Vol. 9 Chapter IX

H*l*n M***w**d revisited. • Curiosity and plain words. • Confidence begun. • Fucking on trust. • Cuntal essentials to a sensitive penis. • Nelly's assistance. • The cabinet maker naked. • Masks. • Masturbations and copulations. • The naked steel pen hawker. • Nipple and quim. • Sophy's white shoulders and onanism. • Pudenda's piddling. • A fuck for a half crown. • A cuntal purse. • Twin sister harlots, Cissy and Amy. • A fuck for champagne. • My confessions to H*l*n. • On cuntal physiognomies.

Then the attraction of H*l*n M***w**d took me to her again, and I revelled in her voluptuous and expensive charms. She complimented me by saying, there was plenty of stuff in me and seemed to enjoy my em-braces. — On my remarking that, she said curtly, — "I didn't say so." — After that I went at times to the A*g**e to look at her, and she came to me leaving her group of admirers, and actually asked me to go to see her. I refused that — "You're the strangest man I ever had, but I like talking with you. Come and see me, to-morrow, and you can stay as long as you like." I fixed a day a little later, yielding to her fascination spite of myself. On the day, I thought that I wouldn't go. — "It's only a gay woman." But I keep my word even with them, and went there. It was cold weather, large fires were in her rooms, she was but slightly clad as becomes courtesans, whose beauties should be easily seen and felt. — Before the fire I felt her perfumed cleft, whilst the grateful warmth played on her lovely thighs and belly. "It's cold, I wish you'd let me get into bed with you." — "All right." — In three minutes our limbs were inter-lacing between the sheets — I was silent, thinking of her manifold beauties, feeling the juicy folds, twisting my fingers in the soft curls of her mount, kissing her sweet lips, anticipating the climax. What she was thinking of I know not, but curiously she felt me all over which she'd never done before, and settled on my prick with a handling peculiar to her, which I recognized more fully afterwards. Soon my glowing rod was buried deeply in her warm lubricious cunt, and with frantic thrusts my sperm flushed into her. Soon after that we fucked again, but she annoyed me by getting out to wash after each emulsion which my pego gave her.

When I wanted to inspect closely her pudendal charms, she was capricious, partly refused me, said hastily, "There, that's enough" — closed her thighs and covered herself up. She was not yielding, was inclined to have her own way in everything. — Then said, "I'm going to have a glass of champagne." — "I don't want any." — "Nobody's asked you to" — but I did. — She got curious about me. —"Don't ask me I shall only tell you a lie." — "I don't want to know." — "What did you ask for?" — "Something to say, — you're the oddest man I ever had." — Again we cuddled in the warm bed, in delicious silence I felt all over her lovely body, playing with the ivory hillocks on her breasts, roving over her soft belly and bum, gliding my hand between her smooth thighs till I felt that soft silky fringe, and the lovely aromatic grove it circled round. Then a finger plunged far back in the grove and curved up-wards, wetting itself in the warm avenue to her womb, then drew back to the sweetest little clitoris and titillated it. Again, she seized my prick, handling it with her delicate squeeze and motion, and up it sprung to full potentiality. — Without a word she suddenly threw off the bed clothes and looked earnestly at the erection, covering and uncovering its ruby tip. Then hurriedly. "Fuck me," said she. She was a plain speaker in sexual matters. I thought her in a hurry to get me over and away, tho it was but a thrill of lust which made her impatient to satisfy it. She was ever I found impatient to spend directly her lewed sensations began. I did not know her physical forces then, or that spend after spend was easy to her, without fatiguing.

Fuck her I did at once, she joined her tongue to mine, enjoyed my prick with a luscious quiet enjoyment, in a manner which left me pleased with my own performance and with having fetched her. She did not uncunt me after this libation, but kept me longer in her lovely sheath, whilst it drank up my semen, and she squeezed her cunt and moved it gently around it, as if with the intent of prolonging my sexual delight. She had never done so before I fancied, but I had been too excited perhaps to notice these voluptuous details of her copulating. "My love you spent with me this time." — "This time? I've spent with you every time you've fucked me." — "Really?" — "Can't you tell?"

Soon after I got up. — "Are you going?" — "Yes, — I can't poke again." — "I bet I'll make you" — but I could not wait, so bid the voluptuous siren adieu. — "When shall I see you again?" — I would not promise.

— "Come in the afternoon the day after to morrow."

— "I can't, and if I do, you'll have to trust me." — She thought for a minute, then said, "I'll trust you." — On that day I went, and she would have trusted but I paid her — having the money, and not intending to be in debt. — Two or three months then elapsed before I clasped her charms again.

The delight at the sight of Nelly's overflowing cunt after her married friend had tailed her, some months before this — its exquisite lubricity as my prick glided up it, the soft voluptuous sensation as its tip enveloped itself in fat sperm, the absence of hard friction and irritation on it which I often feel when I begin fucking, and in addition to this the lascivious delights roused in my brain, at the idea of my prick being in the temple which a man had just enjoyed and left, haunted me spite of myself. After a month or two, I asked her if the cabinet maker was still to be had, and two nights after she said he was, tho now at work. I arranged to have him. Then I resolved that we were both to be masked. I was to take his mask off if I wished, but I really neither wished to see his face, nor him to see mine.

On the evening I was anxious, but got over it by drinking champagne. — The masks helped also to steady my nerves. — I don't know the manners of sodomites, but expect they have more confidence than this man had. I had him strip and handled his tool, it was thick and soft, and nice to feel, seemed nicer than the feel of a cunt, but it did not swell till Nelly shewed him her pudenda, when it roused itself. It was an extra sized one, long, thick, and much thicker as it neared the balls — I felt it in silence long, wondering if he had much sperm or not, then put him in various postures to see how his stiff tool looked as he moved about, scarcely speaking a word, and only in a whisper when I did.

Then I laid him on his back on the bed, and turning Nelly's rump towards him as she knelt, so that he might have the excitement of proximity to her cunt, began frigging him. — "Damn it all, let me fuck her" — cried he with a loud voice, as he felt pleasure coming on. — But that was not my game. Frigging on gently, my own prick sympathetically became rigid, then undressing to my drawers, I watched him and his tool whilst doing so, and he fingered her quim. Seeing my pego standing, he laughed and she chuckled. Then a desire to fuck her, came over me — for she is still beautifully formed and good looking, — for an instant I forgot him, and cunt resumed its natural sway. But his great stiff prick recalled me, and I frigged on, and my own prick at the same time. — Soon his was throbbing with lewedness. "Oh — a — h — r. I'm coming — I'll spend" — he cried. Then wanting to see his face, and watch his emotions, I pulled off his mask — "Pull yours off" said he. — I didn't, but stood gazing at his face, then at his nodding prick which for the instant I let go. Then my mind reverted to my object, to let him fuck her first — so ceased frigging and saying, "Fuck her." He began to get up.

But again I altered — "No — no —lay — there" — Again I seized his tool, to frig him was now all I wanted, and in a minute whilst he felt her cunt, out spurted on to his belly a copious shower of semen. - An aberration, a lustful delirium came over me, — had never intended, never thought of it till that instant

— I wondered if my sperm was as thick as his — for I hadn't frigged myself to see for sometime — wondered how my sperm would look by the side of his — and the instant that the idea flashed through my brain, I frigged myself rapidly. — Nelly looked on. — "Lay still" — still he lay — my ballocks were full, and I spent over his belly, my sperm falling by, or mingling with his. — In the wild excitement of the crisis, I laid hold of his prick again, whilst with my other hand I finished my own onanistic performance, standing by the bed side with eyes closed, and frigging both pricks at once, till sense slowly returning I found both hands moist with our generative fluids.

He washed, put on his mask again, and we sat down.

— I thought of what I'd had him for, was sorry for what I had done — annoyed — and asked if he could fuck Nelly. "Not for an hour," said he. Then I was going to leave and told him he could dress. — He'd no sooner put on his shirt than I altered my mind, said he should wait and fuck her. — "All right, she's a rare good fuck"

— said he in a loud tone. "Let me take my mask off."

— I wouldn't. I had a dislike to see his face tho a hand-some one.

I didn't want to talk, or to feel him. He and Nelly talked and drank, I occasionally said a word. She after her custom played with his prick, and what with her feeling it and his feeling her cunt, before the hour I saw it swelling. — "You can fuck now." — "That I can." — Nelly put herself on the bed side, soon I saw his big tool going to and fro up her cunt, and put my hand under his balls, feeling its movements till his libation was given. I didn't disturb him whilst he bent over her, until from under his balls I felt his prick uncunting.

Nelly lay still with thighs wide apart as his tool left it, her cunt glistening invitingly with clear thin albumen, and beginning to yield up its liquids, for he had spent well. Then plunging my prick up her, it revelled in the grateful lubricity, and my libation mingled with his. — Then rapidly I washed, dressed, and went my way, throwing off my mask only at the door. — He was still masked and naked, sitting on a chair feeling his prick. He fucked her again when I'd left, she told me afterwards.

The excitement during copulation suspends judgment, — almost thought — except baudy thought — reflexion comes afterwards. Next day I felt delight at the mode in which I had made my offering to Venus, in that one of her many temples which lay at the bottom of Nelly's belly, I was sure that the lubricity of her cunt, that softness prepared by the semen of my pioneer, added highly to my pleasure in coition with her, had made it perfect; yet I disliked myself for liking it, and vowed that none but Nell should ever know of my sexual whim [yet now I am narrating it, and have told it to other women — never to men].

Going to Nell's solely to talk about it a few days after, to my surprize she said she'd got another man for me if I'd like one, quite a young respectable fellow who had been a clerk, lost his place, had got down in the world, and now sold steel pens, calling at shops, offices and so on, to sell them. She fired me. "Get him, get him," said I. The idea of copulating after the man in the same female receptacle, again overwhelmed me with lascivious desire.

He was brought, was a short, dark youth, slim and almost boyish. At the first minute almost, he asked me what I was going to give him, and when told, said, "But you'll pay her." — Nelly in vain tried to stop him talking about that. "Pull out your prick," said I quite boldly finding him to be, or seeming to be a novice. He hesitated as if ashamed, and Nelly pulled it out for him — a little one — I laid hold of it. — "What are you going to do?" said he. — "What he likes" — said Nelly answering for me. — "Oh — no — what? — nothing at the back" — he remarked.

He undressed to his shirt, was clean, had a small prick growing out of a thick but small bush of jet black crisp hair. — His eyes and hair were very dark. — Talking with him, he said he'd been a clerk, but I couldn't get from him why he'd left clerkship. By selling pens, he made such a poor living, that as soon as he'd got twenty pounds, he meant to go to America. Miss * * * * (naming a gay woman) a friend of Nelly's told him he could get money if he'd let gents frig him, and bugger him, but he wouldn't do the latter at any price. — He was to have Nelly wasn't he? — he hoped so, she was a nice girl, but he'd never done it to her, tho he had to her friend.

My lewed whims, likes and dislikes are so unaccountably curious. — Somehow I didn't care about his lubricating Nelly's vagina, the very idea of going where his prick had been gave me offence, tho he'd been hired for that purpose. — I frigged his little prick twice, he sitting on my knee whilst I masturbated him. Then I fucked Nelly and left. [Then for a time my dislike to another male being even near me, returned. — Curiosity was I thought at the root of all I had done, yet the pleasure of a lubricious cunt still dwelt in my mind.

[I nearly burnt these episodes, yet why should I? — education, prejudice, how powerful are they — what more harm can there be in feeling a man's prick than his hand, his prick, is the noblest member?

[I was certainly wildly erotic after this, and went to Nelly L. for all my satisfactions. — Whenever I thought of H*l*n M***w '*d my prick stood, but I avoided her, fearing to fall in love — into that infatuation of lust which leads men to ruin. — How with my voluptuous temperament, and my adoration of the beautiful in women I kept from her astonishes me. Perhaps my erotic whims and Nell's economical facilities, saved me. My purse was impoverished just then also.]

I saw flaxen haired Sophy in the streets one night and had again a letch for her. Nelly got her, and my desire to see light haired and dark haired cunts to-gether, was again gratified. She had grown stouter, her breasts were very large, but not flaccid, her nipples were very prominent, which perhaps suggested what took place.

Comparing their cunts belly upwards, side by side, then with their bums towards me, we talked about the difference that age had made in them since first I had had them; how it had plumped their rumps and bubbies, and thickened the hair on their mottes. — Sophy's motte had swelled up, and was now thickly covered with crisp pale sandy colored hair, indeed was a very fine handful. — She was formed every where for fornication. She had kept a paler tint on her cunt's inner surface than Nelly had. — Dark hair was just shewing round N's bum hole, and we agreed that on her motte — where it was wide spread and thick, even when she came out — it had wider spread, had bunched out and was quite horse hairy. — Putting them on the top of each other I wanted them to flat fuck — Nelly refused, tho Sophy was ready for it, half screwed when she came and more so now, for I'd taken a bottle of gin with me. However they laid belly on belly with thighs wide apart, their mottes touching, cunt wigs entwining, but clitoris did not touch clitoris. Whilst fingering, I pulled their lips apart, admired the different crimson tints of their notches, felt their smooth slippery surfaces, saw the fullness of the pouting ridges which closed up the inviting red dells, and the difference in color of the crisp curls. It was a charming sight, a wonderful contrast in two cunts only.

N-y still refusing to rub her cunt against Sophy's, I put them on their backs on the bed, and examined their cunts as they lay that way. — "Lay down with us" — said Sophy. Naked I laid between the two (bed not large enough) and with middle fingers frigged both cunts at once, till their bums wriggled. "Frig faster, I'm coming" — said Sophy, grasping my cock and kissing my naked arm. "Leave off now," said Nelly. Tho lewed to my very arsehole, I got away from them, and pulled away Sophy's hand from her cunt, for she with that reckless lustful abandonment which now characterised her, feeling the want of complete pleasure which I had roused, had when my finger left her clitoris, began frigging herself energetically.

Then noticing her nipples. "Yes, thems growed big thro suckling the brats so long — ain't em?" — said she in her hideous lingo, and voice. — "Put one up Nelly's cunt." — "Oh, you baudy old bugger" — cried she. "What?" said Nelly laughing. — "How is it to be done?" — "I must piddle." — The gin had done its work, both women pissed and began my trick. I didn't know how to manage it at first, but lewed desires soon work themselves out practically with two well trained doxies. Both women now were lewed, excited by drink, and ready for any baudy trick, for a novelty in lust is enjoyed thoroughly by a whore whose cunt is hot, as I have proved many times.

I put Nell on the bedside, and Sophy kneeling in front of her on pillows, to bring her to a convenient height, which wasn't done in a minute. Then standing at Sophy's back, I held Nelly's legs up in the air as wide apart as I could, holding them by the heels, my arms distended, which brought her buttocks to the bedside, her cunt gaping. Then Sophy holding up one breast, pushed the nipple against the cunt, and squeezed her breast flat up against it, hiding all the hair encircled gap but the tip of the clitoris, whch just showed itself above her breast. I stood with legs apart straddling over Sophy's fat white back, my balls touching it, and my prick soon erecting, almost buried itself in the hair of Sophy's neck.

"Move it about." — "I can't, it will come out if I do." — "Do you feel the heat on your nipple?" — "Yes, it tickles it." — "Squeeze it backwards and forwards." Sophy obeyed, her breast squeezed up fuller and fuller, then receded, but never quitted the cunt. "Frig your-selves." — Sophy obeyed. — Nell refused, but commanded again angrily did so — her finger rubbed between her clitoris and Sophy's white milk bag. They didn't mind me, they were both too lewed and screwed, were both in a minute well off on the frig. Stooping for a moment I put my finger up Sophy's cunt from be-hind, could feel her finger agitating violently, the whole of her cunt seemed moving with it as my finger buried itself in its folds. Then again straddling across her white fat back, wanting to fuck, to be frigged, be sucked, all at — once — that irresolution as to the act, that desire to have all the sexual pleasures in all ways at once was on me, and intoxicated me with lustful ideas.

Then the loveliness of Sophy's deliciously white skin struck me. Spitting on her back, I rubbed my prick tip up and down on the soft moist surface, frigging the stem with my wet fingers at the same time. I saw Nelly was coming by her looks and manner, that the frigging of Sophy was fetching herself also. She never hid her joys, had become a baudy screecher when her pleasure came, and now sobbed, "Oh — my — dear — fuck me cunt — oh fuck" — I spurted a shower of sperm on to her white back as she ejaculated her lustful cries of delight. Nelly who had herself kept up both legs, when for the minute to frig myself I had relinquished them, was quiet, had spent, and dropped her legs over Sophy's shoulders, and there we all remained, Sophy's breast still squeezed gently up against the other's quim, my prick slowly drooping on to its own semen, whilst my hand rested on Sophy's shoulder.

The excitement had been very great to us all, tranquillity followed, but my erotic imagination never ceased working. Sophy's nipple was wet from Nelly's cunt. Both stood then in front of me, both cunts wet, both almost running with their spending. Then we washed, they drank more gin and talked about our letch — a lascivious triad — the nipple and cunt work amused us all.

After a time, Nelly put her breast on to Sophy's cunt for a minute, just for the sake of doing it once, and immediately washed her breast. But the excitement of the novelty was over, I didn't enjoy the sight as I had the first act, when the caprice had just struck me. I was most pleased with having spent over Sophy's back. I have spent over women's breasts, thighs, bums, cunts and faces, but upon a back never before, and the novelty was delicious.

Afterwards I wanted to fuck Nell, after putting my prick into both alternately. She positively refused, and wouldn't have my prick put into her, after the other's cunt, until the prick was washed. She was snappish with liquor. The fair haired one was ready for any-thing, and it ended in both gamahuching me to a certain stage of pleasure. Then in Sophy gamahuching Nelly at the bedside, and whilst doing so her bum to-wards me, I made her stand up, and pushing between the thighs towards the flaxen hair rift, my prick entered her deliciously lubricious cunt, that cunt which retains all its exquisite qualities — fucked by hundreds as it has been, and had three babies thro it — and spent with my hands on her white buttocks, listening to the lapping of her tongue on the other's cunt, who was spending again.

In another hour Sophy had gamahuched me, taken my libation in her mouth, and departed muzzy enough. — Nell then told me that she wouldn't let her cunt touch Sophy's, for she'd heard she'd had a clap lately. I took no harm. An hour afterwards the theatres were closed, I had had a lobster supper, was still lewed, tho not wanting to fuck, and strolled along a street where I knew women pissed freely, and felt the wet cunts of half a dozen. Tired of that and still loitering about, talking baudy to every woman I met, I saw Sophy going along with a young man, followed them to a low broth-el, loitered about till she came out, found she was quite drunk, asked if she'd been fucked. "Yes, and the bugger only give me half a crown — no more," said she. She could scarcely speak for drink and scarcely seemed to know me at first. Then all at once, "Oh! Oh! it's you, come and fuck." — "No come here." — At a dark spot I felt her cunt again, it was mucilaginous. — "You haven't washed your cunt,"said I. - - "Ain't I? — I thought I did when I pissed" she mumbled out. I left her standing there, and soon turning round, saw her going with another man towards the baudy house.

The following incident occurred I find two years ago, but the manuscript got displaced. Altho I did then see her often, I seem to have relied on Nelly L. to satisfy my erotic whims, and indeed now only went when I had some unusual letch to gratify. She was complaisance itself, I often wondered how it was that with that willingness in pimping, and her personal charms in form and face (she'd shown no signs of fading) she didn't get better rooms, and a better class of men. — Some women have no desire to rise, the lower stage suits them. She was indolent, was not poor, and was content.

Talking with her about a woman who had been taken up for robbing a man, and had kept the stolen trinket in her cunt for two days before it was found there. (This was told in obscure language in the newspapers.) I doubted the possibility. — Nelly averred that it was easy, and it ended in my going out to get the silver, putting forty shillings up her cunt, and seeing her walk up and down the room naked, holding the money in that feminine receptacle. Then she squatted over a pot, and the money dropped out.

I thought much of this, and a few weeks after, re-solved to try her pudendal capacity and tenacity. Taking five pounds all in shillings, I talked with her about her cunt which I knew to be very elastic and distensible, altho its muscular action in fucking was so delicious, as before I must have said in this narrative. Telling her the silver I had brought, she entered into a compact at once. Up to forty shillings if held, the money was to be hers, if sixty, fifty hers, if eighty, sixty hers — after eighty all was to be hers, till the silver fell out of her cunt as she walked across the room. She was to walk once up and down if I wished it after each shilling that was inserted. — If she held eighty, I was to fuck her on two other visits without payment. I stipulated that, tho not however intending to act on it, I never like to have a woman without making her a present.

Putting the silver into a basin, she washed and dried it, washed her cunt, dried that well and the insertion began. Shilling after shilling I put up. — After the first twenty — about holding which there was no doubt — until forty were embedded in the elastic gully. Then she walked up and down. "I'm quite sure I can hold twenty more," said she and I put them up by fives, the last five she herself squeezed up in some fashion. — "You've put those up your arsehole," quoth I joking. "Don't make me laugh, that won't be fair." — In a business-like way she now put up shilling after shilling as I handed them to her, till seventy were in her, and triumphantly she walked up and down the room, none falling out of her cunt.

Then I went on slowly, not believing she could hold any more, adding shilling after shilling, and making her walk after each addition to the load, till at the eightieth I put her at the bedside standing, then pushing my finger up a little distance only, felt the mass of coin seemingly but about an inch up from the mouth — I now laid her on the bed for introspection of the infundibular cavern, pulled open the lips for investigation, and could see the silver. Then triumphantly she promenaded the allotted distance, and said, "The money's mine."

Then shilling by shilling others were engulphed in her capacious receptacle, which held them firmly till the eighty-fifth, which tumbled out. Then the game was over, she laughed heartily and more fell out on the floor, her cunt relaxed its grip, I threw her on the bed-side, pulled rudely open her cunt, and a dozen rolled out, she laughing almost convulsively, and at each jerk of her belly more silver was ejected. Then over a basin squatting she relieved her cunt of the coin. The last being got out by aid of her fingers, it was then washed and dried, she washed her cunt out with a syringe, we counted the silver, and eighty four shillings were her gain. — "I wish some one would do this every day," said she elated.

The bulk and weight made it seem incredible that any vagina could have held it. But she had done it, and thought that had it been all in half-crowns, she could have held more.

I put then three fingers up her smooth red cul-de-sac, then four up to their knuckles, and believe I could have got my hand nearly up, but she would not allow that saying it hurt. Then my manipulation having brought the avenue to its natural state of lubriciousness, she feeling randy and my prick being ready, we copulated. The clench of her cunt was delicious, and it seemed impossible that ever it could have dilated, and held eighty five shillings a quarter of an hour before.

[I never tried this trick again with her nor with any other woman but one — four or five years afterwards but told several free mercenary lovers about it. — None had ever heard of such a letch, which was evidently a very original one of mine, and came to me suddenly.]

I did not keep to H*l*n, could not afford to see her often, and one night from the Argyle went home to W**t*n P***e with a sweet faced, dark eyed girl, quite young (wasn't eighteen), a man opened the door, and objecting to his look I nearly left, paid her, and said I had forgotten an appointment. But she pressed me so — "Come and have me first" — that I went up to her rooms. She'd the prettiest little, chestnut haired cunt between plump thighs, and had a sweet form. We stripped to shirt and chemise — it was very hot — and with great mutual pleasure fucked. — Her manners were nice, modest, yet voluptuous, and I lay with my prick long up her, all the time kissing her — her teeth were beautiful. Our tongues played in silence till our carnal union was dissolved. Then I arose, saying, "you have a lovely cunt." — "You're a lovely poke" — she replied. Just at that moment a knock came. I started, somehow thinking of the sinister looking man who'd opened the door. — "Never mind, lie still, it's only my sister come home" — said she going to the door

With a ridiculous modesty, I covered my tool with my hand as the sister entered, a girl shorter, but in features closely resembling my woman. — She was very handsomely clad in bright yellow silk (as had been the other), a color then fashionable. Whilst getting some-thing from a drawer, the two began talking. "Yes, he never came, it's the second time he's humbugged me, — So and So wanted to come home with me, but I lost him thro waiting for ***, I'll serve him out." She was angry. Then she asked if her sister had supped, she hadn't, and was hungry, should Mrs. * * * * get any thing ready? and off she went. I had noticed this girl at the Argyle that very evening, but don't recollect seeing either of them before that night. They'd not been long gay, my woman had told me.

I dressed, and just as I had finished buttoning my trowsers, a voluptuous throb shot through my prick. "You're a sweet girl, I'm longing for you again," said I, kissing her and feeling her breasts. I'd been stimulated by seeing her wash her cunt, always to me a pleasurable sight. She kissed me. — "Come on then." — "I can give you no more money." — "All right" — In a minute we were on the bed, she grasping my tool, I twiddling her quim, our tongues meeting — "Do it, I want it," said she. The next second my prick was buried up to my balls in her tight little cunt, and with prolonged pleasure we spent. How tightly she held my bum I noticed, how she pressed up her cunt to me whilst we spent together. This time we had stripped entirely, and our flesh was in exquisite contact every where. Then we lay and talked till came another knock. "It's only Amy" — saying that she got up and let her in again.

Amy who was eating laughed at our nudities. — "Go and have supper Cis, Mrs. **** wants to put the things by and go to bed." — "Go, it's a man waiting to have you," said I, jeeringly, and really thought so from the manner of her sister, knowing a bit about the dodges of harlots. "There's no man in the house but Mr. ****. — My rooms are above, and I and sister the only two women in the house." — "You may go up and look," said Amy. — "Are you her sister?" — "I should think so" — and she laughed. "You are alike in face, are your quims alike?" — "I don't know, they ought to be for we are twins, would you like to look?" — "I can't afford it to night, shew it me for nothing." — "Oh likely." — Then after a pause, and having heard my woman affirm their being twins — which I had thought a hoax. — "I'll let you look for a minute if you'll give me a bottle of phiz, I've had not a drop of anything to day."

I agreed, saying I'd not pay more than ten shillings a bottle. — She didn't think that the landlord would supply it for that, but going to ask, returned with the brute of a man and the champagne. He took the money for it and departed. Then we drank and talked. They had not been long in London I heard, and that was the only house they had lived in. — My woman had been born only three minutes before the other. The champagne, - which was not bad — was finished. Again my lady washed her cunt. "Now show me your quim" — Amy laid on the bedside, pulled up her petticoats, and I saw a cunt as much like her sister's as possible. — Neither girl had drawers on. — I put my hand to feel her treasure, when she pushed it away and got up laughing, "I didn't say I'd let you feel it."

Just then came another knock and a female voice, — "If you're going to have any supper Miss Cissy, you must come at once." — Asking me to wait only five minutes off she went. "You stop," said I to the sister. — She did, and I talked with her till her sister returned, but she wouldn't show me her cunt again. — "How do you like my sister?" she asked — I said I'd fucked her with the intensest pleasure. "He is a baudy man," said she to her sister as she entered the room. — "I told you so" — was the reply.

I longed to see Amy's quim again, and said I'd have another bottle if she'd show it, and let me open the lips. She wouldn't agree to that at first, but she'd show it. — I agreed. She then stripped to her chemise, the champagne came and they got frisky with it. — "Shew me your prick," said Amy. — "It's a nice one, and he's a lovely poke," said her sister. I wouldn't shew it, unless she'd let me feel her cunt. She did, and it was a beautiful little split much like her sister's. She caught hold eagerly of my tool, which swelled largely in her hands, but didn't stiffen, quite.

All was most luxuriously inviting. The two sweet girls close to me in their chemises, with bubbies shewing — dark patches every now and then peeping from their armpits — lovely shaped legs in silk stockings and natty boots, formed a delicious sight. Every now and then I felt the elder girl's quim; she lifted my shirt, and gently handled my prick, and our talk got baudier. The champagne was finished, it had got into their bladders, both pissed, and so did I — Amy again felt my prick (not any stiffer) and said, — "I shall go to bed, I wish I'd some one to sleep with, I've not had a poke for two nights." — "I'll give you another bottle of champagne if you'll let me fuck you — if I can — if you can stiffen me." — "Have him," said Cissy. — "All right," said Amy going to the door and hollowing down stairs for the wine. —"He's gone to bed and I can't get it" — said a female.

Up stairs clattering ran the lass, roused the man who came down grumbling (she'd left the door ajar). Soon after the parlor door opened, a champagne bottle was pushed thro, the hand remained. — "The money," said he. I put it into his hand which disappeared. The next few glasses screwed the girls, who had been somewhat chaste in language till then, but now returned my lewed talk. — "Fuck me," said Amy, laying hold of my tool. — "It's not stiff" — "Come on the bed and I'll make it stiff, but it's stiff enough to get into me now." — "Suck it — you must." Both refused, nor would they. — "Mind, I can't give you any money." — "All right, come on." — "Pull off your chemise." — Off it went, off went my shirt. — She laid on the bed thighs wide apart, I investigated her cuntal charms, and my cock then stiffened gloriously; but not feeling pressed by my sperm I still laid by her side. — "Why it's quite stiff, put it in," said she impatiently, and tugging at my prick vigorously.

Who could resist such an eager, loving, invitation? I plunged my pego into her thirsty sheath. She was dying for it, and worked her cunt vigorously, but my tool tho now as rigid as the most exacting cunt could desire, had no libation ready at its roots. Fucking on vigorously to meet her ardor, soon the clip and grind round its tip told me she was coming. The soft, moist relaxation of cuntal friction, her murmurs of pleasure, and tranquillity of thighs, bum and belly, told of her spend. Directly after, "You haven't spent, go on fucking, go on," said she.

On I went fucking with pleasure, grasping her bum, kissing the delicious creature, pleasure in my gland, my mind filled with visions of women, of her sister's cunt, and other exquisite meretricious reminiscences — but without that all pervading voluptuous pleasure, which runs thro every fibre of my body and heralds the advent of spunk, as it prepares to issue from my balls. — She sighed, — she kissed me. — "Aha — you fuck lovely" — I plunged harder and quicker, up and down the lubricious avenue, and sweated copiously with my exercise on that hot night. — Then her cunt gripped and tightened again, then came a voluptuous thrill thro me. — "I shall spend love — it's coming from my balls'' — "Aha — so — shall — I — Aher — Aher" — and my spendings mixed with hers in the lovely sheath, and we were tranquil. There sat her sister watching us. — "He's a lovely poke isn't he?" said she. — "Yes." — "How often did he do you?" — "Twice." — "Aha" — said Amy laying with my prick up her, I on her belly, which heaved up.

Then I left. — Many a year was it since I'd fucked a Paphian for a bottle of champagne. It was near day-light when I got home.

A few days after I had the elder in the afternoon. She was fresh as a daisy, looked handsomer than at night. What a long look I had at the little cunt, with what delight I fucked it twice. She then told me she should leave London soon, a gentleman was going to keep her. I gave her champagne as we sat and talked. She said they really were twins, lived not far from Lon-don — had been fucked not quite a year, that the same gentleman had the virginities of both of them and of one not long after the other. They had known him since they were little girls, and their parents as well. He'd helped their parents and had dropped down dead just before they had turned gay. — A curious history if true, yet not improbable; for I know of a case intimately, where a very rich man fucked first two sisters, and left them each small fortunes; some people said he'd fucked their mother as well. She was a remarkably handsome woman. He died suddenly.

Again I called — Amy appeared, said her sister was engaged with a friend. — "I wish I were fucking her instead," said I. — "You might if you'd been ten minutes earlier, but I am glad, for it's the gentleman who's going to keep her." — I examined Amy's charming form, and her little pretty quim was very like her sister's, with but a small quantity of silken hair on it. I fucked her and departed, not liking her as well as her sister, but why can't say. — Calling a few nights after, the sinister looking man opened the door, and said Miss **** had gone away. Off I went to the A*g**e, saw the sister, took her home and had her. Her sister was in a nice house of her own with a great swell she said. I questioned her more. — Yes. One gentleman had had both their virginities, and he was dead, "So much the worse for us."

A day or two after I visited H*l*n. She had now become very curious about my doings with women, and always questioned me. Generally I told her truly what women I had. It pleased me to tell her, especially as I saw it annoyed her when told what the cost of my pleasure had been. She averred that they were not sisters, tho they'd given themselves out as such. — She knew them by sight, they had only been seen a few months, and one had recently disappeared. She had enquired about the sisterhood.

They however resembled each other immensely, had voices alike, and cunts wonderfully alike. Out of a hundred cunts, not one is quite like to another, there is al-ways some difference noticable in them. -- In my belief, there is as much difference in the look of cunts as there is in noses. — But sisters' cunts I think are generally somewhat alike. — One sister often makes an-other a harlot. All this I've remarked before.

"You say you're fond of me but see other women much more frequently." — "Yes but don't give them your compliment." — "But you spend much more money." — "Perhaps, but have three or four women for what I pay you once." — "Well — I won't let any man have me for less than five quid." — But she was annoyed.

Soon after calling on Amy, I found she had also left, both had disappeared from London. They were lovely young harlots, had the sweetest cunts, and each would have let me fuck them as much as I liked — which was less than they wanted. Sweet as they were I gamahuched neither of them — why?