Vol. 11 Chapter X

Disjecta membra. • Negress di Medicis. • Black and white pictures. • "You don't fuck much." • Eight o'clock in the morning. • Two women talking in a street. • One taken and one left. • A train missed. • A cunt hit. • Three weeks without fucking. • A prisoner's wife or mistress? • An experienced har-lot of fifteen. • An ugly cunt. • Frig, fuck, bugger, and suck, seriatim. • Her erotic experiences and curious history.

At a lapunar at the extreme south of France I saw the women for selection. It was in the middle of he day and soon after luncheon — I never could account for my sudden lechtes and had one now. After seeing the ladies of the establishment dishevelled and al-most in nightgown attire, I fancied none of them. — "Is there no lady who speaks English?" "Yes, I speak leetle." — It was so little that I couldn't understand a word she said, in fact her English consisted in: "Ma conte — fuckee one — preek — my loove — and damn." — "Have you a Negress here?" — The mistress, or undermistress, replied in French. — "Ah no, but in five minutes I fetch one, and you shall be content, well con-tent." I waited for the darkie.

What made me desire a Negress I cannot imagine, I had not before thought of having one, and when I re-quested one even had no desire for a black woman. Long ago I had said to myself "I shall never have a Negress again." My curiosity about a darkie's cunt and a darkie's fucking was satisfied. — The thought, the wish, the demand for one came instantaneously, and whilst yesterday waiting and further reflecting, I wondered at myself. — Having to wait long, so long I was about to order in the female group again, for selection, when well and handsomely dressed in lady's clothes, in came a Negress.

I accosted her, she replied in French, and soon after said, "I leetale speek me Ingles." Indeed she spoke more than a "leetal Ingles." She spoke a good deal. "Shall I street it quite." "Yes" — and she did excepting white silk stockings, natty boots, and yellow garters with large bows, which she carefully adjusted as if she thought they added immensely to her beauty.

There a black woman, who said she was twenty-two and who didn't look more, stood before -me, as perfect in form as the Venus di Medicis, but a little taller, in-deed I may say fatter and taller. — She was quite black, but there was what may be termed an undertone in her skin which relieved the black, and made her look as if made in white marble and colored afterwards. Her eyes were European in expression tho very dark, she had the prognathous jaw of her race (of the Soudan she said), large mouth and fullish lips, between which shewed a set of teeth whiter than ivory, and so regularly beautiful that they might have served for an advertizing dentist's glass case; and somehow the prognathous jaw — ugly in itself to us Europeans — was hidden and forgotten in a certain contour of head and face, and I ceased to notice this racial feature.

For the first time in my life I think, my prick erected itself at a Negress. — I may have been so with them before, but if at this minute I recollect rightly, my prick needed a deal of coaxing before it entered their cunts. I am told there are many tribes and immense varieties of face and form in the Negro race. — Then I posed her this way, that way, and saw that in every way she was perfectly beautiful in form, excepting in having longish heels and large feet.

Then between the crisp little curls of the full lips, which enclosed and formed the cleft wherein her sexuality lay hidden — and which indeed are the outward and visible sign of her sex — my middle finger entered, and when I had frigged a little modest clitoris much longer than she liked — wanting this child of the tropics to spend with me, wanting her to enjoy me — and when her big lips met mine, and tongue sought tongue with soft delicious play, she gently smoothed my prick with a soft hand, and I her cunt till both our buttocks twitched and writhed with incipient pleasure. — Then she impatiently — "Mais cheri, mettez le — fookee me donc." — I pushed my prick to the full depths of a lovely cunt, and fucked her, contemplating in the big glasses my white flesh interlacing with her black, she smoothing and praising my white skin, I her smooth black buttocks which I clasped. — Smooth and hard as ivory tho black — and then she sighed with me, her legs moved up, closed over mine, and with rapid thrusts and heaves, we fucked till the paradise of human sensation overwhelmed us, midst my gushes of sperm and her lubricious spendings. The quietude of voluptuous fatigue then came over us, and we lay in each other's arms till I recovered from my sexual faintness, then wondered at the intense enjoyment I had had in this Negress' embrace, and laid thinking of it by her side in silence.

But not so she. She turned to me and kissed me coaxingly. — Asked if she pleased me. "Lookee then, you have much foutre, I like fat foutre of Englishman, you call it sponk — ah, oui," she said. Again silent and with seeming satisfaction she put her fingers on to her cunt to feel its fullness and its overflow. — Encouraged by her, I put my finger there and felt that we had mingled love's fluids copiously. Then still without washing she lay and chatted glibly, volunteering news about her-self tho I'd not asked for it. "My farder and mudder lif with Monsieur * * * at Caire. — A Frenchman — my farder do de cook, my mudder wash de famielee." — She was Nubian, and of some tribe the name of which I forget. — "My farder and brudder hab three scars cross en cheek, dat true tribe mark." All this was said in broken English mixed with French, but much better French than English. I got up and washed as she did, and as her ample dark thighs and bum closed on the basin and she splashed the water up her red crack, I liked the look of her and liked her pleasures, yet was still astonished at myself for my delight in fucking the Mackie. — Is there any reason for this liking which often times arises between man and woman when they copulate? — "You don't fuck much," said she, "you sponk so fat." — I told her that I had fucked as much as I could, but had been unavoidably chaste — absurd words — for some days.

Then as I began to put on my drawers, — "Fookee more, come," said she laying down on the bed again, widening her thighs and pointing to her cunt. I accepted her invitation, on we went talking about herself till we drifted into talk of fucking, and desire came to see her naked from head to foot. Off went her boots and stockings, naked as I was born I made myself, then laid upon her with our limbs interlacing. One attitude after another did we put ourselves in, I enjoying the contrasts of our colors, black thighs enclosing white haunches, white arms and hands clasping black buttocks, black breasts squeezed out by my white chest. The excitement was to me intense, seemed to be so to her as well as to me, tho to her it could have been no novelty.

Then I put her over myself and saw in the glass above her plump black back and buttocks covering me, whilst my white thighs lay between hers. And now stiff again stood out a white and red-tipped randy rod against her bum furrow. Then in sixty-nine attitude we lay side-ways, my head between her thighs, shewing in the looking glass peeping out of the surrounding blackness. And — "Aha," Darkie had taken my pego in her mouth and was enjoying it, "Lickee me conte cheri." — Lewed as I was, pleased as I was with her, I couldn't do that, could not lick that Negress' cunt, but took my head from between her thighs, my prick from out her mouth. Then both impatient for the divine junction of our genitals, in went my prick and again we fucked most bliss-fully and long, again her cunt gave up abundant libation as my prick quitted it.

Then we drank some Bordeaux, and talked a while. She didn't like the life, had only been at it four months, some one persuaded her to come. She'd not seen Paris and didn't mean to go. She would go back to Cairo, or Alexandria, and again be "Nurse to de leetle childs." — "You won't get fucked there." "Oh — yes — I fuckee dere before I come here." — Then she let me know that it was "fuckee for likee" and that tho she would be a nursemaid she should still be fucked. — She was grateful for ten francs and I departed, yet now I think of it, I wonder how I came to like this darkie's body and fucking, so much.

At eight o'clock one cold morning in November, I walked along on my way to a railway station. I was going out shooting, my gun and luggage had gone the previous day to my friend's house, and I was to meet him at ten o'clock. I was at the moment in a quiet street of semi-detached houses, not a person was visible but a policeman and a milkman, the inhabitants being, I suppose, just out of bed. — Turning a corner, I saw about a hundred feet ahead of me two women standing talking, one a stoutish well-grown woman of common class with a bonnet on, the other shorter who had something in her hand, and who had only a cap on and looked like a servant.

The taller woman had her face full towards me, and as I approached I saw that she looked about four and twenty. She had fine dark eyes and hair, was well-formed and soldily built, had very big breasts, and resembled the big country servants who come to London. She was evidently of poor class, but had good neat clothing tho not warm enough for the season. She had a parcel in her hand. — I was very fit that morning, her looks pleased me, and as I got nearer and took in at a glance all I have said, my pego thrilled and I thought she was just the build I like to fuck. A clipping cunt between heavy thighs she has, thought I.

Instintively I suppose, and certainly without any object than gazing at a fine woman, I slightly slackened my pace. As I got nearer, her eyes fastened themselves on mine, as mine did on her, and kept so till I had passed her. As I passed a sensuous thrill again came thro me, and I thought I should like to fuck her. Was our lust reciprocal at that moment? When some little distance past her I looked round and she was also looking round after me. A few feet further this was repeated, I then took off my hat, she nodded, and the servant with a jug — as I then saw she was — went into an adjacent house. The woman then walked slowly on, again turned round, and immediately forgetting my destination I turned, and went after. She stopped and soon I was close to her. Dozens of times women and I have looked round after each other on similar chance meetings, which generally ended in such looks. But is there not in such simultaneous action, simultaneous desire? — Is there not felt tho not said, nor even at the very instant thought of, a mutual sexual attraction which formulated and expressed means. — "I'd like him to fuck me. — I'd like to fuck her." — "What a fine man!" "What a lovely woman!" expressions used millions of times and used instinctively, mean when analyzed a latent mutual desire to copulate, a Divine instinct, urging towards fucking.

Under this instinct and in obedience to this Divine law it was that she stood still and that I went after her, I seeking cunt, she seeking prick, and the pleasure of the life giving spermatic injection. I under this spell of lust and quite forgetting now my train said, "Well my dear, what are you waiting for?" "What are you coming to me for?" she replied, smiling. "To look at your handsome face, and hear why you are out so early." "Where are you going so early?" "Going shooting, where are you?" "Going to a hospital." — Her soft eyes which had been fixed caressingly on mine grew for an instant serious. — "Nonsense." "It's true."

— I laughed, not knowing what to make of it, and then she smiled again, and my prick throbbed and began erecting, as I then thought of the hair on her cunt. — As far as I can recollect, thinking of her cuntal ornament was thro noticing that she'd unusually thick eyebrows

— How strangely ideas connect. — My prick gave a final jerk and stood fully erect. "I wish I were going to bed with you instead." "Oh! indeed." She looked down, then at me, then at the ground again. "Yes, it would be warm there." "You haven't much to complain of the cold." — I'd very warm winter clothes on.

— "No, but you are not too warm." — "All I've got warm is up the spout to buy this." — Shewing the parcel. — "Let us go to bed in the warm, and I'll take your things out of the spout." "I'm damned," said she, and laughed shaking her head. Then she turned round and walked on after first looking towards the house which the other women had entered. I followed her.

A few paces and she'd neared the corner then stopped thoughtfully. "Come," said I. She looked long and strangely in my eyes without replying. — "Give me your hand." She'd no gloves on. — "What for?" laughing. "Give it me." — She did. I took it but hesitated to say what rose to my lips. "Well?" said she, looking at me, as if for explanation. My prick gave a throb. — "You want fucking." — "I'm damned," said she, again laughing, and snatching her hand away. — "I've made you want it." "You ain't, you beast." "Come, and I'll get them out of the spout." She looked up and down the street, anxiously, only a man or two looking like clerks walking quickly were visible. — "Come." "Where are you going to?" "A coffee shop, where is there one?" "I'm strange about here and know none." — So was I and for a moment hesitated, suddenly recollected my train and looked at my watch. — "The Devil! I've lost it." "Lost what?" "Never mind, I'm too late now, let's walk this way and I'll get them out of the spout." — "Oh! not past that house, my cousin lives there, she knows where I'm goin to." — I turned the other way. — "You go first, I hope it ain't far" said she, I walked on, she following me.

Soon after, "Here, hi," she cried. — I turned round. "You'll take 'em out of pawn won't yer now," said she doubtingly, and stopped. "Yes, how much?" "Its thirty-eight and six then, will you now?" "All right." — I walked on towards where I knew the main road lay, wondering at the strange turn things had taken and filled with desire to fuck her, she still following a few paces behind me. In a few minutes we were in a four wheeler. "Oh I can't go all that way, I've got to call on my brother," said she when she heard the direction given. — "I'll send you back in a cab." Next minute in the cab, my hand was up her petticoats. — "Oh no, not here, wait till we're there, you shan't." — But in a trice my fingers were on her cunt spite of her modest struggles — for modest they seemed — and so soon as I'd found her clitoris and had frigged it a little she was quiet — they all are.

"Put your hand under my greatcoat and feel my prick." I got it out, she looked at me hard for a minute and then she clutched it. — "Oh, ain't it warm?" — Her hand was like ice, and she'd no gloves. — "Oh, they'll see us — don't," — but she opened her thighs to let me frig, and soon, "I shall do it if you go on, oh, don't," — and she gave at that moment the convulsive grip on my pego which often women do when being frigged almost to spending point. I ceased frigging her, then stopped at an office and telegraphed to my friend that I'd missed the train. As I re-entered the cab, "Let me go, I'd rather," said she mournfully. But her fine eyes were soft, were full of lust. "Nonsense." — On we went, my hand now on her thighs only touching her motte, and putting up my pego lest I should spend, thro her handling, for I'd made her handle it again.

I tried to learn where she was going and who she was, but failed, I tried angering her. — "Ain't I married? I am tho, but my ring is popped — worse luck." Then I tried to get an admission that she'd had other men. She showed no anger, but quietly denied it. — "No, I've never had my thing felt in a cab before never — never." "Do you like it?" "No. What a curious bloke you are, you're not going to cheat me are you — have you got the money?" She seemed suddenly doubtful so I pulled out a handful. — "Oh! wouldn't all that make us happy," quoth she. "No, I haven't had it done to me for three weeks." — "Say fucked and I'll give you half a crown at once." "Give it us then." — She took it, spat upon and pocketted it. — "Say it." — "I ain't been fucked then, and shan't for some weeks more," and she burst out laughing. "Yes you will, I shall fuck you." — "Oh — ah — yes, — I means my Bob." "Whose Bob?" "My husband, and I won't tell you any thing more," and I couldn't get more then. But she kissed me, when I kissed her rapturously, and I talked my baudiest, stir-ring her lust up for I saw she was randy, saw it in her eyes, but all she said was "Oh — ah" at each baudy sentence, and smiled.

We alighted, and she followed me to a house. They were not up, and I stood ringing with this slightly clad, poor looking woman besides me. Luckily the door soon opened and a bedroom soon held us, but it had now got quite a dark London morning. The gas was shut off from the main and there was no fire. Almost in the dark we were left whilst a woman went to turn on the gas, and standing by the bed, after a struggle and, "Don't let the woman see." I ran my hand round a splendid backside and again fingered a clitoris, then put my pego in her hand which I felt she handled lust-fully. Light got, "Shall I light a fire?" "Yes, in the next room, and tell us when it's ready." Off went my coat, off went her bonnet, pushing her on to her back without any resistance from her, I threw up her clothes, saw massive thighs, big white bum and belly, a well-haired cunt, and in a second my prick had struck its end. She felt its warmth and stretch, its plunge and friction, and instantly sighed much with voluptuous soft sighs. On we fucked till I paused — I often do now in my pleasure. "Oh — go on." Her cunt clipped for she was randy to her bum hole. — "Do you want fucking?" "Oho — yes — go on." She sighed impatiently and her ivory backside wriggled. "Say fuck me." "I won't — ah — aher — ah — Fuck me — aha — aher — Don't stop." — A woman saying that often brings on my discharge, and now both sighed our pleasure as my spunk inundated her. — Then soon I stood holding her thighs quietly, keeping my prick in her. How beautiful she looked to me — what a lovely cunt it felt. — "Is it true you've not been fucked for three weeks?" — "Quite true, longer, and I wouldn't have done it now but for him." "You wanted it." "I did, just when I saw you, I began to feel queer." She laughed. My instincts were true.

Knock — knock. — "I've lighted a fire, sir." Down went her petticoats, I hid my prick, and to the adjoining room we went. — "The room's quite warm, sir, a gent and a lady's been a sleeping there last night." — "I'll fuck you again." "You must be quick then but give me my money. It's a bit of luck," said she, as I gave her two sovereigns. "Let me see your cunt." She didn't seem to like that but allowed it, and the promise of ten shillings did more, she let me strip off a not too clean chemise, and stood naked, as fine a woman as I've ever embraced. — "You're not thin tho you're in such poverty." "No, my father and mother feeds me well, but they won't do nothing for him, and I've pawned nearly everything to get him things, and I works hard too. — I think I'll turn a gay the money's easy got." — And a lot more she said as I laid besides and frigged her, till again her bum wriggled, and she said on a sudden. — "Show me your thing, you've seen mine." — She was getting lewed, demoralized, it certainly was not sham. — I showed it her, she seemed pleased, lewed, and felt it restlessly and long. She'd a lovely cunt, one fully dark-haired, but not a hair was near her arsehole. Her flesh was white, her form all that could be wanted, and whilst I looked and admired her, — "Oh, let's get into bed it's so cold, but I must go soon." She much wanted fucking. Into a bed in which perhaps a couple had been fucking all night we got. We never looked at the sheets and we both had our boots on. — "Oh ain't it nice and warm?" said she. Then we kissed lewedly, her hand sought my prick, my finger her clitoris, and under its gentle titillation soon she sighed, — "Oh! do me." 'Let me frig you and I'll fuck you afterwards." She acquiesced, opened her thighs, I frigged gently. "Oho

— quicker." — Her belly heaved, her rump, jogged Iuickly with tremulous fucking motion, that irresistable )scillation when the spend is coming — and she spent.

— "There, you've made me, let me now go," and she let go my pego.

But now, my lust roused by the play of my finger on the slit which was moistened with its juices, my pego stood full stiff and ruby-tipped again. I threw down the clothes and shewed it her triumphant, and barely was her pleasure over than I got between her thighs and -overed her, and lay with prick buried deep in the lubricious avenue. Tho stiff I restrained myself and lay within her, talking of fucking, ever and anon moving my prick gently, now this way now that way, searching her cunt with it to keep it rigid — for I was in no hurry.. "Your cunt's quite soft with spendings. — Does my prick feel nice. — Do you like it pushed hard up?" and so on. — "Aha — yes, you'll make me do it again soon, aha — aha — yes — yes, it's nice — oh, go on, do it." — She held me to her like a vice, raising her thighs to engulf my prick, to get all up her, and let her cunt rise to my thrusts. Then clutching her solid buttocks, luickly I rammed my pego up and down, till my sperm filled her as she spent, and then we lay in soft repose.

— "What's the time? if I don't get there by twelve o'clock I can't see him." "It's not ten I'm sure." "But I must go to my brother's first." — I held her fast, my prick still in its warm lodging and asked more questions. — "Who — where — what for — when?"

— all about him and their name, their occupation. But she was as close as an oyster. — "I believe Bob's in prison." "Ho! — he ain't — get along — oh do." — Backwards she drew her bum, my prick slipped out of her buttery cunt, she jumped out of bed and put on her chemise. My remark seemed to upset her, for she kept looking at me in a queer manner.

"You've not washed your cunt." "Ah, no." She washed it and in a great hurry dressed. "You've been gay." — "Me? never." "Why is Bob so far off?" "I won't tell, it's no business of yours. — No — I won't tell you where I live, no nor my name. — No, I won't meet you again — Oh, I did say just now I'd turn gay but I didn't mean it — of course I didn't." — "You wanted fucking." — "So would you if you hadn't had it for three weeks." "You frig yourself." — "Why in course I does, who wouldn't? — Oh, leave me alone."

— I felt her cunt and thrust my finger up it, and made her feel my prick. — "Bob's in prison." She stared for a minute. "He isn't." — "He is." — "He isn't." — I persisted and she got angry so I dropped the subject Whilst feeling her quim for the last time — she was then dressed and standing up — again I said, "He's in prison." — "He's in a hospital." — "Well, but in a prison." — "Well, it isn't any business of yours if he is, and he's no right to be." — "Then he is in prison." — "He isn't now I won't answer any more." — "Kiss me."

— She did. — "Feel my prick." — "Show it us then." I produced it, she felt it eagerly all over, pulled the prepuce back, burst out laughing and went down stairs saying, "The door isn't locked, is it?" — Next instant she disappeared. I got to shooting after luncheon, and told a thundering lie as the reason for missing the train.

I've not made up my mind about this woman's status. Had she ever been a harlot, or simply fucked on the sly, as so many of the lower classes have been before marriage? Was she living with a man or married? That the man she was going to see was in prison I am sure. — Was it money which got her, or was it lust? — She admitted that when I accosted her she wanted fucking, her struggles when I wanted to feel her cunt were not like a harlot's, nor was her talk. — It must have been money, and want of fucking together which made her yield to me. — She was a fully grown splendid woman, with white solid flesh, had an arm as big as a man's but feminine in shape, with much dark hair in her armpits. — She'd unusually thick, wide black eye-brows, and her eyes were dark and very soft in expression. — I never had a woman who enjoyed her fucking more. She said she was twenty-four, — I wrote all about her early the next morning before I went out shooting. Gold offered to women when their cunts tingle will get most of them.

[The following no doubt was reserved for a chapter on cunts.] - Met last night a little girl whom I guessed fifteen, as she was. I took her to a baudy house, put her naked, and found she'd an extraordinary development of nymphae. She'd scarcely any hair on her crack, and the nymphae hung out from the lips nearly the entire length of them, quite an inch and a half, — I never saw such a cunt before, tho I've seen some large developments of nymphae, and notably in a harlot named Betsy with prominent eyes. This was long ago.

She was handsomely clad in black silk, was plump and well made, and I lusted for her till I saw these protuberant flappers, when desire left me. Nevertheless I determined to fuck her, and by frigging got my pego stiff, then easily up her cunt. But immediately it shrunk out when looking down, I saw it surrounded by these large red excrescences. Trial after trial I made uselessly, then asked her to suck my prick. Into her mouth she took it without hesitation, remarking that she much liked sucking pricks. I was astounded, for she wasn't much over fifteen and had only been gay a month she said, but had all the unhesitating baudiness of a harlot forty years old, tho she complied with and did all in a girlish way.

Her big nymphae however quite upset me, and my pego refused to rise. I was sitting as she operated so tried another attitude, by laying on my back and she kneeling over me, gamahuching. But the nymphae looked that way uglier than ever, tho her nice little smooth buttocks looked most inviting. As I smoothed her bum and fingered her bum hole, my prick rose up all at once, and I said just as the whim struck me, and without thinking, without any idea of, or desire for her complying. "I'll give you another half sovereign to let me bugger you." — "Very well," — she replied at once, and nimbly got off me asking. "How will you do it?"

— "Have you ever been buggered?" said I astonished.

— "Not often, and you ought to give me a sovereign for that, for it hurts." "Why do you do it then?" — "It's nice afterwards sometimes." — I thought she must be joking or chaffing me, but she wasn't.

I hesitated, but was now under the dominion of a letch, was utterly unreflecting, and moreover was carried away now in a degree by curiosity which had arisen. I turned her towards me kneeling low and stood at her back. — "Wet it well with your spittle," said she knowingly. I did, and my pego which has revolted before on similar occasions stood stiffly, and glided easily right up her. — "Ohooo — it hurts," said she. At that my prick dwindled, and I withdrew with a feeling of disgust at myself and at her, which I really cannot describe. The doings of this girl seemed like a dream to me. I washed my pego and sat down, she after feeling her bum hole carefully did the same, and we talked, she with the seeming frankness of a child — without any sense of shame or modesty whatever — spoke about all erotic possibilities with the infinite knowledge of the oldest harlot.

What she told about herself was in its essence what is already written. — To suck, fuck, frig or bugger, she seemed to like being buggered, I gathered. — Then she told that a gentleman who'd kept her a year, had paid for rooms for her at * * * * but she had to keep herself now. Would I call at her rooms? I paid her and promised but without any such intention. — Then she piddled and in doing so let an easy sounding fart. — "Oh! That's your fault thro doing that to me." — She seemed then a little ashamed, the only sign of shame I'd seen in her.

As I sat talking, I felt annoyed that I'd had no pleasure, tho a great experience of the erotic varieties, capabilities and possibilities in one so young. — "I'd like to spend," said I. — "I'll make you but you don't like me." — "Yes I do, gamahuche me." — I laid down then on the bed, she again knelt over me with her pretty bum towards my face, and while I contemplated the round orifice which I'd entered so unexpectedly and left so quickly, and felt her smooth little backside, my sperm filled her mouth. At once she got off me, got rid of the libation, and her first words were, "You've plenty of spunk, I thought you'd none." I never heard such a knowing girl before.

A week afterwards out of curiosity, as I fancied this girl must have had a strange history, I called on her. The woman who opened the door bawled out in a grumpy voice, "Miss * * *, here's a gentleman wants you." — "She's up stairs," said she to me. — "Come up," said a voice. I went up and found her in well furnished rooms — I made her strip and' again examined that singular cunt, and at last fucked it to my own astonishment — tho why astonished I don't know. — The girl spent with me — saying directly her pleasure ceased, "Oh! I do like fucking so," — in tone and manner as if said to herself or to another girl. Then she began to cry. Giving her a sovereign, "Oh, it's all right, but I wish you'd give me another, I owe rent and she'll turn me out she says next week if I don't pay, and I'm sure I can't. — A nice young man fucked me the other night and said he'd keep me and would come again yesterday, but he hasn't. — I don't think they like my cunt. Are those things very ugly? — the women say they are — what do you think? Do tell me — I don't get on, and I've lost my old friend. He said I was so young that I'd be sure to get lots of money with-out him, but I don't."

I sent for wine to loosen her tongue, and said I'd give her another sovereign if she'd answer my questions. She said she would but shewed cunning in doing so. Some unusual things she told of if she didn't lie. — She'd been fucked at eleven years of age, first by a boy, then by the man who caught the boy doing it — at that she laughed. — A gentleman, "and an old one," had kept her. — "How old?" — She supposed fifty. He'd kept her a year. "And I've done 'em all with him." — I put frig, fuck, suck, bugger, to her successively. "Oh yes, often." He'd given her mother much money and her mother knew. He had taken those lodgings and paid a month's rent, saying that she must keep herself now. She didn't know where he lived, and was frightened to go to her mother. I guess to gratify his every letch, and that he'd had every letch. — I was looking again at her ugly quim when a knock came at the door, she went out and returning, — "Oh, he's come, he said he'd keep me, I wish you'd go as quick as you can." In three minutes I was out of the house and never saw the precocious little whore again.