Vol. 9 Chapter VII

Preliminary. • Initials. • My age, physical force and adventures. • A provincial giantess. • An ugly aperture. • Nutcracking demanded. • Pego evicted. • Cuntal introspection. • Second erection. • Shagging cum bum-whacking. • A dwarf for contrast. • French women on tribadism. • A tribadic evening. • Nelly's rage. • Nelly and Rosa B. • Beef and brandy. • Erotic fury. • "Where's the dildo?" • A volley of farts. • Rosa's antecedents. • Brother with sister. • Rosa's death. • A morning performance. • Pedal exercises on a prick. • A cunt parade. • Three rumps of a row. • A dildoing, cunt licking, cock sucking, frigging, and fucking orgy. • H*l*n M***w**d revisited. • A carnal paradise.

Henceforth the right initials of my women will not be given always, indeed have not been for two or three years past, as the actresses are probably living. The bagnios will also not be clearly indicated, public improvements and pubic purity!!! have destroyed most of the best central ones, public morals being seemingly not much bettered. — The cosy haunts of Venus, are now nearer the suburbs.

My casual amours with the mercenary fair ones, were also becoming fewer as my intimacy with H*l*n M***w**d increased, for she satisfied gradually every voluptuous desire. Her desires were in fact as comprehensive as my own, tho for a long time she hid them from me; partly thro the habit and cunning of her craft, partly (tho absurd it may seem) thro a strange dislike to disclose her temperament. She however became a willing partner with me in the most erotic frolics. I did not altogether omit my opportunities with women who were not gay, my sexual strength being still good, tho not quite so strong as formerly, and having always taken care of myself, did not look within ten years of my age, and (it must be said) was thought handsome, tho I never thought so myself. Thus I had still good chances of liaisons, tho only able to avail mysef of few of those. After a time she told me of hers. I also had occasional orgies with harlots, all of which freaks I told her of. There was indeed good comradeship between us, that of a man and woman who can freely disclose their lusts, to each other, or say love, for lust and love are synonymous viewed physically, and whatever morality may say about them. The law defines in a degree their relative meanings, but law cannot alter the sexual nature of things, cannot alter human instincts.

After the Saxon Paphian, I had one or two of her class, and a splendid creature at B**l*n, and came back to England quite at the end of autumn, when after a month's chastity, I had a charming woman who lodged in W**t*n P***e. About ten days afterwards I called just at twilight to see her again. To my surprize she had left and gone they knew not where. Whilst asking questions, an exceedingly tall woman came out of the parlour, and on the servant saying that perhaps Miss * * * * * could tell me (I dare say she'd been put up to that). I followed the giantess into her room, curiosity set to work, for the woman I'd had there was little, and I began wondering what sort of aperture lay between those very long thighs, what sort of bum and bubbies she had, and so on. I'd seen a thousand women naked but so much does female nudity charm me, that I should still like to see others.

The lady began to talk, and I found that she knew about the woman who had left less than the servant did. But she would enquire and let me know if I'd call again. Said she, "Excuse me, if I put on my home wrapper, I've just come in from a walk." With that she opened the door to the bed room in the rear and left it open (I guessed her little game), took off her frock, and in doing so disclosed rounder calves and fatter arms than I had given her credit for; big women being usually large boned, angular and with coarsely shaped limbs. I remarked out of compliment only, that she had a good leg. "Yes, I'm well covered." That set my cock tingling and swelling. I longed to fuck her, curious to know if her cunt would look or feel different from the smaller woman's, and in two or three minutes we were sitting on the side of the bed, I feeling her cunt without lust or desire for her, but simply out of curiosity.

It ended in the usual way. She stripped, I felt and looked her over, found that she was bony rather than fleshy, but a long way from being lean. Her cunt was a full sausage lipped pouter, and I think the notch measuring from anus end to belly end, longer by an inch than it is in most full grown women. It looked immensely long and large, and was set in a quantity of longish, not very curly, somewhat ragged and not nice coloured brown hair. Her buttocks were biggish with hollows in them. It was a gaunt looking cunt, but her length of limb, and size generally, made me desire to have her. — Very soon on her belly I was fucking, and made her lift up her long legs as high as she could over my hips, then to my shoulders, then down straight, and made her roll about with me in various ways whilst my prick was well up her cunt. I first clasped her backside, then put my hands under her waist, then under her blade bones, and all to see what I could do, and have done, with such a tall woman, and I fucked on gently without much desire but with great curiosity.

I had been working in her cunt sometime when I paused, and guessing I suppose from the state of my prick and movements that I didn't want it much. — "When did you have a woman last?" said she — I told a fib, praised her size and form, and said that I liked a woman quite naked. She was in her chemise. — "Take it out then." — Uncunting me and getting off the bed, she took the chemise off, and obligingly turned round like a tetotum to show her charms, which humbuggingly I professed to admire. — She'd refused complete nudity at first. — "You're stiff enough," said she lying down again, — which was true, — so on her capacious belly I laid again, after amusing myself by frigging her a bit, and slowly inserted my penis in her cunt, which seemed now pleasanter to me. The idea of spending in that long, roly poly lipped gap, now affected me lasciviously, I tried to ascertain by careful prick pushing, if her cunt was deeper than other women's, then wriggling my prick up her till it found a snug spot for its tip, I fetched her and she spent, her body much agitated, whilst her thighs were high up in the air, one of my hands under her left buttock, the other feeling the puffy lips of the mouth of her aperture. Curiosity did not leave me, even in the midst of my pleasure.

After my spend I lay with pego up her, rubbing my hands up and down her big thighs, curious about their size and feel, novelty is so stimulating. Then I raised my self on elbows to look at her face, for the room was ill lighted, and all had taken place so quickly, that I hadn't seen her well. — "Tighten your cunt, make a nutcracker," said I. She gave my utensil a pleasant squeeze with it, but burst out laughing so at the word "Nutcraker" — which she'd never heard before she said, — that she jerked my prick right out of her. — "Oh! I couldn't help it, put it in again." — I did, but the charm was broken, I had thought whilst fucking, that I'd look at the cunt when I had withdrawn and my sperm was in, and do other things in an investigating spirit. My prick dwindled out, she got up, I lay looking at her whilst her big form lowered, her knees projected, her thighs thickened out, and her backside touched the basin for a wash. After making her piddle in it I began dressing, she put on her chemise, I paid her, and we talked. She had only come into the rooms a day or two, where from I couldn't ascertain, she told where but I thought it false. Her size she seemed proud of, I said I admired it immensely, and just as I was about asking her age, said she, "How old do you think I am?" — as if guessing what was passing in my mind.

I don't like wounding a woman's vanity, yet don't like her to think me a fool, so said I couldn't guess — "I'm twenty-eight." — "Exactly what I should have thought." — I believe she was thirty-eight. She had a long thinnish face, light brown hair and good eyes, was not bad looking altogether, and spoke with provincial accent, from that and her ignorance of many things, I think she had only just come to London, tho she said she'd been there some time. I never saw her after that evening anywhere.

She sitting in chemise after her cuntal ablution, I half dressed doing the same, curiosity again arose in me, for in the voluptuous excitement of the preliminaries of fucking, I had only looked hurriedly at her. I told her about the Great Eastern — that titantic whore had only a year or so disappeared. — She had never heard of her which shewed that she was not a Londoner. It amused her much. She said that men all told her she was the tallest woman they'd ever had, certainly she was so to me. Then as I praised her size and so on, she let down her chemise to show me her form, which was indifferent throughout tho not bad, it was middle aged, common place, and looked as if she had been stouter. It was clumsy, and tho she had a largish backside and thighs, there was a strained sinewish look about it generally, which gave her a fucked out look. Her hands and feet were large, but I praised all, then asked to look at her cunt at the bedside. She thought I ought to give her another sovereign. — "Have me again." — "I can't manage another rise." — Indeed she didn't rouse my lust, it was only curiosity to over-haul such a Brobdignagian. — "I'll bet that I'll stiffen it." — "You'll have to suck it then." — "All right." At the bedside with her thighs wide apart I saw the long ugly cunt, with full sized clitoris and thick wrinkled nymphae joining it in a sort of red lump. For all that I felt a desire to fuck it again, as if her sort of gap was unknown to me, but I had no indications of a coming erection, tho I rubbed my prick tip on her thighs, and up and down on her clitoris.

I laid down on my back, and she stripping knelt over my breast, her legs on either side of it, and delicately took my pego in her mouth. The lingual, labial friction was agreeable, but being so tall, her backside was so close on my face that I could not properly either see her buttocks or split, tho I could rub my hands over the former — I didn't somehow care about fingering the latter. This was the case with the Great Eastern. Just then under her titillation, my prick swelled up to proper size, when leaving off her exercise, she asked me to gamahuche her whilst she operated on me. I declined, not in the least desiring to let either my tongue or nose, come in contact with her ugly gross nymphae and gaping aperture.

Altering positions, so that I could readily see her cunt whilst she was giving me pleasure with her mouth, I frigged away vigorously at her clitoris spite of the objection I'd had to it a minute before, till my prick gave a pleasure throb admonitory of sperm rising from my balls, and she'd wriggled her arse a bit. "Don't spend in my mouth — fuck me — do —you've made me want it so." — A fresh letch then seized me — how rapidly they arise — I put her at the bedside leaning over it, and inspected her gap from the other side of the room. She had lighted more gas, the contemplation of her in that attitude roused me more, and closing on her (she was at the exact height), I put my prick up her cunt and began slapping her backside. "Slap harder," said she. I did but still she cried "Harder — harder." — So I slapped both sides of her arse with both hands as hard as I could, whilst she kept still crying, "Harder — harder." Her bum was now quite red, I kept my prick up her as well as I could without clasping her buttocks, and with but little movement till I felt the constriction of her quim, heard murmurs of pleasure as she spent, and her cunt drew out of my balls a second libation. "I like to be smacked quite hard whilst I'm doing it," said she, "and be well smacked before I begin." — I departed with a half dislike to the giantess, tho glad that I had had so big a woman, and had thereby increased my experience.

A week or so after this, I saw one of the very smallest, almost diminutive nymphs of the pavé, and simply for contrast with the giantess who perpetually had been in my mind, took her to a brothel. In height about twelve, but said she was twenty-two, and her form and cunt were those of that age. — The pudenda was well haired, very small outside, quite a pretty little notch, it took my prick well in, and fucked very nicely. The cunt of the very smallest woman or girl, will I believe take the largest prick.

A month elapsed, during which I was chaste, then I had an erotic fit which lasted some time. Nelly L*** came to my aid, having long learnt the complete art of love. She took my sperm at times into her cunt, which now tho so ample in size, was still a delightful grinder, and she was still handsome, and very beautifully formed. My second libation she at times drew labially, for I had now found it a delicious way of finishing the evening when fatigued, and I had several other concupiscent freaks which she satisfied; but being mostly similar to those done with other women, I omit description, two rather novel ones excepted.

I again had been reading about the sexual tricks of women with women, before that having scarcely thought about flat fucking since Sarah F**z*r had disappeared. Now the Lesbian games dwelt in my mind, and I stroked one or two French courtezans, solely to question them closely about the erotic performances of cunt with cunt.

(Just before what is about to be narrated took place, Nelly had been ill and I paid her rent during that time. She shewed her gratitude.)

French women were much more free spoken than the English, who mostly said they disliked to touch another woman's cunt, which I believed was a lie. One or two only, said they'd had a flat fuck with a friend, and what harm was there? One night a woman threw her-self upon another before me, and with a sham wriggle said, "That's how we do it."

Nelly one evening in November got me another English woman, and she mounted her and jogged as if fucking, their cunts were close together, but they laughed, — I told her that she shammed, and should go elsewhere where I would see two women really and truly flat fucking. She thought she might lose me and so got serious. The other woman then said, "Nelly does it with Rosa B." — The only time I think I ever saw Nell thoroughly angry was then. She threatened to stick the other for saying so. — The woman who was a little in liquor said, "You do, Rosa flat cocked with me the other night, and told me she did it with you, she likes it, and I like it, I don't care a damn who knows it. Go to the bloody hell and suck her cunt, she says she sucks yours — there." — Nell threw a glass at her head which missed her, and with trouble I pacified them. Another night, Nell confessed that she did flat fuck occasionally with Rosa B. "She came from my village, is fond of me, and likes it, so I let her do it." — I often found two harlots close friends when they came from the same village or place.

Nelly happened then to be hard up — no unusual thing — I promised her and friend a good fee if they'd flat fuck before me. She didn't think her friend would, but after a time a night was arranged for the entertainment. Nelly then said that the girl did not succeed in harlotting, that she often gave her food, that she some-times stopped with her from Saturday night until Mon-day, they had been children together, she wasn't good looking now, and was thin and poorly clothed. She feared I should not like her. She also drank hard and was very fond of brandy, she told me.

One Saturday night I took a bottle of brandy for the tribades, and a bottle of sherry for my own drinking. The girl didn't come, Nell declared she had promised, but she was a funny girl and sometimes would not do it, tho generally she wanted to do it. — Just as tired of waiting, I told her she was humbugging me, she arrived, a middle sized, haggard woman, looking twenty-two or -three years old — with good features, a hectic flush on her cheeks, very thin, sadly shabby, and giving me the impression at once of her being a drunkard, lascivious, and being in a decline. I also recollected her features. She kissed Nell, said, "Good evening sir," threw off her bonnet and, "Oh my God Nell, I've not had a mouthful to eat, since last night — I didn't get engaged, and hadn't a blessed mag to buy a loaf with — Mrs. *** wouldn't lend me a penny as I owe a fort-night's rent, give me something to eat." I gave her money to buy with, and back she came with ham, beef, and rolls, and began voraciously to feed before Nell put it on the dish, it was painful to see her. —"Oh you've got brandy, give me a glass." — "Eat first," said Nell. — No, it would do her good to have some at once, or she should have wind on her stomach. In twenty minutes she had drunk three or four glasses, some with, some without water, and eaten a pound of meat. Then she began to laugh, be merry, and her face got very red.

I was impatient to see their flat fucking, and said so. Rising she gave Nell a kiss, and felt her cunt — Nell had only then her chemise on. — It makes me lewed to see a woman feel another's cunt. Then Rosa B. stripped to her chemise which was nice and clean. I pulled it off, and saw a very thin creature but straight and well formed, with a youthful looking cunt, darkish haired, and shewing as she stood with legs closed, a clitoris projecting well from it. I examined her notch which was little enough, but the clitoris and nymphae full sized. I then stripped Nell and looked at hers. Then we talked about flat fucking, cunt rubbing, clitoris', large and small — cock sucking, and fucking in general whilst we sat by the fire, we two drinking sherry, Rosa brandy and water, till to my astonishment I found her screwed and she'd emptied more than half the brandy bottle. Nell put the bottle out of her way. — "You've had enough, I don't want you tight again," said she.

Nelly was friskier with tipple than usual. I made myself naked, we all felt each other, then I set them to work. They laid on the bed feeling each other's cunts. Rosa was randiest yet for a moment seemed hesitating. "Never mind him, — he knows, — do it properly," said Nell. — Rosa mounted her, her thin thighs fitted in between Nell's fat ones, Nell raised her feet over the other's buttocks and they rubbed cunts together. I put my hand between Rosa's thighs, my thumb up her cunt, two fingers up Nell's, and felt the two cunts joined together. I could even see and feel that they were rubbing against each other. They moved at first quietly with gentle fucking motions, then their arses wriggled, Nell seemed agitated, the other at first noisy, then they breathed short, murmured, and with sighs of pleasure their limbs straightened out and they lay still. Both spent in a few minutes. Encouraged by me, they soon recommenced, Nell again raised her thighs and began moving her legs, but I had been long stiff, excited by the sight of this cunt rubbing, and could wait no longer, so telling my wants and pushing off Rosa, I got on to Nell, fucked her rapidly, and against my will my semen flooded her cunt so quickly, that she had no complete pleasure with me, I had only wound up her lewedness.

Her cunt was running over with my sperm as I slipped off on one side of her. — She was getting up but Rosa rushed at her, pushed her back, and began flat fucking her again. — "Let us do it before you wash," said she. Their cunts squeezed and squashed together with sound, as my mucilaginous libation was pressed between them. Rosa was noisy and ejaculating broken sentences. "His spunk's nice, — oh ain't it nice Nell? — it's on our cunts — what a lot — spend — dear — ohar." — Both now seemed absorbed in lewedness, and rubbed their cunts together furiously till they spent again. I stood with unwashed prick, enjoying the sight, feeling their naked flesh, stimulating their lewedness "Rub your cunts together, rub my spunk up them — spend Nell — fuck her Rosa," — I cried, till Rosa rolled off exhausted, their two cunts were in a lather of spendings as I opened their thighs to look, their hair was moist and sticking with sperm. I and Nell washed, but Rosa sitting down naked began eating the remainder of the meat, putting large lumps in her mouth. She had got the brandy and was helping her-self, till Nell took it away again. We drank more sherry, Nell put on her chemise — Rosa at Nell's order washed her cunt and sat naked again, eating and drinking, we talked of flat fucking, and prick and cunt exercises of all sorts, for an hour or so.

The Sherry was finished by that time, and Nell had had a little brandy and water which finally screwed her. Rosa was drunk and as lewed as if she had not been fucked for months. Drink seemed to have roused her to lascivious fury. Why didn't she wait till Nell had washed after I had fucked her? I asked. — Be-cause she'd never done it to a woman who had just had a man. — Never? — Why she had never till tonight done it to a woman at all before a man, she replied. Then she told that she did it to two other girls but liked Nelly best, she loved Nelly, and getting up began spooning, kissing, and feeling her cunt, calling it a lovely cunt — Nell repulsed her but seemed to like it, said she had been asked by men but always denied she ever did it with a woman, and that she hated women. Both their tongues were now loosened, and they told lots about flat fucking until we were all randy again. I put them side by side on the bed, and looking at their cunts prepared to fuck Nell. — Rosa asked me to fuck her. "I thought you liked a woman best." — So she did, but she'd like to be fucked by me. "I can spend with you, I don't spend with men often."

Each then for a minute took my prick in their mouths in turn, such a madly lewed woman I don't recollect as Rosa, at that stage, she was ready for any thing. She dropped on her knees, pulled Nelly to the edge of the bed and gamahuched her. Nelly enjoyed that. Then I began fucking Nell. "Where is the dildo — where is the dildo?" Rosa hollowed. — "Hush don't make that row," said Nell. But Rosa knew where it was, and running to the drawers brought out a largish dildo. — I didn't then know that Nell possessed such a thing — threw herself on the bed half lying, half squatting by the side of us, thrust the dildo up her cunt, and began dildoing violently, looking at us fucking. We spent, and Rosa spent on the dildo, hollowing out baudy words and making such a noise, that Nell more sober, told her not to screech so — for screech it was — Rosa laid back, eyes shut, the dildo still sticking up her cunt, and for a minute or two we all were quiet. — As I pulled my prick out of Nell, Rosa got up to look at Nell's cunt — took the dildo out of her own, and drawing it thro her fingers and thumb to clean it, large drops of spendings dropped off it. She had put it up her cunt quite dry. — "Let's do it in his spunk Nell, — in his spunk" — said she, trying to flat fuck at the bed-side — but Nell wouldn't, so she laid herself down on the bed and dildoed herself again — pulled the dildo out, threw it across the room, and dozed off, her face very red, her hair dishevelled. "She's drunk," said Nell.

We roused her by tickling. She got up, pissed and let a volley of farts. — "Go into the other room you dirty beast," said Nell angrily. The girl laughed a drunken laugh and said we all farted at times. Again we talked, I was not even yet satisfied, my voluptuous imagination suggested other baudy acts. Nell and I were still fresh, frisky and quite devil-may-care. Rosa suddenly got wild again on Nelly's cunt, and they flat fucked, Rosa screaming baudily and lovingly when spending.

We finished the brandy, Rosa then threw Nelly lengthwise on the bed, and gamahuched her for a full quarter of an hour. I knelt over her leaning against the head of the bedstead, and she sucked me whilst being gamahuched. — Then I dildoed Rosa's cunt from behind, and she licked Nell's cunt whilst I did it. Then Rosa sucked my cock — "Spend in my mouth, let it come, I like it." — She would have liked any sperm then — but I took it out, fearing that she in her drunkenness might bite it. — I finished by being sucked again by Nell, whilst I felt Rosa's cunt, who knelt on the bed to enable me to feel it easily. She began singing when kneeling and suddenly, — "Oh, you've made me want to piss" — and it began to squirt on to my hand. — "Don't piddle on the bed," said Nell savagely and relinquishing my cock. — "Let me suck him," said Rosa, still pissing, whilst turning round and trying to get at my doodle. But I finished in Nell's mouth, whilst Rosa was finishing her piddle in the pot, singing and yelling obscenely as she did so. I was exhausted and disgusted.

When I was leaving, Rosa had got into bed naked, but with her boots on, and was snoring, I thought now that I knew all about flat fucking and should not care about seeing it again, but all my letches seem to resuscitate, there is a periodicity in them. This evening terminated my ultra erotic amusements this year, to be resumed early in the year following.

I was with Nelly one or two days after, she was never shy about flat fucking after that night, and talked about it freely, said she liked a good straight poke with a nice man best, that it was only with Rosa B. she ever did it, that Rosa two years before was a handsome girl, but was killing herself fast with drink and libidinous excesses, would frig herself till nearly dead, would dildo herself by the hour. — She was also fond of flat fucking, there were three or four women who let her do it, and whenever she was dull she flew to her cunt — I never saw her after that night.

Nell some time after that told me that Rosa used to frig her own brother, a boy of fifteen, and he used to feel her, till they made better use of their privates, till her brother fucked her. Regular fucking went on for a year or two, for being brother and sister they got opportunity for lots of it, till the mother found them one day copulating. The story got wind in the village and Rosa came to London. One of her uncles came up to town to take her back, instead of which he fucked her into the family way.

This was likely enough, for among the poor, boys and girls amuse themselves with sexual tricks at an early age. They are thrown together, cannot be watched, and nature has its way. How many women I have known, who admitted feeling their brother's pricks, and having had their cunts felt by their brothers, been frigged by them, have frigged their brothers, and frigged them-selves. — When such become whores, their craft makes them hide this, they sham ignorance, and men have the felicity of (as they suppose) teaching them.

[Rosa B. died two years after.]

Early next year, I went one morning at about half past eleven o'clock, filled with a letch caused by hearing a man tell of having been frigged by a woman's feet. Nelly had not been long up, laughed heartily at the idea, and agreed to try the exercise. To add to the amusement, she sent for Sophy to assist. I ordered Nelly and Sophy to wash their feet (Nelly was a clean woman then), and that done, we set to work, both girls naked as born.

We tried various postures, and found that by Nell laying across the bed with her feet over the edge, and my standing up there, it was the best position for the amusement. Sophy laid by her side with her bum just so near the edge, as permitted her placing her feet on the bed, her heels against her buttocks, her thighs wide apart, her cunt open slightly, and so that I could finger is as she lay by putting my hand out a little. — Really she made a lovely sight of deliciously moulded white flesh, but her head with the idiotic grin, with the mouth wide open, was there to injure the voluptuous, cock stirring effect. Then Nelly opening her knees and putting her feet side ways, took my tool already rampant between them, and began rolling it with the soles. There was no up and down friction, she could not man-age that without losing her hold of my machine. She worked me by rolling it into a furious state of lust, but my sperm would not rise tho I felt it almost bubbling in my balls, as I looked at the two beautifully made women and their cuntal fringes so different in colour — it was a most cock stiffening, spunk fetching sight.

I'd not yet touched her feet, but had handled her calves, and fingered Sophy's quim, she'd done all the rolling business herself. Suddenly she let go my pego with a cry of pain, the strain upon the muscles, caused by turning inwards the soles of her feet for so long a time, gave her cramp in one leg. — "Let me do it," — said Sophy delighted at the opportunity. I let her, and when my pego was between her feet, laid hold of them, pressed them round it, and aided their action by fucking my prick a little up and down between them. Nelly soon recovered and was as usual jealous, said she was to do it, and recommenced. Her feet now I laid hold of and helped the rolling process, by keeping them tighter against my tool, but it didn't fetch me. I could scarcely keep my bum from oscillating with fucking motion, yet restrained my self, determined if possible to spend by the rolling of the soles of her feet alone.

This baudy exercise I suppose lasted for nearly twenty minutes. I could have fucked twice in the time. When near spending, fatigued Nelly ceased at times her rolling friction, and my sperm then refused to mount up from my balls. — "Damn it, go on, or I must fuck through your feet, or fuck your cunt," — I cried. "No don't — do it this way." — Nelly like myself was curious to see me spend between her feet. The rolling went on, but still I could not spend, tho feeling my spunk almost boiling in my ballocks, and I got so excited, so determined to discharge, that I seized her feet, put the soles closer together, and bending down my pego pushed it between them, making her frictionize in that position. — Then pulsations in my prick, heralded the approaching delicious discharge and then she stopped again.

Then came — as usual to me now after long excitement — a rush of baudy ideas and wants each jostling the other in my brain, each on the instant wanting to be satisfied. I pushed my left hand fingers up Sophys' cunt, making her pull the lips apart and frig Nelly with her other hand, whilst Nelly held the lips of her own dark fringed gap apart, and her feet kept on doing duty. "Closer Nell — closer — harder — ahar — ahar — my spunk's coming — higher up — rub the tip. — Ahar." — By a sudden inspiration, I emptied all the saliva in my mouth on to my prick tip and the soles of her feet, the lubrication refined the friction. "Now Nell — quicker — I'm coming — quicker. Ahar — hr — hr." — I saw both black haired and flaxen haired splits at a glance, wished I could fuck both at once, all our fingers, thighs, backsides and cunts, prick, and Nell's feet were now in gentle motion. What movement, what quivering of flesh and limb! I grasped Nelly's feet, pressing them on my pego, fucked thro them and out welled my sperm. It lingered after the first throb and gush then squeezing her feet still tighter on the tip, thrusting quickly with fucking motion, the remainder of the latent life giving essence welled out, the viscous fluid lay between her feet soles, and lubricated my softening pego stem.

As it welled over, "Frig yourselves, frig on, spend — frig yourself — Nell — aha — frig yourself Sophy," I cried. The girls (who had not been fucked the day before) who were ready for a spend, curious, excited by this pedal onanistic performance, by the sight of each other's cunts, frigged themselves whilst still I cried out. "My spunk's on your feet Nell — frig — spend — Sophy." — Both their fingers quickened the frig — their bellies quivered, and both spent, whilst still I held Nell's feet round my shrinking procreator.

Sophy, almost before her pleasure was over, got up and looked at the mucilaginated condition of Nelly's feet, then wiped them. Nelly then washed them, each washed her cunt, Sophy washed my prick, and all start naked got into Nelly's bed, where we were squeezed together. — How delicious it felt to me to be surrounded with warm flesh. We indulged in amatory frolics till both had sucked my cock, I had put my prick in and out of each cunt, had fucked each, and at last gamahuched Sophy. Four hours had run away when I left them. [I have never since had similar exercise, tho I have put the soft soles of one beauty's pretty feet to my prick for a minute, when I'd told her what I did with the two girls.

[When about twenty-four years old, I recollect having two sisters named Nelly and Sophy, who were quite young, and one of whom I ravished in a field shed. Strange that I should again have two women together of the same names and thirty years after. But the first were field labourers — the second London whores.] Thinking of the worshipful pudenda, I had a recurrence of my letch one evening for seeing a variety of quims together, and went off to N**ly L**l*e who then lived in an unusually big house, where ostensibly the business of an engraver was carried on on the ground floor, but the house was really full of gay women — mostly French — from roof to basement. After I had seen N's fat lipped, black haired quim for the hundredth time, I said I'd give to each woman in the house a little present, if they would come to her room, and stripping naked show me their quims without sham or reserve. — "No humbug mind, or no pay. — I shall hold the light, in front of their cunts, see them from before, behind, sideways, and in any attitude that pleases me."

She objected, her rooms were not very good, she only knew two of the ladies, she didn't like French women — and so on — I told her that if she wouldn't do it, I would got to the first floor, introduce myself, and induce that lady to get me the treat. — "Only for about a quarter of an hour each woman, they are just dressing, and will all be glad to come, and get a little tip before they go out prick hunting, it will please them I know."

Down stairs she went on her mission and called two, who called others, and soon they came to Nellie's room, young, and middle aged and little and big. Nelly lighted her five light standards, all was bright, and naked I saw the women from bum to belly, standing and sitting, kneeling bum outwards lying with thighs open on the bedside, and in other attitudes. I saw cunt after cunt, and studied their aspects. Three women were in my room first, and I compared them with each other and with Nelly. They were all French but one, and liked I am sure shewing their cunts. — All women I believe like shewing them to men when they have been a little time well fucked. It makes them lewed to show them to a man. It's nature in them.

Then came the other old letch. — "Pissez ma belle et je vous donnerai." — "Oh — Voila." — Another. — "Mais je ne puis pas — deja j'ai pisse." — "Try then." — Some could, some couldn't. — A knock at the door. — "Who's there?" — "Is Mademoiselle * * * * here?" — "Yes." The speaker was let in and saw my game, she was on a visit, but soon her cunt was exhibited. — Altogether I saw a dozen women, that evening, those who retired sent up friends. There were but five women living in the house. — In this cunt exhibition I spent many hours happily.

My pego insisted on its share of pleasure, and keeping three women with the handsomest backsides, I put them kneeling on the bed bum to the front — whilst with her bum also towards me at the bed side, I fucked N. — who, rather too short, had to stand on two ottomans to bring her cunt to a convenient level. — "Oh — aharr — I'm spending. — Come nearer girls — push your cunt close up to my prick N**ly — Ah, my God" — and as Nelly and the two obeyed, I left off holding her haunches, rammed my prick hard up her cunt, slapped her arse violently for a second, and burying a thumb in each of the other's cunts and grasping all I could of their cunt lips with my fingers, I spent.

I had done much more than I had gone to do, but into my fertile brain came new desires, fresh letches were provoked. Concupiscence reigned supreme in me, neither cost nor consequences occurred to me. The three naked arses, the cunts I had felt were there, and whilst my prick was yet moist with sperm, my fingers yet moist from their quims, "Fetch your dildo Nell, stop ladies longer," I said.

She took one out from the cabinet, I agreed fees with the three women for further amusement, put the dildo into one's cunt, made one woman fetch a dildo from her room, then laying them on the bed put dildoes up two cunts leaving the centre woman without one. Then turning them with rumps towards me I did the same. With prick still glowing I would not fuck again yet, but walked about the room admiring the different sizes of the buttocks of the three, and the pouting lipped notches, fledged and hedged with crisp curly hair of different colours between them. One woman's thicket nearly hid her bum furrow, little crisp curls growing up to her bum bones. Then I made Nelly stand on the bed over the center bitch stooping to show her buttocks and cunt like the others, and forming an unique group — one I had certainly not had before, many as are the combinations of postures I have seen women in.

Again I put them with bellies to the front, made them open and close their cunts by word of command, and dildo each other, and Nell as well (the dildoes were not strapped on) and there was no fucking till I was tired of this. Then Nell sucked my prick to a good erection, each one in her turn took it into her mouth, until it clamoured for its share of pleasure — eye, hand and mind, being already satisfied.

Then turning the three rumps again towards me, having first placed Nelly on her back on the bed, I set the middle woman to gamahuche her. She had the biggest pouters, and hairiest notch, more so than I liked, yet somehow this shaggy cunt delighted me, and I drove my prick up it. Then with hands right and left I put dildoes up the other two, ramming them up and down, whilst vigorously I rammed my prick up my woman. Soon nothing was heard but the lapping of the tongue on Nelly's quim, the murmurs of pleasure of my fuckee and of Nelly. "Fuck, — spunk" — I cried, "Say fuck, — talk baudy all of you." — All in baudy chorus, then, — all but the cunt licker sang out, whilst Nelly spent, my hairy bumholed French woman spent, and I spent up her.

I hadn't even then finished. Fatigued with fucking and excitement, still libidinous wants rose up one after the other, more than it was possible to satisfy. But it was early, and I remained keeping the four women naked or nearly so, sent for champagne without stint and all drank till all were frisky and noisy, ready for any obscenity (objectionable word). We kept up a blazing fire. One woman went out for a friend wanted her, she went to be fucked, promising to return quickly — a promise she kept. "His balls were full, he spent quick, was an old friend," she said. "Why didn't you come up with your cunt full," said I. — "You didn't ask me cochon." — I felt sorry for having missed the sight, it had not occurred to me till that moment to require it.

Four hours had run away, all were tight, all lewed, they'd felt each other's cunts, two had frigged them-selves, one had frigged another, Nelly had returned her gamahuche, my prick had been into every cunt and in every mouth. I laid them on the bed with me, one on each side, one stood upright over me as I lay, so that I could see her cunt, and Nelly gamahuched me, whilst I felt the cunts of the two laying by my side. Then I departed, exhausted, with empty balls, with empty purse and a headache. The orgy was over, and I shall never forget it. It was unpremeditated. Had I been clapped I should not have known to whom I owed it.

Occasional amusements brought me on to late spring, then one night at the A*g**e rooms, H*l*n M***w**d spoke to me. I had several times been there solely to look at her, each time she seemed more beautiful than ever, yet beyond nodding or saying, "How do you do," we held no conversation, for she was always surrounded by men. I used to sit thinking of her charms with swollen pego, then either found outside a lady, or twice selected one in the room, so that H*l*n could see, and ostentatiously quitted the salon with her. I felt a savage pleasure in doing so. — A species of senseless revenge.

Sitting by my side, "You've not been to see me again." — "No." — "Why?" — "I'm not rich enough." — "Nonsense, you've got some other woman." — "None." — "Come up." — "No, I'll let no woman ruin me." — We conversed further, she got close to me, her sweet smell penetrated me, and spite of myself I promised to see her next day.

She had changed her abode, had a larger house, three servants and a brougham. I had a sleepless night thinking of coming felicity, and on a lovely spring afternoon, hot as if in the midst of summer, she was awaiting me with an open silk wrapper on, beneath it but a laced chemise so diaphanous, that I could see her flesh and the color of her motte through it. Her exquisite legs were in white silk, and she'd the nattiest kid boots on her pretty little, well cambered feet. She was a delicious spectacle in her rooms, through the windows of which both back and front were green trees and gardens.

"Say I'm not at home to any one," said she to the maid. Then to me, "So you have come." — "Did you doubt me?" — "No, I think you're a man who keeps his word." Then on the sofa we sat, and too happy for words I kissed her incessantly. She got my rampant cock out and laughing said, "It's quite stiff enough." — "Let me feel you love," said I putting my hand between her thighs. — "Why don't you say, cunt?" — again I was silent in my voluptuous amusement, kissing and twiddling the surface of her adorable cleft. "Oh let us poke." — "Why do you say poke — say fuck," said she moving to the bed and lying down.

"Let me look at your lovely cunt." She moved her haunches to the bedside and pulled her chemise well up, proud of her beauty. Dropping on my knees I looked at the exquisite temple of pleasure, it was perfection, and in a second my mouth was glued to it. I licked and sucked it, I smelt it and swallowed its juice, I could have bitten and eaten it, had none of dislike to the saline taste which I've had with some women, no desire to wipe the waste saliva from my mouth as it covered the broad surface of the vulva in quantity, but swallowed all, it was nectar to me, and sucked rapturously till, "That will do I won't spend so — fuck me" — said she jutting her cunt back from my mouth.

Quickly I arose and was getting on the bed when, "No — take your things off — all off, — be naked, it's quite hot — I'll shut the window," which she did, and throwing off her chemise sat herself at the edge of the bed till I was ready. — "Take off your shirt." — As I removed it, she laid on the bed with thighs apart, the next second my pego was buried in her, and our naked bodies with limbs entwined were in the fascinating movements of fucking. What heaven, — what paradise! — but alas, how evanescent. In a minute with tongues joined, I shed my seed into that lovely avenue, which tightened and spent its juices with me. She enjoyed it, for she was a woman voluptuous to her marrow, my naked form had pleased her I was sure, not that she said that then, she was too clever a Paphian for that.

We lay tranquilly in each other's arms till our fleshy union was dissolved. She then — as she washed — "Aren't you going to wash?" — "I'll never wash away anything which has come out of your cunt you beautiful devil, let it dry on, I wish I could lick it off." — "You should have licked me before I washed my cunt, you baudy beast," — she rejoined laughing.

She then came and stood naked by the bedside. — "Aren't you going to get up?" — fearing her reply. "Let me have you again," — I said. — She laughed and gave me a towel — "Dry your prick — you can't do it again." — "Can't I, — look?" My pego was nearly full size. She got on to the bed, laid hold of it, and passed one thigh over my haunch, my fingers titillated her clitoris for a minute, and so we lay lewedly handling each other. Then our bodies were one again, and a fuck longer, more intense in its mental pleasure, more full of idealities, more complete in its physical enjoyment to me, was over within a quarter of an hour after I had had her the first time. — Nor did she hurry me, but we lay naked, with my prick in her lovely body, in the somnolence of pleasure and voluptuous fatigue, a long time, speechless.

Both washed, she piddled (how lovely she looked doing it), put on her chemise and I my shirt. Recollecting my first visit and her hurry, "Now I suppose you want your fiver and me to clear out" — said I bitterly and taking hold of my drawers, for I felt a love almost for her and said that I was only so much money in her eyes. — "I didn't say so, lie down with me." — Side by side on the bed we lay again.

She was now inquisitive. Hadn't I really a lady whom I visited, she knew that I'd had Miss * * * * * * and Polly * * * I had had, she'd spoken about me to them. — Why didn't I see her. Hadn't I a lady, now tell her — I only repeated what's already told. — Then the vulgar money business cropped up. — No, she never had and never would let a man have her, for less than a fiver. Going to a drawer, she showed me a cheque for thirty pounds and a letter of endearments. "That's come to-day, and he only slept with me two nights."

She'd soon again my soft yet swollen cunt stretcher in her hand, and fingered it deliciously, never a woman more deliciously. I felt her clitoris, and kissed her lovely neck and cheeks almost unceasingly. — "Give me a bottle of phiz," said she after a minute's silence — I complied. — "It's a guinea mind." — "Preposterous, I'm not in a baudy house." — "It's my price, my own wine, and splendid." — Of course I yielded, who would not when such a divinity was fingering and soothing his prick? It was excellent, we drank most of it soon, and then she gratified me after much solicitation, by lifting her chemise up to her armpits and standing in front of a cheval glass for my inspection, pleased I fancied by my rapturous eulogiums of her loveliness — and exquisite she was. — "You know a well made woman when you see one," she remarked. — then quickly she dropped her chemise, — she'd not held it up a minute, — it seemed but an instant, — and refused spite of my entreaties to raise it again. — "You have seen quite enough." — Again on the bed we sat, again our hands crossed and fingers played on prick and cunt, — silent, with voluptuous thoughts and lewed sensations.

Then came the letch — "Let me gamahuche you." — "I won't you beast." — "You did the other day." — "Be content then, I won't now" — and she would not. But I kissed her thighs, buried my nose in the curls of her motte, begging, entreating her, till at length she fell back, saying, "I don't like it you beast." — Her thighs opened and crossed my arms, whilst clasping her ivory buttocks my mouth sought her delicious scented fur-row, and licked it with exquisite delight. She at first cried out often, "Leave off you beast." Then suddenly she submitted. I heard a sigh, she clutched the hair of my head — "Beast — Aha — leave off — beast — aherr" — she sobbed out. A gentle tremulous motion of her belly and thighs, then they closed violently on my head, pinching and almost hurting me, — she tore at my hair, then opened wide her thighs — a deep sigh escaped her, and she had spent with intense pleasure. [That vibratory motion of thighs and belly, increasing in force as her pleasure crisis came, I have never noticed in any other woman, when gamahuching them, tho most quiver their bellies and thighs a little as their cunt exudes its juices.]

With cock stiff as a rod of iron, with delight at having voluptuously gratified her, wild almost with erotic excitement, — "I've licked your cunt dry — I've swallowed your spending my darling" (it was true), I cried rapturously. "Let me lick your cunt again." — "You beast, you shan't." — But as she denied it, lustful pleasure was still in her eyes. — "Let me." — "No, fuck me." — At once I laid by her side, at once she turned to me — grasped my pego, and in soft voice said, "Fuck me." — "You've just spent." — "Yes — fuck me — go on." — "You can't want it." — "Yes, I do, fuck me, fuck me," — said she imperiously. I didn't then know her sexual force, her voluptuous cap-abilities, did not believe her. But I wanted her, and she was ready. On to her sweet belly I put mine, plunged my pego up her soft, smooth cunt, and we fucked again a long delicious fuck, long yet furious, for though my balls were not so full, I felt mad for her, talked about her beauty whilst I thrust, and thrust, and cried out baudy words, till I felt her cunt grip and she, "You beast, — beast, — Oh — fuck me - - you beast — aher" — and all was done, I'd spent and she with me.

And as she spent, I noticed for the first time on her face, an expression so exquisite, so soft in its voluptuous delight, that angelic is the only term I can apply to it. It was so serene, so complete in its felicity, and her frame became so tranquil, that I could almost fancy her soul was departing to the mansions of the blest, happy in its escape from the world of troubles amidst the sublime delights of fucking.

Then she wished me to go. But only after a long chat, during which she laid all the time in her chemise, her lovely legs, her exquisite breasts showing, she was curious and I told her more about myself than I'd ever told a Paphian. "When shall I see you again?" — "Most likely never." — "Yes I shall." — I told her it was impossible. "Yes, come and sleep with me some night." — Laughing, I said, — "I can't do it more than three times." — "I'll bet I'll make you." — Then with sad heart, and almost tears in my eyes, I repeated that I should not see her again. — "Yes — you will — look — I'm going to the races to morrow" — and she showed me a splendid dress. — "I'm going with *** of the 40th." How I envied him, how sad I felt when I thought of the man who would pass a day and night with that glorious beauty, that exquisite cunt at hand for a day and night.

She was right. I went after a time to the Argyle solely to see her, and visited her twice more, when she let me fuck her till not a drop of sperm would rise from my ballocks. Then I told her that I couldn't (I was then a little hard up) see her again — yet one night (I'd visited her previously in the afternoon) I told her I had no money, would she trust me. — "Come along all right" — so I went home with her and a few days after called and paid her in the afternoon, and fucked her. Then for months I went not near her, not even to places where I could look at her, much as I longed to do so.