Vol. 10 Chapter VII

Frisky spinster Edith again. • Pitch and toss at pudendas. • Naked harlots scrambling. • A Hylas suggested. • Eugene, the used-up sodomite. • Naked amusements. • Curiosity gratified. • Mutual feebleness. • A masculine sixty-nine. • Sappho. • An erotic triad. • Double minetting. • Eugene dismissed as not fit. • Pleasant conversation. • Thumb-frigging a clitoris. • My erotic philosophy. • Foolish prejudices. • A demi-mondaine on cock sucking. • Three men to one woman. • An orgy. • About baudy house peepholes. • A hairy-rumped Spanish equestrienne.

Then I resumed my acquaintance with the frisky spinster, again I met her in the daytime, always lent her baudy books and photographs, and we had free talk. She seemed to desire to know every sexual habit of man with woman, particularly those with harlots. Nothing in my career has been so curious. — With widows and wives I've had risky talk, but with a young woman, born, bred, and educated a lady, have I used now the baudiest words, whilst she listened pleased and enquiring, but never once used words herself. This also was generally in broad daylight and in four-wheel cabs. It stimulated me at last to try forcibly to feel her, and in-duce her to go to a house with me. — All was useless. — One day I said if she wouldn't go, I'd fuck a woman directly I'd left her. — "Very well," said she — I never got a feel higher than the calf of her leg, and that she resisted unmistakably.

So I refused to meet her or lend her more books, yet there was a novelty, a stinging salacity in the meetings which pleased me much. Once or twice, I met her in society or at places of amusement, but always with her mother. What knowing glances we exchanged!

Then on my way to the sweet south, to get the sun in the months it's denied us here, for a few days sojourn we stopped at * * * where again my resolution gave way, and I found myself at the friendly lapunar tho I was tired of it. Chance again gave to me an erotic novelty.

Tired, worn out, ill, and alas getting older, I was nevertheless again at the lapunar one night, with my pocket quite full of franc pieces. Entering the saloon, there sat about twenty women, with boots and stockings on, otherwise naked as born — for those who had gauze about them threw it off directly I was seen. — Some lifting up a thigh, some pulling their quims open, all putting themselves into such voluptuous attiudes as they thought best suited to exhibit their charms. Sitting close together as they in the circle were, each tried to entice me to select her for my pleasure in erotic amusements.

I contemplated them for awhile. It was a lovely voluptuous sight, carnal, baudy, but what of that? Then taking out some francs I threw them up in the air. — With outstretched hands, the whole of the naked beau-ties rose to catch the silver shower, and the next moment were on the floor scrambling in a naked heap.

Such a mass of delicate flesh was there crowded - big bums sticking up, knocking against each other, white breasts flashing, glimpses of dark hair in arm-pits, dark stripes between oval buttocks, hairy triangles of all colors at the bellies, all shewing and moving about in rapid combinations of form and grouping, a kaleidoscope of cunts, bums, and breasts. With chatter and laughter they scrambled till all the coin was grabbed. Then they rose to their seats, ready for an-other scramble.

Then it was, —"Ici" — "Monsieur." — "Je n'ai rien gagne" — "Voila." — "Ici, regardez." A dozen of them opening thighs wide, pulled open their cunts to entice me. I pitched franc after franc at cunts, some-times hitting the mark, sometimes missing. The franc was hers at whose cunt I threw it, and another franc if I actually hit the gap. A babel of tongues. — "Ici" — "Ici, monsieur," as each opened her thighs wider in hope of getting a franc pitched well between them. — The mistress and under mistress looked on, standing at the back of me and laughing.

Then was a pause to chat, and look, — what a sight was the circle of naked women, all exquisitely clean and perfumed, with their hair well dressed and ornamented. — Silk stockings, white, black, grey, pink, blue and red, mottes, with thatch like flax, and of every shade from brown to black — notches varying from pink to dark crimson, and from a delicate slightly haired slit with an imperceptible clitoris, to gaps with strong protuberances, and nymphae large enough to frictionise another cunt, and give delight to both in the wriggling embraces of tribadism. — On the words — "Open your cunts — catch" — open all went with shouts of laughter, and again the silver coins hit thighs, cunts, mottes and bellies, till with a last shower of silver in the air, all grouped scrambling on the floor. Again, bums, thighs, and breasts in a struggling mass of female form and loveliness, cunts more or less visible in all directions. What a picture it would have made, had it been possible to have fixed the group and photographed them.

Selecting one I went upstairs with her. "I'll make my toilet" quoth she. — "Wash outside, but not up your cunt, I love a cunt with its natural juice — I'll wash it myself" — laying her down, I with a wet towel wiped the face of her vulva from clitoris to anus only, and having told the chambermaid I wished a woman to come to me with her cunt full from fucking, amused myself with this girl — who had got four francs in the scramble out of the hundred I had thrown — till another woman was announced.

About this time in one of the confidential chats I had with my friend the sous-maitresse, she told me most secretly that a young sodomite could be had there, but notice some hours before must be given, that my countrymen occasionally indulged that way — if known there, not otherwise — and that one had been so amusing himself that night. I declined, having no tastes that way, yet had a long conversation about the subject, for my curiosity was aroused. At times afterwards I had wished I could see this funny product of humanity, yet without any desire to avail myself of his services, passive or active. The matter had for some months passed out of my mind, but this night was evoked again by what occurred.

"Mademoiselle Sappho is engaged, shall she come in after," said the chambermaid entering the room. I refused, being in no hurry, not being yet tired of the woman with whom I was amusing myself — besides my erectile power seemed in abeyance, the young lady having been frigging my tool uselessly. — Then after a minute's reflection "I'll see her, before she meets the man." — Just then the sous-maitresse appeared at the door, beckoned me, and on my going to her, whispered, there was a young man a "beau garcon" there, awaiting a monsieur who had never come, would I have him, all was quite safe. — With a spurt of lustful curiosity roused on the moment, I accepted, dismissed my companion, and was for a few minutes alone in a curiously excited state of expectation.

Whilst waiting in a feverish state of mind, one minute regretting, the next wishing him, and scarcely knowing what I should do when he appeared, wondering what sort of animal he was, whether if I should ask him to undress or to show me his genitals, how he would be-have, and so on, all thoughts tumultuous, the door opened, the sous-maitresse appeared smiling, followed by Hylas as naked as he was born, who came in with a skipping, springy step, and a smile on his face like that of a ballet girl. I never was more astonished in my life.

He was a shortish, square built, well set up man, looking about twenty-one or -two years old, and had dark, crisp, curly hair, and dark eyes. His body was well-fleshed, well shaped, plump indeed and as white as a woman's. It had not a vestige of hair upon it. He had no moustache, or whiskers, or hair anywhere, excepting on his head, in his armpits, and round his prick, which was set in a neat little, crisp bush. I had expected to be shocked, I scarcely knew what, but had changed, and I felt as pleased in contemplating his nude figure, as I have at seeing the Apollo Belvedere, and other glorious examples of Grecian skill in portraying the naked male. — Nor had I the slightest feeling of any other sort, all erotic notions had for the moment vanished. That soon changed, he stood for a minute staring at me, then without word or summons ad-dressed to him, came and sat on the divan by the side of me, and put his arm round my neck. That instantly I dislodged and moved away, and for a minute we sat looking at each other.

Gradually, all sorts of lewed ideas arose in me. — Many a prick had I seen of late years, some of which I had longed to handle — a fugitive desire, gone as soon as formed — but then there were no opportunities. — Here one was. — Within a few feet of me sat a man of perfect form, indeed every way "beau garcon" and hanging out from the crisp little hairy thicket a nearly white, thickish prick about three inches long, with a "leetle" bit of red tip shewing.

Then desires rushed tumultuously through my brain — I longed to feel it, to frig it, stiffen it, see it spend, watch the sperm flow, see his vibrations of pleasure, hear his murmurs, watch his face as the ecstatic crisis overwhelmed him—and at once I grasped his prick, uncovered the tip and squeezed his balls. — Yet not a word had been spoken till he said, "Won't you take your clothes off like me?" Obeying his suggestion, rapidly I put my-self as naked as he was, eying him all the time whilst undressing but not speaking. — He laid himself along the divan, and gently puffing his prepuce up and down, smilingly watched me till I sat myself naked by his side, and seized again his prick. Then he seized mine — all dislike, all repulsion had gone for the minute, I seemed to be doing the most commonplace thing in the world — curiosity had me.

"Let's go on the bed," said he. Obeying, we placed ourselves side by side — our flesh touching every-where — feeling each other's cods — with seeming curiosity he mine — I his with curiosity mingled now with strange voluptuous wants. Then I mounted him as reminiscences rose up in my brain of doings with the young man at F**r*rs years ago. — Belly to belly, breast to breast we were, I clasped his buttocks, laying between his thighs as if fucking a woman — our pricks and balls touching, laying in a heap together, neither prick stiff — then I moved with a fucking motion. "Look in the glass," said he. Turning both side ways, our genitals in a heap, the sight overwhelmed me, yet lust, a desire to Socratize him — as nearly as I can de-fine my sensations — scarcely entered into the con-fused and lustful combinations, caused by my clasping him as if he were a woman.

Then I recovered my senses, had clear intentions of doing things, and by his side I played with his prick, frigging it gently, lifting up his thigh to look at his balls, and then again went on frigging, but his prick remained limp. Then at my command he frigged him-self — and seemingly to stimulate himself felt my pego — but all was of no avail, there it lay like a sausage.

Then curiously I looked him all over, stood him up, turned him round as I should a woman, saw that his feet were white and clean, his toe nails carefully trimmed. Never in my life before had I so inspected a naked man and it pleased me much, and to my astonishment. Then we talked, he suggested this and that, knelt and turned his rump to me, shewed me how he stooped to be sodomized. — "I will suck your prick, and you shall suck mine — it is delicious," said he.

After washing our pricks we laid down together head to tail, and taking his prick in my mouth I minetted it. The smoothness pleased my palate, nothing ever seemed more delicate in my mouth, it excited my saliva, it felt like a jujube between my tongue and palate, and so we played long with each other. But I couldn't make his erect, nor he mine, tho we lay enjoying our mouthfuls for a quarter of an hour perhaps. Then I told him he was frigged out, and not worth his money. I wished to feel and frig a stiff one, and had no intention of doing anything else, tho he politely suggested his anus. He said he should be better another night and could not account for his condition then. — "You have been frigged before tonight" — he denied it — and still we sat feeling each other's pricks.

Then a knock came at the door. — Opening it, there stood a little dark-haired woman — Sappho — who had just been fucked. — "Yes full of sperm" — a fine young man had had her — "full of fat sperm" — Glad of the change, I laid her on the bed and tried to insert my little machine. The sight of her cunt filled with healthy issue pleased me, I saw in imagination the man enjoying her and ejaculating his semen, but all failed to rouse me, I was done for and wild. — "Shall I minette you?" she asked. — Hope rose again at the proposal — hastily I washed my cock, laid down, and she kneeling with her rump towards me, began the delicate exercise, she licked round the gland, tickled the frenum, ran her tongue lightly up and down the stem and over my balls, and then engulfed it in her mouth. — At times it softly rubbed her palate, then came out of her mouth immediately to disappear, then rubbing it gently between her tongue and palate, sometimes she gently squeezed my balls, sometimes the tongue ran quickly just over the delicate little tip slit, sometimes she pushed finger on to my bum hole, whilst I looked at her plump round buttocks, and the black haired, red split, now gaping and dividing — its colour spoiled by the glaze which covered it.

It wouldn't stiffen, tho faint pleasure began to steal through my refractory tool. "I'm too fatigued — you can't make it." — "Mais si, si, j'en suis sur — soyez tranquille — ne pressez pas" — and again my penis was hidden in her mouth — Eugene stood looking on, then placing his finger under my balls, gently intruded one into my anus. — A voluptuous shiver ran thro me — fancies whirled through my brain. "Kneel over me and put your prick in my mouth," I cried.

He sprang on to the bed smiling, delighted with the invitation, knelt over me, and in a minute his limp prick met my lips — Sappho had to move slightly to let his legs come over me. His body then hid her head and breasts and I could see her no more, but by turning my head could see her buttocks and sperm-slobbered cunt, now half hidden by the left bum cheek, I felt the delicate movement of her mouth on my prick which began swelling with pleasure, then feeling under his balls and guiding it, his prick dropped well into my mouth, I clasped him round his smooth buttocks with my left hand, pushed my right hand fingers up her glutinous cunt, he began fucking my mouth, I clipped his pego with my tongue, her bum began to wriggle as my three fingers stretched it, and vigorously she worked at my penis which was swelling fast. Imagination played its part in me, all was soft movement, and the two pricks and two mouths worked silently.

Suddenly my prick throbbed, a painful pleasure crept along it, I groaned, still his prick in my mouth. He cried out, — "Foutre — foutre" her buttocks wriggled, I twisted my fingers about in its lubricity and my spunk ejaculated into her mouth. — Now faint with pleasure I noticed nothing more but the lubricity of her vagina, the swelling of his prick between my lips, and the soft squeeze of her mouth still minetting out the last drop of my libation, whilst my pego slowly dwindled.

All was tranquil for awhile. Artists in eroticism, they perfectly well knew when to move. — Then all rising, quickly she left the room, Eugene threw himself by the side of me feeling his own prick not yet stiff. My prick shrinking to a bag of skin, had a chilly sensation on, it due to the evaporation of her saliva. So I lay speechless till she returned smiling, with her mouth and cunt purified.

I spoke. "You are frigged out Eugene, you have no spunk in you." — "Ah yes — tonight so — but another night, Ah! you shall find me strong." — "Go now." — These were the last words spoken, I paid him and he departed naked as he came.

Sappho now stood by the bed side, wetted a towel and washed my prick and balls, I pissed, and we both laid down. — The pretty little damzel was curious, talkative, and very communicative. Almost directly I re-versed her, placing her head at the foot of the bed, keeping mine at the top. So placed she laid hold of my prick and I felt her cunt conveniently placed both for feeling and seeing.

She not being dressed had not been present at the money scramble, and was sorry. How much had I thrown, every girl had got some thing but four. — She of course not — did I often do that sort of thing? — I was talked of in the house as good to the women — that I liked spermatized cunts. — She was sorry I had not stiffened, for she had never had it done her when full by another man. — She would have liked it, liked to try, did I always like it so? Our talk ran then about the funny letches of men and women — she evidently liked the conversation and had only been in the house six weeks, this was her first house. The chambermaid afterwards told me that what she had said was true, that she had come there "an innocent." — The sous-maitresse said the same to me also. — "Have her, you will find her charming, she is fresh."

We talked thus for half an hour in the warm room. Her clitoris was a large one, and I had, with the usual restlessness of my hand when on a cunt, rubbed her clitoris continuously with my thumb. After I had fingered and satisfied my curiosity about the innermost parts of her sex, I ceased thumbing, tho laying hips touching, side by side, it was quite easy. — "Go on rubbing," said she. — "What, softly like that?" — "Yes, don't leave off." "Do you like it?" — "Yes." Replacing the thumb I rubbed on and we went on talking. She hadn't spent that night, once a night she always spent, and often twice, it depended on the man, she told me. — Soon after she leant her head on the pillow, then rose and sucked my prick for a minute, relinquished it, fell back, and saying "Go on," closed her eyes.

I watched her carefully, voluptuously curious, but not too much excited — for fucking alas, was not for me any more that night. I rubbed gently with my thumb a long time in unbroken silence. Then her breath shortened, her belly heaved, her thighs twitched and still she lay with eyes closed. "Quicker," said she, and laying hold of my thumb she placed it in a little lower down — quicker and harder I rubbed till her thighs and belly became agitated, that indescribable jogging, heaving, wriggling came on with sighing and murmuring soft sounds of pleasure. "Her — er. — He

— her" and clutching my prick, she subsided into quietness, and half sleep. Thus we lay without speaking some minutes, I looking, watching her tranquility, pleased at having given her a spend, voluptuous fatigue of body on me — mind tranquilly voluptuous. — "Aha

— a — a — a — a" — said she at last, with a prolonged sigh and rising. — "You haven't spent," said I. — "Yes yes — feel me — look." — Her cunt was running over with her juices it was wet outside as well as up — I saw, felt it, and was delighted. — "I never frigged a woman before with my thumb and lying in that attitude" I remarked. — She laughed. — "I've never been frigged so before — I did want it." — "Why?" "Don't know, seeing his prick in your mouth I think — I never saw a man do that to another. — Ah! polisson — it's not nice — a woman and a man may do anything to-gether — but two men — no 'tis villainous. — Ah! — I like it not." — "But it made you hot cunted." — "C'est vrai — mais," — and she shrugged her shoulders — other gay women have said the same.

There can be no indecency, or impropriety in women or men amusing themselves any way they like in private — objections arise from prejudice and custom. — Yet I was glad to get Eugene out of the room. It annoys me to think that I had him, as I write this — which is absurd. — What is the use of my philosophy if it leaves me thus minded.

A French lady of whom I shall tell nothing more — a lady lewed enough but not gay — told me that she thought the loveliest mouthful any woman could have, was a nice soft prick. That no woman and man ever lived together a year and loved each other, without the man putting his prick into her mouth, or that she could love him without sucking it — she didn't say let him spend in it. This has been told me by more than one French "dame galante," when I have been long intimate with them. The lady also said that no woman had enjoyed the sublimity of voluptuousness, till she'd been fucked by one man whilst she sucked and palated another's pego.

Mademoiselle A**l*e also — not quite gay — told me that the most voluptuous evening she ever passed was when the man who kept her brought home three male friends with him. All five stripped naked, she laid on the bed edge a man lying on each side of her and one kneeling over her head. Then her "mari," standing and tilting up her thighs, fucked her, whilst another's prick filled her mouth, and she f rigged the other two. Four pricks had she in keeping at once, one in her cunt — one in her mouth — and one in each hand. — Semiramis or Messalina could not well have had a much greater treat.

Every man fucked her that night, and all felt each other's tools — they were friends, and Frenchmen. All of them got drunk. — If true, I should like to have been one of the party. But was it true? I am quite pre-pared to believe that it was.

She said that she should never forget it, and would pay herself to get such a treat again. Her "mari" (who kept her) brought the men home with him from a club. Their principal regret was that there was not another woman. Her "marl" suggested that he should fetch another, but she wouldn't have it. She said — "Mon ami, respectez moi — je ne suis pas putain." I fucked that lady several times, she had a fancy for me. — [Ultimately she went to a French colony with a general officer. — She may be living now.]

Then I grew tired of the erotic spectacles, and of taking pleasure in lubricated channels, so resolved to go no more to them. — Many a day elapsed before I did.

Erotically maddening as the sights were, they were one and all with courtezans, with whom satisfying love and lust is a trade. — In my whole experience there I never saw a woman who was not a baudy Cyprian, and contrasting what I saw there with the snug house at **** St. where, years ago, Sarah F**z*r and I had our evenings and where at every other visit I saw love making with women not gay, but with servants and others of better class — I preferred the sights there to those at the lapunar.

A month later I was some hundreds of miles further south, through December and January, and all but chaste. One night I went to a circus, an hour after-wards met a woman in the streets, went home with her, and found her to be one of the circus riders, and a Spaniard. In a slovenly bedroom, in a little cot slept a child a year old. — A "love child," she said. — Doubting her and not recognizing her, she described the horse she rode. — The next night I saw her riding it. — All she got a night for her equestrian skill, she said, was five francs. — Her cunt I fancy paid her better. — I stripped her, she was shortish, plump, had an exquisite shape, and flesh solid as ivory, her face was handsome and pure Spanish. — What astonished me, was to find so much hair on motte, cunt and buttocks; four inches all round her anus was quite black with crisp, shortish hair which was not handsome to me but she seemed proud of it. — Tastes differ. — I fucked her and gave ten francs, for which I might have her again, she asked me to — I repeated this another night when I had seen her riding a white horse. — My God! and all that skill for five francs. — I wondered as she whirled round on the horse, now throwing this leg up, now that — if many there knew of her hirsute buttocks besides myself. — It pleased me to think about her cunt whilst she was riding.

[This reminds me, that perhaps the hairiest women whom I have had were Spanish. I've had them at two or three French border towns, in Paris, and several in Spain, and the cuntal regions of all were unusually hairy.]