Vol. 10 Chapter V

H.'s protector. • His absence. • Her voluptuous needs. • A donkey-prick'd lover. • Caution advised. • Her excuses. • Donkey prick exercising. • The pleasure given by large pricks. • Harry's first sight of a pudenda. • Masturbated by his master. • Protector impecunious. • My visits permitted. • A looking-glass bought. • Miss Def, the ex-harlot. • About Magdalenes. • Foot frigging. • A garden party. • The swing. • A frisky spinster. • Baudy books lent. • Free and easy conversations. • Donkey prick in the garret. • His limp tool. • H.'s anger and objurgation. • She on him. • Energetic buttocks. • They in the best bed room. • The trick with the door. • Mutual pleasure in the lubricated channel. • The aesthetic aspects of fucking.

H** had still two servants, but who were changed often now for some reason or another, I guessed to facilitate intrigue. More frequently than otherwise her female relative — the scout — in whom she had great confidence, together with some very young girl and a charwoman, did the work of the house, this looked also suspicious, and the arrangement as if made to favor intrigues. Indeed H. laughingly admitted almost as much. She now was assumed to have quitted gay life for good, and to have consecrated her temple of love to one sole worshipper. I certainly believe that she was inaccessible to men (myself and a lover excepted) was never seen at the haunts of the frail ones, nor at theatres or other places of amusements, and she had cut nearly every Paphian acquaintance of old days. I enquired of women, and at places when they ought to know, but none had seen her. One thought she was ill, most that she was being kept.

H*** spoke well of her protector. She was proud of his personal appearance, of his being a gentleman, an Oxford man, well born and so on, all of which he was. She said she loved him. She was fond of her home and even of domestic duties. She was a very active woman, was very clean, and those duties and reading occupied her. She was very clever, and indeed had most of the qualities which go to make a good wife. She was a gourmet, and most extravagant in her food, liked cooking it herself, would give five shillings for a pint of green peas or other choice food, even if she had to borrow the money to pay for them — but she much preferred going into debt. This is an illustration of I believe her sole extravagance. She could write well, compose charades and even write rhymes which were far from contemptible.

But her nature was luxurious, her sexual force so great that it conquered. One man could not satisfy her. Altho when with her protector he fucked her twice daily, and she frigged herself twice or thrice as well — did it even before his eyes she told me — and I who saw her weekly fucked her twice or thrice and between our love exercise often times she frigged herself — no sham, not done to excite me, there was no object in that — such was her strong appetite for voluptuous de-light, the craving of her flesh. She delighted in baudy MY- SECRET LIFE books and pictures, and generally in all voluptuousness — yet for all this she was not a Messalina quite.

Sometimes now she was left alone for a week or two or longer by her friend, tho he idolized her, — but he couldn't help his absence. Then the strong promptings of her carnality placed her in great temptation. Frigging did not satisfy her, her cunt yearned irresistably for the male. My talk, she averred, so excited her, that when she thought of that alone it led to her giving way to her passions. That I don't believe, tho it might have added fuel to the flames. — She took a fancy after a time to another man. This came about through going to see a dashing gay woman whom she'd not seen since she'd been in keeping. The man there-fore was a mere chance acquaintance. He was known in Paphian circles for his physical perfections, and the desire for his very big prick really was the reason of her wishing once to see him, and then for a time her taking to him. But more of this hereafter.

I afterwards witnessed him using his tool. It added greatly to her pleasure to know that I was a spectator. The deed done, he gone away, she came to me, her eyes humid with recent pleasure — still lustful. We fucked, and talked. The idea of my prick being in the avenue his had quitted increased the pleasures of us both when fucking — hers I think more even than mine. Soon after our eroticism entered on even a higher phase of luxuriousness.

When she had thoroughly made the acquaintance of the man with a bigger prick than that of her lover — the biggest she had ever known, she said — she described it rapturously and the delight she felt when it was up her. The gentleman with whom she lived as already said poked her twice daily when there, her poor lover fucked her frequently, I gave her my doodle then once a week, besides gamahuching her which I never failed to do, and in addition to all this she frigged herself nearly every day. — Yet all this did not give her an excess of sexual pleasure, with all her fucking, frigging, and gamahuching, she looked the very picture of health and strength, and had both.

She had met as said this man by chance, was told about him, and it was the idea of his size which affected her sensuous imagination. — He was, she found in the long run, a mean hound, who enjoyed her lovely body yet was often half fucked out before he had her, and scarcely made her the most trifling presents. The size of his prick had made him notorious among gay women, she discovered at last, and he got more cunt than he wanted for nothing. I often advised her to cut him, for she told me all about her affairs with him; not that I preached morality but saw that it was a pity to risk an evidently good chance of being settled comfortably for life. Yet if she wanted another man — if variety was essential, "Have him but beware," I used to say.

I expressed one day a wish to see his pego of which she was always talking. She was proud at that, her eyes glistened voluptuously as she told me of the arrangements for my view. She had long liked telling her letches to me — a willing listener who had no canting objections. — Tho I cautioned her to take care not to be caught by her protector. — She used to reply — "What have I to live for except it. — Philip and I have no society, we can't afford it now — it's a year since I've been to the theatre, — there is nothing but my house, and playing at cards and fucking, to amuse me." — "My darling, fucking is all in life worth living for, but be prudent."

The plan of her house then, owing to the way she and her protector occupied the back bed room, did not favour a secret peep at her with the man, who had become knowing and wary in such matters, by passing most of his time with harlots, and she had a difficult task in humbugging him. It was to come off in the parlour. I at a signal was to go downstairs from her bedroom barefooted, peep thro the parlour door left ajar, was not to make the slightest noise, and retire directly the con-summation was effected.

On the day, I was waiting expectant in her bedroom, heard footsteps enter the parlour, went down cautiously to the half landing — heard: — "Ahem" — went lower — heard baudy conversation and then, "It's up my cunt." Knowing from that that my opportunity had arrived, I pushed the door slightly more open. — She was on the top of him on a sofa, her face hid his from seeing me. — She was kissing him, her chemise was up to her armpits, her bum moved slowly up and down showing a thick prick up her. "It's not stiff" said she angrily. "You've fucked before today." — "I've not fucked since yesterday." — She'd uncunted him as she spoke, and out flopped a huge prick not quite stiff. — There she lay over him thighs wide apart cunt gaping wide — his prick underneath it. — It was a dodge of hers to gratify my sight, to show me the procreator she was proud of enjoying.

Then she got off, and stood by the side of him, still leaning over and kissing him, to hide his eyes whilst she frigged him. His prick soon stood and a giant it was. She got on to him again, impaled herself, and soon by the short twitching shoves of her buttocks, and the movement of his legs (in trowsers) I saw they were spending. — In a minute his moist tool flopped out of her cunt, and I crept upstairs leaving them still belly to belly on the sofa. She had told him that her sister was in the bed room, to which I soon after heard her coming up, and him going down to the kitchen. Oh the voluptuous delight in her lovely face as she laid on the bedside to let me see her cunt, and the delight she had as my prick glided up it softened by his sperm, and her lewed ecsatsy as my sperm mixed with his and hers in spasms of maddening pleasure — for now she delighted in this sort of copulation, said it made her feel as if she were being fucked by both of us at once.

This spectacle was repeated afterwards on a bed in the garret — but after a time she sickened of him and saw him no more. — She however still had her large-pricked poor lover, who one or two years after died, and as I have narrated what I saw and did after him, shall tell no more. She had at various times with string measured the length and circumferences of both of these pricks. The way to get proper measurements was carefully discussed by us. I have the lengths and circumferences of the two pricks, and of Phil's all measured when stiff, round the stem half way down — and from the centre of the tip to where the prick joins the belly.

The biggest of the two pricks did not however nearly come up in size, to that titanic cunt stretcher which Sarah F*z*r enabled me to see thro the peephole at the baudy house some years ago. Tho I had no measure of that, it was much larger than any I have ever yet seen — there could be no mistake about it — (I have seen a couple of hundred pricks, just before their owners put them into their women).

This big-pricked man was a coarse looking fellow tho stalwart and handsome. He would stop at the house and feed at her expense, and scarcely give her a present, yet he was not a poor man, but a man of business as she knew, and as I took the trouble to ascertain. H*** told me soon all about him. I was certainly the only confidant she could have in this letch. — He was reckless enough to let a youth from his place of business bring him letters whilst at H.'s and she got acquainted with the lad.

H** told me one day that she was in bed with big-tool, when the youth (then only sixteen years old) brought him a letter. They both lewed, began chaffing the boy, asked if he'd ever seen a woman naked, and pulled the bed clothes down so as to show her naked to her waist. She permitted, nay liked the lark, and admitted to me she hadn't seen the prick of a lad of that age, stiff or limp. — "Show her your cock and she'll show you her cunt," said big-tool. The boy, glowing with lust approached the bed. H. opened her thighs invitingly, his master got up and pulled the lad's cock out of his trowsers as stiff as a horn, she opened her thighs wider, the man gave the lad's prick one or two frigs, and the sperm squirted over H.'s thighs. — This, as I happened to be there, was told me the day after it had occurred.

This frigging of the boy led as may be supposed to some erotic episodes. — As a matter of course it stirred H.'s lust, she had never been fucked by one so young, and before long his thin prick and her cunt were introduced to each other. The narrative of a consequent episode in which I was a participator, as written at the time, is reserved from the flames.

A little before this H.'s protector was as I'd guessed in money difficulties. She told him that an old kind friend wanted to visit her, that money must be got somehow or they must part, and he consented to me — and only me — visiting her. — She had told him I was too old to poke, and only gamahuched her. Of course I've only her word for that. I never saw him or he me. He was very unhappy about it, but sooner than let her again be gay he would consent to almost any-thing. — Money and other circumstances, however, pre-vented my seeing her more frequently, tho I went with the greater ease of mind. She also was not under such anxiety, and we had our frolics with increased pleasure — for her lascivious delights with me were greater than ever.

Later on she told me her protector was getting as erotic as I was, tho he was a very much younger man. My impression is that she taught him. — Sometimes it was: — "What do you think? Phil wanted me to do so and so with him?" — or: "We poked in this attitude the other day." — Or: "He likes hearing how formerly I've been poked," and so on. — Then she and I had great pleasure in doing the same things together.

One day I wished we had a looking glass to see our-selves in when fucking. I had told her of the glasses at French houses. — She, excepting in a cheval glass, had never seen herself reflected in copulation, and wished she could. — I offered to buy one, but what would Philip say? "He'd be delighted, we often wish for one when I tell him I've heard of such things, but he's hard up just now — he knows you are the only man who visits me." — He didn't know of her lovers. — Then I paid for a looking glass which she got. It was nearly as long as her bed, was placed against the wall, the bed nearly close to it, and henceforth we could see our every movement.

I shall never forget the day the glass came. We put it up together at the right level, directly we'd done so we rapidly stripped start naked, mounted the bed, and fucked contemplating ourselves, and that afternoon not a drop of sperm was left in my balls. I gamahuched her, and she frigged herself as well, looking in the glass. At my next visit I heard that Phil had done the same, that night after night they couldn't sleep for the rutting state the glass put them in, so hung a curtain over the glass when they wished to excite themselves no more. To see H. frigging herself then was indeed a great treat. Her delight was to make me kneel on the bed naked facing the glass, with my stiff one which she held in one hand, whilst she frigged herself with the other, looking in the glass all the time. It was to me a delight — for her form and face were lovely, — to see her in the venereal spasm — an exquisite sight. — Un-fortunately however the bed was so placed in the room then, that I could not see either bed or the reflection from the only door available for peeping, hence the fucking exhibitions were always given in other rooms.

Soon after we had the looking glass, a harlot temporarily out of business was often there. She had been a servant, then seduced, then well kept, then general practitioner in copulation, then lodginghouse keeper, and now impecunious. She had been good looking but was to me plain, yet was plumpish and her breast and leg were not inviting. She had been a sort of go between, scape goat and so on to H*l*n when gay, and of whom she was fond. — H. seemed glad of her, for she was the only Paphian who now visited her, and with whom she could discourse of big pricks, etc., etc.

She (I shall call her Miss Def) was a thorough baudy talker, nothing seemed to please her so much as narrating some meretricious experience, the tricks that she and others had played with men. There was no disguise now before me or between the two women, for that intimacy and confidence which it seems I have the art (intentionally) of inspiring in gay ladies, had been given me by H*l*n, as far as a woman who has been gay can. But Paphians whether in or out of the calling never tell all to anyone, not even to their lovers. — Does a married woman? These narratives were not inventions got up for my edification, there was no object in doing that. — I never gave Def a farthing — they came out quite naturally in our conversations when sitting together, which naturally turned on fucking.

In that and in amorous reminiscences H. was as much pleased as I was. The Priestesses of Venus, I am convinced, all like their occupation, and to talk over past frolics when they have quitted the life, whatever they may aver to the contrary. — When they are sick and plain in face or form, and unsuccesful, they are repentant and virtuous, are "Magdalenes." Repentance usually pays better then than fucking.

I've seen lots of Magdelenes, but never one in good health or who was good looking. — They were failures in their occupation, they wanted face, form, skill, and go, and I guess had ill-fitting cunts, or certainly some-thing wrong in cuntal quarters. So they repented, turned virtuous, were "reclaimed," became Magdalenes and got shelter and money — I dare say when better, or at home in the colonies, they didn't forget they'd got cunts, useful for other things besides pissing.

One afternoon after luncheon, we three had champagne which I had taken there, our talk got smutty. Miss Def shewed her legs which were good, and then her breasts. "Show him your cunt," said H. She did and we talked ourselves into a lewed state, which in-deed I always was in directly I set sight on H*'s charms. What led to it was a tale told by Def, about a man in bed between two women all naked, and there not being room, one woman laid across the foot of the bed the feet of the two touching her, and she frigging herself whilst they were fucking. "Let's get on to the bed and do the same," — I suggested.

We all stripped and got on the bed (it was hot weather), Def's cunt was an unusually hairy one, a regular well-fucked, and forty-years-old-cunt. — She kissed my prick and H.'s cunt as well, before we laid down. Then our lewedness, and the delicious contact of soft skins, voluptuously suggested all sorts of letches. — Laying on my back feeling H*l*n's cunt, "I'll frig you with my foot," said I to Def. She delighted, let me, and placing my heel against her cunt after she had turned to a convenient position, I pressed and rubbed it there, she clutched my foot round the ankle and guided it, accommodating her cunt so as to get the friction as pleased her. H*l*n half sat up still feeling my prick, and watching this foot frigging. — "Give a poor body a fuck, I haven't had a bit of cock for months," said Def after awhile. "Fuck me," said H. impetuously and lying down, for she was hot, and desire sometimes seems to seize her impatiently. Taking my heel from Def's cunt, I mounted my beauty's soft belly and began the exercise with my prick, my toes now downwards naturally.

After a few thrusts. — "Def's frigging herself" said H. She could see, I laying face downwards could not till I turned my face to the looking glass which I'd bought. — "Go on fucking, I'm looking at Def frigging." — H*l*n's feet and mine were both against the woman's naked body — we could feel the jog of her body as she frigged. "Put my toe in your cunt and frig with it," said I, wanting to feel a cunt with my toe, which I'd never well done before. "Yes, frig with it," said H. with a baudy laugh. — Miss Def caught at my foot quickly without reply, the erotic desire seized her, and I felt my great toe was against the soft slippery sur-face, could feel distinctly her large clitoris and thick nymphae, as well as if feeling them with my fingers. H., without letting my prick out of her cunt, managed to twist herself so that she could see that the toe of my right foot was there. "The hair of her cunt's a round your toes — fuck me, — fuck" — said she with delight and energy, getting straight with a sigh of pleasure, moving her backside voluptuously. — I reciprocated, lunged my prick well into her hot avenue, in which it had got a little displaced in her moving to see where my toe was.

Then we fucked on whilst Def frigged, we thought of her whilst our pleasure increased. — "Is your toe on her cunt?" — "Ahaa" — sighed H. — "Yes, I can feel her frigging her cunt with it." —"Ahaa — I'm spending

— ahaa — frig me — with your toe — some day. — Ahar

— won't you? — Ahaa Ahaa Aha fuck — bash it up me. — Aharr." — "Spend darling, my spunk's coming. She's frigging — Ahaa" — and in a baudy delirium our pleasures ended in the ecstasy of the crisis, the woman at the bottom of the bed forgotten. As we ceased fucking Def continued her frig — did what she liked with my foot which she moved on her cunt. — With my other foot I felt her thighs agitated, she sighed, she moaned, my toe and her cunt moved rapidly, and just as we re-covered from our pleasures, she gave a sob, a sort of gulp almost as if choking — a most extraordinary noise — and was quiet — my toe still resting on her clitoris, she still holding my foot.

I jumped up as soon as my prick had left H.'s inundated quim, finding my toe moist with Def's effusion. The devil had spent copiously. My getting up roused her, and she felt H.'s overflowing quim. "He's spent a lot, how I'd like a fuck, I haven't had one for an age," quoth she. All three washed, and after a rest I fucked H. again whilst the other handled my balls, delighted with the opportunity of pulling about the testicles, whose juices she so longed to have in her. Then after a glass or two more wine, she asked me to fuck her and H. incited me, — begged me — to "give her a treat" — but I didn't, having no taste for her, and the condition of my toe which I had washed came to my mind and stopped all passion — I have rarely refused a cunt which was new to me; but I did hers.

Early in June, one of the most singular liaisons in my career occurred to me — I have thought other events singular, and perhaps they were as much so but they don't seem like this, for I am at an age which made this unexpected. I don't look my age, I am told, nor do I feel age, and can oftentimes tail an appetizing woman three times in an hour and a half — yet it's nearly forty years since first I fucked a woman.

I was at an afternoon in some grounds near London, and there was a widow with her only daughter who was born in India, her father a colonel. They were in comfortable circumstances, in good society, but there were whispers about the daughter, that her marriage had been broken off mysteriously, that she was a little frisky, had been at a theatre alone with a gentleman, was a bad temper, gave her mother much trouble, — and more obscurely hinted — was fond of a doodle on the sly. I thought nothing about it, it not concerning us, yet it had seemed to me there had been a look in her eye when I conversed with her, which was indicative of desire. I'd found she'd laugh at risky conversations if without frank impropriety, and would egg a man on by questions of assumed ignorance, —then suddenly, "Oh! you're really too bad," and she'd leave — tho her eye gave no signs of her being shocked. Edith H*r*s*n, — not her name tho phonetically resembling it — knows a lot, some men said, and they suggested the possibility of her having been fucked in India.

She was handsome, well grown, and about seven or eight and twenty, had dark eyes and hair, and a remarkably beautiful foot and ankle, which she displayed as liberally as society permitted. — Tho I didn't then meet her frequently, there was something about her which made my pego tingle when I did. Her eyes used to fix on mine with a stare which gradually softened, and then her face flushed and she turned her eyes away — I thought nothing of that tho at times I wondered if she'd been fucked — dismissing the idea at once.

There had been a cold collation and champagne galore, the company were distributed afterwards, mostly sitting about the grounds, when wanting to piddle, I sought a retired corner and passed a spot where sur-rounded by shrubs was a swing, and she all alone swinging herself as high as she could. She swung for-ward just as I approached her, and her white petticoats floating up showed much of her calves. My voluptuous instincts blazed up at the sight of the legs and pretty feet, I bowed my head and tried to look under, involuntarily saying, — "Oh! what a lovely pair, shouldn't I like ... " — then I broke off recollecting our positions. She tried to stop the swing, I watching till she alighted. All this did not occupy a minute. — She'd taken champagne freeily I think — I too much, and with a swelling prick was risky. — She perhaps excited by wine, had at the moment a warmish cunt. —"What would you like?" — said she laughing and looking full at me. — "To have seen a little more." — "Ohoo! oh!" — said she — then both laughed heartily. — "What are you laughing at?" — "At what I should have liked." — "Oh! what a strange man you are, you speak riddles." — "Don't you understand?" — "No." "You do" — and we looked in each other's eyes again. She looked voluptuous, I fancied.

"You're alone, are you going to run away like Miss * * *?" — A lady known to both of us. — "Not with a married man." — "Ah! she was foolish, for she might have seen him on the sly," — "Oh! what a horrid suggestion." — "Well — married men are safe flirts, they never tell." — "No, they daren't," said she, and smiled, whilst looking me full in the eyes again, and then colouring up. "I must go to Mamma, she'll wonder where I've been." — "No she won't, she knows, and I guess."

— Laughing, off she went, I piddled, and went back to the guests.

Soon after I was walking with her and talking about the young lady, she wasn't surprised, the girl was always flirting with him and had been caught reading objectionable books, and I asked Edith to describe them. — She'd be very sorry to do so. — "Oh — you've seen them then." — No she hadn't, she said in a startled manner, but knew she'd trapped herself — I harped on the subject. "If I lend you a book will you tell me if it's objectionable or not," She would, and wouldn't tell her mother, nor show it. — "It's all about love — un-disguised love — and pictures some might call naughty

— objectionable." — "Oh, lend it me." — "I'm frightened — if you're found with it, it will be serious — if not, only you and I will know it, and oldish men know how to hold their tongues." — "Do lend it me — no one shall see it." "It's all about lovers amusing them-selves, — but I mustn't lend it you." — "Oh you're joking I know, — but do lend it me." — This is only a summary of a long conversation — for I was cautious, fearing she might shy. Now she was wild to see the book, and must have guessed it was a baudy one. —"I can't send it and can't take it to you" (I didn't visit them).

— "I'll meet you out." — She's game thought I, and concluded she'd have her avenue frictionized by the male apparatus. — Then she agreed to meet me two days after, she was going shopping without her mother.

The party was over, her mother had a carriage, and a seat in it was offered me — in the carriage in the dusk I squeezed her hand, she I thought returned it, I pressed my legs against hers and she didn't move hers away — mine were between the two women. — I went on talking to Mamma and taking no notice of the daughter — Mamma asked me in when they alighted, but I declined, and as I handed Edith out pressed her hand saying, "I wish the swing had shown more." — She only said "Thursday" and we parted.

I was at the place, but didn't expect her. — Flirts with their cunts telling them they are neglected — as they do to spinsters approaching thirty — are some-times after food, champagne, and suggestive gossip, apt to get lustful thrills, and listen to talk, and to say things which next day they regret — I took a Fanny Hill with me. — Punctual, there she was, saying she'd not expected me. "I've got the book, don't be angry afterwards with me." — "I won't." — "But I want a word with you first, get into a cab, for five minutes, we can't talk in the street." — Into a four wheeler we got, I told her more about the book, avoiding baudy words, that the pictures showed "people making love." She put it into her pocket rapidly, I got a kiss, said "Oh that swing, it's made me want" and we parted naming a day to meet for her to return it. — After-wards I thought of the risks and wondered at myself — for I'd no defined intentions. The pleasure of lending a real lady a baudy book was my delight — the idea of she and I reading books on sexualities in common — such of course would be the case — delighted me.

She met me and returned the book carefully sealed up. — "What do you think of it?" — "It's disgraceful, you'd no business to lend me such a book." — "You asked me." — "I didn't expect it was one like that. — What must you think of me?" — "Nothing, you've seen such before." — "I'm sure I haven't." — This sham of hers went on a little time in the street. — "I won't lend you any others." — "Oh!" she said eagerly, "have you any more?" — I asked her to meet me somewhere where we could see them privately, but she wouldn't answer, I got her into a cab, kissed her, and I tried a feel unsuccessfully. Would I assure her it was not so improper as the other — a precious transparent sham. — I told her it was not, but was baudier. She took it and another day returned it.

I was on reflexion staggered with what had occurred, so unlooked for, so unpremeditated. The secret baudiness of the affair, my perpetual wondering whether she'd had the doodle up her, kept up my excitement and the lady's also, I suppose. She remarked that she could talk to me as a father, tho few fathers I apprehend have talked to daughters so. Within a few weeks I'd spoken of the pleasure of frigging and gamahuching and offered to instruct her. She said she didn't believe it, but should wait til she was married, and so on. — She steadily refused to go to a house with me. Then I left town in the belief that she was a cunning bitch, who'd been fucked, frigged and gamahuched, was trying to entrap me into some compromising action, and resolved never to meet her again. For a couple of months abroad I was nearly chaste, and then returned to London.

When I returned to H** I found the poor lover still absent. — She and her protector had been in the country and he was still. — Donkey prick then frequently had H*l*n, then he having also been away, she ran short of her delight. I hadn't been in the house five minutes before she said, "Come upstairs" and began undoing her clothes before she reached the room. Afterwards she named many times for me to be there, when she could have Priapus also, but with difficulty arrangements could be made to suit all. "I like to know you're looking at us." — "Yes and you like me to fuck after him." —"Yes I do — ain't we beasts?"

The man was cunning and often shut the door. He was whimsical — wouldn't often undress — and she loving his prick let him have his way. — One day I was there, he as usual in the kitchen — for she cooked for him there and from that place he could more easily escape by a back way. — But the fellow wouldn't come upstairs, and fucked her on the kitchen table — she was so long away that I wondered. — When she came up, she had just got him out of the house, and the sperm was abundant in her quim, tho a quarter of an hour since she'd fucked. She was dressed, and I fucked her from behind against the bed, the only time I think I had then done so on these double fucking occasions — tho I've tailed her in every possible attitude — I delighted usually to see her face as I fucked her whilst we talked. — "Ah! — isn't his prick a big one?" — "Yes I should like to feel it." — "I should like to feel both your pricks at once. — Aha — beast — fuck harder — Ahar." — "His sperm's thick today." — "Yes isn't it lovely, smooth? — ahaa — don't stop -- fuck — I'm coming." The angelic smile came over her face, her cunt gripping and we spent together. This is typical. We never fucked without talking about pricks and sperm and making all sorts of lewed suggestions to each other, till pleasure stopped utterances. There was a garret where sometimes the little servant — when she had one — slept. It contained scarcely any furniture but a bed. One day when there was no fear of surprise, she said she'd make him go up there and get him naked. It was in the afternoon of a warm autumn day, he'd had a feast of rumpsteak and had tippled enough whiskey and water, when I heard him going up the stairs, and in time out I stepped and listened. He was jovial and incautious, yet I was fearful of going up until I heard, "Ahem" — for the carpetless stairs creaked. Then I heard every word as plainly as if I'd been in the room. — He wanted to go to sleep first. — "Fuck and sleep afterwards. — Piss first." — "I don't want" — but I heard the water rattle, and laughter as they got on to the bed, and then, "Ahem."

As I peeped thro the door left ajar — the bed had been cunningly placed so as to prevent his looking at the door — he was lying on his back with shirt on only, she frigging his cock, which was thick but pendant. — "You've fucked before today." — He denied it — was tired. — She angry, was sure he'd been fucking hard the night before, and came used up — she'd had enough of him, he'd been like that often lately, she wasn't going to have his lasts — and so on. — "Suck me." — She wouldn't — he'd better dress and go off to do it, — get another woman. — "Show me your cunt." — Then he frigged himself and got a glorious erection. — "Lie down." — She wouldn't now. "No, stand up naked and let me see it, stand up or you shan't have me." — He drew off his shirt and stood naked with a donkey sized doodle. It was worth seeing, a noble, well proportioned shaft standing out seven or eight inches from the belly, and perhaps nine from his balls, and looking an inch and a half in diameter. It was white skinned, and had a full plum shaped tip of a bright red, it was circled at his belly with a well defined thicket of lightish brown hair, (he was fairish with blue eyes) which didn't creep towards thighs and navel. His ballocks was ponderous. Altogether, it was the biggest prick but one I've ever seen, and the handsomest. The sight of it made my own stiffen voluptuously, and at the same time desire to handle his — I don't wonder at the ladies who are connoisseurs in Priapean tools, admiring his and wishing to enjoy it once, tho certain it is that a pego of aver-age size gives as much sexual pleasure to a woman as the greatest cunt whacker. — A huge stiff prick when a man is standing naked always looks a little ridiculous, so it's strange that my prick should have stood sympathetically at the sight of his.

H*** sat looking at it silently. — Once for an instant she turned her eyes to the door where I was peeping. There was admiration, pride, and lust in her eyes. — The expression of, — "Isn't it a beauty, and it's going up me?" — looking back at it again, her thighs spasmodically closed, then opened, as if a spasm of pleasure was passing through her, and putting her fingers on her cunt she kept them there.

But the prick began to droop. She gave it a violent frig, it then stood stiff, then rapidly fell, and she bullied him — I was pleased to see a man not thirty with his prick not quite ready, as mine has been on one or two occasions, tho I can still fuck her twice in the hour. — After some more angry remarks from her, she threw off her chemise and mounted him, her rump was within six feet of my eyes, and I saw her introduce the prick into her cunt and do the fucking. — His tool kept shrinking — she called him a "used-up beast" told him to go, but wanted the spend, kept reinserting his machine when needful, and fucking energetically. I had a glorious sight of this grand propagator, which she often brought out to the tip and then plunged up her. Then her bum oscillated quickly, her cunt nestled down till his balls were close up to it — she cried out loudly. — "Fuck — spend, Arthur. — Ahaa" — and was quiet.

In a minute. — "You've not spent." — "I was just coming." — "You haven't any spunk in you," and moving her buttocks, out came his prick shining with her spending and stiff enough. — I saw H.'s face which was lewed. Without a word turning on to him again, up went the long thick gristle into her, and she oscillated her splendid buttocks till she'd spent twice more without his spending once; she after each crisis ballyragging him, he making all sorts of excuses. More than half an hour had she been at the work, and yet went on till at length she got a spend out of him — I never saw her so hot before, her face was moist and scarlet, her eyes humid, with her spending, yet fierce, and as she rolled off she gave his prick a slap. "You've been fucking before today, you liar, get off as fast as you can, you don't bring your fucked out balls into my house again — you won't fuck me again, you mean beast." — All his sins came out, she'd already told me of his meanness.

He made all sorts of excuses but she wasn't pacified. She put on her chemise, came down to my bedroom landing and called out, "Arthur's going, let him out — don't let him go into the kitchen." — He heard this, came down dresed and still excusing himself — she replying to all, — "It's a lie. — It's a lie" — till he was out of the house. Then she came to me and smiled. — "Isn't it a splendid prick?" Then she told me she'd heard the stairs creak, but he'd not noticed it. — "I'm quite wet, I spent three times, he spent at last, the blackguard is fucked out, yet he knew three days ago he was coming — my cunt's wet — won't you have me?" I said no, but was wrought up to the highest pitch of lust, and in half an hour had fucked her twice. She declared donkey prick should never have her again, but I was sure he would. — "He has a noble prick hasn't he?" said she admiringly. — "Yes, but he's a coarse brute, not even handsome, not a gentleman." — "Certainly not a gentleman, but he's a noble prick, all the women want him, he pays none, I'm told." — I fancy Miss Def — now with a house of her own again — was the informant.

I never yet saw a woman fucking a man so plainly, as on that bright afternoon. The beams of the sun at last struck right across her backside, her arsehole, cunt, his prick and balls I saw as plainly as if I had been within a foot of them, and had held a candle to look. — How I longed to feel his tool as she fucked him, and how de-lighted she would have been. But she was annoyed when afterwards I said, "Your bum furrow is getting brown, H." —"You beast — what if it is, so is yours." — "I know it." — She never could bear to be told about her furrow browning, or later on that hairs were beginning to show round her bum hole, as they do in most women after five and twenty and in southern nations earlier. It detracts from the beauty of the region.

On both occasions, she had covered him, to prevent him going quickly to the door and his chance of catching me. The next time for some reason of her own - who fathoms a woman's dodges? — she had him in her own bedroom which had now been changed. I waited in the backroom. He was still enough and full, laid on her, half fucked her, and then she made him finish with her rump towards him. H** laughed as he got off the bed with his great tool sticking out. Then it disappeared up her, and I thought must have hurt her. The fucking was soon over. How beautiful it was, how ex-citing it looked! They remained coupled for a minute, then she uncunted him saying, "You lie down, I must go to my sister and will be back in a minute." He threw himself on the bed, giving her rump a slap as they parted and the next second she was with me on my bed. "Don't talk loud, he thinks my sister's here, he's never seen her."

Her eyes shone with voluptuous light and softness. "Hasn't he spent? my cunt's full, hasn't he a lovely prick?" said she sighing and laying down. I looked at it, pulled open the lips, pushed one finger up, then my balls could wait no longer, I had been stiff since I saw his prick, and plunged my pego up her. Ah! my delight

— to feel my prick up her and his sperm all round it.

— H. put her hand to feel, then clasping my bum, and heaving her arse. — "Ohoo — fuck" she cried and glued her mouth to mine. Furiously our backsides oscillated, far too soon my sperm rose. "Hurt me — shove hard," she whispered, heaving her cunt up, and the next minute both were spending, her ecstasy as great as mine. Then quickly back she went to him, her cunt full as before, her motte and thighs wet with our essence. — "Make him fuck you in it." — "If I can, but he likes it washed before he does me again" were the last words. She closed their door with a bang, cunningly giving the handle a turn so that it was left ajar, but so close that I could see nothing. To facilitate that a fortnight before she'd cut away, at eye height, a slip off of one edge, and painted it afterwards. We had arranged this together after the manner at the French lapunar. She laid down on the bed for me to see her, then I for her to see me, and we moved her bed a little to give the best view of those upon it, both delighted at the dodge. I couldn't see their heads when they were fucking, but saw all from their breasts downwards. — Now she took the side furthest off, and nearer the fireplace, and he turning to her had his back to me. — "Ahem" — I pushed the door slightly open and saw them both well.

She began frigging him, then he felt her. "You've not washed." — "No, how could I? — I will." — "My spunk's on your thighs." — "Yes, did you spend?" — "My ballocks were damned full," — said he with a coarse laugh. — Both laughed, and went on talking about some woman who had one of the smallest cunts he'd ever fucked, and about some swell Paphians she had known formerly, whilst she went on frigging him till, "It's stiff, let's do it." — "Wash it." — She got up, and holding the ewer, — "There's no water." — "Ring for Sally and I'll show her my prick" — said he laughing and handling it. — "I shan't — you'd better not — never mind washing" — getting on the bed again and frigging his tool. — In another minute after lewed chat he mounted her, she'd pulled her chemise off and tried to pull off his shirt. Saying it was cold, he refused but tucked it up to his waist.

They were fucking in an instant. Is the spectacle of even a handsome couple fucking beautiful or not? — Is the sight of a beautiful creature, all modesty and grace — whom one has walked, talked, and danced with, to be admired when on her back, heaving her buttocks up, her thighs high and round the man's whilst under is a thick gristly stem protruding from his belly, and going like a steam piston in and out of a bush of hair round her cunt — is it beautiful? Both rumps jog, and heave, and thrust and meet, till with sighs and murmurs both are quiet. Is it a spectacle beautiful or not? — No. — Yet an entrancing one. — One that no man or woman would hesitate to look at, enjoy, and envy, none whose cunt wouldn't yearn — whose prick wouldn't stiffen at the sight. — Yet it's not beautiful, tho exciting, stimulating, entrancing to all the senses.

This was really a fine couple I must say, much as I disliked his vulgarity, but to know that that big tube, with its inner tube of discharge, was thrusting up her tube, with the intensest pleasure to both, made my prick, without frigging, stand till I heard their murmurs, knew that their pleasure was over.

He rolled off of her, she didn't hurry him. "Get me a glass of whiskey and water." — "I shan't, you've had enough, get it yourself in the kitchen if you want it, don't make a noise, I don't want my sister to know a man's here." The scout — Mrs. * * * — took care the man shouldn't know I was there. Hastily he put on his clothes and went off. "Hish" said she as he went downstairs and she waited till he got to the kitchen.

In she came and I looked at her sexual treasure. Sperm is now to me clean, wholesome. It's the out-come of life — the issue and cause of the greatest human pleasure to giver and receiver. — I no longer mind my fingers being in it, but like to feel a cunt which is lubricated with it. — I opened hers, felt up it, wiped my fingers on my balls, and on her motte — the salacity of the act delighted me. "You beast, you," said she but looking pleased with the lascivious act. Then up into her my prick went, and prick and cunt then revelled in the unction and the thrusts, and the lubricated friction of our movements, till both sobbed out our joy in the delicious crisis — her cunt discharged, my balls shot forth their sperm, and we mixed this essence of male and female life in her sweet channel — oh happy woman!

Pressing her sweet form to mine, her hand clasping my buttocks — in the lubricious conjunction we lay. — Slowly I still kissed her, our wet lips mingling moistures there as we lay conjoined — eyes closed — baudily thinking — vague visions of lust dreamily passing thro our brains. "Aren't we beasts?" — the first words spoken. — "Damn it, H*l*n — don't say that again — it's nonsense — nothing beastly about it — what beast could do or care about doing what you and I have done? — it's heavenly, divine — don't — I've often told you you annoy me by saying it." She laughed, her belly jogged, her cunt moved, and out came my prick, and at once as many and as much as I could get of my fingers up her cunt I put there — lewed still.

This again was on a warm autumn afternoon, for it suited us both to meet at that time — the master of the house was then away. Soon donkey prick was got out of the house. I dressed, we had tea and toast, then I licked her cunt till she was exhausted with pleasure, then left.