Vol. 11 Chapter IX

Foggy nights' street-amusements. • Cunts hairy and hairless felt. • Amusements in the house afterwards. • Little Di thirteen with sister Sarah twenty. • Flat fucking, alias "fucking Nanny." • Homage to little Di's sexual orifice. • A buxom landlady. • My friend's lodgings. • Cunt struck and cock struck. • Conversational incitements. • Opportunity on the drawing room floor. Dogs fucking. • We fucking. • Enceinte. • A travelling procuress. • The milliner's shop. • Her work women. • On the first floor front with Sophy. • Price and place arranged. • A preliminary grope. • Differences with the mil-liner. • Fifty pounds for a virgin. • An assignation not kept.

In the autumn I was at a health resort. Stopping there was an elderly friend, who for quietness had lodgings almost in the suburbs. He'd been a long time there, said the house was exceedingly comfortable, and belonged to a widow who had a little girl. She said she was not a lodging house keeper, tho for a few months in the season she let the ground floor, getting a little extra money which was useful for the education of her girl. It seemed to my friend that there was truth in what she said, as for the first floor — which she didn't use much — she asked such a price, that no one would take it. He had told her so. She'd replied that it didn't matter, for she could do very well without it. The house was her own, was newly and well furnished, she had every appearance of having means, and she'd been there two years. There was something nevertheless mysterious about her. His age and habits rendered him above suspicion of amatory affairs.

She opened the door to me when I called one day. My friend was out, I waited for him, and to my sur-prise, I found her a woman of not perhaps more than seven and thirty, stoutish, well grown, with bright dark eyes and handsome face. I got into conversation with her, which at first she seemed disinclined to.

We chatted about my friend. — "Yes, a nice quiet man," she said, if he were not she shouldn't keep him. It was said in an independent sort of way. Then, that really she needn't let the rooms, but the extra money was useful to better educate her girl. We chatted on, bit by bit I elicited that her husband had been dead four years. Her buxom fresh look stirred my lust, I had thought of her hidden charms, and with those delicate but warm suggestions, which come naturally, when voluptuous feelings run thro me, I asked why she didn't marry again, how she must miss a bedfollow, did she cuddle the pillow and so on, all tending to raise thoughts of and make her want fucking. She laughed, colored up, looked at me softly and asked questions about myself. I answered in words to imply that I was fond of women, and knew what sexual trouble a fine woman like her must have, who'd been by death deprived of her bed-fellow.

In such chance meetings when desire springs up, much depends upon the sexual state in which the man and woman may be. If both are at the moment hot, if the body is ready with its amorous fluids, each suggestive question and answer adds to the heat of cunt and ballocks. Both of us were, I think, much needing amorous delights that day. Just then my friend came in and stopped a pleasant conversation, she left and we talked about her. He said she was a lady, and further on, — "Ah, women are a mystery in sexual matters, thou-sands I'm convinced do without a male for years when left widows, whilst we wouldn't, couldn't wait a week." — His profession — from which he'd retired — made him somewhat of an authority on such a subject.

I took a fancy to the landlady, my old friend had taken a fancy to the girl — a sweet one resembling her mother who next time brought her into my friend's room at his request. The girl, who was really beautiful, my friend treated paternally, the landlady with courtesy, keeping her nevertheless well at a distance. I looked next time at her and she at me, and a voluptuous thrill ran thro my pego as I thought of her hidden beauties. She colored up and looked fully in my eyes. I have always thought that lust is communicable between man and woman, by look or by touch, and believed she also had a voluptuous thrill. Did she see in my eyes lust for her, or did she magnetically infuse her lust into me, by her eyes?

Without previous intention, soon after I called at a time when my friend was out. She opened the door and remarked that her servant had gone out with her little girl, and she was just then without another servant. I walked into his room to wait, she remarking that I might have to wait long. Lust crept thro me then rap-idly as I eyed her, and with instinct saw chance of possessing her. I began the former conversation, how hard to be left without a bedfellow, did she cuddle the bolster? And so on. She must make the best of it for she was left comfortably off, she replied. But I kept to the loss of a bedfellow, gradually she laughed, her answers got vague, she seemed fidgety. "Take me for a lover." — "Oh — law — what would your friend say if he heard you?" — Then I chaffed her, and soon after, — "I'll take your first floor." — "Would you like to see them?" — "Yes." — We went there, she preceding me. "What a sweet little foot I see you have." — "Oh, have I?" In the room I chaffed a little more suggestively, for my prick stiffened as I saw the bed. "Oh that bed, I'll take the rooms" — I'd no idea of doing so — "but shall go up and sleep with you." — "Oh! I then shan't let them to you," — she replied laughing. — "I must have a kiss then." — She made a faint resistance but she was gratified, and I kissed her again and again. — "Meet me this evening." — "Ah, no, impossible." — I caught her round the waist, pulled her belly to mine, wriggled it there, and kissed her. — "Oh don't, my servant may come in." — "I'm dying for you," said I, and much more, my lust growing stronger, my recklessness increasing. "Let me go." — "I won't," and I jogged my belly against hers. — "Now do." — Kiss me then." — "There." — She kissed me and I let her go — her face was scarlet, her eyes humid, and instinct said to me: "She's ready for fucking."

Just then was a noise in the street, boys shouting. "What's that?" said she. Both went to the front, and saw a group of boys round a couple of dogs who were fucking. She turned away at once, her eyes met mine caressingly. "Let us do what the dogs are doing." — "Oh! Sir!" But her eyes were lustful, the sight of copulation had further stirred lust already in her. "Will you go down now?" — "No, let me look at the bedroom again." Next minute by the side of the bed I pulled out my stiff standard. "Dear Mrs. * * *, let me, I'm dying for you." — "Oh don't now, for God's sake — don't" — as I stooped and got my hands on to her thighs. — "Oh! Now don't." — But my fingers were within the lips of a fat cunt, crisp and thick was the hairy ornament around it. I titillated it. — "No — I won't — no, pray don't." — I caught her hand, placed it round my pego, and clasping her to me kissed her rapturously.

She was getting leweder, again I stooped to get my hands up her clothes, she stooped to prevent me — something cracked. "There, I've broken my stay bone." That diverted her for a second, I pushed her bum against the bed, pulled up her clothes, and again sought the notch. — Lust had vanquished her, her thighs separated, and saying, "No — no — no," my prick entered her cunt, and standing with her bum against the bed I fucked her. Clasping her handsome big buttocks our tongues met, rapidly moved up and down my prick, out shot my spunk, and a deluge came from her hot quim as in the raptures of the crisis we spent together, flooding each other's organs with mingled spendings.

Enervated, dissolving with pleasure, half dead with voluptuous delight, we remained joined, our tongues still meeting, till suddenly she pushed me off. "Oh! Let me go, I shall be with child." Out of the room she rushed, my prick flopping down, our spendings had al-most drowned my balls, so copious had it been. In a minute or two she returned. — "Oh, you wicked man, what have you made me do? — I felt I don't know what — I feared you when I first saw you." — "Never mind my dear, it won't be our last pleasure." — "It will, tho," said she quite seriously. — But I was right. — My friend didn't return for a long time, she sat with me in the quiet way a couple do after fucking, expressing her regrets and fears, saying, "Hush — hush," to the baudy talk which I indulged in. — Such talk is delicious with a fresh woman who's not a strumpet — and I talked till my prick stiffened, I praised her buttocks, her cunt, her fucking, and all she had, produced my rigid prick again, she felt it under my promise that I'd then leave off and go — promise I'd not the slightest intention of keeping. — In a minute I was frigging that fat and well haired quim again, whilst still she handled my pego. "No dear, on the bed this time." In a minute cock and cunt were one, and the Divine function of fucking went on. — "Increase and multiply" is the law, the Divine command, and that means fucking, therefore is fucking Divine.

Her cunt she speedily again washed, but my prick and balls retained our amatory oozings, for she'd only time to push the bed into shape, and we to get to my friend's room, before he rang the bell. She opened the door. — "Your friend, Sir, has just come," said she loudly. — "How d'ye do — I thought I should just catch you," said I to him. Directly after that the servant re-turned. I'd been there an hour and half altogether, and seduction and two fucks were done in ninety minutes. We were both randy when we met, and hence my luck, it could not have been achieved otherwise, and then the luck help of those dogs sticking rump to rump. Beast tho they were, it stimulated our lust. — Quite in my youth, I recollect my first love Charlotte and I saw two dogs doing it, and almost directly afterwards we fucked.

I called next day, my friend was out, the servant opened the door, the little girl shewed herself on the stairs. — "Are you going for a walk, my little darling?" — "Bye and bye with Mamma, when M*** has had his luncheon." — "Tell your mamma I'll wait a bit." — Servant and child disappeared, and soon after in came the lady. — "Let us." — "No — no more, never — never." — Much persuasion. — "Let me only feel it." — She refused but I did. Oh! that feel of a cunt, what effect it has at once on me — my tool was stiff, was shown. — "I can't, I mustn't, I won't — how can we now?" "We can against the wall." — She was a woman of good height, fucking her upright was not un-easy. —"Promise me then you'll not do it in me." — I promised, yet left my spunk at the very bottom of her cunt again. We'd fucked against the wall, it's some years since I've done so.

Then for some weeks I had her at intervals. She arranged from time to time to get servant and child out, I knew when my friend would be out, and he never suspected anything. She met me in London, and we spent half days in bed together naked. She owned to the age I'd guessed her. — I'd spent outside her cunt two or three times, but her courses came on, she was not enceinte, and henceforth fearlessly we fucked. She was a superb tall woman, had a very hairy motte, but her cunt full lipped and grown outside was as tight as a woman's of twenty — her thighs and buttocks were superb, her flesh white, her sexual pleasure great in my embraces. I gave her an address to write to, my real name and address she knew. We met again and her first words were. — "You've got me with child, my courses have stopped, I knew you'd do it, what shall I do?"

This was unfortunate news, but the difficulty was got over. She would never meet me again unless I solemnly promised not to spend in her.

That was a loss of pleasure, for the discharge of sperm in the cunt, when the cunt is at its tightest grip, is the sublimest moment of existence, and withdrawing neither suited her voluptuous tastes nor mine. We ceased meeting, indeed at eighty miles apart it was al-most impossible, and correspondence then dropped. Years after she was still in the same house, and used to ask after me of my old friend, who went there yearly. — One day he wrote me she was going to marry. — She had sworn by all that was holy that she'd never had a man but her husband and myself. If it hadn't been for seeing the dogs fucking perhaps I never should have had her; but who knows? She'd had three children, her belly shown signs, the little girl only was alive. In the opinion of my friend and myself she'd lived with a man who had given her the house and an annuity. — Well off for her class she certainly was, and very well behaved and much of a lady. I'm sure she'd never been harlot.

Foggy weather is propitious to amatory caprices. Harlots tell me that they usually do good business during the state of atmosphere, especially those who are regular nymphs of the pave, and who don't mind exercise in the open air. Timid men then get bold and speak to women when they otherwise would not. That is my own experience also, and recollect going along a main street on one such night, accosting nearly every one in petticoats, and felt six or eight cunts within an hour at a shilling a feel, felt till I hadn't any silver left and perforce left off thus amusing myself.

On a foggy night, a fairly sized female and a young girl whose treble laugh I heard before I saw them, approached. — "My dear, I'll give you a shilling to feel your cunt." — "All right," said she, going close to the wall to be as much as possible out of the traffic, tho there was scarcely any one about, it being latish. I fingered the hairy notch and round her thighs and bum which felt solid and asked her age. "Nineteen, why don't you have me? There's a house close by, I think I can find it." — I declined. — "Feel her cunt, she's no hair on it," said the doxy. Next minute I had one finger on a soft smooth little split. — All had not occupied five minutes, people passed, took no notice of us, in fact didn't see us, and hurried along to get home excepting the Paphians, and those who like myself were amusing themselves in verifying the sex of those in petticoats.

"Have you been fucked?" said I to the little one. "Yes," she replied laughing. — The elder repeated her invitation adding, — "We'll both be naked." — "Five shillings?" — "All right, but you'll give her something if she's naked, and if you do her." — "Certainly, five shillings for her." — In a few minutes we were in a knocking shop till then unknown to me, a poor place, price of room three shillings, but there was a bed, good fire and gas light.

They were a poor, shabbily dressed couple, as I guessed they would be from their manners and voices, yet both had cleanish chemises and stockings. — Har-lots generally manage to have those clean however in-different the rest of their toggery may be. — The elder who said she was only nineteen, had a largish cleft, a furrow with an ugly bunch of nymphae at the upper end, but was stout and firm. Examining her belly, — "You've had a child." — "Yes, two." — "Living?" — "One, God bless it." — "I'm sorry for it." — "I ain't." — Then I made the little one strip to her chemise. She was one of the smallest girls I've had, and thin, but fingering her really pretty little hairless slit, stiffened my pizzle, and she played with it knowingly enough. Then I gave them both gin which the elder had asked for, and the little pink slash pleased me more and more. — Not a sign of down even was on it.

I never know what letch will spring up in me when with women. Seeing the elder's poppy topped cunt I thought of "flat fucking" and asked her if she did it. It's strange that she didn't understand the word, or professed not, and when I explained. — "Oh! We call it — fucking Nanny," — a term I never heard before or since, laughing heartily at my question and repeating "Flat fucking, ho — ho — flat fucking, is it? Dinah and I does it to keep ourselves warm sometimes, we sleep together, don't we Di?" — "Yes," chuckled she, — "give me your handkerchief." The little animal had a beastly cold in her head — I didn't believe her and made them show me how they did it. They'd no modesty about it and posed themselves without delay, the little one laid on the elder, open knowingly her little slit, and closed it on the bunch of crimson nymphae, and clitoris of the big one as far as I could see. The little hairless cleft indeed showed unusual signs of development of nymphae, like her sister's — for sister she was. — "Do you both have pleasure?" — "I do when I want it," said she, putting herself on the bedside. I didn't keep them at their game, they separated their quims, and then I frigged the little one as she sat on my knee, till she said she should spend, — her sister looking on and feeling my cock.

"I'll fuck you," said I to the big one. — "All right, I want it," said she, putting herself on the besdide. I laid the little one beside her, making her hold her little pouting cunt lips apart, when a desire for her suddenly sprang up, poor, skinny little creature tho she was. — "I'll fuck her, is she all right?" — "Yes, she's all right, fuck me first." — "No." — "The gent wants to do me," — cried the little one sharply. Fear of clap suddenly came over me, and feeling in my pocket I produced ten shillings in silver, telling them at the same time that it was theirs, but not to let me poke if they had their courses on. I always give women that opportunity for excuse. "Give it all me, I keeps her," — said the elder anxiously and grabbing it. "We're all right, both of us, she ain't been tucked for a week, do me first and her after." They had both sat up, I pushed them back again, and inserted my swollen pego in the little one. It was a tight fit but her cunt took it all up, and leisurely I fucked her, then stopped, contemplating my prick, moving in and out under that little belly and enclosed by the little puffy lips. — "Oh? Go on — I shall do it — don't — stop," said the lass who was but thirteen, and began oscillating her buttocks vigorously, driving her cunt up to me, and I felt her avenue stiffening and gripping round my staff. The novelty of the sight and the delight at her randy impatience fetched me directly, out bubbled my sperm, as her little cunt gave out its slippery juices to mix with mine.

Her little cunt loosened as all cunts do after a spend, but the fuck had so pleased me I suppose, that my prick kept stiffish and well up her. She lay with eyes closed in full sensuous enjoyment of our copulation, looked as if she were asleep in the luscious annihilation of her spend, young as she was. I stood contemplating her, her sister lay silently looking on and twiddling her nymphae. At length, "Do you like fucking?" — "Rather," said the little one, just like any full grown strumpet. — "She's got a hot little arse," remarked her sister getting o$ the bed, and helping herself to more gin. — Still my prick lingered in the lubricious avenue, tho the delicate, voluptuous shrinking of the tip in the mucilage had begun. "How long have you been fucked?" — "A year, I think." — "Yes, a year," — said her sister. — "How much did you get for it?" — "Nothing, wuss luck, a bugaboo of a boy she knowed did it, and she let him like a bloody little fool," — broke in the elder, rising. I saw that she was getting tight, for I'd sent for a bottle of gin and she was drinking it rapidly. "Don't drink so much, you'll get drunk." — "It will keep out the cold and it's no good aleaving it." — "You may take it away with you." — "Oh thankee — shall we dress? — Won't yer fuck me first?"

Now that my pleasure was over their vulgarity of-fended me. — "No, I can't." — "You can in a little if you try." — "Do you want it?" — "Yes, it always make me when I sees Di fucked. I'm quite clean — do it." — I can't bear to leave a cunt unfucked when at hand, there is a glamour about the red split at all times, but specially when my scrotum's tight and full, and tho I didn't now want it, her desire for it evoked voluptuous ideas. — Piddling and then washing my pego. — "I've no more money." — "Never mind, fuck me." — "It's not stiff. You must suck it then." — "All right," said she, kneeling down and caressing the tip. Just then came a knock at the door and a voice said, — "Shall you be long, Sir?" — "We ain't been long," said the gamahucher angrily. — "I'll pay again," I shouted. — "Don't do that, gie it to me, we ain't been long." — But the brothel keeper had gone away. — "What a pity, she always tries on that game," said the girl, again putting my pego in her mouth. The juvenile who was washing her little cunt, then came and began helping herself to gin. — "You shan't have any more, you'll be drunk," said the eldest girl getting up and preventing her. — They squabbled, but she gave the little one half a glass and then resumed sucking my pego.

The little one laid on the bed again sufficiently near for me to see all, and I put my finger up her fresh washed quim. The elder at length by mouth and tongue roused my prick to stiffness, and saying, — "There," with a smile, threw herself on the bedside with open thighs. But my erection was temporary, the look of her poppy topped quim didn't please me, and it sub-sided. The little one laughed thereat and the elder resumed her gamahuching, whilst again I sat on the chair. But another whim came, and taking the little one's bum on my naked thigh, I again began frigging her. "I'll make you spend, when did you frig yourself last?" — "Yesterday morning, Sir." — "Did you?" — "She just did," said the elder, helping herself to gin again. — "I'll break that bottle if you take any more," and relinquishing the little love crack, I got up and put the bottle on the mantel piece. — She laughed, and saying, "Gin always serves me out quick," squatted on the pot. I stooped and took the cataract on my hand — that stiffened me, she laughed when she saw it. — "Fuck me now," said she, laying hold of my tool.

But I wouldn't, and resumed frigging the little one who took the masturbation in voluptuous silence, till her thighs twitched a little. "Tell me when you're coming." — She made no reply for a while, then — "It's a comin' — now, aha — aha," she sighed, almost in-audibly, and from the tremulous motion of her little bum and thighs, the general quivering, and then quietness of her whole cuntal region, I knew she'd spent, but said as for some reason I usually do when a woman's frigged herself. "You haven't spent." "I'll swear she have," said the elder who'd been watching us.

I pushed her on the bed, put my finger up the little quim and found it more lubricious than it had been five minutes before. My prick stood like iron at that, and pulling her by her thighs to the beds edge, plunged it hard up her. — "Ohoo! fuck me," cried the elder in disappointed tone. But the letch for the hairless cunt was on me, I rammed as violently as I could, longing to hit her womb portals — my prick seemed far stiffer than before. — "Ho! you hurts," cried she. Harder than ever then I thrust, and felt my prick at each push banging hard against the bottom of her womb, I was delighted at hurting her. — "Hoo, — don't," and she drew her bum a little back, a very little, for I held her like a vice and she was helpless. Bang went my pego still. "Oho — oho," she cried out, my arsehole tightened with the ejaculating pleasure. I spent and was quiet just in time to see her sister finish frigging her-self, which she'd done, excited by the baudy amusements. Then I left much delighted, and many a time my prick stood afterwards when I thought of that foggy evening's adventure, and the skinny, hairless cunted little whore — one of the youngest I've fucked.

In a railway carriage in London on one morning in winter, as we approached * * * *, the passengers got out leaving me alone with a short well-dressed woman looking about thirty-five years. — She had been looking at me almost continuously for a quarter of an hour, which made me look at her — for she was good looking — and directly we were alone she spoke about the weather, and very shortly told me she was a dressmaker. On that a little conversation ensued, when she remarked that it was difficult for the girls to dress and make a living out of their wages, and if good looking they wouldn't; and she smiled significantly. I also smiled, and was inclined to believe that she was making advances on her own behalf, when she asked if I knew **** Street, and replying that I did, she told me the number of her shop, asking me to call and try on her gloves. She sold gentlemen's gloves and cravats — nothing more for gentlemen — for she was a dress-maker.

At once I set her down as a procuress, and questioned her closely. — Yes, she had some pretty girls working for her, she'd have none but pretty ones. "Come and buy a cravat or gloves," — and I could see them. "What's the good of seeing and longing?" "Oh if you long, I'll see what I can do for you." — Then I heard that they were all quite respectable, but girls would be flighty, and she shielded them from trouble. At once I saw all this was mere cant, that she got pretty girls to work for her, and if she got a chance, sold the pretty girls, and perhaps this journey in a railway carriage was her mode of introducing her business. — "I suppose you have some one older than you in the business." — No, she hadn't. — "Have you got the ad-dress?" — I looked at the card on which I had written it. — "Yes." "Will you come?" "Perhaps, and listen," I put my mouth to her ear for I felt now on sure ground, "and perhaps I'll fuck you." "Oh you vulgar fellow, this is my station," — and quickly she got out, leering at me as she alighted.

The meeting with this procuress is one of the most singular events of my life. Altho I'd had my fun in talking about fucking with her, I'd not the slightest intention of going to her shop to buy gloves, yet the meeting haunted me, I couldn't help thinking about it, and the idea of fucking a handsome girl who, whilst working at dressmaking, yet on the sly got her cunt stretched and lubricated, pleased me. I might go and see her I thought, there could be not much harm in that. — Then that she was a woman capable of laying traps for men occurred to me, and I hesitated. But it ended one after-noon at nearly six oc'clock, in my going there. The shop was in a street which tho a side one, was one of fair traffic, some omnibuses even passed thro it, and the outside looked all right. It was dusk, the gas was lighted, and in a room at the back of the shop I saw thro the window young women at work, the glazed partition between it and the shop was only covered by a trans-parent gauze curtain, thro which I fancied I could distinguish the woman I'd met in the railway carriage — I entered the shop and she came out to me.

She recognized me at once, sold me a pair of gloves, then said, "Come and look at my young ladies." — We approached the gauze curtain. "That's a fine girl," said she of one standing up — A pretty little girl had taken my fancy. — "Ah, I don't know about her, but that other little girl with dark eyes and full breasts, sitting, she'll make an appointment with you. Go out of the shop to the private door, ring, and I'll open it, then you can go upstairs and I'll send her up to you in the front room, but be careful, don't let all the young ladies know that you know." — "Is there a bed?" "Oh dear no — she'll make an appointment to dine with you, or to go somewhere with you — you can't do any-thing here — and you'll give me a fiver." My eyes were opened wider still, but thought I'd do as she told me, and soon found myself in the front room in which were many dresses half made laying about. — Miss **** came up with me, cautioned me about all sorts of things, in a way which shewed me at once that the coming girl knew all about it, tho doubtless she'd play the modest.

It was so. — "Oh, excuse me, sir, I want this dress." "Ah! how pretty you are, I want you." — She smiled. I wasn't going to play a long game with a knowing one, so said at once I wished she'd give me a kiss. — "Ah — no, leave me alone," — but she let me. — "I'd like to sleep with you." "Ah — I sleep at home with my parents." "Where?" — She named a district. — "Couldn't you meet me?" — Yes she would, and so quickly did I come to the point that her innocent manner fairly broke down. After saying that she would if I'd give her a new dress, it came to her agreeing to three sovereigns to buy the dress, but I was not to tell Miss *** whom she'd tell I was rude and she'd have nothing to do with me. The transparency of the affair made me laugh, I got her name — a Sophy something — made an appointment — and then said, "Well my dear Sophy, for to-morrow at **** 6 o'clock to a second, but now I'll give you a sovereign to feel your cunt at once." Not a loose word had I said before. "Oh," said she haughtily, "you take me for a street walker but I ain't," and she seemed very much offended. — "No my dear I don't, or I shouldn't propose to dine with you, after dinner I shall feel and see your cunt and fuck it, so let me feel it now." She burst out into a peal of laughter and it ended in my feeling her cunt, which I did up and down, and in and out, from clitoris to bum hole. She took the sovereign, went off, and soon reappeared Miss * * * *, who asked for her fee, and was told I didn't mean to pay it. — "Suppose the girl doesn't come?" "You may trust me." "Perhaps, but I don't know you, so shan't, you must think me a fool." "I thought you a gentle-man," said she angrily, "the girl shan't come." "All right, don't let her, I'm not going to be fooled," and putting on my hat I approached the door. — "Stop a minute I'll come with her then." "Then you'll wait till I've fucked her." "You're no gentleman, some of the best in the land come to me." "All right, come with her and I'll see about paying you." "I shan't, I can't tomorrow." "And I can't the next day," — which she'd named — I went down stairs. — "Stop a minute — the one you saw and liked is a virgin, give me fifty pounds and you shall have her very soon." "Can't afford it." "Well stop, if you're a gentleman." — I was then near the bottom of the stairs, but stopped. — "You won't round on me?" — a cunt term for telling what is a secret among thieves. "Certainly not, come to-morrow — we'll dine — you shall dine with us, and directly I've fucked her, you shall have exactly what I'll give her — three sovereigns." "You're a dirty cad and not a gentleman," tossing her head and turning her rump to me she went down stairs — I went out and away.

The girl was handsome, young and attractive, fresh cunt always is, and she evidently was not quite a professional harlot. — My cock erected itself when I thought about her next morning, and in the evening I went to the rendez-vous, but neither of them came, which strangely enough vexed me.

[I sought the place no more, having plenty of other fish to try then, but out of curiosity went there about fifteen months after. — The house was empty and to let.]