Vol. 10 Chapter VI

In Spain. • Two very small juveniles. • At the bull ring. • The Count's mistress tailed. • An immoral family. - Choice of two cunts and one rectum. • The young lass selected. • The young bugger rejected. • A little prick felt. • Fucking on the floor. • Soldiers' women at Gib. • Groping at C*d*z. • H.'s lascivity and confidences. • An evening with Camille and H*l*n. • A cuntal purse again.

[To abbreviate, I had retained nothing relating to two months abroad this summer, but on reading it before destroying the manuscript, decided to retain it; so interpolate it here.]

In the hot season, wrong for travelling, I went to Spain — indeed this year was pregnant with erotic novelties to me. In large towns I always found a bordel of some sort, and saw there native beauties, even if I did not tail them. My visits were generally in the evening. I saw some of the poorest, as well as the high priced "Mujeres mundanas."

At M*d**d I saw two little girls in the street — they had been walking about in the day like ordinary children of the poor — so young that I took no notice of them. — That evening not thinking of amatory business, I saw the two, and fancied one looked invitingly at me. I turned round, they were looking back and one came back to me. — Was it their instinct that I needed a cunt and made them come after me? Certain it was that I had neither sensuous thoughts or sensations at the moment, but now came a rush of lust, a delicious feeling in my prick, a desire to see them naked, and I offered a small sum by show rather than by word, which was at once accepted. I only knew a few words of their language then, but in every country learn quickly, those which express the sexual organs, and their pleasures.

Off they went through several streets, till I had lost my way, and began to reflect when I found the quarter was a poor one. Under a huge archway of a shabby looking big house they turned, I found them waiting, they spoke and made signs, but I didn't understand, half feared a trap, didn't now feel sure they were punks — which was foolish — I might be robbed, murdered even, so hesitated. They went to a dimly lighted stone staircase, I didn't stir, they came back, spoke, gesticulated — I was to follow them — then — no one being about — I stooped to feel the tallest one's cunt. Quickly she lifted the only dress she had on, and opened her thighs for me to feel her cunt. — It was hairless. My prick then throbbed, and under its impulse I went up to a fourth or fifth floor, an old woman came out of a room, opened a door, nodded at me, the girls spoke to her, back she went, and in a second I was in a large desolate bedroom with scarcely an article of furniture.

I sat on a chair, felt both their tight little cunts, there was no virginity, made signs that I wanted them naked, and in a second both were so. — They scarcely had any clothing on, one only her frock, one had no stockings, both had no bonnets or head dress. — It was scorching hot weather. The bed looked so miserable that I would not lay down upon it, and put the taller of the two on to a large square heavy table which was in the centre of the room. — There was but one miserable tallow candle, and by its aid I looked well at the biggest girl's cunt, which had plumpish lips and not a vestige of hair. Then I put the other one on the table, and found her cunt as bald. — Then one girl held out her hand for money, and I gave them what I promised — not quite eighteen pence English money — each looked at the other's gift, seemed satisfied, and both got on to the wretched dirty creaking bed — then from their small stature, and the look of their cunts, I guessed they neither were more than twelve years old — I tried to ascertain that but couldn't make myself understood.

Fear of disease came over me — taking up the candle, and out of my pocket a few pesetas, I managed to make known that I needed another light. The shorter girl, naked as she was, took the candle and money, and going across the landing to the old woman's room, re-turned with a small oil lamp. Left in the dark excepting what light came into the room from the star-lighted heavens, and still half in fear, I felt my companion's cunt, which civility she reciprocated by feeling for my cock. Directly the second light was brought she began to unbutton me. When it was visible, both girls handled it at the same time in a knowing way, smiling and speaking I know not what.

It wasn't quite stiff, but soon became so as I felt their two bums during their investigation of my doodle. — Directly its rigidity was complete, the eldest threw herself again on the bed and opened her thighs, but the bed so disgusted me, that shaking my head I pointed to the table, whereon she mounted the table by the help of a chair, then I put the other girl by the side of her, and fetching the dirty bolster put it under their heads — they laughed and seemed to enjoy the position.

Fear of disease again came over me, so as well as I could, I tried to ask whether they were in health, and suppose they understood as both nodded and repeated "Bono — Bono." — Then one held the candle at the other's cunt, and my shrinking cock swelled up again, for the quim looked all right and inviting. The lass pulled open her quim lips wide for my inspection. Both now laughed loud as if it were a capital joke, then both sitting upon the table felt my machine again, and I their cunts with both my hands. — Then one snuffed the candle with her fingers, and wiped them on her hair.

Prudence still prevailed. — Shaking my head I re-placed my truncheon, which seemed to annoy the lass at whose split I had actually for a moment pointed it. Then one spoke of the "Senora" and I think was going to call her for testimony to their healthiness — "bono," so very often being said, whilst the other officiously got hold of my tool and nodded her head. Then I thought to let her masturbate me, laying hold of her hand to indicate my wishes, she began at my tool. I sat down, she got off the table, and then I thought I'd frig her. Nothing loath, she sitting on my knee let me, the other silently watching the operation, which went on till my girl I suppose feeling the pleasure, interrupted me, and saying in Spanish, — "No, fuck me" — brisk as a flea she got on to the table again and placed herself there with thighs wide apart.

I'd got my prick new to fever heat — prudence adieu — next minute her cunt was stretched by my pego, and the randy little child spent as she received my injection. I could see it in her face, feel it in her cunt. The other girl stood quite close looking on at the operation.

There was no towel, and she with my libation trick-ling on to her thighs, ran naked across the landing to the old woman and fetched a dingy napkin. Cooler now, I looked at both their diminutive quims, one only I found had little black hairs just showing on the motte. I guessed and understood them to be thirteen years old, perhaps younger, for hair grows early on the cunts of southerners. Both I'm sure had had plenty of fucking. The one I hadn't tailed then sat on the pot on the table, and I made her piddle. Not knowing my way back I asked them to show me the way. The old woman appeared as I was leaving and I gave her a trifle, I sup-pose for the room. The girls went ahead of me, an empty cab appeared and giving the girls a tip I got into it, naming the street in which my hotel was.

Some days after at S*v***e when leaving the bull ring, I saw a handsomely dressed, middle-size woman, exquisitely beautiful, come out. Two or three Spanish gentlemen were with her all talking and gesticulating good humouredly. Money was exchanged, and I guessed they were settling bets. She seemed excited and de-lighted, parted with them, and not finding a conveyance, which seemed to annoy her much, stood fanning herself and hailing every vehicle. I had one and stopped the driver, fascinated by her beauty, feeling sure she was a Cyprian and lust then began to tingle my pego. I felt such a passionate desire to possess her, that reckless of consequences, not knowing more than a few words of the language, I made a sign that a seat was at her service. — The next minute she was sitting beside me.

Then was the difficulty. — She spoke — I shook my head. — She laughed, spoke more, I intimated I didn't understand. — "Holy Virgin" she said, tapped me with her fan, told the coachman something and off he drove rapidly, — she chattering to me all the way — I trying to make myself understood. The chariot stopped on the outskirts not far from the ring at a decent looking house. By that time I had reflected, and after helping her down, bowed and was going away tho my prick was erect. But she laid hold of my arm and pointed to the house, making at the same time a movement of her mouth as if kissing. — It was irresistible and I followed her to a suite of rooms on the first floor.

The rooms were elegantly tho not expensively furnished. A maid, well dressed, appeared, then disappeared with the lady, soon returned, and I found to my great relief she could speak a little French. The Senorita hoped I'd stay and eat with her (it was half past five) and I began to fancy I'd made a mistake and that the lady was no common courtesan. — Circumstances, I said, made it impossible for me to stay. The maid went out and returning, said her mistress would soon be ready, would I wash (the heat and dust was great in the ring). I accepted, not having any idea where I was going to go, and astonished, was shown into the room where was the lady in chemise, finishing her toilette. She laughed, pointed to the basin, the maid poured out water, left the room, and there was I with this exquisite creature in her chemise brushing her hair, looking ever and anon at me, and smiling. I now felt sure she was a mistress. I didn't want words, knew that the fee would be high. So when I'd washed I put on my coat — which was all I'd taken off. — She said, — "No — No" — flung both arms round me, and kissing me lusciously, intimated I was to take my things off. The peep at her breasts as she kissed me made me desire her immensely, I kissed her passionately in return, then took out my purse and showed two gold coins, intimating that that was all. She laughed immoderately and nodded, speaking all the time, but I didn't understand a word.

Then she began to undress me, laughing all the time. It was irresistible. — I stripped to my shirt and laid down, she beside me. Then she embraced me in the usual fashion, opened her thighs for me to look and feel, examined my prick, laid down again and squeezed my piercer, smiling at its prompt erection, whilst I felt her cunt. We were coupled immediately, her cunt seemed divine as I spent in it, and in a few minutes all was over. She was energetic in love making and spent with passion. We both washed — then at her cunt I looked more tranquilly, saw her naked form — and a lovely form she had. — She would not let me go, dragged me down on the bed again, made me gamahuche her, then fuck her, and by that time she was satisfied. Laying by the side of me, a thigh thrown carelessly over mine, she called the maid, asked the time, ejaculated, "Holy Virgin," said I must go and began to dress herself rap-idly. I the same, we kissed and I departed. The servant told me the Senorita was mistress of the Count * * * * and told me to go off in a particular direction, which I did. Next day I left M*d**d. A more lovely creature I never embraced. She had crisp short hair round her bum hole and a little on her buttocks — tho she said she was only twenty-one. — Her face was a dream of beauty.

A week after, occurred one of the strangest incidents of my career. Walking up a back and steep lane on the margin tho in the city of G**n*da, strolling with no object excepting to see the city; standing at a sort of cottage door was a lad of about fourteen, who to my astonishment beckoned me and smiled. — I stopped, he beckoned me in, and curious I entered, utterly unsuspecting till well within the entrance, where he exposed his prick. I shook my head, he called out, and a girl of about the same age appeared, together with a stout, bloated yet not bad-looking woman seemingly about thirty-five years old. She spoke, and tho scarcely understanding a word, I found unmistakably that she had come to offer the girl or herself. Then to my utter wonderment, by the aid of about half a dozen words, and by gestures, I found that she was the mother of both, that I might have either or all of them, a choice of two cunts and one anus. Whether she was really the mother I cannot of course say, but I repeated in Spanish the words, mother, son, daughter, pointing to each successively, and to all she said "yes" and nodded.

I had had no desire for fucking, nor did the family facilities stimulate me. It really shocked me, tho there was nothing to be shocked at. Shaking my head I gave the woman a few reals and departed, she seemed much pleased. He had repleaced his pendant tool.

I walked on thinking of this jumble of whores and bugger, (such I now supposed the youth to be) my mind concentrating itself on the girl — a poor sallow creature tho she was. — I wondered what sort of a quim she had, thought I might never have the chance again of seeing that of a Spanish girl of fourteen, my fancy pictured it, I thought till my cock stood, then went back and saw a big common Spaniard talking at the door. I waited in the distance till he went off — he passed and scanned me. Then I wondered if there was danger, but dismissed the idea, for ten o'clock on a sunshiny morning all must be secure — I entered the house, the little bugger still at the door — thought he was my aim, but shaking my head and saying the single word "girl" — he bawled out, and the two females reappeared smiling. Soon mother and son left, the daughter remained, and in a minute was naked on a miserable bed.

I got out of her somehow, mainly by counting on my fingers, and by signs, coupled with a few simple words, that she was fifteen. She'd three times the quantity of hair on her cunt that an English girl of that age has. She wasn't lewed in manner, seemed dejected, indifferent. — There was no water, so I made her know by signs that I wanted to wash, and naked she went out and returned with some in a large earthen pan.

She washed her cunt, I my prick, then after inspection of her carnal aperture, and a look at her mouth which had good teeth, I intimated by signs that I wanted to be gamahuched.

She had been as slow and solemn as if at her funeral, but now burst into a laugh, knelt on the bed rapidly, and took my pego into her mouth with quite an air of de-light; the next minute it was erect and she handling it with admiration. Then she laid down saying (I suppose) "Come on" but I had fear and kept repeating "doctor, doctor," the only word I could to intimate doubts of her health. — When she understood she ran to the door shouting, "Madre." In came the woman, they both chattered to me at once I know not what, but they understood, for the mother put the girl on the bed, and holding open her cunt lips invited me, to see her gap, satisfied, and off the mother went. Then I reflected, decided to leave, but again lust came on stronger. I felt and looked at the youthful slit, then yielded and fucked the girl.

I paid her, and when leaving the lad appeared and asked for money. An age had passed since I'd felt or seen a boy's cock. Without a word, without thinking scarcely, a libidinous curiosity sprang up, I pointed to his prick, at once he pulled it out, I handled it and his balls till it stood, but did no more having no pederastic tastes. He like his sister had more hair for his age about his genitals, than we English have.

Soon after on a sweltering autumn day, I was at * * * *, the hottest town some say on the Spanish coast. As usual I sought the Cyprians' quarters, and by chance — or was it instinct — found a populous one, but not of high rank. Frail flesh was but little visible outside in the narrow lane, but in the windows, furtively yet quite visible, were décolleté women, who by eye, toss of head, and rapid exposure of more nude beauty invited me in. I loitered in simple curiosity looking at the dark-haired, brown-skinned women with their hair dressed in outré Spanish fashion, pleased with the novelty (new to me then), studying, comparing, then curious about the hid-den sexual charm and gradually longing to inspect but hesitating.

Voluptuous tingles in my prick overcame both fears and scruples. I entered a house, the Cyprian met me at the door. Using the few words of Spanish I had now learnt — I pick up erotic ones quickly — I offered and held up an escudo — about two shillings English. — Accepted eagerly, at a sign from me off went the covering she wore, and a brown-skinned, brawny, tall woman lay on a poor couch, opening her thighs and making lewed signs of invitation to take pleasure in a cunt which looked as if cut out of a bush of horsehair. But she didn't please me, indeed half revolted me, and after opening the lips of the hirsute notch, feeling once round a big backside, then looking at the hairy notch in its cowlike aspect from behind, displeased with its look and its environments I retreated, seemingly to her astonishment, for she followed me to the door expostulating — as I fancied — and inviting me still to enjoy her very hairy charms.

I went away, yet the sight of the nudity had stirred my passions, my prick swelled, gave more voluptuous tingles, and spite of myself almost I returned in half an hour, looked again at the courtesan's naked breasts and dark flashing eyes, thought of the cunts there waiting for the pricks, then in a still narrower passageway, saw an oldish woman standing at a doorway, over which was a little lamp not giving more light than a candle. By voice and gesture the woman invited me, I entered, saw a large curtain of rushes which she pulled aside and disclosed a large room with whitewashed walls. Two women in chemises only were there, one sitting, the other reclining on a mattress on the floor — dark-haired, dark-eyed, well grown, handsome, were both — I looked at both, the one got up and stood by the other, I named my pay holding the fee in my hand, and both cried "Yes."

Then uncertain in my choice I slightly raised the chemise of one, on which both lifted their chemises to their waists. My choice then made, in a second the other disappeared. Down on the matting lay my damsel, flinging off her chemise as she did so, and was naked all but a pair of slippers. A splendid woman of about twenty, of southern tint, and ample thick crisp, black-haired cunt, and armpits. By gestures she invited me to undress, but tho wet thro with perspiration, — walking and lusting together had made me so — I but threw off my coat and laid beside her on what I found was but a mat upon a bed of rushes, and a showy Spanish rug on the top of that. It was hard for the floor was bare but I fucked her quickly, enjoyed her much and left.

Shortly afterwards at G**r**t*r, my taste for poor Paphians seems to have revived. [I like always to see all classes of the needful, much abused, pleasure-givers to the male.] Gay ladies of high class I saw not at all, and one evening dressed in my shabbiest to make myself look poor and common as might be, I went up to the quarters where Tommy Atkins gets his sexual solace, and was astonished at the really fine women I saw there. Coarse and common enough in manner, yet good in form I found the two or three whom I stripped for luxurious contemplation at a shilling a piece (it seems incredible to me now that price.] Then at a somewhat better house, having no fear there of Paphian ailments — for Tommy's women are medically cared for well — I fucked a couple at half a crown a piece saying I couldn't afford more. I enjoyed them much, delighted also with the economical instruction.

I fancy they would have taken a shilling for their pleasure from any soldier. Those I had were Spaniards, I noticed a Negress, but whether a punk or servant know not. Then having tailed none of the so called lovely girls of C*d*z tho I felt one peripatetic's grummit on a moonlight evening — a cheap delight, what charm is in a cunt! — I sailed for home, bringing away with me the baudiest Spanish words for genitals and copulation which I made one of the soldier's women spell for me, as I wrote them down. (The others couldn't write or read.) This paper I lost, and the terms I cannot now recollect. Now I take up my narrative on my return to England.

I had told H*** now all the erotic incidents of my life. She, with her fertile brain, voluptuous temperament, and experience in amorosities, both approved, desired to emulate them, and herself to invent. She wasn't — as already said, — at first frank about her letches and lusts, hiding them somewhat and throwing the suggestion of their gratification upon me making herself but the complaisant partner; but the mask was now pretty well removed — tho probably women in all classes never quite tell their letches or the truth about their baudy wishes — who knows? When guessing her de-sires, after talking about some luxurious fancies, I passed them over then finding I did not initiate anything, she referred to them again on other visits, and I met them by some such questions as, "Would you like so and so to gamahuche you" — or "Like another man or woman with us?" — or "Like me to see you fucked by another?" — "Yes I should" came frankly at last. Then it was, "Let's have a woman to gamahuche me, but you ask me to let her, I don't want her to think I wish her." Singular modesty, it seemed to me.

Then we got our lascivious tastes gratified and to the full. That kept me from other amours, and to her al-most alone, for she had youth, supreme beauty of face and form, was clever, conversable, voluptuous, and enjoyed every lewed device both in body and mind — aye to the extreme. She agreed with me that every amourous trick might be tried, and we gratified our desires to the limits of possibility. I wanted no other woman, excepting when away from town, or on a sudden letch, or out of mere curiosity. These I nearly always told her of. Some of our amourous play I pre-serve in this narrative, some will never be even whispered about — the knowledge of it will die with us.

H*l*n soon had great pleasure in talking of her former tricks — would tell what she'd done or had heard of — reserve was utterly gone between us. She pronounced mine to be a most wonderful amatory career, when she had read a large part of the manuscript, or I had read it her whilst in bed and she laid quietly feeling my prick. Sometimes she'd read and I listen, kissing and smelling her lovely alabaster breasts, feeling her cunt, till the spirit moved us both to incorporate our bodies. Her sexual passion was strong, her strength great. I have fucked her thrice, and gamahuched thrice, yet seen her frig herself after that, and all in four hours, without showing a sign of fatigue. — [Five years after she was as strong.]

Having now no harlot acquaintances, it was a real pleasure to her to have some one to talk with on these subjects. — Telling her of Camille one evening and talking of gamahuching, she said, tho the little servant whom I fucked had done it, it was a long time since a woman had gamahuched her. She liked a fine, fattish woman to do it to her and took a letch for Camille from my description of her. Camille was long past forty yet wonderfully well preserved, and one evening solely to gratify H*** I got Camille to visit her.

We had a lovely little dinner at H*l*n's, then adjourned to her bedroom, both women stripped and looked at each other's cunts — they were so quiet about that — and then Camille gamahuched. "Fuck her, fuck her whilst she's licking me, let me see it," H. cried — But I wouldn't — I couldn't bear my sperm to go into any cunt but her own, and after she'd spent thrice under Camille's active tongue, I fucked her. Then after half an hour's rest Camille again licked H.'s quim till Camille could lick no longer. After repose and wine I wanted Camille to suck me, but she refused, telling H. she'd never done it. — A lie, for she has many times minetted me tho she never liked it, and always wanting me to fuck her. — Poor Camille liked me to the last.

Again I then stroked H** who excited by wine and lewed to her marrow made Camille feel my balls whilst fucking, she grasping Camille's motte, or feeling her buttocks whilst she was handling my stones. "What a lovely skin," cried H. as she felt Camille's buttocks. In-deed she had still that exquisite skin and her pretty, tight, deep cunt. Never were two more lovely skinned women together. I then fucked Camille at the request of both of them, which finished the night. Taking Camille home in my cab I paid her handsomely. She could do nothing but talk of the unparalleled charms of H. I never brought them together again. H.'s letch was satisfied, and she did not want gay women.

I told her one evening how I had turned N**l*e L*l*e's cunt into a purse, and she wondered if her own would hold as much. I had doubts, for it did not feel to me as large as the other woman's did, but I had H** naked one day and tried. The silver brought was carefully washed, and the argental cunt stuffing began. I was so delighted and she also with the experiment, that I prolonged the work, not putting in five and ten shillings at a time as I did with the other, when my lustful curiosity was to ascertain a fact, but a shilling or two at a time only, feeling them for her cunt, then glorying in seeing her exquisite form promenading with the silver in her. When about forty shillings had disappeared up the belly rift, I put my prick up her, and felt with its sensitive tip the difference between a shilling which it struck against, and the soft round compressive end of her cuntal avenue. She was as pleased with me at that trick as I was. I nearly spent, excited by my operations, and now with the idea of spending against a shilling up a cunt, but didn't — wouldn't.

I resumed the silver stuffing, she her ambulations, and it is extraordinary that within a shilling or two, she held in her cunt the same number that L**l*e had. She several times walked up and down the room with her cunt so full, that I could see the silver when I gently opened one lip. — The grip and tenacity of her Paphian temple seemed truly wonderful. — What muscular force, what a nut cracker! — But that indeed I knew, for her cunt was perfect in every way, a pudenda of all the virtues, powers, and beauties for fucking, or doing anything voluptuous with — a supreme pleasure giver.

Then over the basin she squatted to void the argentiferous stream. It was beautiful to see her squat, her thighs then rounded into the fullest, loveliest form, it always delighted me to see her in that attitude washing her cunt or micturating. The silver tumbling out of her gaping hirsute cleft, with a clatter against the basin, made us laugh, some refused to quit the lubricious nook in which it found itself, I felt up for it, and she at last by muscular contraction of her cunt aided by her fingers, got it all out. Then with a syringe she purified the receptacle, we went to the bed, and after a little mutual fingering, fucked, — the baudy trick just finished enhancing our sexual delight.

The silver was washed and stored away. "When you pay any one, tell them that the silver's been up your cunt." — "You beast, I will." The servants and a female friend — for she had now a female friend — were told of this. We talked about it all the evening, and she put one shilling well up for me to touch with my prick which I did, but did not spend whilst the shilling wlas in its lubricious receptacle. [I wish now I had, it would have been something to remember.] Eighty-six or -seven shillings did her cunt hold.