Vol. 10 Chapter IV

H*l*n's difficulties. • Poor lover ill. • A little un-fledged virgin. • Antecedents and lewedness. • I want her. • H.'s assistance. • Virginity verified. • A ready quim. • Sudden impotence. • Essays and varieties. • Pego potential. • Hymenial rupture. • In an empty house. • A bricklayer's woman. • Pissing on the footway. • Frigging suggested. • The carpenter's bench. • An inconvenient meeting. • Washing in a watercloset basin. • Reminiscences thereon.

Returning home I saw H*l*n. There seemed some confusion in her house, the servants were gone, the female relative and a young girl were now servants. H. was impecunious and I think had had words with her protector. They had lived extravagantly and perhaps he was in difficulties, but she avoided the subject. Her big-pricked lover I saw poking her with the usual sequel twice, then he was ill and ultra-lubricious fucking ceased.

On the last occasion there was a scare. He escaped by a back entrance. H*** asked me to go quickly, and she had the street watched by the relative before I went out. After that when I visited her she made me fuck her more than ever, more than I wanted, was voluptuous in the highest degree, drained me of sperm. I came to the conclusion that she was short of cock, which pleased me. Soon after H*** had a little servant barely fourteen years old, a ragged-headed but not bad-looking lass, short for her age. She'd lightish brown hair and a baudy expression of eye. I did not take notice of her at first, she was such a slovenly, dirty, ragged-headed little bitch, was impudent, disobedient, and chuckled at whatever was said to her as if it were a good joke — H*l*n had the greatest difficulty to make her clean, she bathed her herself and boxed her ears to make her allow her to do so. "She hasn't a bit of hair on her cunt, yet is a randy little devil, and often goes into the watercloset and I know to frig herself," said H. "She looks like it when she comes out." I thought that perhaps H*** and her lover had played enough pranks before to make the girl's quim tingle, she being just of an age when sexual heat was getting into her little cunt, and fucking occupy her mind.

H** * told me that she was one of a large family, that the father and mother quarrelled. The father said he was not sure that the girl was his child. The family in all, slept in one bedroom. — "She's often seen her father and mother fucking I'm sure, tho they may try to hide it. She knows all about it, is a cunning little bitch, when she gets out on an errand she won't come back soon." — She thought the girl was ready for a spree, with any boy or man who wanted to take a liberty with her.

I thought of all this, and that perhaps H. and her protector had been free enough before the girl to teach her something. — She said that he had bathed naked before her, and she had bathed the girl before him. — After having seen the girl two or three times, I thought I should like to twiddle her little cunt a bit. On imparting this to H., she said I might. At the next visit I kissed the girl, gave her a shilling, pinched her bum, and poking at her cunt asked if she'd got any hair there. She giggled and made no reply. — "Why don't you say no, you little fool," said H. who was there. — "No I ain't," said the girl, bursting out laughing. Then I talked baudily, and finished by feeling her bum and belly, and got a finger on the little notch lips. All there was hairless, smooth as ivory, and moist with a fully flavored smell. The smell of a cunt is really nice to me, for I have always smelt my finger whenever it has touched one. I struggled for a look. H. went out of the room to improve my chance, but the lass, after giggling as if the attempt amused her, winced and made a noise, so I desisted. — But I shewed her my cock and gave her six-pence to feel it. The touch of her little hand made it stiff, tho H*** had not long before taken out its starch. Then I got wild to see the hairless cunt, and hoping to do so, made her feel it more freely and pull the fore-skin up and down, which exercise she took to readily, she was delighted and looked quite randy, but I couldn't get her to let me have a look at her notch. She squirmed and giggled — then. — "Nou — nou nou" — she cried with nasal vulgarity, and resisting me.

I told H*** when she came back. The girl grinned, and kept rolling her head about like a Chinese figure as she heard me. "If she'll show me her cunt, I'll give her nice boots and stockings." — "There is a chance for you," said H. Ostentatiously I gave H. the money. "She'll let you next time," said my friend when the girl had left the room. — When two or three days after I went there again — I usually wrote or telegraphed — she had some of the things on, bought with my money. She grabbed at my cock when I showed it as if she was dying for it. I put it against her face, she knelt down and kissed it as I asked her. How she giggled at each of my requests. "I'll put that into your cunt and give you such pleasure soon," said I. "Oho," said she. "Do you know what fucking is?" — With a chuckle she said that her Mrs. had told her, but she knew it I'm sure long before. Then I felt her quim, then smelt my finger, at which she giggled and put her handkerchief into her mouth. I tried to get a glimpse of her privates, H*** had told me that she'd washed her to make her wholesome for inspection, but the girl turned sulky and wouldn't. I got very randy, for there stood H. in chemise only and looking lovely. — "Show me your cunt." On the bed side went she, pulling her chemise up and exposing almost all she had as a woman to show what's kept hidden, opening her thighs wide. — On my knees I pulled her delicious cunt about, smelt, kissed it, and at last licked it till she spent in the sweetest ecstasy. The girl stood in delighted wonderment at the sight of my licking the cunt, and her mistress jogging and wriggling her bum under the titillation. — H*l*n quivers all over under suction and more and more after each spend.

After that the girl answered my questions and did all I told her. — She'd seen her mistress naked when bathing, but never a woman's cunt wide open. — No, she'd never seen that before. — Should she like to have hair on her cunt like her mistress. — "Yeas." — "It will grow quickly when I've fucked you — won't it H*l*n?" — "Certainly." — Then I made her feel her mistress' cunt, and she seemed more delighted with that than feeling my prick — I stood with my pego rigid, close to H*l*n's thighs, once put the girl's hand on to it, — she took it away and put it on to her mistress' motte, looking at the cunt in silent admiration. — "Hasn't she a handsome cunt?" — "Ho, yeas, hain't it?" — the girl breathed out in a whisper.

After a while. "Show me your cunt and I'll give you a shilling." — "Let him, you fool," said H*l*n. — Slowly, thoughtfully, hesitatingly, down went the girl's bum on the bedside. I threw up her chemise, fell on to my knees, pulled one leg apart, pushed the other, and close to my eyes lay the little hairless belly parting.

It was a lovely little cunt of a most delicate pink color. It didn't look three inches long, was a smaller cunt than I recollect seeing in any girl of her age. Such tiny nymphae, such a pea-shaped clitoris, and the mouth of the prick sheath closed up, all but a little hole lying low towards her anus, — a hole only large enough to let the tip of my little finger up it. She was as tight a virgin as when she came out of her mother's womb — I examined it, expatiating on its beauty to H*l*n who had already seen it, and who stood by assisting me, opening the lips at times herself, and smiling, stooping and feeling my cock, curious apparently to know the effect of the spectacle upon it.

I wiped the little vulva, and then with her permission gamahuched it, but could not make her spend, I think. — Then I gamahuched H*l*n again, and when I had done, telling the lass to do the same, to the astonishment I think of H. she knelt down at once, and eagerly licked her mistress' quim, licked as if she had been used to it, — perhaps she had. — Then sending her out of the room, H*l*n and I had a glorious fuck, never had I spent a more delicious afternoon. A virginity was within my reach, in a short time I might take it, and I revelled in the anticipation of splitting the little cartilage, and leaving my sperm in the unpolluted vagina. Soon I went there again, the lass freer, and stripped at once, I had no difficulty in getting to see it. H. had taught her that obedience was needful. Up went her legs — open her thighs as if she liked the sport. H. had talked to her. Quietly we all then soon got to the frankest obscenity. I licked her little quim, then cautiously she minetted my cock — a mouthful to her — she sucked it so freely that I think she must have been practising on H*l*n's lover, or protector. Then I gamahuched H*l*n till her belly quivered like an aspen leaf and she shrieked out, "Ah! God — fuck — prick — spunk," after I had gamahuched her two or three times, much to the wonder and delight of the little one.

Then the girl licked H.'s cunt, whilst H* * * kissed my prick — suck it she wouldn't — and so we rung the changes till I fucked H*l*n with her bum towards me, the lass standing naked by us, lost in delight and wonderment, putting her hand between my belly and H.'s buttocks, looking up under my balls and doing all I told her. After that H. asked her if she would like to be fucked, at which all laughed together, and all felt each other's privates again, it was suck and lick all round tho H*** kept her mouth free. Then I said I'd give the girl a sovereign to let me do her. "Oh really, a sovereign?"

Excited by the promise she got on to the bed and I mounted her. — Alas my prick would not get rigid. — Sometimes it got slightly stiff by my frigging and I put it to her cunt, I could get no lodgment, her thighs seeming so small and close that she couldn't open them wide enough to let me. I put her at the side of the bed and pushed my cock against the little notch in vain — my thrusts drove her light little body up on the bed and away from me, as I leant over her and rammed. I was savage with myself and swore that the girl got away purposely. "No, I don't sir," said she quite seriously, "it's you a shovin," then I got more nervous — I and H*** alternately frigged my cock to a stand, but directly I was on the young ones' belly it fell down. After two hours' trial, weary and disgusted I left, yet madly lewed when I smelt the aroma of her cunt on my fingers.

Next day I was there again. She had been well trained, talked baudy, had lost all bashfulness, her mistress had instructed her well I think. She wanted to be fucked and said so — I partly stiffened, put her in every position I could think of, licked her and she sucked me but it never got stiff enough to break the virgin barrier.

Then I put my prick into H***, the sight of whose sweet, brown, crisply haired plump cunt would stiffen me if I were dying. — Only half the size as it touched the sweet-smelling orifice which I'd first licked, swallowing my saliva, as an aphrodisiac, it began to swell. I squeezed it in, with a delicate heave of her buttocks it went further, and a grip which her cunt gave as it felt its entry stiffened it a little. I pushed gently in the lubricious channel, and it stiffened more. — "I'm stiff enough dear." — "No, you're not — you can't fuck her, I'm sure." — "I think I can," — and I stopped thrusting. "You can't — fuck — fuck — me," and she glued her moist lips to mine. On I went "Push — harder - I'm — corn — ahrr" — murmured she. Her limbs quieted — her cunt loosened — she had spent. — In a second — "go on" she said. Obeying, I thrust, she moved, she helped me, clipped my pego with a lubricious clip, and my sperm spurted into her. — "You're knocked up, you've been fucking hard somewhere I'm sure," she whispered, — the reverse of truth. — The lass stood looking glum, and scarcely spoke till I was going — then, "Ain't he acomin agin?" quoth she. "Yes, you shall have the sovereign, don't let anyone touch you." — "I won't send her out, but you must fuck her soon," said H*** to me as we parted.

Almost mad with my failure, instead of resting awhile, I foolishly went there next afternoon, felt my cock every hour in the day to see if it would stiffen and it was not satisfactory, but go I would. H*** had said all was safe on that day, and a fear lest someone else would fuck the lewed little bitch — for such she was — came over me. — I told H. I was sure I couldn't do it. "Don't be nervous, if you are you won't do it." I looked at the girl, who stripped directly before I'd asked her, and clutched my cock as if eager for it, and at my re-quest gave a chuckle and took it in her mouth. Then I licked the beautiful little quim — gamahuched H*** — the girl gamahuched her afterwards — we looked at baudy pictures which I'd taken, we drank champagne, I sat her naked bum upon my knee, and she played with my recreant doodle. Then she took it in her mouth again, I sitting naked on the bed to do so, whilst I fingered the cunt of H*** who laid half naked on the bed beside her to let me. Then I made her sit on the bed and piddle whilst I held the pot, then made H*** do the same — but all uselessly. Then H*** turned her bum towards me, the lass had her fingers on H***'s quim whilst my finger was up it. — Then I tried to fuck H** * but couldn't effect an entry — every thing I could think of to excite me I tried, and so did H*** but my prick got smaller and smaller, till it was nothing but a bit of shrivelled skin.

Then I broke out into a sweat with vexation and disgrace. — H*** said to the girl that I wasn't well, was nervous, over-excited, but that she'd get her sovereign. — "Let me look at your little cunt again." — The girl quickly jumped on the bed, and opened her thighs like a thorough paced strumpet. "Do you want to be fucked?" — "Yes I'd like it" — she said. — A voluptuous thrill I had, but all was useless, I cursed and swore, said I had become impotent. H*** laughed. — "Nonsense, you fucked me three times one evening a week ago, perhaps you've been fucking too much else-where," — which wasn't the case. — After about three hours of this, when worried and tired out — almost crying with vexation, — I left H* * * saying I must have her soon or something might prevent me. The girl might be talking. — She might go home perhaps. — A strange revulsion came. "Perhaps I'd better not have her." — "As you like, if you don't the butcher will, I caught him kissing her today, she'll have it, so I'll send her away."

Was I spellbound, bewitched? Never in my life before had I more than the most temporary impotency, rarely my pego would not erect itself, even when not a drop of sperm lay waiting in my balls. — I felt now almost mad, for when quite rigid, stiff enough for any-thing virgin, down drooped my prick directly it touched the delicious little pink, hairless, expectant vulva. The girl was longing for it, dying to let a prick up her — yet I could not pierce her — I could think of nothing else, yet when away from her my prick stood when I thought of its disgrace. The next visit made in a few days, I stripped to my shirt. She also entirely, and laid her little sylphlike frame on the bed without being asked. Never have I seen a girl with such cool and deliberate intention to have her virginity taken. It is incredible almost, and no doubt was due to H*l*n's talk and training.

H**** sat by the fire reading — she was fatigued with the affair, how lovely she looked in her gauzy chemise, holding a novel in one hand, gently feeling her cunt with the other. She often sits feeling her quim when reading. The fire glowed on her thighs, I could just see sideways the hair of her motte, as I lay on my back licking the little virgin's quim. The lass kneeling over me, sucked my prick as if she loved it, and had practised the art of gamahuching from her infancy, — yet this girl was unfucked and but fourteen years of age. — I pushed up her bum, and I pulled open her little cunt lips — yes she was still intact, unbroken, and again I pulled her bum back to me and licked her cunt. — Slob, blob went her mouth on to my prick as her saliva ran down the stem, and mine ran over my mouth when I squeezed it too closely against her cunt, a delicious baudy preliminary with the fresh little lass. Occasionally I turned my head aside to see H. feeling her cunt, anon looking at our pranks, then reading a bit.

Suddenly my pego stiffened hornlike — ready — but not of its usual size. When rigid I have at times known it in a similar state, stiff as a poker, but small both in length and thickness — I wanted to fuck her yet singularly had no strong desire for emission. I felt my pego again and tried to bend it but couldn't. "I'll fuck you, dear" I said, got up standing, and quickly put her bum at the bed side. She knew where, for her buttocks had several times lain there for my efforts. — Then I placed the two pillows under her little bum. — I did not feel in a hurry, was singularly calm and collected. "Are you going to fuck?" said H*** I turned my head towards her — her thighs were apart, one hand on her cunt, she had laid down her book and was watching us.

I didn't answer, being absorbed in my work, and in fear of my powers failing me. — I pulled the girl closer to me — her quim was just level with my balls — I was now wonderfully cool and collected, for sperm was not even urging me on — I wanted to deflower her rather than to spend, to do it to her first, and a desire to hurt her in doing it came into my mind. "Come closer, darling" and she did — I put up her legs so that her heels were near my breasts, her thighs against my naked belly, again I felt my prick, still stiff tho small, then holding her legs I lodged my pego in her notch which I had deluged with saliva, and thrust. Push, push — her body went further back on the bed. "Keep your legs up, darling." Furiously I pulled her close to me again, she helped her bum forwards, my prick was still on her notch and now stiffer than ever.

Then thrusting I went as quick as my ballocks would move. She shut her eyes, her mouth opened, her teeth clenched. "Oho, hahoh" came whispering thro her teeth. — "Do I hurt you?" — "Not much" the brave girl whispered. — Thrust. — My prick was going thro some-thing — something tender which gently separated and nipped round my gland — nipped as if something tight were being drawn over it. I knew the sensation - thrust, thrust. — "Oho — ahar" — she moaned with a slight shiver. My prick felt suddenly at ease as if in a sheath which clung to it. — "I'm up her" I cried, putting my hand down and feeling the root only of my prick, the rest of it was up her little cunt, my balls covered her arse, her virginity was gone. Oh! the proud delight of that moment as I rested satisfied, feeling round the stem of the invader to be sure there was no mistake, that I was well up that diminutive orifice, which a minute before I could not get my little finger thro. — "I'm up her" I cried. H*l*n came to the bed and seemed surprised, felt my prick stem, and pushing her fingers between our bellies, "She's fucked and no mistake," quoth she, with a lovely baudy smile, then sat on the bed looking on, whilst I went on fucking. Slowly up and down my prick went in the little cunt, so deliciously tight. The girl opened her eyes. "Does it hurt?" — "Not now" — "Is it nice?" — "Yhes!" she whispered. Nature seemed tranquil in me, considering where my prick was. I gloated over the naked body I was in, then at H*'s lovely face and breasts as she sat watching, and she began feeling her own cunt.

Suddenly a throb, a spasm of pleasure shot thru my pego, my prick was swelling more. Another — an-other throb, the blood was rushing into it, it was full-sized now, the little cunt too tight — I drove it up hard, then pulled it nearly out, then lunged it up again. — "Howooo," moaned the girl. — Now I longed to finish, to fill her cunt with sperm, the heat of lust was strong in me, voluptuous feelings running from brain to ballocks. — "My darling, my spunks' coming — it will spend in your — c — hunt — it's coming. — Aaharr — spunk — fuck" — I cried in delicious pleasure. She was silent, but her belly winced as I drove hard up her. Then a slight murmur, her eyes closing, a most lovely look came over her face. — "She is spending, look H*l*n." — "Yes she's spending," said H***. She breathed hard, her cunt tightened, my prick felt as if it were splitting her, and ramming, shaking her whole body with my thrusts, my prick pulsated and with a final throb gushed out thick spunk into her; then came short movements, wriggles, a gentle churning up and mixing in her cunt my spermy fluids with her flux and bloody leakings of her torn hymen. — There I stood holding her thighs to me, squeezing my prick up her, looking at her and then at H*l*n, who now on her back on the bed with chemise up, thighs and belly visible, was frigging her cunt vigourously — abandoning her-self to unrestrained lust. Satiated tho I was, I put my fingers on to Nell's motte as by her trembling and sweet look I saw that she was spending.

We were all silent, motionless, a lascivious group; my prick then shrinking I held my girl's thighs closer, keeping up her, her little cunt sticking to me like wax. — I could have kept it in her for a week, even had it been no bigger than a gooseberry, so little obstruction did her small buttocks offer, so close her cunt came up to my balls — H*l*n opened her eyes and looked. No woman ever enjoyed a baudy sight or play more than she, and this cunt burglary was a treat to her. — She had never seen a virginity taken in that fashion before, and her behaviour was as much as possible like Sarah F**z*r's under similar circumstances.

The girl lay in silent enjoyment of a lubricated cunt, and excess of a new pleasure. I wriggled against her, for one cannot keep a prick quite quiet when in a cunt. — She looked at me. — "Do you like fucking?" — "Yeas." — Moisture began oozing from her quim. — "Get up and wash," said H*** — "She shan't" and I nestled my cock against her closer. — The girl liked it and laid motionless. — "Get up and wash," said H*** impatiently. — "She shan't." — "You'd better let her." — I saw the wisdom, uncunted, pushed her legs wider apart as I did so, holding them up, and dropped on my knees — saw the little cunt blurred and covered with spunk and streaked with blood — but so little was the blood, that had I not verified the virginity before taking it, I might have doubted its former existence.

Then she washed her lacerated quim. "Throw the water well up," said H. — We were quiet. Fucking and frigging quiets all human beings for a time. Then I put her on the bed, saw the jagged tear my prick had made, and felt it. She winced, said it was sore, I gave her a present and downstairs she went. H. and I chatted about first fuckings and she said we were both beasts. — "Agreed, but we can't help it, we didn't make our-selves." It was one of the most voluptuous incidents of my middle age. — Two or three days afterwards the girl left H*l*n's service.

[As often before said, fucking is always much the same, the preliminaries alone vary. The way H*l*n induced the lass to submit, and frigged herself whilst I took the virginity, is similar to the behaviour of other women in like cases. — Women I think like getting girls fucked, take pleasure in initiating them into love's mysteries, tho there is nothing mysterious about it excepting in the psychology. Madame de Maintenon probably did the same as Sarah F. — Nellie L. — and H*l*n did.] At about half past eleven on a cold dull morning to-wards the end of March, passing through a new formed district in the outskirts of the N.W. of London, I turned a corner sharply into new and partially made streets where one or two buildings were already finished ready for letting, and several in the distance building; the remaining land being laid out for letting and enclosed by fencing or hoarding. At the junction of two streets, the hoarding had been canted at the angle, and there squatted a woman on the footway her back against the hoarding, and as I thought at first resting herself, but immediately discovered to be piddling. Her petticoats scarcely covered her knees, I saw the tips of large buttocks, and from the darkness, in the shadow of her petticoats, a strong stream issuing, which spouted out in front of her and splashed audibly.

With lustful delight I walked straight at her, ducking my head as if trying to see her cunt pissing. — As I got close to her the stream ceased, she rose up staring at me, looking surprised and uncomfortable at first, then laughing loudly. — "What do you come this way for, you old bloke," said she. — "Shouldn't I like to feel that cunt," said I. — She laughed heartily. "My old man will feel you damned hard perhaps, you old beast — be off now." — "I'd like to fuck it." - "He'll do that for me at dinner time — you hook it or you'll be sorry enough" — and again she laughed heartily and with lewed look, as if thinking it a good joke. — "Where's your old man?" — "Working there" — and she nodded in the direction of the houses building. "What did yer come a starin at me for, did yer never see it done afore — yer old enough." She had not moved from the spot where she piddled.

She had a big round black hat on with a huge dirty feather in it, a dark dress, a small shawl tied round her chest, a clean white apron, white stockings and thick boots. — She looked like a woman who sold things in the streets from a barrow. — Was she a coster woman — or a labourer's wife or woman — or low whore? All this passed thro my mind rapidly at my first advance. Then I decided from her laughing and general manner that she was a slut if not a regular strumpet. Lust now made me again bolder, for she was tallish, thickly built, dark haired and dark eyes, fresh, healthy looking, and perhaps thirty years old. I had seen just the tip of her buttocks and wanted her. "I'll give you five shillings to feel your cunt and have a look at it" said I boldly. — "Get along with yer, you old bloke, he's a working over there." — "Who?" — "My husband, he'll be out soon to dinner," and she laughed much.

Not a person had passed or was likely to pass thro the half-formed place, excepting work people. — Close by were two houses seemingly finished, the doors wide open. "To let" written on all the windows, there might be or might not be workmen inside. "Come in there and I'll give you ten to have you," said I. — She laughed louder. — "Get along with yer, yer ought to know better, I shall get all I wants at dinner time" and she shook her head. — "Let me do it first." A shake of the head. — "Come." — "What's the time?" — "Half past eleven." — She shook her head again but seemed hesitating — I pulled out the gold, showed it and walking on stopped at the first doorway and beckoned. She peeped round the corner and towards where building was going on —I walked on into the hall of the empty house, heard no sound, no workman was there, and in a minute in she came. — "We must be quick or he'll be out" said she. — "Who?" — "My husband." — "Nonsense, you are not married." — "Yes I am, look" and she showed her hand with a wed-ding ring. Then I thought it might be true, but felt sure from the way in which she received my advances, that more than one prick had been between her thighs at some time or the other.

We went into the back room, listened and heard no sound. I began feeling her privates. She opened her thighs, I found she'd a heavy arse and thickly haired cunt. — I pulled up her clothes and looked at her massive thighs, to which she rather objected, but I held up her petticoats, pushing her back against a wall, and so for a minute or two I felt and looked at her hairy crack, or rather its beginning, for more was not very visible as she stood.

My pego was standing and I felt awfully lewed on her, yet prudence restrained me. — Who is she, is she wholesome? and such thoughts passed through me whilst I stood reflecting and silent. — Said she, "Make haste, I must go before twelve o'clock — mustn't keep my man waiting." — At that I ceased looking at her thighs and dark haired mount, and laying hold of her round her waist began with the other hand twiddling a fullish clitoris, till she jerked her belly forward a bit. — "Make haste and do it, ain't yer stiff?" — Annoyed at the doubt I told her to see, and unbuttoning my trowsers a bit, let my stiff stander be visible. She laid hold of it at once without my invitation, giving a sort of suppressed "Whew" or whistle and laughing quietly said, "Put it in, be quick." — The handling of my tool gratified me, altho her hand was cold and roughish, and again I pulled up her petticoats, she now helping them up with her unemployed hand, and began again feeling her cunt all about; and so on for a minute, she gently handling my prick, till with a wriggle and a jerk of her belly — that undefinable motion which a woman gives when she's randy, and a man's fingers are on her cunt — she pulled my cock towards her, saying hurriedly, "Now make haste, I must go soon, someone may come, there's carpenters here — don't you see? — Put it in." — She was in greater want of fucking than I was.

Wanting her badly yet fear on me still, "Frig me whilst I feel your cunt." — "I won't, you beast" said she relinquishing my tool. "Do it properly, or not at all," and her petticoats dropped.

I snatched them up again. She aided me opening her thighs for my reception. I was just putting my rod into her, when I fancied that the lips I was opening with my left hand felt unusually wet. — Again fear seized me. — "You're a fine woman and have a nice cunt, but I have had all I want." — Letting go my prick, my coat fell over it and partly it went into my trowsers. I took out half a sovereign from my purse and gave it her. She slipped it into her pocket without thanks, but stood just where she was, eyeing me. — "Why don't yer do it, what are yer feared on?" — said she. "I'm tired." — "Yer hain't, it hain't that tired be blowed, what are you feared on? — Do it quick — come on — put it up," and she hitched her clothed up again.

She's got the money and wants fucking, thought I, and my timidity went off. But tho wanting her more than ever I still hesitated, and began to button up my trowsers. She, thinking I was preparing for her bum basting, had planted her back again against the wall, and lifting her clothes up said "Make haste." — "I can't do it there, I don't want it, I only wanted to feel your cunt." — "Do it here, then" said she. In the room was a long workman's bench — some shavings on it. —With a hitch up she sat on it at its end. "You can't lay there." — "Yes, I can" — and back she laid, her legs hanging down over the edge. Excited now beyond all thought of consequences I threw up her clothes, she opened her thighs, for a second I looked at her sex, saw full lips, the red stripe, and thick dark hair on her motte, got out my pego, and then again hesitated. I was in one of those nervous moods which I had some-times on unsual occasions.

Seeing that she sat up and caught hold of my prick. — "Come on, what are you afeared for." — "You've got the money" I began. "Yes and I've got your cock" (with a laugh). "Do you want to be poked?" — "Yes, be quick." — "Your husband will do it." — "Right you are, but be quick." — She was too much for me and I put my prick into her. — She felt the stretch and friction — soon, "aha — Hoh — Harr" she sighed, her cunt clipped tight and she spent. — I was not so quick, and her cunt loosened directly — some women's do — but at length I spent with much delight. She did not uncunt me, and we stood copulated looking at each other. "You'd best go before the men's dinner time," at length she said. — Out I pulled it, she stood up and laughed. "You're a blooming old swell, why did you say you could not do it, I knowed yer could."

I looked at my watch — it was still nearly ten minutes to twelve, wiped my prick, went to the water closet and pissed. She followed. "Are you going to wash your cunt?" — "Yes if there's water." — There was, and I watched her operations. — "Are you all right?" said I. "What do yer mean? Oh, I've nothing the matter with me." — "You're not married." — "I am tho." — Then she took out the half sovereign, spat upon it and put it back into her pocket. — My lust being over, I noticed what a big, coarse, but healthy looking bitch she was, felt her hard thighs and buttocks again, scratched the wig on the motte, and letting her at her request go out first, soon after went away in an-other direction.

I had gone some distance, when reflecting on the funny incident and feeling curious, I walked to that end of the street where they were building. It was just twelve o'clock and workmen were coming out. She was standing there and I saw a workman join her. They were coming my way when, seeing me, she apparently said something to him, they turned and went off in the opposite direction. Her eyes opened wide when she saw me — tho a little distance off I noticed that.

It was a nice morning's adventure. I fancy that she had been a harlot and had slightly the manners of one.

Free and easy as her virtue seemed, was she the work-man's woman, or was she married? What matters? — I and she enjoyed fucking immensely. I was amused at her sluicing out her cunt in the watercloset. Several times I have washed my ballocks in one, but never saw a woman do it before. — In empty houses there frequently is no water on. I recollect feeling the cunt of a girl in one, and found no water in the closet to wash fingers in afterwards.