Vol. 11 Chapter III

On the Thames Embankment. • A woman's letch. • Lilian the actress. • Invitation to dinner. • Invitation to fucking. • Eight hours' amusements.

On a sunshining day in August that year at about 2:30 p.m. I was passing a theatre near to the Thames and loitered to read the programme, scarcely any people were about. On the footway stood a tallish, dark eyed and exceedingly handsome woman, well dressed and looking about four and twenty, talking to a short, shabby old woman, the sort of woman who is frequently the friend and aid of high class harlots and actresses, oftentimes indeed their relatives. I was very fit that day, was dressed gaily, had had a good luncheon, womankind looked lovely in my eyes, but I'd no intention of seeking their acquaintance in the flesh, tho my pego was a little on the swell for I'd fucked no one recently, and had had no novelty since my return to England.

Few people were in London. Many frail ladies who could not afford to leave were in town, their lovers were absent, and their cunts missed the stretch and libations which they loved. People at hotels were having luncheon. Struck with the lady I looked at her with admiration. She fixed her eyes on mine, turning her head towards me as I approached, and turning her head round directly I had passed to look after me. I did the same, and looking half over my shoulder our eyes again met. I turned my head away courteously, but a voluptuous tingle went thro me as I thought of her cunt, — which of course I thought of.

I slackened my pace involuntarily. I had no object beyond seeing her beauty, and walked on a little, and then looking at some object as an excuse turned half round to look at her. She was still looking after me; beckoned with a toss of her head, and the old woman went off. Instinctively and without thought I returned, and in a second we were close together. "What are you staring at me for, do you know me?" said she with a smile. — "No — because you are so lovely." — She laughed, I laughed, and there was a minute's silence. — She seemingly was waiting for me to make advances, but as I didn't said hesitatingly, "Come home and dine with me." Awakened fully to the position, not wishing any more liaisons, thinking that a fiver if not a tenner would be expected, and I knew not what else, and having neither money or time. "Sorry I can't I've just had luncheon." — "So have I, but I said dine," — and her face I fancied looked livingly at me.

I was "flummoxed" by this very clear invitation to fucking, and as I have always been frank with women, and saw that this would be an entertainment beyond my means, recovered my reason which was failing under her fascination, and the carnal ideas and curiosities springing up, and making my pego thicken and elongate with voluptuous thrills. I told her I was sorry, was neither young nor rich. "So mustn't tho I longed for you the instant I saw you, — besides you'd be tired of me soon." "Then you can go," — she laughing re-plied. — "But I haven't two sovereigns in my pocket."

— "Well, keep them there — come" — looking in her smiling face, thoughts of her cunt came, my cock erected itself. "Is it far?" — "Only at * * * * *, come, I'm very lonely."

A crowd of thoughts rushed thro my brain. Desire for her — was it a trap — was she married — o kept. — Suppose I am caught — has she a letch for me? — If so I can't fuck as much as she'll want; these jumbled in my head making me irresolute. — "Are you an ac-tress?" — "You're curious." — "Married?" — "No."

— "Have you a friend?" — "You're very curious." Saying that she half turned away. Then desire for her rushed through my brain and body — I should lose her.

— "Very well." — She laughed. A growler passed us, into it we got, and in doing so again I said "I'm a poor man." — "So you said." The cab drove off, then I kissed her and she me. — "You are so lovely." — "Do you think so" Then the conversation stopped, I wondering how the affair would end. Soon after we were at her house.

A pertish-mannered damzel opened the door. The dining room was handsomely furnished on the ground floor, where for a minute the lady left me. The first floor to which I soon mounted was handsomer, and I saw thro a door ajar a bedroom, thro which peeped my lady saying "I'm only changing my dress." — Her name she'd told me in the cab, I promised not to reveal it and shall call her Lilian, tho neither word nor letter even phonetically resemble her true name.

In five minutes she appeared in a charming summer's dress. Then I saw that she was older than I'd thought, was perhaps seven and twenty. The servant brought in champagne, ice, and fruit. She drank thirstily, I but cautiously, for I'd drunk well at luncheon. I'd not taken the slightest liberty beyond kissing her when in the cab, now I closed to her on the sofa, extolling her beauty, saying I'd been struck with it on the instant I saw her and again I kissed. "Why did you go away then?" — "I reflected." — "On what?" — "I didn't know what to do, what exactly you meant, then my cock suddenly stiffened, and I wondered what sort of cunt you had, and stopped," — I replied, bursting out into lustful phrases. She fell back on the sofa screaming with laughter. — "You are a baudy devil, I thought you were." — Then we kissed, again, for the ice was broken and I hugged her to me. "Now I shall find out what it's like." As I spoke my fingers went up her clothes and between the lips of hend quim. She only closed her thighs as most women do when taken unawares — excepting thorough-paced whores.

Resisting slightly — a mere sham — laughing all the time and calling me a baudy devil, I got her clothes — now only a chemise and the frock — up to her thighs, saw the triangular brown thicket, and bending kissed near to it, putting my furthest hand round a deliciously soft, cool haunch. She kept her thighs closed. — "Can't you wait? Till we have a glass more wine?" — But I now on the ram, slid down upon my knees, buried my nose and mouth, on thighs and belly, and hands pushed round her haunches pulled her towards me. Slowly her bum came to the sofa's edge. Suddenly I forced her thighs apart, my mouth went down between them as with a final rapid pull they opened, leaving her sweet slit ready to my lips which covered the soft surface, and as they touched it out shot my tongue searching for her spot of pleasure. Laughing, saying, "Now don't — I don't like that. — Oh don't — you beast — oho — lock the door then," came at last as the gamahuche already began to tease her, for she was lewed I knew.

I rushed and locked it, and returning fell upon my knees again. She dndopped her clothes, saying, "Come to the bedroom." — But my letch was strong on me, I was enamoured now of gamahuching, the scent of her sweet, fresh washed cunt had roused that letch and I pushed her back, threw up her clothes to her motte, and again gently pulled her towards me by her haunches. Her bum came to the sofa's edge, her thighs widened apart expectant of her pleasure, not a word more she uttered as I pushed both hands under the lovely white columns till I held her cool ivory buttocks. Then my tongue found her clitoris and played with it. Then I fell back for a hasty glance at the rosy split, pulled aside the fat, soft, silky edged lips to see the inner treasure, then greedily again my mouth closed on its face and my tongue caressed the little red button, the seat of pleasure in this amourous game. How delicious felt the smooth red opening as my tongue ran over it! Then settling on the rosy bud it played again. She felt the luscious tickle directly. — "Aher — aher," she sighed quite softly. Delicious are the murmurs of a beauty as sexual pleasure gains on her with voluptuous thrills, and her cunt stiffening tightens for a spend, and the soft exudation comes from its surface, ready to mingle with the mans' sperm, as it throbs from him in fucking.

Suddenly with that singular desire to have all the pleasures at once, I longed to fuck her and stopped, but restrained myself knowing that soon my prick would be in her. — All was silence as my tongue worked nimbly, till "Aher. Haa." — I drew back to look at the lovely opened cleft. — "Ohoo — don't stop," she murmured. On I went licking, grasping her buttocks now more fully as she heaved them up to help my placing them, my tongue raced on yielding its saliva, moistening her slit from motte to bum hole — gentle sighs, soft murmurs come, those and the plash of my tongue on her wet pulpy vulva alone disturb the silence, her clitoris stiffened, I felt it stiffen unmistakably. — Some women's do. She put both hands upon my head pulling it to her, as if my mouth was not close enough to her cunt, her thighs began to tremble, her cunt heaved up against my mouth. "Aherr —aha — aher — darling — aher." She had spent.

With moustache dripping, I looked at her moistened notch now shedding its juices, as she lay with eyes closed and thighs apart. Then standing up and pulling out my throbbing procreant tool, "Let me fuck darling." Bending I closed on her, my prick was within an inch of its goal, when she closed her thighs, pushed me away and got up smiling at my erection. — "No — wait, you devil — you know how to gamahuche," — and kissing me laid hold of my cunt stopper giving it a gentle squeeze "Oh — oh — it's stiff." — But she refused my entry, we sipped the cool champagne and talked, and my doodle shrunk somewhat, what as it does at times when delayed in doing in its work.

About sexual pleasures ran our talk and I astonished her. She said I was "A baudy profligate." — We were kissing quietly, she handling my flaming pego, I her lubricious gap. What blissful moments those, how little said — how low the tone! Then I roused her lust, she lapsed into silence with the voluptuous currents in her blood my fingers generated. "Let's fuck or I shall spend." Silently she arose at once and we went to the bedroom. There filled with desire for each other, in a minute I stripped to my shirt, she to chemise, and poured out water in a basin. — "No dear don't wash your cunt." — "Oh fie — I must, its wet." — "No, no, I like your spunk in it." — "Oh fie." — I pulled her up ere she could splash the orifice — "I like it wet." — "Oh fie" — Then on the bed, mad for each other's pleasure giver, for the entrancing junction of the two,

— for the fuck — up went my shirt to neck, up went her chemise above two lovely globes, and up her cunt I rushed my prick. — "Oh not so hard." — And we were one and lay entranced in the lovely junction of our genitals. I put my finger down to feel the soft lips of her notch enclosing gently my pego, then in her soft and glowing lubricious sheath up and down moved my prick.

— "Aher — love — fuck," — I murmured. — "Yhes, fuck me darling," she replied. The blissful moment came, I felt the contractions of her cunt, the jerks of her ivory buttocks, then belly to belly, wriggling my prick with short thrusts as if my balls would roll into her cunt, my love shaft penetrate to her womb, out throbbed thick, boiling spunk in torrents into her, and with tongues touching, salivas flowing, midst kisses and loving murmurs, grasping each other arses, we dozed off into the Elysium of humanity.

Awakening soon, my prick had barely left the sweet embrace of her sex, when pearly drops of spunk were trickling down between her thighs, hanging to the soft auburn curls. She lay languidly permitting all, till I thrust a finger up the red avenue into the emollient glutinous outcome of our pleasures. — "Aha, you -beast," said she rising. Then on the porcelain she squatted, and baudy still, I told her I loved both the sound and the attitude, put my hand down and caught an amber stream. Then we purified our genitals, and fresh, and gay, and loving more than ever, went back to champagne. Then soon again back to the bed, where tranquil now I looked at her secret charms. How pleased she seemed to let me.

She had a lovely brown head of hair, and her eyes were of an unusually deep blue — I had thought them dark brown when first I noticed her — and with the loveliest long eyelashes, smallish nose, and good teeth tho in a large mouth, completed one of the sweetest, yet boldish faces. But as I found in the delights of love, that boldness changed to the softest, most voluptuous expression. She was one of those who looked heavenly when being fucked.

She was tallish and inclining to be stout, the curves and contours from hips to feet were lovely, her bum of perfect shape and beauty, her breasts large and slightly pendant. Taking her all in all she was perfect. Well might the public have thronged to see her. Her cunt was overshadowed by a splendid soft curly bush of lightish chestnut on a full plump motte, from which opened one of the prettiest, full lipped pouting clefts reddening inwards to almost a ruby one line, and delicately fringed with hair which stopped short of its lower end, her bumhole was hairless. The nymphae were small and delicate, the clitoris longish and easily seen, and all was of handsome and of deepest coral tint.

She had a skin of that surprising whiteness which is rarely found excepting among red haired women. It smelt fresh and sweet like almonds. In the exciting inspection I now noticed this, and at once began again kissing her thighs, up to her central charm, and as I opened the lovely notch and fingered it the aroma rose into my nostrils and I longed to gamahuche her. — My love of licking a woman increases largely, and is now one of the greatest pleasures of my life. — "What a delicious smell your cunt has. Let me lick the lovely cleft again." Her thighs widened apart, she yielded with expectant pleasure, my mouth close on her gap, my tongue gained her clitoris and moved till her thighs quivered with pleasure, and then I stopped. — "Oh — go on."

But another letch came on. "I'll lay and gamahuche you." — Mounting the bed she made way for me. — I turned her on her side, laid my head against one thigh and lifting the other up — how quietly she aided me — inserted my tongue, titillated then stopped again to tease her, then asked her to take my pego into her pretty mouth. — "Ah, no I won't." On I went gamahuching and again stopped. — "Oho — go on — you'll drive me mad, I was just coming." — "Take the tip in your mouth then." — Blazing with sensual passion she moved her head and took it. — I felt the cunt like feel on its tip as she clasped me to her by my buttocks. Again my mouth closed on her luscious gap licking her clitoris nimbly, spasmodic twitchings of her bum and cunt came on, she sighed, she murmured. "Oho — quicker." — A shudder of her belly, a pressure of hend cunt to my mouth, a cry of pleasure and the deed was done.

She'd relinquished my prick as her spending came on (they all do so at that supreme moment) leaving it pulsating, red hot, ruby tipped, bursting, almost ready to inundate her, as I rose and pushed her on to her back, wild to sheathe it in her glowing lubricious avenue. But she rolled off on the other side of the bed laughing and refusing me. — "Not yet — wait a bit." — She guessed perhaps that my fucking power was limited, my gamahuching unlimited.

Into the sitting room I followed hend, another bottle of champagne was brought — both of us got fuddled, then back to bed. — "Let's be quite naked." — "All right." — She was baudy now, ready for anything. "I'll pull your boots off." — "All right." — Laying with her back on the bed I pulled all off, lifting up her legs in doing it, to see her cunt, laughing and talking about it all the time. Again she pissed, my hand beneath the stream, then both start naked mounted the bed. Again a preliminary gamahuche, my pego for a minute between her lips, then with a sheet over us, naked, side by side we felt each other's flesh, our hands roved every-where with amorous delight, till our fingers settled on prick and cunt. Then mounting her, clasping each other's buttocks, with kisses, tongue to tongue, again we fucked in heavenly transports and then fell fast asleep.

It was half past five when we awakened. Putting on her gown, — "I must give orders about dinner" quoth she. — "I cannot stay." — "You must." — An hour was spent partly in bed my fingers searching her glutinous gap, and she handling me from scrotum to gland. — We then dressed, had a nice dinner, and again went to bed. I gamahuched her till she was exhausted, then fucked her again, finished myself and left. — Eight hours of most delicious varied companionship had been mine.

Before I left the money again annoyed me. Was it possible that this lovely woman had simply a letch for me? I thought. — "Can I buy you anything dear, are you short of cash?" — I stammered. — "No. Bring me some flowers tomorrow" — kissing me — I did so next evening which I spent in gamahuching her much and fucking her a little. But she was satisfied and pressed me to see her again. — "As a friend," — said she with emphasis.

I must abbreviate the rest. — That night we talked about ourselves. "Who and what was I?" — "I shall only tell you lies if you ask me." — "Tell away," — and I told lies. — She was an actress, I had seen her on the stage. — In a few days she was going to America. She'd had a quarrel with her lover who had kept her — tho she gained a good income — and he'd left her a week ago. The house and furniture had been given her by him. Since he'd left she'd not been fucked. — "No, and you are wrong, I haven't, I haven't used my finger." "No wonder that the luscious, hot blooded lady wanted a fuck, when the lucky chance for me threw her in my way and I became her sensual fancy. — "You're a lovely bedfellow," said I. — "And you are the same, I wish we could be lovers but you say its impossible." — Three years afterwards saw her again on the stage in London, but we have never met since [she afterwards married I believe, and disappeared certainly.]