if on a sudden she recollected me, I seemed also to recollect her. What a backside, what a cunt she must have, thought I. — Ten minutes later I was in her bed room. — In ten minutes more my balls were banging against the largest arse they ever touched, and few balls have touched such a large one unless against hers. It was the belly of the "Great Eastern," and I was lying up a cunt which at the first glance looked as big as a horse collar, but which clipped me and fetched my sperm out of my ballocks very nicely.

Some years before this, I was passing thro J***s Street on one cold night, when between the H**m**k*t and O*e*d*n Street — then filled with gay lodgings &c. — I saw an exceedingly tall, fine woman standing still at the edge of the kerb, and thought her a quiet woman waiting for some one. Something induced me to return. Still she stood there and looked at me full, but without smile, sign, or gesture. — She is waiting to piss on the quiet I then thought, — the women often did there, I have seen six at a time — and delighted at the chance of seeing a woman piddling, which always gives me pleasure. I turned back again, and now she was standing in the gutter. She'll squat down directly thought I, slackened my pace, and at O*e*d*n Street corner looked round, and saw that she was looking after me. I returned then and spoke to her. "It's a fine night." "Yes sir, but very cold standing here." "Let's go home together," said I, feeling on sure ground. "You can't go to my place." "Where you like." "Anywhere you like, sir, I've only come to London yesterday." "Let's go here," and we went to the corner house. "I thought it was a queer house," said she, "I've been watching it for half an hour." — She had been standing there all that time and no man had accosted her, tho they had stared at her, she told me.

She sat down and looked all about the room, and without taking notice of me. I thrust my hand up her clothes, and fingers between her cunt lips. — She put her hands down to push them away — then as if recollecting, she let me do what I liked and sat looking at me. I felt all about her backside and quim with both hands, then impatiently got up and told her to undress. She did so slowly and hesitatingly. — We were both soon in our last linens, I threw up her chemise, saw one of the most magnificent sights of full sized female form, our bellies met, my cock entered her cunt, she felt its probing at once and deliciously, and we spent together quickly. — Both wanted a fuck, and she more than I did.

When she had washed her cunt, I made her strip completely and had a full look at her beauties. She was quite six feet high, had chestnut coloured hair, lovely soft dark hazel eyes, chestnut coloured cunt thatch and armpits, was big, fleshy, almost heavy, from neck to ankle. Yet she was a grand woman, was beautifully formed, indeed a lovely voluptuous figure. Her cunt was heavy lipped, fat motted, and looked large outside, yet was as tight as a girl's inside. She examined my prick curiously, and when I had felt and seen her all over (we had scarcely spoken) with one consent we turned on to the bed and fucked again. Then she put on her chemise, sat down in front of the fire and stared at it silently. I asked her what she was thinking of, twice without a reply. — Then she turned her head to me and said, "I'm a whore at last." — She smiled faintly but was dull and depressed, so I sent for a bottle of sherry and biscuits. She drank it very quickly as if to get up her spirits. "Let's chat," and we did so long, sitting by the fire. — A knock at the door came. — "Shall you be long," said a voice. We had heard an incessant tramping whilst we were talking. "Be damned," said I, "I'll pay for the room twice." We chatted on, I put her on to my knee for a second, so that I might twiddle her quim as we talked. It adds to the charm of a chat to feel a nice cunt, and the women all like it, but I could not bear her weight. I heard her history, which I didn't believe, but heard fully afterwards from her, and in a year or two from a man who knew her well early in life, and it was substantially true as far as her married status, and lapse into infidelity went.

She was wife of a sergeant in the ** regiment which was ordered off somewhere. Whilst she remained at W**c***t*r, a livery stable keeper — I knew his name well — got into her. — Her husband on his return found it out and turned her off. — The stable keeper kept her two or three years, then they quarrelled and she came to London to turn harlot. — She had been in London two days when I met her, and had then nothing of the harlot either in manner or dress. — We adjoined to the bed after our talk, and fingered each other's privates till we fucked again, and having got her address, with the understanding that it was only to enable me to write to her, we parted.

I got her the next day at a favorite baudy house, for her size, fleshiness, freshness and fucking, roused my salacity; and saw her several times afterwards, and then having fucked her well, was satisfied. She soon disappeared from London, and now I saw her again after the interval of about ten years. — She now weighed twenty stone I'm sure. [I have had a taller woman since, but never such a big heavy one.] — Her arse when kneeling on the bed, with its long slit and hairy pouters was overwhelming, I could only get two-thirds of my prick in that way, her buttocks prevented more entry. She was easy enough to fuck when on the top of her, was a fleshy bed to lay on, and still a tightish cunted one tho it looked so big outside — a horse collar.

We talked over our first meeting and well she recollected it, and that she'd not cheek to speak to me that night. She said many men had passed looking at her, and she could not accost them. — "Didn't I like you, I'd not then had a fuck for weeks." — She had been kept, and had been whoring alternately since I'd first had her, and that was all I could learn, certainly she had not been in London during that time. — "Let me fuck you," said she after I had visited her two or three times. — "You'll crush me." "You shan't feel my weight," — and it was true. She did it so to me after-wards once or twice, but I preferred topping her. She was an economical punk, for I only gave her each visit a sovereign, and was still very handsome in face tho somewhat bloated, which shewed up strongly in day light. She did not care about going out too much in day time, for every one turned round to look after her, and good men did not like to be seen following her home, and as she had a good number of "visiting friends," she mostly kept at home unless hard up. — She was always drinking bottled ale or stout, as if she wanted to make herself fatter, which seemed funny. — From her size she had got to be nick-named "The Great Eastern." [A big steamboat at that date.]

I visited her at intervals whenever her size gave me a letch. I was curious in examining her person. The first thing, when seated in her room, was to ask me for bottled ale. — The daughter of the landlady, a buxom and very handsome lass a little over fifteen years old, brought it in. — I took a letch for her, it was a year or two since I had seen an unfledged cunt, and a burning desire to see hers came over me, and I offered the Eastern money to help me. — It was impossible she said. — "But," said I, "I only want to see her cunt and virginity, a thoroughly good look at it mind, I won't do more than open the lips." — My letch increased and I bid from two up to five sovereigns to see it — "Not a mere glimpse, but a good look of some minutes, mind that."

Under one aspect, that of a mother's morality, this is one of the almost incredible events of my career, but it is as true as gospel. The house was kept by a carpenter and his wife, who lived in the ground floor and kitchens. On the first floor was the Great Eastern (a gay woman), and above were working people quite respectable. The woman of the house had three or four Children, and at this time was suckling one, — father I never saw that I know of, he was nearly always out in the day time. With this twenty-stone whore the mother associated freely, and the children were always in her room, the strapping eldest girl included. I have seen the mother nursing the baby there. — The mother seemed quite a hard working, respectable woman, and all the children were clean and neatly dressed. But the mother talked about fucking almost like a gay woman - the Great Eastern told me — and she always told the Great Eastern when her husband had fucked her, and how often he did it.

I didn't think there was any chance of getting what I wanted, yet used to say in a joking manner after the refusal, — "Mind, there are five pounds to have a good book at Betsy's cunt." I used to say it regularly when the girl had left the room after bringing in the bottled ale. I often gave her the change, but never took the Slightest liberty. — One day the Great Eastern said, "I Spoke to her mother about your seeing Betsy naked, and told her you were a surgeon, and you wanted to see the girl's virginity out of curiosity, because she was so handsome and fine grown — they are hard up to pay the rent, and I think somehow it can just be managed, if you'll give her five pounds; but the mother must be in the room, and you mustn't talk baudy or touch Betsy." — I replied, "I must open the cunt myself." "Then you must do it like a doctor." — We talked out the matter, and a week or two further on, it was arranged that as a doctor I was to go one day at a particular time, when she hoped the mother would consent to my seeing the girl's pudenda.

On the day, there was I in the room, expectant. The mother came into us, and talked some cock and bull story about wishing to know if any harm had been done to her daughter, it was a mask to hide her intention — to excuse herself. — Miss Great Eastern had said I was a surgeon, so would I look at the child. I indulged in the sham, as if I didn't, and as if she didn't know it was humbug. Then she fetched the girl, and very delibertely took off her clothing, and I laid her on the bed talking in a soothing tone, imitating a doctor in manner as well as I could. — "Don't be alarmed — I won't hurt you — there, — never mind me," and so on. I had as told passed often in the character before, and having studied female anatomy as far as their cunts go, have a good deal of jargon about it ready to my tongue. — The Great Eastern declared afterwards that I was exactly like a doctor. — Gently I lifted the girl's chemise and opened her thighs, she closed them, but then made no further objection. I asked the mother to hold one leg, the Great Eastern the other, and there they stood holding the girl's legs with one hand, each with a candle in the other. — It was dark at that time at five in the afternoon, of a foggy, early winter day.

Trembling with excitement but controlling myself, I opened the clean, plump, little slightly fledged cunt lips, and looked till I thought my prick would burst with lust at the sight of the little perforation of the hymen. It was a lovely pink cunt, small and enticing, with little crisp hair just coming on her motte. She was a splendidly well fed, plump, fat arsed young bitch, her thighs round and close, the legs with ample calves — I longed to put my finger thro the little perforated membrane, which nearly closed the prick hole. I nearly licked it, and sniffed hard at the enticing aroma. — The mother got impatient and nudged my arm. — "Can't you see, doctor?" "But saying I couldn't, I made the girl kneel with her backside towards me, and looked at her cunt from behind — I stroked gently the red surface of her virginity with my wetted finger, and nearly spent; and then unable with decency to keep up the farce any longer, and resist the request of the mother to be quick, I reluctantly let the chemise drop over her dear little bum. She shook down her clothes, smiled at me, and left the room with her mother — I rushed my prick up the Great Eastern's cunt, almost before the door was closed, spent, pulled it out, pushed it up again, laid on her fat belly, pushing and talking about Betsy's cunt till I spent again.

Then I gave the Great Eastern five sovereigns. How much the mother had of it I don't know, the Great Eastern said all. Then I tipped her some gold extra, thinking what I had seen well worth the money, not however believing her statement. The mother came back shortly after and, "You'll never mention this to any one will you," said she. "Oh, never my good woman." — She said a lot then about bad times, how glad she was her girl had not gone wrong and so on, I was glad to get rid of her, tho she would have talked ever so long about my investigation of her daughter's cunt, if I had let her — "I don't know what I shall do with her I'm sure," said she. "People's who's poor and has daughters, has great trouble with 'em," she whined, "they takes such a lot o looking arter now-a-days, and how is a poor working woman like me to see arter her, but I'm glad she is all right."

In a week or so I went to see the Great Eastern again, and so much does imagination affect me in sexual matters, that I did so largely thro thinking of Betsy's virginity; and whilst up the Great Eastern, in baudy imagination I was up Betsy, and fucked calling out what a lovely little cunt she had. — "I'm fucking Betsy, I'm putting my spunk into Betsy," — and the great Eastern encouraged me. The desire arose directly after the cunt inspection for which the mother was paid. When I had finished my pleasure, I told the Great Eastern that I should like to see their bums side by side, and of course promised what was quite worth her while to arrange for it, and went a day or two after hoping for the sight. But I found that the mother would not let the girl into the lodger's room since the night I had seen her cunt. — She was not allowed even to bring the bottled ale when men were there — the mother bringing it in herself. I expect she never told her husband.

The Great Eastern at length mentioned a time and day when the mother would be likely to be out, and I then went. She got the girl up, and I promised her half a crown. The girl hesitated. "You little fool," said Great Eastern, "he's seen your cunt — who'll know if you don't tell." I showed the half crown and she yielded. — The Great Eastern put the girl on the bed kneeling, and lifted her petticoats up over her waist, then she knelt herself with naked backside by her side. It was a most wonderful sight. The huge arse as big as a horse's but white, and the thick lipped hairy cunt between the thighs, looked as big as a cow's; the other delicate little slit looked nothing by the side of it. But I had but a very short sight of both. The Great Eastern was so frightened of the mother coming home, that letting drop their clothes, she sent the girl off quickly. — I was awfully lewed at the inspection, and shewed the girl my stiff prick as she left the room. — She stood looking at it. — "Feel it," said I, but the Great Eastern pushed her out. — "I'm frightened of the mother, I owe so much rent," said she, —"I don't want her to know you've been here, I'm sure the girl was going to feel it." — Those two backsides side by side I nearly kissed.

This voluptuous sight haunted me so, that one night soon after I frigged myself thinking of the two back-sides side by side. Much as I hate self-masturbation I couldn't resist it, so much did the contrast affect me sensuously. — I don't think I have been frigged since little Lizzie did it to me. The contrast between her backside and cunt, and Sarah F**z*r's was great, but the huge size of the Great Eastern's rump and split, made this far greater. — Besides that, Betsy had a little short dark hair showing on the lips, and some-how the sight of the two affected me more voluptuously, tho I was not allowed to touch or open Betsy's little quim for I gave a promise to Great Eastern that I would not attempt that. Again I went and bid so high that the Great Eastern arranged to repeat the spectacle — the girl was not loath, had talked about my prick, and I dare say about every thing else, but both females were in great dread of the parents, the Great Eastern especially. She made me promise again not to touch the girl's flesh if she showed me her rump. If I did, then she said she would at once pull down the girl's clothes, and put her out of the room. — "Honor bright, don't get me into a row, I can't find lodgings which suit me as well." — "Well, let the girl feel my prick, and let her see me fuck you." — I promised still more money for I was mad on my letch, she consented, but the girl wasn't to be forced to do it, or frightened in any way. "Tho she knows a lot, and would like to know more, she's in such dread of her parents."

The mother scarcely ever went out for more than ten minutes excepting on Sundays, and on that day took Betsy with her. — A month elapsed before the Great Eastern, to whom I spoke in the street, and had named a post office where she might write to me, mentioned a day that the mother was going a long way, to visit her sick sister. I was at the lodgings before the time, and after a short chat Betsy was called, and fetched bottled ale, then the knowing lass locked the younger children in their rooms below (she was left in charge), and came to us looking quite modest, yet with a half grin on her face, for she knew what she was to do and get. "Look sharp," said Great Eastern who seemed anxious, "for your mother may come back soon, tho it's not likely." Turning she knelt on the bed, I threw up her clothes and exposed her huge buttocks, which Betsy stared at. — "Show me yours darling," said I. "Get on the bed quick," said Great Eastern. In another minute Betsy did. — Great Eastern pulled her clothes up and her tender backside was on view. — How I gloried in the sight of her sweet round bum cheeks, and the little split between them. It certainly was a most unique, libidinous, luscious spectacle to see the two. My prick stood, I pulled it out and thought of frigging but restrained myself, and with difficulty restrained myself from touching Betsy's person as I'd promised, tho nearly mad to look at her virginity again, which I could not see with her legs nearly closed as they were as she knelt, even tho she widened them a little at my request.

I could bear it no longer. "Ain't you seen enough? I can't kneel any longer, the blood's getting in my head," and so saying the Great Eastern got off the bed, the lass following suit. — "I've not looked a minute." "You've been five minutes and more." — I gave the lass money, she kept staring at my prick. — "I'll give you another half crown, Betsy; if you'll feel this," pointing to my erection. She looked at the Great Eastern and burst out laughing. "Shall I," said she. "Yes, I won't tell, and no one will know." — She stood still hesitating by the side of the Great Eastern, I walked up to her, "Feel it my love" and, taking hold of her hand I put it round it. Then female curiosity and nature asserted itself, and whilst encouraging her with gentle lascivious words, she felt it to my heart's content and to her evident enjoyment, laughing in a low tone all the time, getting red in the face and excited. — "Ah my darling, you'll have one like that up your sweet little cunt one day, I'd give twenty pounds to do it to you, My God I'm bursting, let us fuck," said I to the Great Eastern. — "All right," said she walking to the bed, she was in her chemise. I called her Mary, but it was not her name.

The girl let go my prick and walked quickly to the door, and was going. I stopped her. — "Look at us fucking dear and I'll give you another half crown." — She looked at the Great Eastern. "You may stop this time, but never tell it to any one, will you?" I was now mad for fucking and could think of nothing else, the delight of showing the operation to the girl was in-tense. The idea of her looking at my prick going up the big one's cunt, of showing myself naked to her, excited me madly, and I stripped rapidly. "Look my darling," and lifting my shirt I showed my tooleywag in its pride. "Come close, you can't see there," and to the Great Eastern, "Come to the side of the bed." "You can't poke there well," she replied.

It was a bitterly cold winter's afternoon, we had but two candles and the room looked dark. I stirred the fire to a blaze and put the candles on a table by the bedside, to throw light on our fucking. The Great East-ern placed herself on the bedside with thighs widish apart, the girl stood far off still. "Come here and look darling." "Come if you want to see," said Great East-ern. — Slowly she came to the bedside. Great Eastern then hoisted up her huge thighs, I pulled apart the thick, dark hedged lips, and slowly as my irritated overflowing ballocks would let me, put my prick up her cunt, the girl looking eagerly, her head bent over us. Somehow the fatness and weight of the thighs and bum prevented me fucking. I had never tried the bedside with her in that attitude before. "I told you so, come on the bed, and Betsy will see better." Uncunting me, she moved herself with quickness (her agility for her size was really great) on to the bed, and then upon her, my prick plunged up her. —We turned when prick and cunt were well joined, slightly on to one side, and she lifted the thigh high up which was nearest to Betsy. — [Voluptuousness is the joy of life, as much to a whore in her heyday as any one else, and I now feel sure that the Great Eastern enjoyed the idea of the lass looking on.] Clasping her gigantic buttocks I fucked. "Hold the candle and look Betsy," gasped the Eastern. — Her young eyes were good enough without that, nor did she hold the candle, but her head came nearer and nearer to the Great Eastern's backside. Then her dear little virgin notch with the little flood opening for her menses came into my mind and fetched me at once. Plunging my prick deep up the Great Eastern's cunt, "I'm spending, my spunk's coming," I sighed. "Oh — fuck — go on," cried she shaking her huge arse, and as the lewed words sobbed out of our mouths, our soft spendings mingled in her cunt, and we wriggled our genitals slowly in the overwhelming die-away pleasure of the discharge.

"Keep my prick well in you," I said, when my pleasure was over and we kept joined. There stood the girl, her face within a foot of Great Eastern's arse, never moving nor cutting a word, but greedily looking, her eyes staring like those of a waxwork figure, at the side view of the Great Eastern's backside and quim, and my prick stem just showing with its balls hanging out-side the cunt; and so stood still my prick flopped out. Then she drew back. — "What do you think of it, Betsy?" said Great Eastern. — The girl suddenly turned her head and listened. — "Oh my mother's come home," and running to the door, she bolted quickly down stairs. "There will be a damned fine row if it is," said the Great Eastern, anxiously going on to the landing in her chemise and listening.

It was a false alarm. — The girl came back, I believe hoping to see more, I washed my prick, made her feel it again, gave her money, and Great Eastern sent her away. Baudy questions put to her, she only laughed at and made no reply to.

We couldn't get the girl to come up and stop again, tho she fetched us more ale. — I talked for an hour or so, and then asked the Great Eastern to gamahuche me. She had never done so before. — Now my desire was for her to kneel over me and suck which she did, but being so tall, her big rump was too close to my face to see it well. So she laid along the bed at its side, her head on the edge of the pillow, one foot resting on the under thigh, which opened her gap well to my feel. Then standing, I put my prick in her mouth, and with my right hand clasping the surface of her fresh washed cunt — a complete handful and more it was — I gave her my libation, aiding the movements of her mouth, by myself fucking into it. — It was an expensive afternoon, tho Betsy got so little, — but with the young ones, half crowns go as far as sovereigns.

I could think of nothing else, and went there a day or two afterwards. Betsy gave me a saucy laugh, but the Great Eastern would not permit me any liberties; no money tempted her, she was frightened, for the girl's mother was at home, and Betsy could not stay in the room more than a minute. In that minute I showed her my prick at which she looked lewedly. — "If ever a girl wanted fucking, she does," said Great Eastern, "she'll get it soon from some one."

I wouldn't go to the Great Eastern but met her purposely in the streets, and offered her more to get me the girl naked again. Steadily she refused till one night about a fortnight after, when she told me that the parents were going to the sister's funeral. At the time arranged I was there, and all the spectacle was repeated. Standing with prick nearly bursting, whilst the two backsides were before me — "I must kiss it," said I, and put my lips on Betsy's little buttocks, spite of Great Eastern's objection. "Turn round again, Mary." She did, and there again were the two back-sides together nearly touching. Quick as lightning a letch came. Talking to the Great Eastern who, with head on pillow, could not see, and did not anticipate my action, I frigged myself rapidly, put my prick close, and spent over Betsy's bum, some of my sperm hitting her sweet little pouting cunt. As she felt it, the girl turned quickly round, saying, "Oh." — So did Great Eastern, and seeing what I had done, swore great oaths, and pulling Betsy's clothes up again, wiped off my spendings to prevent her dirty little chemise being stained. Soon after I bum-basted the big woman to Betsy's edification, and departed.

Then I became so wild to fuck Betsy, encouraged in the hope by what Great Eastern had said about her betting it done to her soon, that I offered twenty pounds to get her. But it was of no use. I saw the girl once or twice, but the Great Eastern said the mother would not now let her come in when I was there. — The people could not pay the rent, soon after were turned out, and I saw no more of them. A new landlady came, the Great Eastern still lodged there, but I had had enough of her and -ceased seeing her for a time.

I had a recurrence of desire to see the roly poly big cunt in the huge arse, so called and found she had left, nor could I discover her whereabouts. — As every Palphian knew her well, I asked several, but none knew where she had gone. To one I offered money to take me to her lodgings, she took me to the old lodgings. Some months after I was told she had died of fever in hospital, another said in prison.

I wonder who had that splendid little lass. — She was doomed to be fucked soon. Great Eastern said that the girl had frigged herself, had said she'd like to be fucked, but her father would half murder her if he found it out. — I dare say a lad of her own class did her (and such as they get their own opportunities). What waste of beauty and virginity, which might have de-lighted me.

This treat with Betsy whetted a lustful appetite, and directly I went to Nelly L**l*e who had left Madame S*l*k*s, and seemed poorly off. I told her that I wanted a young girl with a hairless cunt, and what I had seen and done (without giving the slightest idea with whom). — I don't think Nelly believed me. — She was now well up in her profession of strumpet, but did not see her way to get me what I wanted, but she was in debt and in want of money, and after two or three interviews, she told me that Martha's husband was again out of work, that she had a niece with her as a servant, and that Martha would persuade the girl to let me do it — at a price.

I had with Nelly continued my custom of always giving gay ladies their fee, when they told me they were poorly, whether I poked them or not. — One day she being in that state she had fetched this Martha — who was a bright eyed, dark, shortish, thinnish woman, of twenty-eight or thereabout, was the wife of a working man, and who dressed like a servant. — She said she had not had any other man since she was married, which I didn't believe — but she was modest in manner and reluctant to let me pull her about — I got angry, and Nelly told her not to be a fool. — "Well then, I won't let him if you stand staring at me along side of him," she burst out. — I sent Nelly out of the room — Martha got more free then, and felt my prick, and then looked lewed, and then we fucked, and a second time. "Have you spent?" said I doubtingly, tho I thought she had. "Yes, but don't tell Nellie will you." A secong evening I fucked her, tho Nelly was not then poorly — Martha had had other men since she had me she then admitted, she wasn't going to starve, but directly her husband got work, she'd do no more of the "dirty business."

Nelly said soon afterwards to me that they again were almost starving, and so she'd sell her niece — I thought the girl more than sixteen when I set eyes on her. — "I won't have her if she has any hair on her cunt," I remarked. "She's not a bit," said Nelly. — I satisfied myself with my finger, the girl was then stripped, I sat her on my naked knee, showed her some baudy pictures, then laid her on the bed. — She was very restive and would not let me see her hairless quim, but persuaded by the two women at length did. — She was a virgin, but skinny and bony, very plain, and almost ugly. My prick was in prime order, so I told the women to leave the room, and at once covered the girl, but she cried out, made such a row and baulked me. "Aunt, aunt, come back." — Back came the two women who were listening, there was a little and quite natural scene then, and she declared she would not let me, would rather not have the clothes and money promised.

— Partly persuaded, partly bullied by the women, she laid down again, and the business was over in one or two cunt splitting thrusts, during which she howled. — She lay quiet when fully opened and my spunk was flooding her vagina. I kept a long time up her, holding tight to her skinny arse, and then had the satisfaction of finding my prick and fingers well blood stained.

— Nelly and Martha both looked on at the whole proceeding at the bedside, each looked at the bleeding cunt and then laughed.

The girl washed — I looked at her lacerated split, and then almost directly fucked her again. — I've no recollection of her having had pleasure, but I was so engrossed with my own, and amused with handling her skinny bum, which seemed ridiculous after Betsy's and the Great Eastern's arses. [Great bums were always my delight, periodically.]

I sent out for spirits (they had already drunk my wine) and we talked. Nelly showed her cunt, Aunt Martha pulled her petticoats up and showed hers. — "I don't mind, now Bess (another Bess) knows what fucking is," said she. "And she won't tell her uncle, I knows." She was sitting on the bedside, and Bess was just beside her. "Show your cunny," said I. Martha pushed the girl back on the bed and pulled up her chemise, and I looked. The girl had had drink and was peevish and had refused. — Nearly two hours had passed since I had last put into the girl, and I was randy again, her freshness caused my excitement. "I'll fuck her" said I. "No, no, no, he shan't," she shrieked.

"No," said aunt, "you've done her twice and we must go — it's late and my man will be home, there will be a row if I'm not there." — I said I was not going to pay for nothing. — I had had her firsts and that was enough replied Martha, and the girl was tired. — Nell said that Martha must get home, — I whispered in Nelly's ear an additional tip, she whispered to Martha, who then told the girl not to be foolish. The girl and I again looked at the baudy pictures, I rubbed her clitoris with my finger, taking care not to put it lower down. I must have stirred her senses. "Oh don't sir," and she put her hands and head right over the baudy pictures on the table, and wriggled her little backside on my thigh. —"Let's look at your dear little cunt." "Let the gentleman," said Martha.

I put her on the bed, opened her legs, her cunt was still slightly bleeding, blood was on my thigh. I laid by her side and frigged her gently, then turned on to her, and with a rapid lunge or two I was up her cunt again. — She howled and wriggled as she felt the thrust, but I held her tight to me by her skinny bum and directly she was quite plugged, she was tranquil — it is always so with them I find. The hammer of the prick against the womb neck stuns the cunt for the moment, or else rouses their lust, and pleasure begins to soothe them. Then I fucked quietly, controlling myself and she was tranquil. — "Does it hurt now dear?" "A little, sir." — I wriggled rather than stroked. — "Now dear?" "No, sir," — she gasped. Slowly I fucked on, my pleasure increased, my prick got stiffer and stiffer, her cunt tighter still. — "Is that nice dear?" She made no answer, her mouth was wide open, her breathing hard, her eyes were closed, her cunt gripped my prick. — She was spending, and the next minute I spunked in her.

Nelly and Martha had looked on. — "I must get home with her or there will be a damned row," said Martha again. — I wouldn't move out, for I was actually stiff up her cunt still, and the girl lay quiet. — "Was it nice?" I whispered. She made no reply. — My prick shrunk out, I turned on my side, and she lay quite still looking up at the ceiling, with thighs wide apart. — "Get up, now do, we must be off," said Martha. — As the girl rose I put my finger to her cunt, there was slight blood on my finger. The girl pissed, I pissed, then Nelly and Martha pissed. — "We've all pissed," said I. The women laughed, the girl washed her cunt, and Martha hurried away with her. — Nelly who had sat nearly naked with folded arms until then, came and sat on a stool at my feet as I sat in an easy chair, and began playing with my cock. — She always felt it un-asked when we were together. — She would twiddle it without stopping for hours. — She said she always did so with her friends, she liked the feel of a cock.

We talked about fucking. — "Do it to me," said she, "looking at you all evening has made me so randy. — It made Martha randy, didn't you hear her say when you were doing Betsy, that she wished you were doing her?" — I certainly had not. "Do me." "I can't if I try." "You can, it's stiff now." "Suck me first." Nelly obeyed, she had well learnt that art — I revelled in her suction and swelled out stiff, but felt that I couldn't spend. — "If you won't do me I must frig myself," said she, and leaving off sucking she laid her head on my thigh, with her mouth against my cock and began frigging herself hard. — "Lay on the bed side," said I. — with alacrity she went there, and laid with wide distended thighs, and gaping cunt. She was beautiful in form then, so plump, so round, so compact, her black motte shewed up between her white thighs and plump, silk clad legs. — I didn't want it but was stiff, so thrust it up her. — In a minute she was spending before I had a sensation. — I fucked on till I fetched her again, and then spent myself. — "I told you you could," said she. It was the first time I ever recollect seeing Nell lewedly frig herself, and chaffed her about it. She was quite lewed and before I left frigged herself right out, after asking me to fuck her again — which I couldn't, and wouldn't even try to do.

Martha and Nelly had tippled with what I had brought them, and what I had sent out for, and now Nell was quietly boozy. She never was noisy, was the quietest of girls, but was now communicative. — She thought the girl was Martha's niece but wasn't sure. She was an impudent young one — Martha couldn't keep her out of the streets, and had caught her with a big boy, a lodger's son, and was being felt by him. — Martha could swear his hand was up her clothes and she was nearly sure that she was feeling his cock. — She banged her head for it against the wall. — Martha's husband always fucked Martha on Sundays and had said that some ragged arsed young bugger would do it to the girl some night when she fetched the beer, for she was hot arsed like her mother and was safe to be gay.

I arranged to have the girl again. — On the day appointed she never came, tho I went again thinking it strange, for Nell lost money thro it. — A suspicion then kept me from calling there, and I waited for Nell at night in the streets. — She told me it was well I had left that day, for just after, Martha and the girl's father — or some man who said he was — had come to get money out of me, for the girl had told. — Nell had quarrelled with Martha about it. — I never had or saw Martha after, nor the girl until a year had gone, when about midday, I saw her in C*v**t*y Street with another young bitch. I took her to a baudy house and fucked her right off. She had still a perfectly bald cunt, not a hair visible, and was skinnier and uglier than ever. She told me she was sixteen, and did not recognize me at first.

She had now all the manners of a brazen faced little whore. As she washed her cunt, she all at once stopped, looked curious, and said, "You know Nelly L**l*e." "No." Looking at me steadily, "Don't yer — damned if you ain't the man who first fucked me." "No." "You are, and you never gave me any money tho you promised, give it me now." "How long have you been gay?" "Not long, and it's your fault." — I rang the bell and the baud came. —"This girl's abusive," said I (she became so), "you'd better stop her." — She did not know her. — "I believe you do, and have put her up to it, and have a good mind to make it hot for your house." "What for," said the girl. "Because you are threatening and want to rob me." "You lying bugger," said the girl. "You're a gentleman I suppose," said the woman. — I went away without saying another word, only throwing down the money I'd promised the girl. — On leaving, the woman was ballyragging her, and telling her she would not let her into her house again, if she was not square with gentlemen. I saw the girl about the streets afterwards for a year or two, whether she saw me or not I cannot say.