Vol. 9 Chapter XI

A big Kellnerin in the mountains. • The privy in the barn yard. • Her bedroom at midday. • A sleepless night of love.

Three weeks later I was travelling alone in a higher mountain region. — My Lohnkutscher set me down at the best of two hotels in a primitive village, a rough place it was, tho clean. — Soon after day-break next morning I was up (like the rest) and wandering about the village which contained perhaps a hundred houses, till I reached the other hotel, seemingly a poorer place than mine. On the opposite side of the road to it was an adjunct. A female carried to and fro coffee and bread and butter, and some dozen or so well clad farmers, peasants, and their like, were breakfasting there. It was about six o'clock.

The building where they were eating seemed like a huge two storied barn — the front on the ground floor forming this eating place, the rear half abutting upon a yard in which were empty vehicles, the yard having been got by cutting away the rock. — By the side of this building was the church yard with a public pathway thro it, which continued in the rear of the barn yard, and was about fifteen feet above it. From it, the interior of the back of the building on the ground level could be seen thro big folding doors which were open. — There were little windows on the floor above. In the yard was a privy. Whilst looking in at the people breakfasting, an exceedingly tall woman crossed the road. — She was quite six feet high, and stout in proportion. Her arms were naked far above her elbows, till covered by a white chemise, her petticoats were half way up to her knees, she'd strong laced up boots, — the peasants' costume — and a little covering of some sort on her head. Her face was bronzed and handsome, her walk stately. As she passed she smiled, and said, "Good morning sir" — a salutation given to all in that country. — She had a bunch of keys hanging from her waist, and a leather bag for money, which proclaimed her a Kellnerin.

I watched her for a minute, thinking what thighs and bum she must have, then strolled through the church yard, and along the pathway mentioned, and looking down on the cart yard, the Kellnerin appeared, saw me, but taking no notice walked straight to the privy, barely closed the door, and in a minute came out again having evidently gone there to piddle. My prick then tingled as naturally I thought of her cunt, and a train of voluptuous thoughts followed. She looked at me, I nodded, she nodded, walked to the barn doors, again looked up at me. I kissed my hand as she disappeared. There was nothing rude or lewedly inviting in her. My prick was standing now, I had not fucked for a week.

It is delicious to look at a woman and to think about her hidden charms, even when I have no expectation of sexual gratification. Going on a little further, I again got to the main road, turned towards the restaurant and entered it. The farmers stared at me but not rudely. Passing to the rear of them I ordered coffee, and the Kellnerin fetched it. Almost directly afterwards a rough diligence appeared, some went off by it, two or three others carrying guns went off also, all saying "Good morning" to the Kellnerin, and she and I were alone. Then she sat down near me, — mountain custom — and remarked that it would be a hot day. I didn't understand her language, thereupon she spoke in German, but with a patois which made it difficult to understand each other.

I wondered if she were the daughter of the proprietor, —they often were in such hotels. She was not, she lived with her mother in the winter, and "now here, and up above" and she tossed her head up to the rough flooring overhead. Then I wondered if perchance I might knock my balls against that big bum. My lust rose high, I thought of the Great Eastern, and of the big woman I fucked in W**t*n Place not quite two years ago, comparing the Kellnerin mentally with them. She was bigger, better proportioned, and younger — twenty two she said — then my passion grew stronger — I was reckless and resolved to try it on. — There was a quiet look and manner about her which made me hesitate, but I knew that in her country, sexual love with-out priestly permission is common, is readily pardoned and thought no sin, that the state charged itself with illegitimate infants, and that women were not thought to be degraded thereby.

I began praising her size and perfect form, was sure there was padding, chaffed about sweethearts — how old was her baby? — Ah — she had none — I should like to be the father of one. — Should I indeed? — all was suggestive of fucking. — We looked in each other's eyes laughing, knowing well each other's thoughts - paid for my coffee, giving her all the change, she caught my hand and kissed it (the custom of Kellnerin then). Then I caught and kissed her without difficulty. "You don't sleep in this barn." — Yes she did — there were many sleeping rooms above. I promised a florin if she'd show me hers. — She said after looking funnily at me, that she would, but, "It isn't worth a florin to see that." — Still we sat, she on the other side of the table, with the simplicity of manners which is found in primitive places in that country, then went to the front of the eating place, looked out, said the diligence was late, and sat down again. I ordered more coffee which she fetched, sat down, and began counting out money from her bag. — I resumed our talk. — Where did she garter?

How absurd this repetition seems — but it's a fetching question, — one which makes a woman laugh in all Christian countries. — Lets her know that her questioner is thinking of her secret parts. — Then if she's game, if her carnality is in the ascendant, her cunt be-gins to heat, prick enters her mind, desire rises.

Was it so with this stalwart Kellnerin? — Her eyes, mild, quiet, without a bit of the Paphian in them looked softly into mine, before she answered me, — "Above knee of course." — "I wish I were the garter then I should see all." — "Ach Gott — you're a funny gentle-man." — "There are no rooms above." — "Yes, a dozen I say, and full often in summer, but the weather's been bad." — "Show them me, and yours, and I'll give you ten florins to show me your garters." — "What — ten florins? — I will show the rooms, after the diligence has passed." — Then I kissed her, pulling her to me and trying to pinch her bum. — She took the kiss but repulsed the pinch. — "My God, how you have set me wanting you." — My German was vile and I knew but little baudy language in it, but she understood me I saw. She was staring at me kindly when a jingling of bells told the approach of the diligence.

A man and woman from the diligence had breakfast, — which was over in ten minutes — and departed. Said she, — "There will be no one here now till dinner, and I must go to the hotel." — "Leave this house with-out our seeing them?" — "Show me your garters." "Nein — I'll show you the rooms" — joking with her, she went forward to do so. I followed, and found that the big, wooden, barn-like structure, was divided into three parts, — that next the eating place was boarded and clean, with a large coarse wood staircase, and on mounting, that on the first floor was quite a dozen, common looking bedrooms, and on one side an enclosure, which I knew from the smell was a bogging place.

The rooms tho large and rough looked quite clean. "Where's yours?" — "There." — On the other side of the staircase were two rooms where she and a fellow servant slept. She showed me her own room, holding the door half open, I pushed by her and sat down on the bed. — "Come out, I must be off," said she laughing. — "Come in" — and I pulled her gently inside, sat her on the bed and began kissing her, trying to feel her garters, murmuring all the baudy German I knew, offered her the ten florins to — "lay down with me." Just as I had managed to touch her flesh above her garters, — she strongly resisted, but begged me not to make a noise, — the house master might come over. — But the mere touch of her flesh had made me reckless, and repeating that I'd give her ten florins, I took that money out of my pocket and laid it down.

She was evidently staggered by the offer, tho not quite an English sovereign. — "Nein — nein — zehn florin? — Ach nein mein Herr" — but she'd sat down again at the edge of the bed, whilst she seemed reflecting. In a minute I'd pulled my prick out and my fin-gers were between her notch. — My German language left me in my excitement, all was physical now, it was all kissing. — "Nein — nein" — "yah — yah" — and cunt fingering. — At last quietly she got up, listened, bolted the door, the next minute I had pushed her unresisting on to the bed, and her petticoats were up to her navel. I saw an expanse of deliciously white flesh, a triangle of brown hair enclosing her belly rift, and instantly divided it with my pego. — Never before did I seem to have had such exquisite delight, as when my prick opened those soft lips, and my semen gushed copiously out into her midst her pleasure sighs, and belly heavings. The five minutes struggling with me, and the touch of her cunt by my fingers had roused her lust, which as I pierced her was as strong as mine. She was young and hearty.

We lay embracing, kissing, whilst my pego was re-tiring. When it had slipped out, and I felt its tip touching the cunt wig, she whispered, "Be quiet" — told me to stay there till she fetched me, went down stairs, and in five minutes returned. — "Go now, and by the way of the cart yard" — I wouldn't go till I'd had her again, and played with her sexual orifice in its unctuous state, till nature again permitted me the exercise of conjugal rites. She retired first and washed her cunt somewhere, and I had a good look at it, before we fucked ourselves into Elysium again.

Then she went to see if the coast was clear, and by the rear of the building, and a narrow path up into the Church yard I got to my hotel. It wasn't eight o'clock when I arrived there.

I had intended leaving, but now was overwhelmed by lust for her, wanted her again, to see her charms more fully, to revel in them, to sleep with her if possible. So at midday went to the tavern and took a meal there. — Stalwart peasants were feeding, and I rested long, wondering if any of them had tasted the Kellnerin. She didn't look like their sort of meat, but who could tell. — I waited till all had gone, then ordered a chicken which I knew they'd have to roast, and waiting for it talked, and, said I wanted to sleep with her. Whilst talking, in came the hotel keeper, and asked if I wouldn't go opposite where the room was better fitted for "Mein Herr" — I declined and away he went.

In half an hour I'd offered her twenty florins. With much fear and hesitation, — for she was to be married in the winter she said — all was arranged — not for that night, but the next. She hoped there would be no travellers, for if the hotel was full, some might come to these barn rooms — if not she'd be quite alone, for the servant who slept in the room next to hers was to have "her night at home" — I was at dusk to go through the barn yard and the back part of the barn to the first division — the door of which was usually locked at night, but she'd leave open, and go up to her room. If any one chanced to be still in the dining room I must wait, but nearly all went away when it was dark.

The next day I had breakfast at the eating place, it was raining hard. — "If it goes on raining there won't be any travellers." — "I hope it will for I'm so frightened." Rain it did to my great joy, only clearing up about the time of my visit. At dusk I went down the rough steps to the barn yard, and fumbling along thro the outer part — filled with lumber and straw — found the door which opened to the staircase portion, and thence into the dining room — saw lights thro the chinks, crept softly up to her bedroom and found the door locked, and the next door locked also. Then a traveller's room door was open, and I sat upon the bed awaiting her in pitch darkness.

In half an hour I heard doors locked, and up she came with an oil lamp. That wasn't sufficient for me, so she went down in the dark to bring up a candle — With the two, all was bright enough. She sat on the bed, said she was frightened, that it would be her ruin if she were found out, and begged me to go. I pressed the twenty florins but it was of no avail, she'd rather not have it — if it were ever known she'd never get married, how came she to arrange this meeting? She'd never done the like before — her intended was away for military training. — She'd let me have her the next morning as she had done the day before if I'd go now, and much more. — She wanted fucking and I dare say the money, but every action, bespoke a woman who didn't get her living by her cunt. She resisted my feeling her till she drove me wild with desire.

I refused to go till I'd had her — would I go if she let me? — No — I'd stop all night. — With that I threw off all but my shirt which I tucked up, shewing my persuader in magnificent erection, sat by her side, and she seeing refusal was hopeless, my fingers were on her notch soon. So for a time twiddling her clitoris, kissing and persuading we sat, she dressed, and still refusing till I made her feel my prick. That weakened her resolve, for she kissed me and began undressing — the feel of the prick makes every woman yield. Her chemise she wouldn't pull off, nor let me look well at her charms. — Women not gay, are so whimsical in their behaviour in love matters — at first.

Too impatient to dally longer, and throwing off my shirt, I got into the bed — one so small that it would scarcely hold us. — Soon she followed me I pulled her chemise up to her armpits, then laid my body on hers. — At last I got her to let me take the chemise off, and both start naked, I folded her magnificent frame in my arms, laying between her glorious thighs, distended to help my entry to her, my horny ruby tipped prick rushed up her cunt, and we were one. With slow movements I probed its depths, but the tightening of the glowing sheath, its soft compression round my pego, and her thrills, hurried me on; my thrusts soon were quick, then grew frantic, our tongues met, her thighs tightened against mine, and as our sighs and murmurs of pleasure mingled, my prick with violent pulsations of heavenly pleasure, throbbed out from its reservoirs copious jets of sperm, whilst the ambient streams from her cunt mingled with it. Then we dozed off, still holding each other in loving embrace, prick and cunt still united, and in healthy slumber for a short while lay sideways face to face, our naked bodies touching everywhere, clasping each other's haunches, my arm under her neck, uncovered both — for our fucking movements had thrown off the bed clothes. — Soon that slumber was over and next instant lasciviously I grasped her sexual orifice. She caught my hand. — "Ah — don't" — "I will." — "Nein — nein." — "Yah." — Thrusting my knees between her big white thighs turned her on to her back — or nature made her turn so — rose on my knees, saw motte, and thighs, and cunt lips covered with our spendings. At once my prick with throbs rose up potently, down came my belly on to hers again, up into her lubricious avenue went the pro-creator, up and down in the soft mucilaginous compound it churned. Her "nein, nein" ceased, her luscious cunt began to heave to meet my thrusts, our tongues met, all was delicious silence till the moist interior partially dried by the prick gliding to and fro, in it, tightened closely, our tongues met, quick now my thrusts, my arsehole gripped, my prick tip found its home, and again we spent, again dozed off in tranquil pleasure. But we slept not for long, restless, sleeping by snatches still in full rut, with prick still hot and lusting, wanting enjoyment in her yet not ready for the duty, at each awakening putting my hand on to her motte, slipping my fingers into the soft notch, awaking her if asleep — not meaning to do so, — turning bum to bum, then face to face again, placing her hand (nothing loath she) on my doodle, inviting her to rouse it, her cunt willing to receive me, we passed long hours. A clock not far off loudly struck each hour. Then out went the lamp, the candle I had put out before. Then she laying on her back went fast asleep, even with my fingers on her notch and snored vigorously. Soon after I slept, awakening by falling off the narrow bed on to the floor. — "Was ist?" — cried she loudly with fear as she awakened.

Instantly she left the bed, and lighted the candle, We talked. —Nein — never had she had such a thing done to her — "Never, never — my God — never." — Then little by little I got her to the bedside, and kneeling with her legs over my shoulders, I gamahuched her for an hour as it seemed and till my tongue could scarcely move, till she groaned in her spasms of pleasure. — Then exhausted, subdued, yielding to my every whim — as women at last do — I placed her leaning over the bed, her lovely buttocks towards me, and licked the hairy notch as well as I could. It was but a mere passing of the tip of my tongue along the furrow, but in my meretricious fury that seemed divine. — Then my pego rose to its work, I plunged it up her, and as I did so out went the candle.

At once my rigidity gave way, she grew restive in the sudden darkness, out slipped my tool. — "Let me go to bed I'm so sleepy," said she. — On to the bed she got. — Then furious to have her I mounted her, her willing thighs opened, a rub of my gland along the slippery notch stiffened me, but it took me long before I left the last drop of my sperm in her lovely cunt — my prick and arsehole aching as the sperm sped out. — "Ach Gott let's sleep," said she and bum to belly we both slept now — exhausted by amorous delights.

The clock struck loudly as again I awakened from restless slumber. — She was awake and turned towards me. — Lewed talk again, for I could talk of nothing but sexualities — I was cunt struck, had most of the talking to myself. It was a polyglot of English, German, and *****. — I tried to talk baudily and fingered her cunt, but no erection followed even from her soft endeavours on my pego — I made her try her best and she tried well, but clumsily. — I thought of the delicate manipulation of many sweet fuckstresses whom I'd slept with and compared her frig with theirs, but all was useless.

Then suddenly — for so do letches come to me — the lingual play on her vulva again occurred to me. I couldn't make her understand my want at first, so kissed rapidly down from breasts to motte, then pushing open her thighs, my tongue touched her clitoris. She closed her thighs on me as she felt the sensation it gave, and spoke I know not what. — She'd had it done before, I tried to say in German. — Whether I did or not, can't say — but from her nein — nein — again inferred that she never had. There is a fascination in any voluptuous novelty. — Gradually I got her thighs well apart, my tongue touched her clitoris easily. — "Nein — gehen sie weg — gehen" — I heard; then came a clip of the thighs. — "Ach — haaa" — her buttocks moved upon my hands which lay beneath them, her belly heaved, her cunt came full on to my mouth, oscillated a little, and then was quiet. The gamahuche was over. — Habit does wonders. — At day break she got up and I with her, — both haggard, I still with desire, and I fancy she also, and that thinking it would be our last embrace, readily she laid down to receive me. I frigged my lazy tool, — sore, with its previous exercise — and long in vain, — till once more I fucked her. — Quickly we both dressed, and at the foot of the staircase kissed and parted. Thro the yard and foot-path I sought my hotel (it was not six o'clock). Mine host was up and said, "Good morning sir." He must have known that I'd not passed the night in his house. — I gained my bedroom, laid down, and slept eight hours without a break.

Then I went to her eating house, ordered food I didn't want, went just when I knew but few would be there — it was still raining pitchforks. — She had the other servant with her, and sent her to fetch my order. — Kellnerin said she was all right, and not a trace of fatigue was now on her face. — Such is youth — I put my tongue out as if licking, she knew my meaning, colored up strongly, turned away her head and then looked round — I repeated the lingual motion, she laughed, said, "Ach!" and lifted both hands rapidly. Then I put my hand up her clothes, and got the smell of her cunt on my fingers just as the other brought my food.

Then the Kellnerin helped the other in various works. — On an opportunity, I begged her to go up stairs again with me. — "Ach — God — nein — she sleeps there" — would be about all day. In vain I tried, sent over for beer, wine, and mineral water. Each time when absent I felt the Kellnerin's notch or motte — a momentary pleasure. — Peasants came in, I went to my hotel and stopped the night. — Next morning the fever in my prick had gone. — Away I went, kissing my hand to the Kellnerin as I passed her hostelry — wondering who'd fuck her next, and if her intended would ever know of that night's amusement. — It was her affianced who had fucked her she had told me amidst our amatory amusements. — What opens the cunt, oftentimes, opens the heart, and loosens the tongue of a woman.

Next day I stopped at * * * * and rested, much fatigued. — It will probably be my last great effort — five times in seven hours is much — and enough even for a young man — I am dilapidated as I write this narrative — but how delicious is the reminiscence of that night of love, that small cunt in that huge woman!