Vol. 10 Chapter II

Crabs. • At a Swiss village. • The casino garden. • The half-veiled lady. • The path by the torrent. • The lonely chalet. • Fears and fucking. • Clapped. • At the lapunar. • Chambermaid tipped. • Exhibition of wet quims. • My choice. • The un-chaste Diane. • A lithesome bougresse. • Invitation to anus. • Erotic madness in Paphians. • Nymphomaniacs, Sappho and Wanda. • Ray-monde. • One with a curved pego. • Copious se-men. • A strange fucking attitude. • Outside a metropolitan railway station. • A Paphian's first night out. • Her sexual enjoyment. • Her history. • The railway station bar. • Two lovers and a swelling belly. • Flight to London.

I found to my annoyance one hot morning that crabs had assailed me, had lodged in motte, bum furrow, anus, and the wrinkles of my scrotum. It's impossible to say where I got these irritators of the genitals, having varied recently my amours, and a night or two before had revelled in three cunts yet warm and lubricated by other pricks. I keep mine in the ladies till it will remain no longer, luxuriating in their lubricious baths, giving great chance to these parasites of changing their abode, and I have escaped them well I think. The annihilation of the crustacea took quite ten days, and caused me much inconvenience. In the month of September I was at the little village of **** in Switzerland. There was [then] a little building called a casino, — to which people went to read the journals — situated in small grounds filled with trees and large shrubs. — It was a dull, muggy afternoon, and had been raining hard when I wandered there just before the table d'hote. Few people were out, and walking by herself, quite on the outskirts of the grounds, was a well-grown woman seemingly about twenty-five or more years old, dressed very nicely in dark silk. She never approached the building and I got curious about her, passed and repassed her looking in her face, wondering whether she was of easy virtue or not. She looked at me in return but quite in a casual way, with-out the least indication of the demirep about her. For all that, as I passed a desire for the woman came over me, and a voluptuous thrill passed through my pego. I had been some days at the place and had never noticed the lady there before, tho I must have seen nearly all the visitors there.

I dined, not thinking any more about her. Soon after, it being quite dark, going towards the casino to read I saw her somewhat nearer the casino than before, but well away from all light and still walking alone. — At once I guessed she was a free lover. My dinner had warmed, my pego began to get rebellious for it had not touched strange cunt for nearly two months, and I went towards her. Seeing that, she went further off quite into the dark under some trees and stopped. — Next minute I was by her side and heard I could go home with her. We spoke in French, but I don't think she was a Frenchwoman.

She had told me where her lodging was and I agreed to follow her. She went away by a path I'd not traversed, crossed a wooden trembling bridge over the roaring rushing river, and was soon away from all street lights and human habitation as far as I could see. The road lay alongside the river, it was pitch dark, and at first I kept her just in sight, but as it was much further than I'd expected I got uncomfortable, as it was a spot where a knock on the head could very easily be given, and a body pitched into the river within a few yards of our path would have been thirty miles off before next morning, and had I screamed, the roar of the torrent would have drowned my voice, so I went up to her and said I could go no further. She said we were close by her dwelling and again we walked on.

When I first followed her I wanted to grope her, but she refused it. I got however one hand upon her thigh, the crisp hair of her quim touched my finger, and the feel of her tho slight and but for an instant only, made me thoroughly randy. As I followed her, I thought of her make and possible perfections, as I usually do when I follow a woman. From her walk I guessed she'd good limbs and a fat bum, my cock stood rigidly, pleasurably, and directly I'd crossed the bridge, with one of my old erotic whims I pulled it out of my trowsers, and went along with it sticking out naked. The lewedness of the act pleased me much, absurd as it seems. Hearing someone or something approaching, hastily I tucked it in, but it was only a donkey, I fancy tethered. Then as the distance increased and I grew anxious, my John Thomas drooped, and remained so till she stopped, when desire rose again. There was a huge piece of rock close by there, and I suggested an up-righter against it, but she wouldn't hear of such a thing. On we went now side by side. I was about to refuse going further, when a building of Swiss type appeared on a little eminence about a hundred feet from the river. The light in two windows gladdened me, tho I didn't like to be in that lonely spot with a stranger at that time of night. There was seemingly a balcony all round it as is customary in those chalets. A big man, who was, as well as I could see in the darkness, sitting aginst the steps leading up to it, was smoking a pipe, and apparently took no notice of us, yet I didn't like his being there. Up the steps she went, I following on to the balcony, from which she opened a door into a large bedroom, meanly and coarsely furnished, tho there was everything needed for convenience, and a large common lamp alight. I complained that the light was not enough, whereon without reply she sought and lighted a candle. It was an angle room with windows on two sides, on one side only were short white curtains. The gaunt, naked look of the place, and the noise made by our feet on the naked wooden floor, the complete silence she observed, the gloom seen thro the uncurtained windows, and the roar of the river, I confess made me most uncomfortable — I wished I hadn't come and resolved to pay her and leave.

"What shall I do?" said she, taking off her bonnet. They were the first words she'd uttered in the room "Let me feel your cunt and then I'll go," said I. — "I'll take off my things first," and she began to undress herself quickly. - Her face was very handsome, she had dark hair and luminous dark eyes, and as she pulled off her gown she showed such a fine pair of arms that I forgot my fears, touched them, and then let her strip to her chemise. — She sat down and piddled, then washed her quim, then pulled her stockings well up under her garters, and disclosed a very handsome form with thick bushes of dark hair in her armpits. Then to my question she said she was twenty-five.

Then I wanted to see her quim more plainly, but she resisted that a little, nor would she let me bring the light to it. — She didn't like to be looked at "in that vulgar way." She'd unbuttoned my trowsers and got my prick out, and as soon as it was in her hand said, — "Aha — baisez moi, cheri" — and lain down on the bed, but somehow a feeling came over me that I'd bet-ter not have her, said I wouldn't, put down her money, and said I'd leave. — "Oh! come all this way without kissing me? that you shan't" — Getting off the bed she came to me, put the money first into a drawer, then throwing an arm round me kissed me and felt my cock. "Are you quite well? if you're not quite sure, if there are any of your monthlies about, tell me, you've got the money, and I am quite content."

She was perfectly well, she replied. "Kiss me — come — you've paid me — is it likely I'd let you do it if I wasn't well? — Oh — kiss me, come take off your things, you're a fine man, you've made me want it so, baisez moi, cheri" — and laying down she lifted her chemise to her armpits. I saw a fine bust, large thighs, a dark haired motte, desire returned, I threw off coat and waistcoat, with my trowsers on mounted her and in a few minutes had filled her quim with sperm. She enjoyed the embrace as much as I had.

She wanted to keep me in her, but I rose and washed, she washing directly afterwards, then she laid hold of my prick, looked at it, kissed it, and invited me to have her again. I didn't want that, and asked her a few questions. She was so pressing for me to have her that it surprised me. — "You're fucked every day, I sup-pose." — "No" — she wasn't a gay woman. "Tho you think I am." — Indeed I did, and do yet, tho she hadn't quite the manner of a Paphian. — I insisted on going. — She said I shouldn't — "What! refuse a lady when she asks you? — oh fie." — Yielding a little I said, "Let me see you quite naked." — "You shall." Off went her chemise and she laid down naked, but it was chilly and I let her put it on again. — I went to the side of the bed with my prick hanging. — "See, I can't." — "You will in a minute." — "You will have to suck it then." — For a minute she looked me full in the face without speaking, then took it in her mouth, I put my fingers on her cunt, and the joint effect was instantaneous — it stiffened. — "There," said she triumphantly. "Baisez moi." She laid down opening her thighs wide at once, hurriedly, as if her cunt was longing. — In another minute her cunt lips were round my propagator, and soon after we were blissfully spending. She seemed to have intense pleasure in the fuck, more than in the first.

She wanted me to stay all night — then to fuck her again, — it should cost me nothing more, — but away I went along the lonely road to my hotel, and was glad to get there. — Two days after I had a clap. — Incensed, I was fool enough to go to the chalet. — A man there — I suppose the proprietor — said that Mrs. * * * * had left the day after I'd been there.

I had been sitting on a wet stone the day before, which might have irritated my bladder. I hoped it was so. "Pogh," said the doctor. "It's not caused by a cold wet stone, but a hot wet something else." — Yet it might have been that cold wet stone, My discharge was awfully copious, more so than from any clap I ever had, yet in a fortnight I'd got sufficiently cured to resume fucking. I never got cured so quickly before, and it must be fifteen years since I had that ailment. — On my return, I stopped a week or two at P****s and then again visited the lapunar. The personnel of the house was the same, and the chambermaid seemed delighted to see me — I had a long conversation with her, and tipped her a napoleon — a nap well spent for me and on the sly of course — for I believe that employees in these bordellos are supposed to hand over gratuities — I think so from the secrecy I've been asked to observe by the recipients when I've given them — the door-keepers excepted, who openly expect, ask at times, and take. — Whether they put that into the hands of the sous-maitresse, or patronne, or not, I can't say, nor do I know if Frenchmen who have the women at the tariff (prix fixe) give the servants any-thing — certainly they give presents to the women they stroke, but not as much as foreigners do. — Garter money the Paphians call it, and if it be gold or silver always slip it under their garters into their stockings. What English and Americans give I can't say, having seen but few there — and expect that for good reasons those nationalities were rarely shown into the room with the peephole when I was peeping.

The chambermaid was called up to, who asked me, "Which is it to be?" and making a circle with finger and thumb put it to her eye — I understood — she implied peephole by that. — "No, foutre," said I. — Then altering my mind. — "No — chambre jaune," — and there I was soon installed, and in a well lubricated quim or two had my pleasure. — I saw couples fucking when at the peephole directly afterwards, and then the ladies with cunts washed or unwashed — I paid for each woman I saw come in, but nothing was worth retaining in my narrative till I saw Diane the following evening.

It is singular, seems contradictory, but I write what occurred, that I rarely seemed to have the same excitement, pleasure, or even desire, in tailing the women whom I had seen fucked, as I did those who came in to me from other rooms. — More often than otherwise, I didn't even put my pego up them. — Sometimes I only looked at their quims without separating the covers of the vulva, when I did not like the look of the man who'd had them. Often times this was so. — But I always de-sired those who'd been stroked in other parts of the house — I always fancied the sperm was that of hand-some, very young men tho often it was not so — I rejected those directly if the suspicion of their having been fucked by seniors occurred to me.

I was at the peephole when I saw Diane, a little devil who had a very fine man with her. He stripped, she was naked, he was playful and she gratified him. — I never saw a woman put herself into more varied postures. She licked and sucked his prick from all sides, laid on him, sat on his prick, put it in her quim this way, that way, stood him up, laid him down on the bedside, turned over on to his belly, licked his arsehole, put his cock between her breasts, bum cheeks, thighs, and knees, and then taking off her stockings, caught hold of his pego between the soles of her feet, and twiddled, a thing I never saw being done before, tho I'd had it done to me. He had a noble prick, which stood with-out drooping much for half an hour. — Every now and then when they had a new pose, she looked at my door. — Once when laying over him, he licking her clitoris, she minetting his cock, her head being towards me, she lifted her head, looked at the door and winked, shaking his red-headed poker at me as she did so. — Never did I see such variety of attitudes in so short a space of time — most of them studiously posed that I might see both prick and cunt. He got impatient at last and fucked her, only thrusting about twice before he was over. — He got off the bed directly with prick dripping, and naked, looked at his watch, then hurried on his clothes. She went out as if to wash, — they all do that to avoid notice — when she came back he was at the door, — next minute her thighs were opened to me, the sperm was running over furrow and thighs — Alexandrine had told me she was the most salacious one of the harem, and would let men bugger her — she said that cautiously.

She was a sweetly made, brown-haired, lewed-eyed creature. — I enjoyed the sight of her lubricated quim, rushed my staff up it and spent rapidly. When she had washed, she began to play with me, wouldn't let me dress, began to gamahuche. "Lie down and let me play with you, darling." — When my pego was in her mouth, she put her finger up my bum. — I returned the compliment slightly. "Put it up" said she — "put your prick in it." — "What! bugger?" — "Yes, if you like" — I declined. — "You are stiff, why not try, put the tip in a little." — She pulled open her buttocks, shewing her arsehole, elevating her thighs high. "An-other night perhaps, what do you want for that?" - "Fifty francs." — "All right, I won't tell any one." — "I don't care if you do, many of the women do it." — "I won't believe they do." — "Ask them then. I shewed the man to you well didn't I?" — "Yes." — "I've made myself lewed." — "Does he bugger you?" — "Some-times, should you like to see him, if so come next week this day and time, and I'll make him do it to me." — "Perhaps I will," said I, having no intention of the sort. — "She is a most lascivious little devil," said I to Alexanddrine afterwards. — "Yes, she is woman or man, it's all the same with her, she'll go mad like Sappho."

Sappho was a lovely big woman whom for three years I had at times, had written about but destroyed that narrative. — She flat-fucked a girl before me one night without my desiring her to do so, became a slave to erotic passion, had nymphomania which drove her at last mad. Her voice was like that of a man's the last time I had her. — Many French harlots get that sort of voice in time. — Sappho's history was well known in the house, and to me.

[I have an impression that cases of erotic madness are not infrequent in these lapunars. It is perhaps attributable to natural concupiscence in the particular erotic pleasure. — Some years ago at another lapunar, I had a woman named Wanda, (narrative destroyed) who two or three years after I heard had gone mad concupiscently. Both the Sappho now alluded to — I've had several Sapphos — and also Wanda — were well sized — absolutely perfect in form — beautiful in face — delicious in coition — and both had hoarse voices. Each must have been from about twenty-three to twenty-eight years old when last I had them — but I'm not clear about their ages. — This is written many years after the events.]

One evening, a week or two after being at the spy-hole, in came a well-grown man looking about eight and twenty, and with him a lovely, dark-haired, dark-eyed little creature named Raymonde, whom I'd stroked and a more willing, voluptuous little devil never knew. — She gave a glance at the peephole door, and a smile, then disappeared to sluice her quim before beginning her gambols.

He undressed quickly, his prick — a very full-sized one — was already stiff. He couldn't bend it to wash it, but wiped its tip with a towel. I longed to handle it. — His shirt dropped over it, Raymonde raised it and rolled up the shirt, and then laid hold of his stiff tool with a laugh. — "Take your shirt off" — Alexandrine had instructed all the women to let me see the pricks well. — He wouldn't, took her to the bedside, and kneeling began gamahuching her. Playfully she raised herself. "Take it off, I like you naked" — and she began to pull it off as he knelt. He then complied and again knelt, titillating her cunt with his tongue, his tool standing with utmost rigidity and with a very unusual curve — like a bent bow it was. — I've never seen one so curved before, tho I've seen a hundred and fifty stiff.

He only licked her split for a minute, then rose up, and she getting off the bed handled his prick to show it me — I found by their conversation that they were acquaintances. — "Mon Dieu! how stiff it is — why you've actually not seen me for a week." — Bending forward she took the red tip between her pretty lips, then removing it she handled his balls — I never saw a prick with such a strongly defined curve, I think it was much greater than the curve of any vagina.

All was done quicker than I write this, for he was impatient. Standing then by the bedside he turned her about in all directions, kissing her all over, then mounted the bed, laid on his back, and putting her kneeling over his head, began licking her cunt. His face was then hidden by her lovely buttocks, which his hands clasped. Then moving away she took his prick in her mouth, then taking it out gave it a shake, looked at the peephole, and laughed at me whilst she exhibited his tool. But soon she dropped her head on his thigh by the side of it, and her buttocks began to writhe under the delicious titillation of his tongue on her clitoris.

Then he moved her onto her back, mounted her belly and began fucking. In a dozen thrusts I saw his back-side and thighs quiver and squeeze up to her — one very loud prolonged cry — almost a groan — escaped him, and all was over. — I knew he would be quick from the state of his pego when he took his trowsers off, saw clearly that he was filled with semen and lust.

He did not enjoy laying up her long, but came to the bidet and washed his prick which was still quite stiff. — "Aha! — mon Dieu — what sperm," — said she quite loudly, not moving off the bed as they usually do, but laying with thighs wide apart, — pulling open the lips, as she spoke, and turning partly round more towards the gaslight, to show me his overflowing libation. — Never before had I seen at that distance a cunt more plainly whilst the male was present. The light was turned on strongly, and I saw a mass of sperm, which made her cunt look almost as white as her thighs. She looked towards him and to my door, smiled and nodded, pulled the lips of her cunt further apart for a second, and then went out. He had his back towards her whilst washing his tool and she thus exhibited. — How easily we men are cheated.

He laid himself in her absence on the bed, his prick stiff still. How I envied him. She returned, began to suck it and it disappeared in her mouth. — Sometimes her hand grasped the balls, sometimes the stem. Full of sperm as he had been, now he needed a rest. For full ten minutes did she labour with her mouth, he laying motionless, speechless, in voluptuous tranquillity looking up at the glass in the bed top. He never turned his head to see her beauteous form in the side glass — in which I could see her ivory backside, and breasts and movements. He didn't lay even a hand upon her.

I thought he never would spend, yet his prick when-ever she removed it from her mouth was rigid as iron, and red tipped. Gradually came slight movements in his thighs, then his belly heaved a little, his eyes closed. She ceased minetting, knowing that a change was coming. Then again he placed her above him, her cunt to his mouth, hers to his prick, and they sucked each other till she gave a jog or two of her buttocks, relinquished his tool, and laid her head again on his thigh — his machine standing up against her face.

Then he placed her and himself in positions which I don't recollect a couple fucking in before, tho I have seen perhaps every possible posture — indeed now recollect having had a woman in that position myself. — How deliciously varied may be the postures of a willing man and woman, what inexhaustible pleasures they can get together, what idiots are they who refuse them, — if any do. He put two pillows for her head and back against the looking glass which covered the wall against which the side of the bed was placed. She then put herself leaning back and reclining anglewise along the bed, and he laid across her. They were like two sticks crossing each other. His head was nearly at the edge of the bed, his feet against the looking glass. His legs lay over her left leg, and under her right which she put up over his left hip. In that position he got his prick up her cunt. — No one with a little prick, or with a limp one, could man-age it in that awkward position.

Then moving with a short jogging, rather than the long stroke belly to belly fucking, her right leg keeping him to her and both of her hands placed over and clasping his rump, they fucked. Then he stopped, then went on, and not a word was said. The back of his head and rump were towards me, and I saw the length of his fine white body from head to heel. At last Raymonde who at the beginning of the play in this position had looked at my door and smiled more than once, began to close her eyes, her right hand seemed to be feeling his arsehole or the back of his balls, then both her hands clutched his bum convulsively. She was spending and lovely she looked. Her hands stopped, her breasts heaved, his buttocks gave some strong quick jerks, another loud cry escaped him, and he was quiet.

Then he washed, she remained on the bed as if quite fatigued, then went out, returned, and shortly he went away. She hadn't washed her cunt this time, which was full of his second libation. Excited by the sight I plunged my prick into it, and spent before Raymonde had a chance of spending with me. He came to see her once a week she said, and always made her spend. "Who could help spending with such a man, and such a prick up her for ten minutes?" she asked. Certainly at the second poke it was in her a very long time, a quarter of an hour perhaps before he spent.

On my return I saw H*l*n occasionally, but I was not very well, and was also impecunious, so limited my visits to her. — Once I find I had N**l*e L**l*e and once old Camille. There is nothing worth keeping of the narrative until the following incident.

I had in a friendly way dined one evening with a man at * * * and at about nine o'clock was near the * * * * * station of a London railway. Many gay women of second class were walking about it, for the station being a busy one and several streets converging on it, it was and is, a good hunting ground for the Priestesses of Venus. — A stoutish, shortish, very youthful, pretty, and fresh-complexioned girl came slowly towards and looked at me. She had stood talking to another doxy, who as I approached and turned my head to look, gave her a gentle push of the arm, as much as to say, — "There go" — and then stood still watching us.

The girl didn't speak, nor did I for a second. I some-times now go home with a woman, strip her, look at her secret charms, and leave without more than doing that and a baudy chat, fearful of fucking. — Reserving my prowess for another that night, I thought I'd just look at this girl so fresh and nice, and told my compliment. "Oh yes, sir — thank you sir," said she eagerly, and then, "Oh, it's close by, just up there at No. 33." - "Ah, well — I'll perhaps call some night." — The girl without a word turned away as if disappointed and ashamed, towards the other woman. — A change then came over me and going towards them, "I'll follow you," said I. — "Go ahead, get the door open, he'll follow" — said the other woman smiling at me and pushing the girl, who ran across the road, and looked back every second to see if I was after her. In three minutes I was in a nicely furnished bedroom in a good sort of house.

"Shall I take my frock off?" said she in a timid way, so soon as the door was closed and gas lighted. — "All off, my dear." — "What, naked? — Oh no — I can't." "Then I'll go." — "Oh don't you're the first gentleman I've seen, I only came here this afternoon — that's my box, I've only put some of my things out — look." — She opened the box and a drawer to show me — I thought immediately of a foul-tongued Irish woman whom I had a few years ago, who had just arrived. — But what a difference! This girl was genteel, charming — yet she might be a trickster. — "Take them off to your chemise then," said I, taking off hat and coat and sitting down after I'd kissed her — for she was pretty. — Very deliberately she did, looking at me all the time, never indeed taking her eyes off me. — Neither of us spoke till she was in chemise. — Then — "I wish you'd be a friend to me" — she said. I laughed, the remark was made so naively, and pulled her on to my knee, placed my fingers between the lips of a fat lipped little quim, and titillated the button. She was unresisting, but not a bit like a whore in manner, till with a pleasure-wriggle of her bum — what delicious wriggles women give when sexual pleasure begins — she closed her thighs, pushed my hand away and said, "Aha — don't — I want it enough without that."

Desire rose, voluptuous sensations crept thro my prick — I'd only intended to see and feel her cunt and leave, but her simple, natural manner pleased and roused me. — "Do you want a fuck?" — she laughed — "I do really." — "I'm not going to poke." — "Oh do." — "No, let me see your belly and cunt, there's the money." — Rising I put it on the table. — "Oh do have me." — "Take off your chemise then." — "There" — and she stood naked. — "I can't." — "Why?" — "I'm married." — "Oh you ain't — ain't I nice— oh do." — "Lay back then." — She slowly reclined on the bed, I lifted her chemise. Beautifully formed, white and plump was she, and my prick stiffened as I saw the puffy motte and delicate notch, with a slight nut-brown thicket about it.

Ah traitorous virility — my sperm was meant for another's cunt that night. Veni, vidi, but not vici — for her cunt conquered. What is it that after having fucked a thousand cunts, another cunt because unknown, un-tasted, fresh to me is irresistible? Should destroy re-solve, frustrate determination, make me weakly yield to its charm, desire to leave my semen in it, tho certain as I look at and feel it, that it will give me no more de-light by friction, grip and suction, than hundreds of the others which my prick has tasted? — Verily cunt is Queen-King, Emperor and Pope — Commander in Chief — an army in itself — a necromancer, wizard — a saint of marvellous power. — All these in one, potential, supreme. Who can withstand it, who not yield to it?

Quickly after I'd parted the slightly pouting lips, and saw the soft shine on the crimson surface of the oval gap between her white thighs, I threw off my clothes, saying, — "Lay still love," and gazing at the shrine whilst I divested myself, then lifted my shirt, and shewing the ruby tipped standard, — "Feel it," I said. — Quickly she rose and grasped it. — "Oh — ohoo. I'm glad you like me," said she innocently. "Shall I get on the bed?" — On it she got, then throwing off my shirt I laid beside her, felt her smooth flesh all over, fingered her privates from bumhole to clitoris, frigged till she murmured, "Oh — do it — do" — then fucked her. Fucked too quickly, — for my balls were full that night — in her delicious lubricious avenue — flooded the tight little cunt too rapidly alas. — But she spent with me, and as I afterwards lay up her, — "You haven't been fucked for some time." — "Five weeks last Sun-day, don't pull it out" and she clasped me tight — "You'll get with child." — "I don't care now." — "Are you quite well there" — feeling round my prick. — "Quite, why it's my first night."

The carnal junction of man and woman alas cannot last long, tho I'll swear that with some I've kept my prick in them for twenty minutes after our pleasure ceased. I uncunted, we washed, put on shirt and chemise, then sitting her naked bum upon my knees, and twiddling her freshened notch, we talked.

She was from S***d*n, had served at the refreshment bar there. A gentleman wooed, won, fucked, and deserted her. Then his friend offered to keep her, after shamming an endeavour to make her seducer do his duty to her (so he said) and failed. She tired of selling jam tarts, and wanting more fucking (as she owned) wouldn't be kept openly but met him on the sly until her courses stopped. Then fear came on her, and this man also meanly left her to her trouble. Then a gay woman whom she had known before she was gay, and who came there to see her relatives, enabled her to over-come the catamenial obstacle. But her parents suspected, abused, and were unkind to her, so to town she'd fled that very morning. The rooms had been taken for her by her gay London friend, who'd paid the first week's rent for her and met her at the station. — It was she who was standing on the pavement with her. This was her first night of a harlot's calling, and I the first man who for money paid down had fucked her. All was told me readily, rapidly, almost without question from me, every thing pointed to its truth — I believed, and believe it still.

I was charmed with her simple manner, with the novel way she handled my tool. — Yes, mine was the third man's prick she'd ever seen — of course she'd seen little boys' cocks. — "Oh yes — you may do it again as often as you like — Yes, I'd like it." — Again we joined our bodies in blissful unity, now I glued my lips to hers, and our tongues met — she was so fresh and sweet, and nice — our tongues muffled our murmurs of pleasure, till I withdrew my lips from hers, then vomited lewed words and phrases. — The desire to utter such came suddenly as it sometimes does when I'm fucking. — "Oho — aharr — re." She sobbed out as she heard my ribaldry and she clutched me tight, her cunt heaved up, her buttocks quivered — I'd fetched her at once.

Still physically joined, her lubricated temple still with its lubricator within it, we talked. — Neither of her two friends ever uttered a "smutty word" whilst poking. — "It made me do it directly you said them." — Then I left her tho she implored me to stop all night. — "I mean to try to get one or two good friends if I can and be content — for I'm sure I shan't like the life," said she. "Why I must go out again, and it's raining, I don't like that."

I wouldn't promise to revisit her. She entreated me to do so. — "Give me anything you like, I shall be glad to see you for you're my first friend here — I know no one but Polly *** who lives close by." But I was along way off from my usual track, gave her double my fee, but promised nothing.

Her freshness, beauty, tight little slightly haired cunt, and her simplicity, dwelt in my mind. — Rarely have I had such a novelty — tho I have had two other women on their first nights as pavé nymphs — and a few days after I telegraphed and went to her. — She awaited me much pleased, I passed a pleasant evening and fucked her thrice. She'd had luck, her friend had said she would when she told her about my doings. — She'd re-paid her friend the rent money, had got some gold saved, was going to live for a month with a man in chambers — mentioned the Inns of Court but would not tell his name, nor did I press it. If he left her then, he was to give her twenty pounds for dress, and pay a week's lodgings at C***s*a. She could then go to places where she'd see a better class of men, he'd told her, but she hoped he'd keep her. — Strange it seemed to me that even in that ten days' experience, she had gathered somewhat of the tone of a professional fuckstress — or was it fancy? — I never saw her afterwards. — Telling H*l*n of her, she said the tale was very probable. — This girl had lightish brown hair, soft hazel eyes, an unusually large bum, and unusually small slightly haired, pretty-shaped cunt. She was seventeen.