Vol. 10 Chapter X

A small-cunted lady's maid. • The courier's good for-tune. • Fucked and forsaken. • A public house and a hot clay. • Child, mother, and grandmother. • Lust communicated by touch of flesh. • Effects of hot weather and sherry on a rutting cunt. • In the cab. • In the brothel. • Pleasure and repentance. • Adultery alas!

[Turning over the remaining manuscript — I found the following about a small cunted woman. — When it got placed out of its chronological order I know not, but the incident occurred quite fifteen years ago. It naturally belongs to the chapter on cunts and so is placed here.]

Towards the end of October, at about five in the afernoon, a tall, light haired young woman turned out of Oxford St. into Bond St. She was so neatly dressed like a superior servant, that I couldn't conclude if she were gay or not. I followed her down the street where she seemed to look at no one when stopping and looking at shops. When she did, I also stopped and looked, standing by the side of her. Men noticed her, none addressed her, but when one turned round to look after her, I felt inclined to accost her fearing to be anticipated and some man have her before myself — if she was to be had at all.

By the time she had got to P**cl*d**ly my cock tip was up against my navel. I'd not had a fair woman for some time, and as I walked behind her had been picturing to myself the look of her cunt, comparing it mentally with dark ones, till I almost fancied I'd never seen a light haired one, and felt passionate desire for her. She stopped at a corner shop and going close to her I asked. "May I go home with you?" She looked at me as if half astonished, then after hesitation. "Yes, but I live three miles off." — "Let us get into a cab." — "Oh no, I can't take you home." — We got then into a cab, and in ten minutes were in a snug accommodation house [existing no more].

She stood not attempting to undress. "Take off your things." — "All?" — "Yes." — She did partially then stopped. — "Get naked." — "Are you going to be naked?" — "Yes." — "Oho." — She went on undressing slowly, there was no fire in the room and it being coldish I said "Keep your chemise on." — "Thank you, sir," said she — at which I laughed, and at that she looked astonished.

I had undressed much quicker and when in shirt held it up, proud of my prick which was in grand erection. She stood staring at it without speaking — I closed on her and put my hand between her thighs. — "Oh wait" — said she — and was soon on the bed in chemise, which I pulled up to her navel, and saw a finely made woman twenty-two years old, — she said. — She'd a lovely motte delicately covered with short crisp hair of the color of ginger, but brighter. I opened her thighs and saw one of the prettiest of cunts, delicately lipped, and with the prettiest little crisp curls part of the way down them, slightly divided part of its length by a vermillion stripe which was just obtruding. I laid by her side, fingered the soft red stripe, intruded my finger, could scarcely find an opening, and when I did it seemed so tight to my finger. "You have a very little cunt." — "Have I?"

Surrendering herself I got her to the bed side to see better, and opening wider her thighs, saw that the vagina's mouth looked like a young girl's. I put one finger, then two up it, delighted with the novelty — for nothing is so entrancing, soul absorbing as novelty in cunt — questioning, asking without reply, till at length. "I'm all right made sir." Then on the bed I kissed all over her well formed, plump white fleshed body, nestling my mouth in her motte, sniffing its atmosphere. Then pressing myself close to it, putting her hand round my pego, kissing her lips, I frigged a neat little clitoris till she sighed with voluptuous thrills.

Silently turning on to her belly, - how instinctively a woman turns on to her back as the male presses against her — pulling up shirt and chemise, getting the fullest contact of naked flesh — that delicious sensation — my thighs settled between hers, my pego rubbed in the crisp thicket on her motte till my hairs mingled with hers, I guided the ruby tip to her cuntal entrance. Slowly at first my prick glided up the tight avenue, and then a vigorous thrust lodged it by her womb. Up and down now I lunged it, smoother and softer the channel seemed, a minute's luscious movements only. Aha, God! — what a tight grip yet lubriciously soft, how delicious a sensation on my gland which seemed dissolving into the folds of the channel. — "Oho — har" — she sighed, our buttocks trembled, my prick wriggled at the goal, a spasm of pleasure, my prick throbs, and out jets my sperm as our tongues meet and the voluptuous paradisical swooning left us tranquil in dreamy pleasure, cunt and prick completing their work without our will. What an angel seems a woman during this orgasm of love, this sexual mingling. As my sperm rises I love her, could drink her piss, her blood, so do I long to be incorporate with her, be with her one in body and soul.

The brain returns to its normal state, the anticipation and anxieties of love return, when the heavenly pleasure has passed. — "Let me wash." — "No, don't move" — and I clasped her buttocks firmly, pressing my motte to hers, squeezing my prick into her cunt. — "Do, I'm so frightened of getting in the family way, I'm going to service again" and she uncunted me as a woman with a retrograde jerk of her bum can, when the prick is shrinking in her.

She washed whilst I lay asking how she managed to get the sperm out. — Was it really so small, she asked — one gentleman had said it was. Then as it was cool, and the sheets looked questionable, we covered our-selves with the blankets and talked, she had laid down after ablution as if she expected to be fucked again.

What did she mean by going to service? She began crying and told me that she was a servant in a good place — naming it — had been three years there and traveled with the family. Their courier made advances, before, got into her bedroom and she let him have her virginity. Afterwards he fucked her on several days or nights. As her room was away from the family's that was easy and seemed secure. — But they were discovered. Not a word was said till they came back to England, when her mistress discharged her at once, refusing to give a character. The courier laughed at marrying, said he'd only joked, that she knew it, and in a few days went abroad again. She, frightened to tell her parents, took a lodging, spent what little money she had, and at length one night in despair and without being advised by any one, went out to get money by the sale of her charms; that was only a week ago. She'd had two or three men, got but trifles, and hated the life, and resolved to get to service again. She'd got good clothes. Then she cried again, and left off feeling my cock to wipe her eyes.

I had thought her manners not those of a gay woman — but women are so cunning. — Soon after I had got this history which she seemed bursting to tell me, I'd frigged her into silence, her tears had ceased. The titillation of a cunt drowns sorrow, the frigging of a prick the same, and again my prober gently entered the tight warm sheath. Slowly at first then quicker we fucked ourselves into Elysium. It was delicious to feel the pleasure she felt — for she wanted it — lovely to lie up her afterwards, my prick revelling in the soft compression of her tight but mucilaginous cunt. Again she washed, again unasked got onto the bed.

Then our passions assuaged, and she made amiable by the fucking, I looked over her sweet body. It was two and twenty in perfection. — A gentleman whose prick had moistened many a cunt, a connoisseur in female beauty, should have ruptured her virginity, and not a man servant. — It was pearls to swine.

I saw no chance of a stiff again, yet cuddled her a while, making her put one knee over my haunch, then feeling from bum bone to clitoris, intruding a finger up the tight channel, hearing all again that the courier swore by God he'd marry her, how he showed his stiff prick, how she succumbed. She bled, and spent, tho not at the first fuck. He never took his clothes off, and she'd never been in bed with a man till with me now. There is great charm in eliciting these disclosures from a woman. But my pego remained dormant tho sausage-like. I got her to the bed side, looked at and felt, and smelt the little cunt without result. "I'm keeping you long." — "Never mind, I'll stop as long as you like." — Then in the bed again we fondled and frigged our copulating organs, till I made her lewed, which made me stiff, which made her happy and myself as well. — "Yes, I like it of course, it's only natural," and again I fucked her.

She was overwhelmed with a couple of sovereigns, for I took great interest in her, ten shillings was all she'd received from men before. "Oh thank you, sir, I'm much obliged, I can live on it a fortnight." I promised her as much if she'd meet me again. "I will if I can, that's all I can say." She didn't meet me and I thought she wouldn't, for on parting she said "I mean to get to service if I can, I won't be gay." — I wonder if she did, or whether fucking demoralized her, — to use an absurd term — for why call a natural, needful function demoralizing, — and she continued harlotting.

Early in June the weather became suddenly blazing hot, insufferable almost after prolonged very cold weather. At half past two one day walking near Somerset House, I became very thirsty, and up a narrow court seeing what appeared to be an out of the way, quite public house, I entered it and ordered iced sherry and lemonade. There stood at the bar two women, and a little girl not more than three years old. One woman evidently was the mother, a handsome creature seemingly about thirty, the other was old and evidently the grandmother. — I was very fit just then, had been chaste, and was feeling lustful stings, and the instant I set eyes upon the good-looking woman had a voluptuous thrill shoot through my prick. A strong letch for her came on, and I stood looking at her, wondering what thighs and cunt she had — when she'd been fucked last and a crowd of other amorous thoughts and wishes.

They looked fairly well to do but not ladies. The beauty was clad in silk slightly the worse for wear, but all her clothing was neat and modest. The child and grandmother as I soon found her to be, were dressed similarly. — They were talking earnestly and loudly, and went on doing so without at first noticing me, tho dropping their voices a little, and I heard much of what they said. They were drinking sherry, of which the beauty seemed to have had quite enough. — Her face was anxious, excited, and moist with perspiration, which however didn't much impair her beauty. The old woman besought her to go home, not to worry herself and all would come right. — He would certain be home in six weeks, or he wouldn't have written those letters — "Besides Mr. * * * * says he must." I soon gathered enough to infer that they were talking about the beauty's husband, who had been away for some months.

Then my cock stood stiff and full as I stood looking at her lovely profile, thinking how she must want fucking if she'd kept chaste during her husband's absence. Had she been fucked — did she frig herself — how satisfy her natural passions, she healthy and in the prime of life? — I longed to speak to her and began playing with the little girl, gave her a bun, and at once the mother turning her lovely face round began chatting with me — the old woman saying at intervals. — "My dear you'd better go — I must be off or they will think something has happened."

"It's hot." — "Yes it's dreadful, sir." — Then reciprocal incitements of lust began their play, both almost unconsciously — each stimulating the other by looks prompted by stiffening prick and moistening cunt — I'm sure that by touch of her flesh I can communicate my lust to a woman, that by gently squeezing the woman's hand, looking in her eyes and thinking of fucking I have made many a woman colour up or look lovingly, and half think I can do so by merely looking at her. — We looked full into each other's eyes smiling — suddenly she dropped hers as if something had crossed her mind, and when she raised them again, there was a soft, abashed expression in them, as if half in fear that I might have guessed her mental emotion, for emotion there had been. Had her cunt responded sympathetically to my prick? We chatted on, her eyes grew bolder, and at length we looked into each other's fully, and without speaking. — There was desire in hers, I saw plainly. Suddenly she turned towards her mother saying, "We will go," and to the child, — "Come along, dear." — The child peevishly cried, — "Oh carry me, mamma."

She pulled a glove off and saying, "You are heavy," stooped to lift her — I stooped and lifted her, anxious to get close to the beauty. — "Have you got her?" saying that I laid hold of her naked arm just above the wrist as it was under the child's bum, and a thrill shot thro me as our flesh met. She took no notice, but moved the child about saying how heavy she was, whilst still I softly held and pressed the arm. — "How you got her well?" "Yes thank you, sir" — our eyes met full again as I relinquished her wrist.

The child was restless. They had turned to leave, when "Oh, you're so heavy dear you must walk," and putting the child down somewhat hastily it slid with its bum onto the floor. I stooped to help it up, the mother did the same, and again I laid hold of her wrist. There was no excuse for that now, but she said nothing, and again our eyes met. In hers I saw that my lust had roused her passions, that her quim was yearning for a prick, tho perhaps not for mine, whilst mine was throbbing for her cunt. The child cried, the grandmother coming round let it towards the door, the beauty said again, "Good day, sir," and they were gone.

I saw no chance in following them and turned to the barmaid, a coarse tho good looking woman of about thirty. My throbbing pego made me long for her, — any available cunt at that minute would have had my sexual worship, and I thought of getting a venal fuck-stress. Talking to her I heard she wasn't married — wouldn't mind marrying, but not to be left for months like that lady who I'd been talking to and she listening to. — "Ah, she must want a bedfellow mustn't she?" — "Sure I don't know." She looked knowingly at me whilst serving customers who came in, but still talking. "She looks like it." — "Oh does she, I suppose you know all about it, she's had an extra glass and it's a hot day." — I saw from the barmaid's eyes, that I had set her thinking about fucking. The first hot weather makes the genitals of most of us pleasurably uneasy, and long for companionship and conjunction. I fancied that the barmaid's cunt was inciting her to fucking at that moment. — A hot May they say makes virginities cheap. This was a hot June, and cunts were sweating with lust. I recollect that ten years ago even, my gland was quickly white with sebaceous exudations — the sign of full testicles — if I'd not fucked them empty the night before.

Having done chaffing the lewed-looking barmaid, and more customers having come in, I was leaving, when in rushed the beauty dragging with her the child. — "I've lost my parasol, did I leave it here?" Just by my legs it was, leaning against the counter, I had not noticed it before. — She was loquacious, was so glad, wouldn't have lost it for anything, hadn't found her loss till she'd put her mother into an omnibus, etc., etc. — "How hot it's made you." — "Yes it's flurried me so." — "Have some iced lemonade and sherry." — "Thank you I'd rather not." — But I'd ordered it, and before five minutes had gone she'd drank a tumbler full and was quite gracious, her eyes beaming with love, with the softness of desire. — Soon after we left the public house together, she was going to F**h**m by omnibus.

In the Strand I waited by her side. The first omnibus was full. — "I'm going your way, have a seat in my cab." — Hesitation, refusal, then acceptance. Into the cab we got, she sat the little girl in front of us who at once fell asleep, proximity completed my desire for her, and then came twenty minutes of sexual excitement, during which it is difficult to recollect exactly what, or the order in which it all took place. — Was it her husband I'd heard her talking about? — "It was." — "And away from you four months." — "Yes, nearly five." — "I wish I'd been your bedfellow since." — The words seemed to astonish her. — "You mustn't talk like that" — of course no one had been her bed-fellow. Then I seized her and kissed her. — She objected, resisted, struggled, was sorry she'd got into the cab, but I kissed on and gradually she yielded. Then I risked all for time was short. — How I should like to see beautiful face with a bonnet — "and this beautiful flesh" — pinching her thigh. "let's go and have tea together, and talk about it. — I'm dying for you and never saw a more beautiful creature. — I am sure you're as beautiful in form as your face is — five months and in bed alone by yourself?" — "Hish — hish — you mustn't." — But she smiled, tho trying to look severe. — "Oh! look at the child" (who was asleep), I went on in the same strain. — "Oh — really — it's abominable, let me get out." — "My God, let me have you or I shall die, you're exquisite." Tho a blazing sun-shiny day, excitedly forgetting aught but my wants I pulled my truncheon out, and ere she had the least notion I suppose of my intention had put her hand to it. — "Oh! don't, pray" said she withdrawing it but not quickly. — Her manner was yielding, her "oho don't pray" told that her desires were conquering her. — "Oh let us dear, I'm bursting, come my darling and have some tea, — let me feel your lovely flesh." Stooping suddenly I got my hand up her clothes, and my fingers as well on her cunt as her closed thighs permitted. —"Oho, what are you doing, sir," — she cried out. — "Oh, look, the people will see you — oh don't — don't now" — she screeched as furiously I drove my fingers between her closed thighs till I felt the upper end of the moist notch. — "Look, my child's tumbling."

By the jolting of the cab the child was falling forwards. Beauty half rose, put out her hands to catch her, and then the whole length of my forefinger slid between the lips of the moist gap, which was as wet as if she'd piddled herself. — She took the child on her lap, my fingers were dislodged as she sat down again, and she looked at me with eyes half closed, and humid with voluptuous sensations. — She wished she hadn't got into the cab, and had taken an omnibus — our talk became inconsecutive, in frank language I pressed my wants and said I knew she'd a lover. She declared she'd not. Then I again got my hand up her clothes, begging and persuading, and at last she said she'd like a cup of tea, for the wine had got into her head and I'd quite upset her.

We had then got far along Piccadilly and away from any baudy house I knew. So many of the haunts of Venus known to me have been closed, that I every now and then take a well dressed Paphian for the sake of finding where good accommodation can be had, to meet these amorous contingencies. — I turned the cab towards such a house, we alighted not far from the door, and then she refused at first to follow me, but at length yielded for the sake of the tea, and we were soon in a bedroom. Not a few women have entered a brothel with me — "to have a cup of tea." My humbug and theirs also — a mere sham of modesty, for I fancy most of them knew well what we were going for.

"What can I do with my little girl?" said she as I shut the door, "I'm so frightened I wish I hadn't seen you." —The child was laid on the sofa after whining and crying, and being sat on the pot to piddle, and the next minute was sound asleep. — "When is the tea coming?" — "Presently, but my darling let us enjoy ourselves." — No she wouldn't, but her eyes said she would, and there was a little struggle. — No, she'd take nothing but her bonnet off, — that done, again tea was asked for. — No, she wouldn't get on the bed — was afraid.

After more persuasion and now open talk of fucking — and the shame it was she'd 'been left unfucked for some months. — "What will become of me if I get in the family way?" — Out I pulled my prick. "Well feel it, and let me feel you, and that is all I'll ask you." — She, leaning against the bed saying "no — no" — I'm in front of her, we handled prick and cunt. — "I shall spend in your hand." — "Oh don't" she sighed as her bum wriggled under the titillation of her cunt. — "No — I won't then — I dare not" — whilst saying that, I pushed, half lifted her on to the bed — her resistance was gone and she half helped herself up.

Next minute I was by her side, I unbraced and pushed my trowsers down, then showed her a glorious erection. — "Feel it love, that's going up your lovely cunt." — She stretched out her hand rapidly and grasped it. Taking it out of her hand I threw up her clothes, saw large white thighs, a widespread dark-haired motte, threw myself upon her, and the next second my prick was in a soft glowing sheath, lubricated already by its own lust — up to my balls. "Hharr" murmured she as the stiff shaft struck her womb, and her eyes closed in voluptuous enjoyment. She moved her thighs well up to get every bit of my gristle into her, our tongues met, and ere I, hot as I was, had approached my crisis, — "Ah — ah — ah" — she staccatoed, whilst a tight grip of her cunt and the rapid oscillation of her soft bum told me she'd spent. A deluge of her own seemed to have filled her cunt, which loosened round my tool as cunts do after their spend, whilst I was still ramming it with steam engine energy.

Her quietness and relaxed vagina annoyed me. I don't like a woman to spend so quickly, nor to lose that exquisite cuntal grip which dies away with her spend. I love the heavenly crisis to arrive with hers, so ceased fucking and withdrew my tool. — "You've spent dear, why didn't you wait for me?" — "Oh! couldn't." — "Feel my prick, it's wet." Readily she grasped it, and I laid by her side and began frigging her. — "You'll spend again." — "Yes, and soon. — Aha — yes, — ah — ah — put it in again." On to her I turned, up went my shaft into her lubricious quim, the rest had prolonged my pleasure, her chastity had left her hot and ready, and as my pulsating prick jetted out its thick hot spunk into her, she clasped me and spent again, our mouths glued together yet sighing and murmuring our heavenly pleasure, till exhausted I lay quiet on her soft full belly.

She was certainly slightly overcome with sherry, and now with the soft and satisfied feeling which comes to man and woman after fucking. — "Oh! I'm so sleepy, it's the wine" — quoth she opening her eyes as I raised my self partially up — still pressing my belly to hers, keeping my prick in the hot lubricious cunt. But my shrinking injector drew outwards, a torrent of spendings following it from her inundated sheath, I fell off on her side, she turned her face to mine, and laying so we talked, or rather I did, and in a few minutes was irritating the red button of her clitoris, now soft and glutinous, and more pleasant to finger even than before.

Then she roused herself suddenly. — "Oh let me get up and wash or I shall be with child — I felt it just as you came." — "Nonsense." — "I'm sure I am, don't hold me" — and she struggled up. — "If you are with child, washing won't stop it now, but I'm sure it's non-sense." — Passing my hand over the whole surface first I let her rise and wash, and got up to see her doing it. There she sat over the basin slopping her cunt and looking at her child asleep on the sofa. — "Piddle" — said I as she was getting up, and handed her the pot. — "Oho" said she as if quite disconcerted with my politeness, but she accepted it and pissed copiously. — "That's the sherry and lemonade. Wash it well." — "I have well." "Wash it again and then I'll lick your cunt." — "Oho — what a man," said she.

"But where is the tea?" — I hadn't really ordered any but now did, and went on talking baudily. I'd only had one spend, and seeing her wash her quim and piddle had somewhat swollen my prick again; so I lifted my shirt and showed it. —"Let me look at your cunt, I'm sure its lovely." — "You've seen enough." — "Only for a moment, let me, and I'll gamahuche you." — For fear of awaking her child I had sat her down in a large arm chair, and kneeling in front of her had forced one hand between her closed thighs, begging her to show me her charms. — When the tea came of which both partook — for I was thirsty — she drank cup after cup. — "You'll soon want to piss again." "Oh! what a mari — but tea does run through me quickly." — We were getting sociable, a woman rarely is otherwise with the man who has just fucked her. — Then she got curious about me. Was I married? — I said. "Yes," — thinking that the lie might suit her views and my object. — "One's just as bad as the other then — we are a nice couple." — "We are, but no one but you and I will ever know of our fucking." She shook her head solemnly but made no reply. — But the idea of my being married quite evidently pleased her much, for her manner got freer and still more sociable directly afterwards.

I wanted to know about her, but she refused to tell me more than that she hadn't seen her husband for five months, was married six years before — had a girl five years old at home — that she'd not had a fuck for five months she would "swear before God," and that no one had tempted her. She rarely went out excepting to see her mother, so whispers about impropriety could not be uttered of her. Her husband sent money to keep them. "Tho but poorly, but enough with economy." Then she must go, but I refused to let her — she objected, but I got on my knees on a pillow in front of her as she sat on the chair and my fingers again between her aperture. The position was difficult for frigging her, but by twiddling persistently and talking baudily, I roused her lust again.

She repeated that she didn't want to talk about that, but I did and used my choicest vocabulary, asking her to feel my prick which at first she wouldn't. — But soon that compound of wriggle, heave, jerk and retreat of her bum came on, which in all women is the first symptom of sexual pleasure. They can't help the movement. — "Now leave off, pray." — I stood up then with prick like a horn. — "You shan't go till we have fucked again — feel it — you've felt it several times, what more harm in feeling it again?" Thoughtfully she felt it, and soon after was at the bedside with me. Standing there in silence we caressed each other's genitals. — I pulled her head to mine, intoxicated her with kisses whilst now frigging her gently, till yielding I got her lying at the bedside, threw up her clothes, then buried my mouth between her thighs extolling her beauty there. Nothing pleases a woman more, it lulls them voluptuously and makes them feel lewed when they hear their cunts praised.

Gently I then pulled her thighs wide apart whilst she lay silent — saw a full lipped handsome gap, hedged round and protected by a crisp and curly chestnut colored bush, a nubby clitoris shewed well out, a longish one, but with short nymphae; my finger curious for knowledge went up the warm avenue which my prick had not long left, and then my tongue laid on the little red bud, and rapturously licked it. — "Aharr — don't," said she — I did not wish to fuck a fatigued cunt, so ceased the lingual titillation, rose and showed my standard. She pushed down her clothes, stood up and looked at the erection. I closed on her and kissed her — lewed to my marrow. — Whispering, — "Take off your clothes." — "Oh impossible."

"Then I will — if we are to fuck let's have all the pleasure we can" — quickly I stripped to my skin, whilst she contemplated me silently. "Undo your dress then dear, let me feel your breasts." — She refused. — "I can't — suppose my little girl wakes." — "If she does she won't know, listen how sound asleep she is." She silently went to the sofa, looked at the child, and then took off her gown. — "Oh, your stays." — "I'm frightened." But she took them off and shewed a lovely pair of breasts. I kissed and sucked the nipples, feeling her cunt with one hand, her bum with the other as I sucked. — Then we mounted the bed, heartily she felt my prick in silence, I laid at once between her thighs and fucked a heavenly fuck.

"I'm sure I shall be in the family way," said she in a whisper and getting off the bed so soon as my prick was out of her she washed quietly, the little girl slept still. — "Lay on the bed again." She seemed more willing than before and yielded as if the voluptuous amusement was proper enough. We lay and talked, feeling each other, every now and then she getting up to look at her sleeping child. — "I'm so tired," said she, "I was up all night, couldn't sleep thro a letter I'd got, and wrote to mother to meet me. I've been drinking today and am not accustomed to it or I shouldn't be here. — Oh! if it's ever known, I am ruined — I declare before leaven — I'd no intention. — If I'm in the family way what shall I do? — Do you live in London? you don't live near F*h*m do you? I hope not" — and she began to whimper.

I assured her I was only going to see a friend there and lived miles away. "All will come right but let's have pleasure now, let's see your bum." — She would not. — "Well your cunt again, but I've seen that already." — I soon saw both. We had been an hour on the bed, the child had once awakened, she'd soothed it to sleep again, and I don't believe the child knew I was in the room, for I laid quietly still naked, enjoying the coolness on that blazing hot day, when she'd got up.

She started up now saying she must be off — I pulled her down and recommenced my frigging, wantng to get time for another erection. — "Oh! leave off, you'll make me want it again, God forgive me." — [ fancied there were signs of strength in my prick, so coaxed her to the bedside and gamahuched her. She was in full rut, her long continence, the effect of my talk and frigging coupled with the liquor, had left her in that lascivious state of mind that she was absorbed in it, and the irritation of her cunt killed all moral consciousness. — She might indeed have felt — as I have known others feel — that having sinned once, a little more sin could not affect the consequences, so at the bedside I amused myself with her cunt and its surrounding till she spent again. Then standing naked I inserted my prick in the freshly moistened avenue, it stiffened with pride as it entered it and with long but pleasurable fucking our enjoyment was complete. — "Mammy" said the voice just as I'd recovered from the spasm of delight, and a little head peeped over the foot-board. Out she shot my prick, bounced up and laid the child on the sofa again, looking at me with fear in her eyes.

The child laying down, she dressed, came to me as I lay, and whispered much in an agitated manner. — She didn't want money — had just received twenty pounds, — had been with her mother to the solicitor for it. — "No I won't have any money — God forbid, — I'm wicked, but that will make me worse. — I'm queer in my head I think, it's swimming now. She wouldn't give me her name or address, and left the baudy house whilst I still lay on the bed to pre-vent the child seeing me. — In forty years fucking I never met with a similar adventure, and all thro going into a public house on a hot day. I hadn't been into one in London in the daytime for years, and nearly avoided doing so on this occasion. — Luck.

[I wonder if that little girl ever recollected what she'd seen, and where she had been. It is not probable, yet when I arrived at manhood, suddenly recollected having felt the hair on a woman's cunt, and her thighs, and sniffing at the aroma — I must have been very young but perhaps not older than this little girl.

[The pleasure this woman had in my embraces seemed supreme, and the exudations of her cunt were great. She certainly under my tongue, finger, and prick spent five times in a couple of hours.]