Vol. 10 Chapter XIII

Fucking on chairs. • Condoms tried. • Blowpipe, condom, and cunt. • My ill health. • H.'s sexual strength. • Cunts felt in the streets. • A peculiar piddling performance. • L**l*e again. • A sweet seventeen harlot. • A sea voyage. • A young plain-faced widow. • Masturbation of a circumcized. • A harlot's naked street antics. • Fucking against bamboo. • A comedy of donkies. • Lewed effect on the widow. • An aperient applied to her pouters.

The two little episodes last narrated, tho shortened, took a long time to write, but are worth preserving, yet how short a time they really occupied me in the performance. The railway lass but one evening only — the hairdresser's servant, but eight evenings in six weeks. They are charming reminiscences, particularly that of Phoebe, whom I had the pleasure of teaching the art of love, and in the very few meetings, fucked her in half a dozen different attitudes, and both gamahuched and frigged her. She used to submit to my suggestions at once after our marriage night, and without a word but, "oh!" — when she heard my proposals.

For sometimes I hadn't seen H. at all, and when I did told her all. She said she didn't care but was evidently angry. We had champagne. Neither Donkey prick nor her protector had had her for about ten days (so she said when sitting on my knee, feeling my prick and I her vulva). She said she'd contented herself with digital movements on her cuntal bud, — which wasn't all she needed — and before I'd been in the house a quarter of an hour she was manipulating my love staff. This shows how the recital of any amorous trick affects those whose lust is rampant. — I'd said that I'd fucked Phoebe whilst sitting on a chair, she sitting on my prick with bum against my belly. — "Fuck me so," said H. Next minute I did. — She put a glass on the floor with lights by its side — as L**l*e used, — so that both could see the movement of my prick in her cunt, as she fucked me by rise and fall. We were delighted, she enraptured. — "Do you see your balls?" "Yes dear — frig your clitoris." — She obeyed. Then sobbing out our carnal chorus, looking in the glass whilst fucking and frigging, we got repose in concupiscent Elysium. — Afterwards we varied it by fucking whilst sitting face to face and tongue to tongue, — that luscious lingual junction, a delicious addition. — It pleased her to know I had fucked Phoebe in that posture. — Said she as we began, "I can't see your prick moving when face to face, you can," — then she put the glass at the back of our chair, and looking over my shoulders was gratified, tho she could only see herself moving.

A day or two after, there again, meretricious inventiveness was on us both. It was an age since I'd had a condom on my prick, and she long since one so sheathed and been put up her. We had talked of that before. I took condoms with me, we began operations with one on, but not liking the sensation — which cheats the sexual pleasure of both, — I took my prick out, well greased the condom outside, put it on and up her again. We compared sensations, but both agreeing that pleasure was largely lessened by the intervening skin between prick and cunt, I took it off and fucked without one.

I took another day with me a condom tied on to a little bone tube, which I took out from an india rubber bottle or injector, and with that could inflate the con-dom. — Wetting the condom she pushed it — a gutty little string — up her cunt as far as she could with her fingers, leaving the mouthpiece hanging out, and laid herself at the edge of the bed. Then taking it in my mouth, I tried to inflate the condom by blowing into it, but with all the force of my lungs failed to do so effectually. It might have been done perhaps with a pair of bellows, but with my mouth I could do nothing more than inflate it a little. Directly I ceased blowing, the squeeze of her cunt drove all the wind out again. She could feel the dilation, which gave her cunt what she called "a tickling squeeze out" but nothing more. We both thought it good fun, which shows what infinite variety of amusements reside in cock and cunt. A trial on another day, when the condom was pushed up her dry, was equally unsuccessful.

Then I blew up her cunt thro an india rubber tube — my breath blew against her womb, which we thought at the time good fun. — Indeed any absurdity (as it may be seen afterwards) will amuse a meretricious couple fond of playing with each other's genitals. Then as she had a pretty bum hole, I introduced the india rubber tube up that and blew up it — "I'll put a fresh fart into you," said I — "Beast," — but she liked the fun. Inventions multiplied. I blew a condom out, tied the end to keep up the inflation, then pushed it up her cunt. It was larger in circumference than any prick I have seen — so far as I can judge, — but up it went, and I moved it very gently whilst she frigged herself. There were pleasant chats about this, and we agreed that a cunt full grown would take a much larger than ever man yet had.

Then I fell out of health and was ordered to a warmer climate for the winter. — Before departing, H. and I had a frolicksome evening, in which we invented postures and modes of pleasure, in which we both got tight, and her lasciviousness had full play. With great regret we parted, as much exhausted with lecherous amusements as a couple could be. Her wonderful strength showed itself that night, for under my prick, finger, and tongue, she spent eleven times, and at that last gamahuche, during which I added to her pleasure by inserting my middle finger just through her sphincter, she gave such a long, loud screech as she spent, that it must have been heard throughout the house, and she nearly tore the hair off my head. — "Aha — my God — suck — bugger — quicker — haa — spunk," she screeched in ejaculations, pausing between each word. — I wrote an account of all next day, this is but an abbreviation.

A week afterwards returning home late, reminiscences of the fun I'd had in cunt hunting in that neighbourhood filled my mind. I walked along the harlot's promenade, met N**l*e L*l*e and went home with her, having a desire to see again that large-mouthed dark-haired vulva, which had spite of its size given me much pleasure. She looked older, seemed poorer, but had good apartments with newish furniture, given to her by her septuagenarian friend, up whose anus she worked a dildo whilst she gamahuched him — as I think has already been narrated. — After amusing myself with her cunt, I paid her a full fee and departed without tailing her, much to her astonishment and regret seemingly.

Then in an erotic state of mind and body, I went to the quiet streets where I have felt scores of cunts — thus does lust lead men on — and thought I'd feel others. It was now just past midnight, the public houses were closed, and Cyprians who had been taking their fill of liquor wanted relief. A French woman said, "Come home with me, cheri." — "No, I'll give you a shilling to piddle over my fingers whilst I feel your cunt." — "Mais, oui," and without a word the act and deed were done, and payment made in three minutes.

Whilst the warm saline outpour was going on, two other whores came by and were amused. "Voyons, je puis pisser, moi." — "A shilling?" "Oui." — And so she pissed, and her companion also. Then a shoal of harlots, French and English — one telling another — came and pissed. "Prenez garde — le police," and quickly they scattered like chaff before the wind. I stood upright by the kerb stone. On stalked the guardian of public morals, not noticing me who had never moved.

Then came by a shortish, stout English woman, I offered her a shilling. — "Give it me then, I want to piss badly." — She squatted and began ere I could stoop, at the edge of the kerb, and to my astonishment her piddle squirted out in a smallish stream nearly horizontally, and quite two yards from her. A police-man came near. —"Get up, the police." — "Can't, I'm bursting," and she finished whilst the guardian stalked by without noticing her. She, evidently aware of the direction of the current, had pulled her clothes up above her garters to avoid wetting them. The constable I believe thought from my standing by her side that I was her husband.

"I'm seven months gone with child," said she rising from the kerb. "You can feel my cunt round the corner." — I followed her there, but finding another couple engaged in feeling each other's privates, bade her good night, and left without further satisfying my curiosity about her cuntal region. There are more gas lights there now than formerly, which interfered with street amours, and destroys tranquillity in the sexual pleasures — cui bono? The cunts will be felt else-where, the venue is changed, that is all — that which is natural between the sexes will have its way, or if thwarted lead to the unnatural.

By that time concupiscence was asserting its power in me. The feel of six or eight cunts, the sight and feel of L**l*e's bum furrow and cuntal region — now thickly black haired from bum bone nearly to navel — had roused my tool, which from fatigue had enabled me to withstand sexual wishes since the night when fucked out I left H. A slight, fair-haired woman looked at one. — "How old are you?" — "Seventeen — come — my lodging, it's close by." I went with her. She'd a delicious, pretty, little, light auburn-haired rift, pink tinted and with scarcely nymphae or clitoris, quite a girl's cunt and very enticing. She was small boned, rather thin, but most beautifully made, and to my astonishment said she was Irish tho I didn't believe it. "Do it me." — said she so soon as she'd felt my cock. —"You want it?" — "Yes I've not had it tonight." — "Here is your money, don't let me if you have any fear." — "Thank you, put it down, I'm all right." She was then laying on the bedside naked. — Next minute I plugged her to her womb. It was such a tight little cunt, and I had pleasure in feeling round my prick, tightly enclosed by the nearly hairless lips. — "Oh — go on — fuck," quoth she impatiently, and in a minute our sexual juices mingled.

"Ah — isn't it nice?" said she, as leaning over her — my cock still sheathed in her — I kissed her pretty youthful face, which wasn't a bit Irish. — Stooping, kissing, keeping my prick up as long as I could, at length out it came. "Do me again." — "I can't." — "Let me make you." — "No, its late, and I'm sure I can't." But she was anxious for it. A pretty girl begging me to fuck her is irresistible. She washed. — "I'll lay by your side a minute or two." — There I felt up he] tight cunt, she made me rise, up her I put my pego, and lay so for many minutes before I thrust, then fucked again and departed. She had lifted up her legs for a very small fee.

A longish sea voyage, no incidents worth noting, excepting that of a healthy and very plain-faced, tall woman, seemingly about twenty-five, traveling wit] her mother and father to the East, was seasick close t me. I led her to her cabin and comforted her on the way. "How very kind," said she next day, and then to my astonishment I found she was a widow. The sea air and extreme rest soon made my prick voluptuous, and I thought of the widow whose cabin was only a few yards from mine — I like talking to widows, they know all about fucking, they want it, and will take any sly allusions to it, whilst I am wondering how they assuage their passions, and how their cunts must tingle with want of the male. They tingle much more than virgins' cunts who don't know the stretch of the prick. There were her "Pa and Ma," and I also had friends with whom I was travelling in my way. But walking on deck after dinner one fine evening with her "Pa and Ma" about — we leant over the bulwarks talking about sea sickness. Was I sick? she asked. — "Sometimes qualmish but soon over, and it has a very peculiar effect on me." — "What?" — I hesitated, then — "It makes me want to be in bed with a companion." "Ohooo," said she giggling and went off to her Ma — I didn't fear, knowing that a widow wouldn't tell of that. — Half an hour later sitting at cards, I noticed that every minute she looked across at me. I fancy her cunt was stewing.

Once or twice on the voyage I nearly frigged myself, after I'd been standing at a place where I could see the women's feet as they went up to the decks, and I'd let the young widow see that I looked at hers. I fancied she let me see as much as she dare, and a beautiful foot and ankle she had — her sole charm — complimenting her on it, — "You've no business to be looking" said she laughing. "Why not, what are pretty feet, and legs etc. etc. made for but to be seen?" I thought what a hard case hers was, to be deprived of the male after three years regular fucking, which I ascertained was her case.

At an Oriental city I found perpetual blue sky, hot sunny days, and coolish nights. — All the delights of novelty in climate, vegetation, architecture, food, customs, dress, and where colored skins from the blackest to the whitest, were seen, and where among the peas-ants prick is king, no shame in showing it, whilst the women would sooner shew their cunts than their faces. I landed with a fortnight's sperm in my balls.

Two nights after on a blue-sky'd yet darkish evening, I wandered about the streets in the city, delighted with its wild, half-savage, irregular beauty. A few women flitted by me, their faces covered with the yashmaks, men turbaned and with flowing robes, others with baggy trowsers and a fez. — Negroes and Negresses mixed with others of tawny hue, whilst at rare intervals an European was seen. In a widish street near a café chantant all was bright, yet within two minutes walk from it, were poor houses, ragged, unkempt gardens and waste grounds. At the corner of a cross street, stood a short young man wearing baggy trowsers, and on his head a fez. I stared at everyone that night for the novelty, and stared at him as I passed. He gave a significant jerk of his head and turned down the street. I followed, thinking he would show me a brothel of which I stood in need, as I had heard that pimps of whom no fear need be had, were always about. In two minutes we were by the ragged waste ground and almost in the dark, tho there were some street lamps at long intervals. I was hesitating to follow further, when he turned round and exposed his prick, I could fairly well see it for it was not very far from the last gas lamp. Then he turned, went on further, and in greater darkness stopped against some bamboo railings enclosing some waste grounds.

At once surprized, as I was for a moment, it occurred to me that he must be circumcized. Such a prick I'd never seen, so closed on him and felt it. It was soft, thick, and grew big under my handling. Then said he "Turko fuckee" and pointed in the distance. Scarcely a word of the language knew I, but guessed somehow that he meant a sodomitic den of which I had heard there were many there, and to which the Orientals openly went. I shook my head, he gesticulated persuasively, but it was of no avail.

Then he pointed to his prick which I'd relinquished. I had not satisfied myself about the circumcision, and by signs intimated I wished to see it again. He under-stood, pulled it out again in the half light, and I saw he had no prepuce. He advanced across the road nearer the light to show it, guessing from my manner what I wanted. He seemed quite indifferent whether he was seen or not by others, but I retreated, and he came back to me and towards some misearble bamboo railings. A man and woman passed on the opposite side but took no notice of us. The old letch came on with force, and naming a coin (about two shillings) I intimated by gesture that I wished to frig him. He nodded, I paid, he stood sideways so as to aid my operations. His prick grew stiff, then solid as a horn and very large yet smooth. I felt the glans which no prepuce covered, pleasure signs came on him and he tried to feel my prick, but I refused and frigged on slowly till he spent. My fun was over and off he went. It seemed an unnaturally large prick for his stature, but his race have large cunt rammers.

I walked away wondering at myself. I had not struck the whores' quarters which I'd sought, and was lusting strongly from long continence, when again I came across him accompanied by a girl. I was in a main road with feeble lights also a long distances apart. The girl immediately pulled her single garment right up to her neck and was all but naked, for she had neither shoes or stockings on, and holding them up she walked thus by my side accosting me, I guessed asking me to have her. The man who knew me again went on the other side of me chattering — some natives came to-wards us but took no notice. Then, two Europeans passed us and the girl turned back and went after them, but soon after turning round I saw her coming to me, and again she'd pulled up her clothes. — I pushed her off and she disappeared in the darkness.

Resuming my stroll and motioning him off, in a minute the girl was again with me, again exposed herself and under a lamp, for there were still fewer people about. She looked about sixteen, had lustrous eyes and was very handsome tho copper colored. — I was quivering with want of a woman, and thought I'd just feel her cunt and nothing more.

A darkish, silent side road being close by, I turned down it. She took me by my hand, led me into the semi-darkness, where impelled by lust which had be-come too strong for prudence I felt her hairless cunt, and put my fingers up the warm avenue. Fear of danger then left me, I had heard that no European was ever molested there, that women for a mere trifle would let men fuck them, and within a short time I was fucking her, my concupiscence making me oblivious of all the chances of ailment, indifferent whether I was seen or not, tho I knew that my friends might be about.

Cooled by fucking I felt mad with myself. The risk I had ran when on the eve of a long journey where medical aid could not be had, astonished me. My having frigged the Oriental on a public road surprized me — yet strange inconsistency, marvellous power of concupiscence, who can withstand it? I longed to feel the woman again but only to feel her. My feeling and fucking had not I guess occupied three minutes, and the moment I had spent I ran off. Would she piss over my hand as harlots have done in the streets of Europe? So ran my thoughts, my prick stiffened again, and within half an hour I was fucking her in the same place, and at the same time feeling the youth's prick with one hand — for he had suddenly appeared and produced his tool — whilst I held her naked rump with the other. That night's amusements cost me only about eight shillings.

These incidents astonished me, but I soon found that they were usual enough everywhere in Oriental cities, and that the satisfaction of the senses carried no disgrace. But the nude exposure, the hairless prick and cunt, the singularity of the incitements, I thought of all next day. A rutting fit came on me and I thought of and longed for the cunt of every woman who passed me.

After a midday meal, travellers sat in front of the hotel with parasols up, digesting and talking. I thought of the cunt of each woman I looked at, then moved my chair to talk to the widow who with her parents was there. My friends had gone for a stroll. — Soon her parents went and we were alone, but there were other travellers sitting about. I looked in her eyes, thought of her cunt, and my cock stiffened. "What a lovely climate etc. etc.," she said. — "Yes and it's having the same effect on me as sea sickness." Her eyes opened wide, she colored up, made no reply to the observation, but drew my attention to a finely clad Turk who was walking by. Shortly after I looked her full in the eyes and laughed. — She laughed, and I felt sure she was thinking about my words.

We had slightly moved our chairs the better to avoid the sun, and then were overlooking the street sideways. We were talking about the hotel bedrooms, and found that mine was near hers tho at the back of the house. Suddenly the violent braying of a jack ass was heard, and turning to look, there was a splendid nearly white donkey, with a prick a foot long, getting into a very small donkey, one of several standing in the street for hire. Just as we looked Jack made a successful lunge and his big prick disappeared in the small donkey's cunt, and he rammed with energy, whilst the little female with her tail obligingly turned aside, stood still enjoying it. A donkey boy with yells and blows pulled Nanny away from Jack, by her ears and bridle. — The owner of the stallion, who rushed out of a shop, belaboured it with a big stick, puffing its head at the same time quite round, and at length the two got separated, but Jack's sperm was issuing as his big tool withdrew from the Nanny. By that time a group of Orientals with one or two Europeans who had collected thro the violent braying, seemed delighted, and witnessed the scene laughing. I looked on, the widow at my back I caught looking on when I turned round, tho she'd turned her parasol down in the direction of the street, as if to shut out the view. My procreator, hot before, was now burning and throbbing. — "I shouldn't like to be disturbed like that," said I. — "It's hot, I shall go in," she answered and quickly rose up. — Instinct I suppose made me reply that I should do the same, and we entered the hotel together. — "Didn't the master twack the poor jackass," said I when we were indoors. — "I didn't see anything," said she, — her face as red as a poppy. Then she burst out laughing. — "You did," I replied, laughing heartily too. — "I don't know what you mean. — He — He —He. — "You fib," — replied I. Then both grew serious.

We stood talking in the hall for a minute, I smiling, she scarcely restrained from smiling herself. We each knew well what the other was thinking of, and I wish I could have felt the sensations in her cunt, for I saw from her eyes that she was lewed. We both went up-stairs together, and when in the bedroom corridor, "That's my room, they are lower this side but larger than yours." "Really?" — "Look." — I opened the door, she half entered it, I laid hold of her arm quite gently, and without any resistance, pulled her in and shut the door. — "Oh! I mustn't stop here." — "Give me a kiss — I will have one." — She didn't resist the kiss. — "I mustn't stop here." — "Yes do — I'm dying for you — let me see that sweet foot and leg which I saw on the steamer." — "I shan't" — I pulled her down on to the bedside and put my hand on her calf. — "Oh you shan't" — next second it was on her thigh. — "Oh now — no, you shan't." Next minute my fingers were between her cunt lips, and I was titillating her clitoris, and kissing her. "Let me have you, my darling." — "Leave off now." — "Let's fuck." — "Oh, I'm sorry I came in, what will the servants say if they see me leaving?" The lovemaking then ran its course — how commonplace but how delicious, tho the same, and the same, and ever will be the same. — Frigging her first, then baudy words, then pego erect, dazzling and fascinating her, next her hand is round it, and I've a finger up the warm moist avenue. — "Hush dear, don't make a noise, they can hear thro the partition — I will have you, don't be foolish. — Hish." — "Oh — now — don't get me with child then." — "I won't, I'll spend outside. — Hish." — I pulled her bonnet off and threw it on the floor, then pulling her back onto the bed, the mosquito curtain tore down in all directions, then she was laying on the bed silent, her cunt thirsting for the soothing lifegiver. I see a dark-haired motte for an instant, then my belly covers her. — "Ah — Herr" — she sighs as my prick is buried in her. "Aha — err" — and I'm rapidly fucking her. "Aha" as my tongue meets hers. "Oh don't — abr." — My spunk was coming, was throbbing out into her, she spending, our pleasure was complete, her cunt full of my libation, my promise was forgotten, she'd forgotten her request, but both were happy.

Then came the wash and the usual regrets — the modest look — the fears. — "Oh if I'm seen." — "Wait longer — now let me see it." — She made no sham, she knew she could give no more than she had, and waited till she'd seen my prick erect again, till I'd seen her charms from bum hole to navel, and we'd fucked again. — Then smoking, I promenaded the corridor till the coast was clear, whistled loudly, and she escaped safely, nor did I see her until with Pa and Ma seated at the table d'hote. -- Then how we looked at each other. — A widow I'm perfectly sure can't help getting fucked on the sly, and they know somehow, I find, how to take care of possibilities to themselves afterwards. — There were two other widows at that hotel, and also two soldiers' wives who had been with-out their husbands for months. — Had they done with-out sexual solace long? — Perhaps — most likely not.